YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-04 The Rare Watch Battle

Season 0 -04 – The Rare Watch Battle

“Theft! The Legendary Super Rare Watch”
“Gōdatsu! Chō Maboroshi no Geki Rea Tokei” (強奪! 超幻の激レア時計)
Aired JAPAN: April 25, 1998

Five thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, there existed a game called Yami Game. A team of archaeologists decided to explore Egypt for this game. Their adventure brought them brought them to a secret room that contained a golden box. The box said, “The one who solved the Puzzle would inherit the Yami Game.” The team mysteriously died all together. It is said on the box that whoever completed the puzzle would be granted the power and knowledge of darkness. That person would be named Yuugi-oh – The King of Games…

A bunch of watches are displayed in their cases on shelves. They all belong to a watch collector, who is looking at his favorite watch of all – the D-Shock watch. He ignores his mother, who is screaming out his name, and only pays attention to his collection.

ScreenShot: 4: The Rare Watch Battle

It’s early in the morning, and Honda is standing outside. He can’t believe Miho asked him to come so early. He wonders what she wants from him. Suddenly, Honda’s imagination runs wild, and he thinks about how Miho must love him. An old woman passes by as Honda shouts out the word “Love”. When Honda sees the woman, he pretends nothing happened. He bends over and picks up some litter to cover himself up. The woman makes a comment and then walks away. Suddenly, Honda hears his name called. He turns around and sees Miho running towards him. A grin appears on Honda’s face. He thinks Miho looks beautiful. When Miho catches up with Honda, she apologizes for calling him out so early. Honda doesn’t mind as long as it’s for her. Miho then asks Honda to do her a favor.

Yuugi tells his Grandpa he’s taking off. Grandpa tells Yuugi to wait. Yuugi, with a piece of bread in his mouth, asks, “What Grandpa?” Grandpa tells Yuugi to first finish eating before going out. Yuugi says he’ll be an inconvenience to everyone if he’s late. He then takes off. Grandpa sighs. He remembers Yuugi only playing here alone. Now Yuugi is with many friends. Grandpa is happy for Yuugi.

Yuugi can’t believe how crowded it is on a Sunday morning. He soon sees a long line of people and wonders what’s going on. One of the people in line tells Yuugi about the D-Shock Premium collection. Yuugi asks if it’s the D-Shock wristwatch. The guy says it’s the mystical collection, and it’s on sale for a limited time today. Yuugi sees Honda standing in line. Honda is in a very uncomfortable position since he has to use the bathroom. Honda doesn’t know if he can make it, but he’s determined to do this deed for Miho. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if he tells Miho he couldn’t do her favor! Soon, Honda sees Yuugi right next to him. Yuugi asks if Honda is into the D-shock wristwatch too. Honda asks Yuugi to do a favor for him. Yuugi shows a puzzled expression on his face.

Apparently, Yuugi has now taken Honda’s place in line, while Honda went to the bathroom. The line begins moving, and Yuugi notices Honda is late. When it’s his turn to purchase the watch, the seller says Yuugi is lucky. The seller announces to everyone else in line that he has sold out of the D-Shock Premium Collection. Everyone moans, and the watch collector from the beginning of the episode can’t believe it. Yuugi places money on the table. The seller takes the money and gives Yuugi the box containing the watch. Yuugi is about to take the item, but the watch collector stops Yuugi from doing so. He tells Yuugi he doesn’t deserve the item. The watch collector pulls up his sleeves, revealing a whole lot of watches. (I will call the watch collector Watchman.) Watchman explains they are Swiss Color watches. Only when the different colors and designs are together are they a collection. Watchman says these watches are very rare. Only a certain amount exist throughout the entire world! That’s why Watchman believes the D-Shock Premium collection belongs to him. An amateur like Yuugi doesn’t deserve to possess such an item! Yuugi says no, and Watchman grabs Yuugi by the shirt. Suddenly, Honda appears and tells Watchman to stop. Honda says Watchman may be a rare collector, but he still has to obey the rules. Honda has a stern look on his face. The seller calls the police, and Watchman runs off.

