YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-15 Evil Women! Yugi Can’t Transform

Season 0-15 – Evil Women! Yugi Can’t Transform

“An Eerie Woman!! Unable to Transform”
“Kowai Onna!! Henshin Dekinai” (怖〜い女!! 変身できない)
Aired JAPAN: July 11, 1998

At nighttime, in an old, creepy mansion, three girls with cloaks on themselves throw ingredients in a stew and recite a chant. A bolt of lightning clashes as they say their words.

The next day, Yuugi is excited that Grandpa received packs of Duel Monsters cards. Grandpa says the card is getting really popular. Shops all over the place are selling out of them. Anzu, who is with Yuugi, tells him that she is also learning Duel Monsters. Grandpa decides to give Yuugi and Anzu each a pack of cards as a present. Yuugi and Anzu get all excited over the new pack.

ScreenShot: 15: Evil Women! Yugi Can't Transform

As they open their packs, a customer walks in the store. Yuugi sighs because he already owns the cards from his pack. However, Anzu points out a particular card that interests her. She shows it to Yuugi. Yuugi recognizes it as Violet Hekate. Judging my Yuugi’s reaction, Anzu asks if it’s rare. Yuugi says it’s extremely rare because it’s one of the three witch sisters. It’s extremely hard to find the cards. Grandpa has never seen such a card before. Anzu decides to give it to Yuugi. She thinks the card would be more useful with him. Yuugi gladly accepts the gift from Anzu and jumps in happiness.

Anzu notices that it’s the same kiddish Yuugi as always. She wonders where the other Yuugi went, the one that saved her? Yuugi thanks Anzu for the card. Suddenly, Grandpa notices that the customer that entered the store is missing. He wonders where the customer went.

At school, Yuugi shows the card to his friends. Jounouchi can’t believe such a card exists, and Miho wants one for herself. They are all interested in learning about Duel Monsters, so Yuugi decides to play a game with them. As Yuugi reaches for his shoes from his locker, a love letter falls out. Jounouchi and Honda both dive for it. They fight over the love letter, and the letter falls in Miho’s hands. She notices that Yuugi’s name is written on it. Yuugi is surprised that it’s for him.

In the classroom, Yuugi sulks in his desk as Jounouchi and Honda demand to see the letter. They grab the letter from Yuugi’s hands and fight over it again. Anzu gets frustrated and yells at them. The two stop fighting and hand over the letter to Anzu. Anzu reads it out loud. The letter states that author of the letter has feelings for Yuugi. She wants to meet up with him just once at Domino Park. It’s signed by Kageyama Risa. Miho thinks Yuugi is popular with the girls, but Yuugi doesn’t think so. He doesn’t even know who the person is. Jounouchi and Honda think Kageyama Risa is a very unattractive girl. Honda describes her as Frankenstein-like. In fact all girls with “kana” in their names are like that. Miho realizes that her name has that, and she walks away. Realizing what he’s done, Honda runs after her.

Anzu asks Yuugi what he’s going to do. Honda tells Yuugi to be kind to her. Jounouchi notices that he and Honda are getting along for once. They both laugh.

Yuugi decides to go. He sits on a bench and waits for Risa to show up. Meanwhile, Jounouchi, Honda, Anzu and Miho have also went to Domino Park to spy on Yuugi and Risa. Anzu can’t believe Jounouchi and Honda decided to come after they bad-mouthed her. Suddenly, she feels a very strange feeling, a feeling that irritates her. Suddenly, Risa shows up. Anzu notices from the different uniform that Risa comes from Black Rose Girls Academy, a rich girls’ school. Risa, who is extremely attractive, walks up to Yuugi. Yuugi blushes as he stares at Risa’s face. Risa hands Yuugi a present, something she knitted. Yuugi thanks her for the gift. She then notices Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle. She tries to touch it. When she does, she quickly turns away with an evil look in her eyes. Yuugi asks what’s wrong. Risa says it’s nothing. She decides to go home and runs away.

Jounouchi, Honda, Anzu and Miho fall out of their hiding place. Miho gazes at the gift that Risa knitted, which is a summer vest. It’s even hand-knitted, so lots of love must have been put into it! Jounouchi and Honda stand in front of Yuugi and state they’re sorry. They decide to go home to rethink life.

Anzu asks Yuugi what he’s going to do. Risa seems pretty serious about the whole thing. She wonders if Yuugi plans on dating her. Yuugi doesn’t know; he only met Risa for the first time. Anzu assumes Yuugi will turn her down. She stands proudly, saying that’s something Yuugi would do. Miho wonders if Anzu’s jealous. Anzu yells at Miho about how she’s only worried as a friend.

