YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-14 The Worst Date and a Bomb Game

Season 0-14 – The Worst Date and a Bomb Game

“A Bomb Game Makes for the Worst Date”
“Bakuha Gēmu de Saiaku Dēto” (爆破ゲームで最悪デート)
Aired JAPAN: July 4, 1998

Two police cars arrive at the Domino Department Store where an individual supposedly is carrying a bomb. One of the higher-ranking officers, the inspector, tells another officer to evacuate the customers and have the bomb squad standby. Then the inspector receives a call. He answers it and finds out it’s the culprit. The culprit says it’s quiz time. The inspector has no idea what the culprit is talking about. The culprit says if the inspector can get the answer right, he won’t set off the bomb. The inspector orders the culprit to stop the nonsense and demands to know where the bomb is at. The culprit ignores the inspector and continues with the quiz. He states the department store consists of 12 stories. So is the bomb planted lower than the 6th floor or above the 7th floor? The inspector wants the culprit to stop fooling around, but the culprit says he’ll set the bomb off if the inspector doesn’t answer. So, the inspector guesses it’s lower than the 6th floor. With that, the bomb detonates, creating a huge explosion inside. The culprit laughs, saying the bomb was on the 9th floor.

At school, Yuugi asks his friends if they have read the newspaper. Honda asks if it’s about those bombing incidents. Yuugi says it is. It’s been the third time already! However, this time the culprit gave out a quiz to guess where the bomb was. Anzu asks what kind of quiz it was. The newspaper didn’t give out any details though. Jounouchi asks Yuugi if he really likes reading this stuff. Anzu stands there thinking about the person who saved her (last episode). She notices Yuugi has the same mark as the person who did save her. She wonders if it could have been Yuugi. But if that’s so, the Yuugi that saved her would have been different than the Yuugi she knows.

ScreenShot: 14: The Worst Date and a Bomb Game

Anzu then sees an ad in the newspaper and reads it. The Domino Amusement Park’s summer pool is now open. It even has water slides! Anzu invites Yuugi to go with her tomorrow. Yuugi replies that he loves amusement parks. Anzu is glad. She then tries to find out what time the park opens. Meanwhile, Jounouchi and Honda are eavesdropping on the conversation from outside the classroom. Miho joins them, saying they are going to the amusement park together. Honda wonders if it’s a date. Jounouchi knows Yuugi and Anzu are close friends, but he wonders if they are secretly going out. Miho states she also wants to go to the amusement park’s pool. Honda immediately thinks they should go together. Jounouchi thinks they should all go to expose the truth. He envisions Yuugi and Anzu riding a roller coaster. Anzu is having a fun time on it, while Yuugi is clinging on Anzu’s leg.

The next day, Yuugi and Anzu enter the amusement park together. Jounouchi, Honda and Miho are all in sunglasses spying on their date. Miho is sick of hiding; she wants to swim. Honda agrees. He desperately wants to see Miho in a swimsuit. Miho calls Honda a pervert. Meanwhile, while walking, Yuugi asks Anzu if it’s a… Before Yuugi can say “date”, Anzu cuts him off and announces they need to buy tickets. Yuugi immediately jumps to it. He goes to the counter and asks for two student tickets. The lady at the counter mistakens Yuugi for an elementary school student, and this makes Yuugi mad.

Meanwhile, at the inspector’s office, the inspector receives a call. The inspector answers it, and it happens to be the same culprit. The culprit says it’s quiz time again. His riddle starts off with “it’s hot.” “So, in this heat, isn’t there a place the inspector would like to go?” The inspector asks the culprit what he’s up to. The culprit answers that he will tell the inspector something good if he can solve the quiz. Then he asks the inspector if the temperature at 11 o’clock will be more or less than 28 degrees. The answer will be posted on the 11 o’clock news.

Meanwhile, Yuugi waits for Anzu. Anzu finally comes out in her swimsuit, causing Yuugi to blush. Jounouchi and Honda hide under the staircase, watching Yuugi and Anzu. Jounouchi admits that Anzu has more of a sexy body than he initally thought. She and Yuugi don’t match at all! Yuugi and Anzu go down the waterslide. Yuugi screams the entire way down. When they splash into the pool, Anzu says it was a lot of fun, and Yuugi agrees. Anzu asks if they should go again. Yuugi hesitates but nods his head.

After the waterslides, Yuugi and Anzu lay out in the sun. Jounouchi stands at the pool thinking about how he wanted to come to only peek in on Yuugi and Anzu’s date. He sees Honda and Miho splashing each other in the pool. So when did it become a date for those two as well? Now Jounouchi is all alone with no one! Jounouchi asks some nearby girls if they would like to swim with him. They reject his offer, saying they don’t have that kind of energy.

