Yu-Gi-Oh DS – E3 2004 Impressions

Nightmare_Troubadour_box_usThere’s a kazillion Yu-Gi-Oh games on the Game Boy Advance, and Konami’s wasting no time getting the first Yu-Gi-Oh game for the Nintendo DS.

The company had Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour on display in Nintendo’s DS demo area, and the game is essentially another Yu-Gi-Oh card game on a console. It definitely fits the platform, especially with the system’s touch screen control since it’s easy to slot cards up on the playfield by dragging them from your hand into battle.

The secondary screen handles all the 3D graphics and displays the game from the perspective of the player, and when the two opponents battle the game pulls up polygonal versions of the creatures in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe to represent the attack.

The wireless capabilities will also come in handy for one-on-one battles and trades, but that wasn’t a feature on display in the Nintendo booth… Look for more info on this as it becomes available.

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