YuGiOh Movie Update!

Yu-Gi-Oh!_The_Movie_SoundtrackThe previously unreleased Black Eyed Peas track “For the People” will anchor the soundtrack to the animated film “Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie,” due Aug. 10 via RCA.

Also featured on the set is “It’s Over,” the debut from five-piece student group Fatty Koo, signed to Columbia following a recording session on the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Educational Bus tour in Columbus, Ohio.

Track listing

No.    Title 	  Writer(s) 	Performer(s) 	Length 	
1. "You're Not Me"   John Siegler 	Marty Bags 	3:16
2. "For the People"   Will Adams, Taz Arnold, Jamie A. Dávila "Tame" Gómez, Shafiq Husayn The Black Eyed Peas 	4:01
3. "One Card Short"   John Siegler 	James Chatton 	3:50
4. "Step Up"   	   Eddie Montilla 	Jean Rodriguez 	3:53
5. "Shadow Games"   	Wayne Sharpe 	Trixie Reiss 	3:32
6. "It's Over"   	Ronnie Riley 	Fatty Koo 	3:49
7. "Blind Ambition"   	Russel Velazquez The Deleted 	3:18
8. "The Great Pretender" Jon Frederik The Jon Frederik Band 	3:14
9. "How Much Longer"   	Jen Scaturro 	Jen Scaturro 	3:12
10. "U Better Fear Me"   Russel Velazquez The Deleted 	4:17
11. "Power Within"   	Wayne Sharpe 	Dan Metreyeon 	3:09
12. "Believe In"   Jake Siegler, Alex (Llocks) Walker Skwib 	3:07
13. "Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme"   	  	Wayne Sharpe 	2:07

More updates as they become available.

Source: billboard.com


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