At night, Yuugi plays a game of Duel Monsters with Grandpa. Grandpa has just summoned the Dark Dragon, which turns the tables for Yuugi. However, Yuugi isn’t paying attention. Grandpa notices this and wonders what’s up. Suddenly, in the middle of the game, they phone rings. Yuugi answers it. On the other line is Risa. Risa is glad that Yuugi remembered her. She asks if they can meet again the next day at the same place. Yuugi agrees. This time he plans to call it off with Risa.

The next day, Yuugi and Risa meet up at Domino Park. Risa hands over hand-knitted socks to Yuugi. Yuugi stares at them and then decides not to accept them. He asks Risa why she sent him the love letter. Risa replies that she knows Yuugi’s home is a Game Shop. Well, she went there once, and when she saw Yuugi, she instantly fell in love. Yuugi finally comes to an understanding. Risa begins to walk away, but Yuugi tells her that she’s very pretty. While Risa has her back turned to Yuugi, her eyes are evil. She then turns towards Yuugi with normal eyes and gives him the socks, hoping they can meet again. Yuugi blushes.

At class, Yuugi lies to his friends by saying he hasn’t seen Risa since the first time they met. Jounouchi, Honda and Miho are sad by that since they were cheering Yuugi on. Yuugi notices Anzu hasn’t said a word. Yuugi secretly apologizes to her, knowing that he lied. On the way home from school, Jounouchi suggests they go somewhere nice on their next day off. Yuugi sees Risa hiding behind a tree. Knowing that he must meet up with her, Yuugi announces that he has some important business to take care of. Jounouchi says goodbye to Yuugi, and Yuugi runs off to her. However, Anzu remains suspicious.

Yuugi and Risa walk together. A limousine pulls up at a distance. Kaiba walks out and notices Yuugi with Risa. Kaiba has a bad feeling about Risa.

Anzu knows that Risa isn’t good for Yuugi. She angrily decides to head to Yuugi’s home to get things straighten out with him. When she gets there, Grandpa tells her that Yuugi is sick. However, Anzu decides to see him anyway. She runs up to Yuugi’s room and opens the door. There, she sees Yuugi lying in bed with Risa right by his side. Anzu demands to know why she’s there. Risa insists that she be quiet because Yuugi is sleeping. She mentions that the house doesn’t have any medicine. So Anzu runs off to the pharmacy to get some. As she turns the corner, the evil Risa pops out from behind the corner.

Anzu comes back with the medicine, but Risa is already there with some. Anzu wonders how she got the medicine so quickly. In the room is also Jounouchi. Jounouchi met up with Risa at the pharmacy and decided to check on Yuugi himself too. Yuugi insists that he’s fine. Suddenly, Risa notices that she’s out of ice. So Anzu runs off again to buy some.

Anzu runs back with some ice, wondering what’s up with Risa. When she gets to Yuugi’s room, Risa already has some. Yuugi tells Anzu to just sit back and relax. Honda is also in the room. Honda explains that he ran into Risa when she was looking for some ice. The ice was heavy, so Honda decided to carry it for her. Anzu asks Yuugi if he likes mandarins. Yuugi says yes, so Anzu decides to go to the store again and get some. She throws her back of ice at Honda and runs out the door.

When Anzu arrives at the supermarket, she takes the escalator down. However, the evil Risa is on the escalator that’s going up. She pushes Anzu hard, and Anzu falls to the bottom of the escalator. Anzu looks up and sees Risa running away. When Anzu runs into Yuugi’s room again, she demands to know what Risa was trying to do. Jounouchi asks what’s wrong. Anzu accuses Risa of pushing her down the escalator. Jounouchi and Honda don’t know what Anzu is talking about. Risa has been in the room the whole time! Anzu doesn’t understand. She asks Yuugi for confirmation, and Yuugi says Risa never left the room. Risa says not to worry about it. Her face is common that it can be seen everywhere. Anzu wonders if she wasn’t seeing things correctly, but she was sure it was Risa.

Risa stands up and states she’s going home. Jounouchi and Honda are disappointed she’s leaving so soon. Risa asks Yuugi for a favor. She wants to keep something that belongs to Yuugi so that she can always remember him. Suddenly, Risa sees Yuugi’s Duel Monster cards. She particuarly likes the Violet Hekate card and asks to keep it. Yuugi tells her that that’s the only card that’s off limits because he received it from someone very important to him. Anzu knows it’s her. Yuugi offers her any of his other cards, but Risa declines. She decides to head off without anything. Honda and Anzu argue with each other, as Yuugi quietly apologizes to Risa.

