Season One Box Set Release Date

Yu-Gi-Oh: Season One Box SetYu-Gi-Oh: Season One Box Set

    Yu-Gi-Oh: The Complete First Season
    List Price: $119.98
    Release Date: August 10, 2004
    Studio: 4Kids

Yugi and his friends Joey, Tristan, and Tea can’t get enough of Duel Monsters, a new card game craze. Employing a variety of strange and fascinating creatures, the game draws players into battles beyond the wildest imagination. When Yugi’s grandfather gives him an ancient Egyptian puzzle, he uncovers the secret that will forever change his life and his status in the game

    Collector’s Edition

  • 49 Episodes
  • 6 Discs
  • Over 17 Hours of video

So, what makes this a “Collector’s Edition” you ask? Well, according to an image that Diamond Comics’ “Video Vault” website posted… it looks like the box comes housed in a collector’s metal tin.
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