Shadow of Infinity sneak peek

The select cities will be holding the Shadow of Infinity sneak peek:

Atlanta, GA Hartford, CT Nashville, TN
Baltimore, MD Honolulu, HI New York, NY
Boise, ID Houston, TX Newark, NJ
Boston, MA Huntsville, AL Oklahoma City, OK
Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN Orlando, FL
Columbus, OH Kansas City, KS Ottawa, Ontario
Dallas, TX Las Vegas, NV Philadelphia, PA
Denver, CO Los Angeles, CA Pittsburgh, PA
Des Moines, IA Miami, FL Portland, OR
Detroit, MI Minneapolis, MN Raleigh, NC
Edmonton, Alberta Montreal, Quebec Reno, NV

Rochester, NY
Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
St. Louis, MO
Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver, British

I’m not sure about the prices, but I do know that in Texas, they will be $20 for the first day, and $25 for the second day. In other news, the new Yugioh GX game is out which feature three new cards. They are Elemental Hero Necroshade, Winged Kuriboh, and Hero Ring.

Elemental Hero Necroshade:
Dark(Level 5)
Atk/1600 Def/1800
While this card is in your graveyard, you can normal summon 1 monster from
Your hand that includes “Elemental Hero” in its card name without tributing.
You can only use this effect once while this card is in the graveyard.

Winged Kuriboh
Effect is the same as the original just different picture.

Hero Ring
Trap card
After activation, this card is treated as an equip card and can only be equipped to a warrior-type monster with 1500 or less attack. The monster equipped with this card cannot be the target of an attack by your opponent’s monster with an attack of 1900 points or more.


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