As the sun begins to set, Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu take their leave. Yuugi thanks them for their support. Jounouchi and Honda tell Yuugi to get some rest since it’s important to recover from a cold. Anzu yells at Yuugi to hurry up and get back to bed. Yuugi says his temperature has gone down, but Anzu refuses to accept that. Honda whispers to Jounouchi that Anzu is like an overprotective wife. As Yuugi walks through the door, he thanks Anzu for her support.

As Yuugi walks up the stairs to his room, he hears something. Inside Yuugi’s room his the evil Risa, who is frantically looking for the Violet Hekate card. Yuugi turns on the light and sees Risa with her evil eyes. She grabs Yuugi and fights him over the card. As Risa takes Yuugi to the ground, an object flies out Yuugi’s window, breaking the window’s glass. Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu see this and think something is wrong. They rush up to Yuugi’s room and see Risa pinning Yuugi to the floor. Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu are surprised to see this. Yuugi takes his Millenium Puzzle and swings it at Risa, breaking free from her grip. Anzu knows that Risa was after that card from the very beginning. Yuugi can’t believe Risa would do something like this.

Risa takes out her whip and flings it at them. The group runs out of the room just in time. Risa smiles, knowing that they can’t run. Honda opens the door to outside, but Risa jumps down and blocks the exit. Screaming in horror, Honda immediately shuts the door, and the group finds another way out. However, Risa also blocks that way too. Jounouchi tackles Risa to the ground, while Yuugi and Anzu escape. Unfortunately, Jounouchi can’t hold down Risa for very long, as she whips him and breaks free.

Meanwhile, Yuugi and Anzu run down the streets. They soon face Risa again, but this time there are three Risas, and they have Yuugi and Anzu surrounded. One of the Risas uses her whip to snatch Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle away from him. She challenges Yuugi to a duel with the Millenium Puzzle and the Violet Hekate card at stake. Yuugi knows he has no choice, so he accepts the challenge.

They all head down to the huge mansion where the Risa triplets live. One of the triplets explains that the life points are set at 2000. The winner keeps the Violet Hekate card and the Millenium Puzzle. The Risa triplets have brought down Yuugi’s cards. They assure him that they don’t play tricks on their opponents’ cards. Yuugi stares at his cards with no confidence. All of them are monsters with low attack points. What should he do? Anzu wonders if she will meet the strong Yuugi again.

The game begins, and Yuugi is up first. He summons Sleeping Worm, a monster with high defense points, in defense mode. The Risa sisters summon Red Hekate in attack mode, a monster with 2500 attack points! Yuugi is shocked that they have one of the witch sister cards. Red Hekate comes to life and burns Sleeping Worm. Yuugi and Anzu are surprised at what just happened. The Risa sisters explain that a small machine is installed, creating an illusion of the monsters.

Yuugi’s next card is the Clock card. With this card he is able to revive Sleeping Worm. Sleeping Worm then evolves into a more powerful monster: Iron Beetle. The Risa sisters think it’s useless. They summon Yellow Hekate to the field! Yuugi can’t believe they have two of the three witch sister cards. The Risa sisters explain that Red Hekate and Yellow Hekate’s power is multiplied when they are on the field together. The monsters crush Yuugi’s Iron Beetle card. Knowing that there’s no hope left, Yuugi begins to feel ill again, as his temperature rises. The Risa sisters know that the duel is almost over. Soon they will be able to claim the third witch sister card for themselves!

Suddenly, Kaiba appears. Yuugi is surprised to see him. Kaiba explains to Yuugi that these three sisters are famous in the Duel Monsters world. They will use any method to get the cards they want. Then Kaiba offers to take over Yuugi’s place in the duel. If the three sisters win, they can keep all of Kaiba’s cards. Kaiba also gives them an advantage: they can add the Violet Hekate card in their deck. The three sisters accept Kaiba’s challenge.

Kaiba summons Cyclops, a monster with 1200 attack points to the field. However, it’s no match for the two Hekate monsters. Cyclops gets destroyed. The sisters plan on defeating Kaiba. Then they will be unstoppable in the Duel Monsters world! Still, Kaiba’s confidence remains strong. He summons the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, a monster with 3000 attack points! The sisters are shocked to see the rumored card put in play. However, it’s not over for them yet! They summon the third Hekate card, Violet Hekate. When the three Hekate monsters are combined, the legendary Gorgon is born. Gorgon has the same amount of power as Blue-Eyes White Dragon. However, the duel is on a Forest field, so Gorgon receives a field advantage.

It’s Kaiba’s turn now. He draws a second Blue-Eyes White Dragon and summons it. The two dragons defeat Gorgon, and the sisters lose the duel. Yuugi wonders why Kaiba won for him. Kaiba says that Yuugi shouldn’t lose to these sisters. Plus, Kaiba wants to be the one to defeat Yuugi. He laughs, and the episode comes to a close.



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