Honda apologizes to Yuugi for being late. Yuugi is in relief that everything went okay. Honda gives the watch to Miho, who is very excited to wear it. Jounouchi says it’s the first time he’s seen one in real life. Miho is glad Honda was able to help her out. Anzu says friends are a great thing to have. Miho agrees. In fact she says, “I love you, Honda!” Jounouchi teases Honda about Miho loving him. Honda tells him to shut up. He only did it because it was the natural thing to do. Then Honda rambles on about how people have dirty hearts and purifying those hearts is his job. Yuugi thinks that’s a bit extreme. Jounouchi asks Miho if he can look at her watch. Honda can’t believe Jounouchi didn’t even listen to him. Jounouchi says he wants to see the watch once as long as they’re here. Miho decides to let Jounouchi try out the watch as long as he doesn’t get it dirty. Honda screams in Jounouchi’s ear. He tells Jounouchi they will play a game of rock-paper-scissors. Whoever wins gets to hold Miho’s D-whatever. Jounouchi says it’s D-Shock, and Honda is no candidate if he can’t even get the name right! While the two of them are arguing, Watchman has been secretly following Yuugi and the gang. He is very angry that he doesn’t have the D-Shock watch in his collection.

Yuugi and the gang are now in an arcade. Honda has won the rock-paper-scissors game, and he proudly wears Miho’s watch. Honda can feel the warmth from Miho’s body in the watch. Yuugi, who is playing an arcade game, is excited about how much he won. He tells Honda to come and look, but Honda is too distracted by the watch. Meanwhile, Watchman is in the arcade watching Honda be obsessed over the D-Shock watch. A man accidentally bumps into Watchman’s arm. Watchman is mad that the man could have damaged his watches. He beats the man in a bathroom stall. Watchman tells the man to be glad there weren’t any scratches on his watches. Otherwise the man would be dead!

Suddenly, Watchman hears the bathroom doors open. Honda walks towards the sink. Not wanting to get the watch wet, he takes it off and places it in his back pocket. Then Honda bends over to wash his hands and face. He has not noticed Watchman standing right behind him. Watchman stands there with a grin on his face. When Honda is finished cleaning up, he doesn’t notice Watchman leaving the bathroom. Watchman holds up the D-Shock watch that he stole from Honda and thanks Honda for saving him a lot of trouble. Honda decides to have another round of games. He leaves the bathroom.

Miho tells everyone she is leaving the arcade now because of her early curfew. Honda returns to the group and says he’ll return the watch now. But when Honda reaches for his back pocket, he notices the watch is gone. Honda begins getting nervous, and Jounouchi can’t believe Honda would lose it. Honda begins to panic, and he searches every part of his body, but the watch isn’t there. Watchman watches Honda squirm from behind a game machine. He smiles. Yuugi sees Watchman standing behind a game machine and recognizes him right away.

Honda throws off his pants to try and find the watch. He still has no luck, and Miho slaps him. She calls Honda an idiot and runs off crying. Yuugi sees Watchman take off and wonders if Watchman has anything to do with the watch’s disappearance. Honda frantically searches the arcade floors for Miho’s watch. Anzu doesn’t think Honda will find it, and Jounouchi says to just give up. Honda says he can’t give up because it’s his own fault for losing it. Suddenly, someone’s foot steps on Honda’s hands. Honda screams in pain. He looks up and sees Watchman. Watchman apologizes, saying he thought it was a wash cloth. Jounouchi grabs Watchman’s shirt ready to start a fight, but Honda tells him to stop. He tells Jounouchi to help him find the watch instead. Watchman takes Jounouchi’s hands of him, and then he walks away. Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu watch as Watchman leaves. Yuugi knows he can’t stop Watchman because he has no proof Watchman took Miho’s watch.

