Code of the Duelist Special Edition Box Drops Sept 22

Code of the Duelist is the newest 100-card booster set that combines Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, and the brand-new Link Monsters to kick off a new Dueling era of Yu-Gi-Oh! Code of the Duelist introduces the first new Deck strategies where the position of your cards matters just as much as which cards you play! There are endless possibilities for new strategies thanks to Link Monsters, and Code of the Duelist starts with 3 new ones, along with more cards to enhance the strategy from the new Starter Deck -Link Strike-.... Read More

4K Media Signs Yu-Gi-Oh! Broadcast Deals for Czech Republic, Slovakia (Tuty) and Chile (ETC TV)


ETC TV Chile Commits to Seasons 1-3 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

TutyNEW YORK  August 29, 2017 – 4K Media Inc., the Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. subsidiary that manages the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand outside of Asia, today announced it has licensed seasons 1 through 5 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters to the new 16-hour Czech language channel Tuty, which offers animation and other content geared towards children and teenagers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.... Read More

2017 Mega-Tins First Look and Review

The 2017 Mega-Tins serve up Konami’s annual holiday season treat of some of the year’s most popular cards! Launching on Friday, Aug. 25, each Tin includes 3 x 16-card Mega-Packs containing the top cards from 2016 and 2017’s booster sets Shining Victories, The Dark Illusion, Invasion: Vengeance, and Raging Tempest. As always, each Mega-Pack will contain 1 card of each foil rarity (so 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, and 1 Super Rare in each pack) and all cards included will be in their original booster set rarity.... Read More

4K Media Appoints New French Sub-Agent for Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise


Yu-Gi-Oh! Licensing Now Represented in France by Industry Veteran MJA Licensing

NEW YORK – August 15, 2017 – 4K Media Inc., the Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. subsidiary that manages the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand outside of Asia, today announced it has appointed MJA Licensing as the new sub-agent to represent its popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise in France. The announcement was made today by Jennifer Coleman, 4K Media’s Vice President of Licensing and Marketing.... Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Sneak Peek: Circuit Break Special Edition

Wanted to give you all a sneak peek at Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME’s Circuit Break Special Edition. The new release will include 3 booster packs of Circuit Break, guaranteed 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards, as well as 1 of 2 Super Rare preview cards of non-foil cards from the upcoming spring 2018 booster set! Circuit Break Special Edition will be released on Dec. 8, 2017, with a MSRP of $9.99 per box.... Read More

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