Anzu stares at the sun that shines brightly on her body. She hears a noise and looks to her side. She sees Yuugi sit up from his chair. Thinking it’s the Yuugi that saved her, Anzu wonders about him. Suddenly, Yuugi gets splashed in the face by a kid. Little Yuugi gets angry and chases after the kid. It was only Anzu’s imagination after all. However, Anzu still wonders whether or not the other Yuugi will appear if there is danger.

Anzu gets into the pool and pretends to drown, hoping to wake up the other Yuugi. Yuugi turns around and sees Anzu “drowning.” He jumps into the pool, attempting to save her, but two other guys get to her first. Then Yuugi starts to drown, and another one of the guys saves him. Anzu thinks this is not enough to wake up the other Yuugi. Jounouchi has been watching Yuugi and Anzu and notices they are a very mismatched couple.

Meanwhile, the radio news reports the temperature being 28.2 degrees. Suddenly, the inspector receives a phone call from the culprit. The culprit doesn’t want it to end here, so he decides to give the inspector another quiz: “where does everyone go on a hot day like this?” THe inspector doesn’t know what the culprit is talking about. The culprit replies that it’s a pool. Then he asks where the largest pool in Domino City is at. The inspector hangs up and asks his assitant where the largest pool is at. His assistant says Domino Amusement Park. The inspector assumes that that will be the next target of the culprit.

Yuugi asks Anzu what ride they should go on next. Anzu asks if there’s a ride he doesn’t like. Yuugi says he likes them all. So, they decide to head in a new direction. Meanwhile, Jounouchi, who is in sunglasses, follows Yuugi and Anzu from behind. Anzu suspects someone is following her. She quickly turns back, and Jounouchi hides behind a bush. Noticing there is no one there, Anzu turns the corner. Jounouchi comes out of hiding and also turns the same corner. But when he does, he bumps into Anzu. Anzu screams and calls for Yuugi’s help. Two guys tackle Jounouchi to the ground. Jounouchi tries to struggle free and calls out to Anzu. Anzu asks what he is doing.

Yuugi is happy that Jounouchi came along too. Anzu wants to know why he was following them. Jounouchi denies following Yuugi and Anzu. Before they can get in a fight, Yuugi suggests they all have fun together. Anzu tells Yuugi that they will play Tag next, and Yuugi will need to catch her alone. She runs away with Yuugi chasing her. Jounouchi wonders what happened. Honda joins him and says Anzu is mad that he interfered.

The inspector has now arrived at Domino Amusement Park. He receives another phone call and answers it. The culprit knows the inspector is at the park and asks him another quiz question. The stage is the Ferris Wheel. Realizing a bomb may be in the park, the inspector tells two officers to evacuate the park. Then the culprit adds that the quiz involves the balloons sold at the amusement park.

Meanwhile, Anzu is riding the Ferris Wheel. She is upset that Yuugi wanted to include Jounouchi when their time was suppose to be private. Yuugi is on the ground in search of Anzu. Suddenly, an explosion occurs near the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel comes to a complete stop, and an alarm sounds. An announcement is played that there is a bomb in the amusement park; everyone must follow police orders and evacuate the park. People run out of the park, nearly running over Yuugi. Jounouchi and Honda also get caught in the mess while they search for Yuugi and Anzu. The inspector and a police officer run up to Yuugi. The inspector tells Yuugi to evacuate, but Yuugi mentions his friend is stuck in the Ferris Wheel. The police officer reports there are three people stuck on the Ferris Wheel. Yuugi asks why the Ferris Wheel can’t move. The inspector says that there is a bomb planted in it. A state of horror appears on Yuugi’s face.

The inspector receives a phone call from the culprit. The culprit asks if the balloons are ready. Two officers run up to the inspector carrying the amusement park’s balloons. So, the culprit decides to ask his next question; howver, this one will be tougher. It will be a game that will require a lot of brains. The inspector can’t believe what the culprit is asking for! The culprit states that if the inspector wins, no one will die. The inspector asks what kind of game it is. The culprit tells him to first release one of the balloons of any color. The inspector releases a white balloon. The balloon gets stuck in Anzu’s gandola but eventually drifts into the air. An explosion occurs and gandola #1 is destroyed.

The culprit explains the rules. He will destroy a gandola based on the color of balloon released. If the inspector can find the correlation, then he wins. So, Anzu will die if they can’t figure out which balloon blows of gandola #3. Before they begin, the inspector asks anyone if they are good at games. Unfortunately, the inspector doesn’t have the confidence to do it himself. Suddenly, Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle activates, and Yami Yuugi appears. Yuugi says he will do it. He takes the phone from the inspector. Anzu wonders if this is the Yuugi that saved her earlier.

