New Hobby League Parallel Rares

There are 5 new parallel cards expected to hit hobby leagues all around the U.S very soon. The first is Cyber Jar which should come out in late January-early February, followed by:
February: Sangan
March: Heavy Storm
April: Marauding Captain
May: Fissure
I will report if there have been any changes made on the next four, however, Cyber Jar is sure to be one of the 5.

In other news, once released, the Yugioh GX duelist Jaden and Chazz will have 30 packs per booster box, 6 cards per pack, which will total to 180 cards. Hopefully, that one box will give you all the cards needed to replicate Jaden’s and Chazz’s decks.Also, sometime in early April, we can expect to see Yugioh GX starter decks.