Yu-Gi-Oh Goes USB

Konami's new donglePlay online cards with Konami’s new dongle.

At Konami’s Gamer’s Day in San Francisco today, the company revealed its next Yu-Gi-Oh product: the Yu-Gi-Oh USB Duelpass Key, a cheap, easy, and collectible way of playing the card game online.

The USB Duelpass Key is a dongle that pops into any PC’s USB port. Once connected, players are immediately sent to the Yu-Gi-Oh Online site for login. Each Duelpass Key costs 9.99, and will enable players to play 90 card duels over the Yu-Gi-Oh Online software downloaded to the PC. Each Duelpass Key also includes three virtual cards that can be added to the player’s online deck attached to his username.

The Yu-Gi-Oh USB Duelpass Key will be hitting stores as early as this spring and sold in game stores and toy sections.

Virtual Card


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