Yuugi asks the culprit if there are any other rules. The culprit says there will be a time limit of fifteen minutes. Yuugi looks at his watch. It’s 11:50AM. The culprit further explains that if Yuugi gets an answer wrong or blows up a gandola with a passenger in it, then he loses. If Yuugi cannot complete the game in fifteen minutes, then the remaining bombs in the Ferris Wheel will explode. Yuugi looks up at Anzu and promises to save her. The game starts.

Yuugi knows the white balloon blew up gandola #1, but all of the gandolas look the same. He asks anyone around if they are on staff at the amusement park. One person speaks up. Yuugi asks if the gandolas are known for anything other than their number. The staff member says no. Then Yuugi asks if the colors inside the gandolas are different. The staff member again says no. The culprit encourages Yuugi to release another balloon if he can’t figure it out. He gives Yuugi a hint: release a yellow balloon. The inspector knows the culprit can’t be trusted, but Yuugi has second thoughts. He releases a yellow balloon, and gandola #10 explodes. Yuugi tries to think of the pattern. Over half the time has passed, so Yuugi must think quickly.

The culprit begins to mock Yuugi, but Yuugi ignores him. Yuugi knows the culprit is hiding somewhere. However, the park has been evacuated, so where could he be? The culprit wants some more action and less thinking. He tells Yuugi to release a pink balloon. Yuugi asks if the pink one is safe, but the culprit decides not to give out anymore hints. Yuugi wonders if it’s a trap. The culprit tells Yuugi that if he doesn’t release a pink balloon, he’ll blow up a gandola with a hostage. Yuugi, having no choice, decides to release the balloon. The pink balloon floats in the air, and gandola #4 blows up. White was #1, yellow was #10, and pink was #4. So what could be #3? Yuugi says not to rush; there’s still five minutes left. The inspector asks Yuugi if he’s figured out the pattern. Meanwhile, Jounouchi and Honda are standing in the sidelines watching Yuugi figure out the puzzle.

Two minutes remain. Yuugi stares at his watch. He begins to think that the numbers on his watch represent the gandolas on the Ferris Wheel. But what about the colors? Suddenly, a flower clock comes to Yuugi’s mind. Each number on a flower clock is represented with a color. Yuugi asks the staff member if there is a flower clock in the park. The staff member says yes, but he doesn’t know the color of #3. So Yuugi, the staff member, the inspector and the officers run off to find the flower clock. Yuugi places himself on one of the Drop Tower ride. He gets pulled up into the air where he can see a clear view of the entire amusement park. Yuugi notices the flower clock, and #3 is represented with blue. Seconds before time runs out, Yuugi tells the culprit that blue is the color of #3. The culprit says he’s correct!

The culprit wants to finally end the game, but Yuugi wants to continue. However, this time Yuugi wants to play a different game. In this game, Yuugi specifies the bomb location and the culprit has to guess where it’s at. The culprit laughs, thinking Yuugi is very interesting. He accepts Yuugi’s challenge, but the rules can’t be changed. He tells Yuugi to release a balloon. Yuugi decides to release the white balloon. The culprit reminds Yuugi that the white balloon was the first one to be released. Yuugi states that used to be true. However, now the clock hands have headed into the afternoon, so now the afternoon numbering system will be used. That means it’s 13:00, so the culprit must blow up gandola #13.

Yuugi knows that the culprit somehow sees him, but there are no other people left in the park. So that means the culprit must be in gandola #13 in the Ferris Wheel because 13 is a number that isn’t on the clock. The culprit says Yuugi’s guess is wrong. Instead he’ll blow up gandola #3. Yuugi tells the culprit he won’t have time for that because very soon the bomb in #13 will blow up. The culprit laughs, knowing there’s no bomb in there. Yuugi tells him to look carefully. The culprit looks around. He suddenly hears a loud ticking sound. A large bomb appears on the seat in gandola #13. Yuugi says the Door of Darkness has been opened. The culprit goes crazy and breaks open the gandola’s door. He falls out and crashes into a building.

The officers drag the culprit out of the building. Yuugi comes down and reports to the inspector that he’s the culprit. As the Ferris Wheel begins operating again, Anzu knows it was Yuugi who saved her. Anzu walks out of the gandola and thanks Yuugi for saving her. Yuugi says he’s glad Anzu is okay. Anzu notices that it’s little Yuugi again. She asks what happened to the cool Yuugi from earlier. Yuugi, however, has no idea what Anzu is talking about. Jounouchi, Honda and Miho run up to them with relief. They are glad that Yuugi and Anzu are okay. However, even though Yuugi has no clue what’s going on, Anzu knows it was Yuugi who saved her.



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