Darkness Returns with Brand-New Structure Deck: Dark World Coming This Winter

Darkness Returns with Brand-New Structure Deck: Dark World Coming This Winter

A brand-new Structure Deck is coming to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME! On Friday, Nov. 18,  December 2, 2022(updated date), darkness returns to Yu-Gi-Oh! with the Structure Deck: Dark World, the latest way to play a legit deck, right out of the box.

SR13 - Structure Deck: Dark World

Structure Deck: Dark Would reintroduces the notorious Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World with a new form alongside a new take on Reign-Beux, Overlord of Dark World – a dynamic duo of darkness! These updated forms of classic cards bring a host of new features, too!

The official Structure Deck: Dark World fact sheet from Konami is shown below:

Darkness returns this winter with a brand-new Structure Deck: Dark World*!

Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World first debuted in the game-shaking Structure Deck: Gates of the Underworld and its return is now nigh! Structure Deck: Dark World brings this notorious theme back to the human world with a slew of new features! Here’s just some of what you can expect:

Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World has received a promotion! This new form of Reign-Beaux Level 8 monster with 3000 ATK can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard (GY) simply by returning a Level 7 or lower “Dark World” monster from your field to your hand. If it is discarded to the GY, you can add a Level 5 or higher “Dark World” monster from your Deck to your hand, and if it was your opponent who forced you to discard, watch out…

Reign-Beaux isn’t the only one who’s been waiting for this day for over a decade! The great dragon lord Grapha has a brand-new form as well! The new Grapha is a Fusion Monster Summoned using Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and any other DARK monster. You can Summon it with a new Spell Card that lets you Fusion Summon by discarding cards, triggering the effects of any “Dark World” monsters used as well as other powerful DARK monsters like the “Danger!” monsters. While this new Fusion Monster is on the field, you can hijack an opponent’s Normal Spell/Trap Card or monster effect, turning it into a discard effect that unleashes your “Dark World” monsters’ true power!

This new Structure Deck: Dark World is playable right out of the box – the Dark World army awaits you!

Each Structure Deck contains:

  • Five Ultra Rare Cards
  • Three Super Rare Cards
  • 37 Common Cards
  • One double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide

Official Tournament Store Launch Date: 11/30/22
Launch Date: 12/02/22
Konami Tournament Legal Date: 12/02/22

Each Structure Deck: Dark World has a MSRP of $11.99 per set.

*Name is in development and contents are subject to change.



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