An alarm sounds. It’s coming from Honda, who has lifted up a game machine in hopes Miho’s watch would be under it. Two guards detain Honda. Honda tries to break free, and Jounouchi and Anzu run to his rescue. Yuugi still thinks Watchman is suspicious, and he decides to follow him. Watchman continues his walk down a flight of stairs. Yuugi sees Watchman from a distance. Watchman takes out the D-Shock watch he stole from Honda and smiles. Now Yuugi knows Watchman stole the watch, and he decides to follow Watchman some more.

Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu are all beat from their fight with the guards. Anzu wonders where Yuugi went. Honda decides to check the bathroom again for the watch. Meanwhile, Watchman has found Yuugi following him. They both are in a room. Yuugi wants the watch back, but Watchman refuses to give it back. He instead punches Yuugi to the ground. Yuugi tries to get back up, and Watchman kicks Yuugi in the stomach. Then Watchman begins to walk away. As he does, Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle activates. Watchman tries to open the doors, but they are locked. A huge shadow appears, and Watchman turns around. Yuugi says it’s game time. The room has transformed into a innings of a clock. Gears surround the room. Yuugi appears from behind the shadows, and it’s clear the spirit of the Millenium Puzzle has taken over. Watchman runs over to Yuugi, but he’s stopped by a swinging pendulum. Watchman demands to know what this is. Yuugi says they’re going to play a game, but it will be a Yami Game. They will be waging the stolen D-Shock watch. Watchman doesn’t like it, but a Cuckoo Clock bird grabs it from Watchman. Yuugi says the watch doesn’t really belong to Watchman, but it will if Watchman can win the game. Watchman accepts Yuugi’s challenge.

Yuugi explains the rules of the game. At the start of the game, the same bird with the watch will appear. Then the D-Shock stop watch will activate. The one who can stop the watch closest to ten seconds wins. However, if the watch exceeds ten seconds, then pendulum will swing right past the watch. If the player is too slow, the player could get hurt. Watchman is still in for the game. He decides to start first.

The game begins, and the bird appears. The stop watch activates. Close to the ten second mark, Watchman has the watch stopped. It stops at the 9.35 second mark. Watchman grins. Yuugi says he’s good; now it’s his turn. The game starts, and the stop watch activates. Yuugi closes his eyes during the duration of this time. As the pendulum begins to swing, Yuugi quickly stops the watch just before the pendulum can hit him. It stops at the 9.95 mark! Watchman can’t believe it. He exclaims this round was only a test. The next round will be for real. Yuugi says very well, and they start the game again. However, this time they switch sides. The game starts, and the stop watch activates. Watchman thinks he has the strategy all figured out. He thinks one side is better than the other because the one side allows a player to stop the watch right before the pendulum comes. Watchman reaches out to stop the watch, but he notices something different. The pendulum is coming from the other side! Watchman gets hit by the pendulum and screams in pain.

Yuugi decides to take back the watch since Watchman lost. As Yuugi reaches out for the watch, Watchman grabs Yuugi’s hand. Watchman says forget the game, the watch is his! As Watchman looks up at Yuugi, he notices the Millenium Eye symbol on Yuugi’s forehead. Yuugi says the Door of Darkness has been opened. Strange things begin to happen to Watchman. His hand has been ripped open, and Watchman sees gears from a clock appear inside of his hand. He’s being turned into a clock! Yuugi walks away with the D-Shock watch, as Watchman screams in horror.

Late at night, Yuugi returns the watch to Honda. Honda is so happy that the watch has been found. Yuugi says he found it under the stairs. Anzu notices dirt on Yuugi’s face and asks what happened. Yuugi says he doesn’t know, since he doesn’t remember what happened. Honda cries in happiness because he can now face Miho again.

The watch collector, who is back at home, has destroyed his entire watch collection. His mother screams out his name and tries to ask what happened.

The next day of school, Miho explains to her friends about a certain perfume that is on sale next Sunday. She wants it, but she is sure there will be a long line. Honda offers to help, and Miho is so happy. Jounouchi and Anzu sigh.

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