Next Set; Invasion of Chaos

YuGiOh-IOC-Unlimited-BoxPosted by MasterYugi

Hello fans. Hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2004!! Sorry I haven’t been posting much.

OK, enough of that. Listen up all you Yugioh card collectors out there… it has been confirmed that the next 10th expansion after Dark Crisis (DCR) will be CALLED; “Invasion of Chaos” I believe the abbreviations will be; IOC or IC, dunno yet.

Nothin’ about the new set has been mentioned. This will be the 10th booster in the Yugioh Card World in the USA. I believe the release date will be in late Feb. 2004, March 2004, or something like like that.

We will confirm you with more information later on about Invasion of Chaos..

Power of Chaos in stores: Also, the Power of Chaos PC has been out in stores for some quite now, so go buy it. It is a great game for all you YGO fans out there who spends so much time on computers 😉 You can learn a lot from the MASTER – Yami Yugi ^_^



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