Structure Deck: Wave of Light!

NEW From Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME in January 2018!

As we lead up to the beginning of the Lost Art Promotion, Konami is very excited to announce an upcoming product release set for next Friday, 1/19 – the Structure Deck: Wave of Light!

Structure Deck: Wave of Light!

Each Structure Deck: Wave of Light will come fully loaded with a 41-card Main Deck plus a Token Card: 36 Common Cards, 3 Super Rare Cards, 2 Ultra Rare Cards, 1 Token Card, 1 Beginner’s Guide, and 1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide.


Duelists will be excited to see that fairies are back in a big way this New Year, harnessing a bounty of wisdom to counter anything their foe throws at them. You get to make the final call on what resolves with Structure Deck: Wave of Light! This 41-card themed Deck takes the popular Counter Trap Fairy strategy to new heights. 

In this Structure Deck, fans will find that Airknight Parshath is back and more powerful than ever. A massive 2800 ATK makes this new form the strongest Parshath yet, and its synergy with Counter Traps allows it to either descend from the sky or resurrect itself if it has fallen. A new Field Spell fills the role of The Sanctuary in the Sky while also providing your Fairies with added protection. There is also a Counter Trap that not only negates any effect, but Summons any Parshath from your Main or Extra Deck!

Look for our review coming up soon!


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