Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Uses Kaiba to Raise Awareness of Coronavirus in New Art

The Coronavirus epidemic that is hitting the world shows no sign of running out, causing concern every day. To alleviate the situation and give strength to his fans Kazuki Takahashi, the father of Yu-Gi-Oh, shows us an artwork of Seto Kaiba fighting the virus.

Seto Kaiba with a mask on his face uses his beloved blue eyes White Dragon to fight the coronavirus

In the artwork we see Seto Kaiba with a mask on his face then, in the next cartoon, use his beloved blue eyes White Dragon to launch a blaze that incinerates the virus. Kazuki Takahashi accompanies the drawing with a message dedicated to the fans:

“I am completely isolated. I tried to create an illustration with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Eat healthy, sleep a little, build your immunity and let the virus subside.”

The artwork has raised attention for the virus, and that is a good thing. Coronavirus has continued to spread across the globe from its birth place in China. South Korea and Japan have been hit especially hard by the virus with the countries’ infection rates rising.