YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-16 The Peak! A Danger from White Cloth

Season 0-16 – The Peak! A Danger from White Cloth

“Turnabout by a Hair’s Breadth – The White-Robed Crisis”
“Ippatsu Gyakuten – Hakui no Kiki” (イッパツ逆転 白衣の危機)
Aired JAPAN: July 17, 1998

The episode starts off in a hospital room. A meter that monitors a patient’s heart beat gradually decreases until it stops completely. The man is dead. The doctor apologizes to the family and walks out the room. He swings his arms like a bat and asks what time tomorrow’s competition starts.

Yuugi is on the street of Domino eating ice cream. He suddenly sees Jounouchi peeking out of a store. Jounouchi is turns his head suspiciously, looking to see if anyone is there. Yuugi notices Jounouchi is in a fun shop and wonders what he’s doing there. Suddenly, Jounouchi walks out with a big teddy bear. Yuugi approaches Jounouchi and surprises him. Jounouchi quickly hides the teddy bear behind his back, and Yuugi insists on seeing it. Jounouchi says he’s in a hurry and is about to leave when Yuugi’s ice cream accidentally hits a guy’s shirt. The guy and his two friends stare down at Yuugi with cold eyes. Yuugi apologizes and quickly grabs out a handkerchief to wipe the ice cream off, but the guy pushes Yuugi away. Jounouchi approaches the three guys with his teddy bear, ready to fight.

ScreenShot: 16: The Peak! A Danger from White Cloth

In an alley, Yuugi can hear Jounouchi and the other guys fighting each other. Then Yuugi hears the sound of footsteps approaching him. Yuugi looks behind him and sees Jounouchi and his teddy bear. Yuugi asks if he’s all right. Jounouchi replies it was nothing. Suddenly, the teddy bear’s head falls off. Jounouchi freaks out because he had to get a loan from Honda to buy it. Yuugi knows it was his fault. He promises to pay Jounouchi back. Jounouchi says there’s no time for that. He wants Yuugi to come with him quickly.

On the train, Jounouchi explains to Yuugi that he has a little sister named Shizuka. His parents got divorced six years ago, and his sister went with his mother. However, Shizuka is sick, so she has always been in and out of hospitals. Yuugi thinks Jounouchi is nice for wanting to visit his sister. Jounouchi explains he hasn’t had a chance to do anything yet. All he wants to do is make Shizuka smile more, and today is her birthday. Yuugi offers to bring something, but Jounouchi declines. He would get nothing out of it! Jounouchi then asks Yuugi to keep it a secret from everyone.

At the hospital, Shizuka is seen reading a book. Suddenly, Yuugi and Jounouchi pop in the room with happy faces. They perform a joke to impress Shizuka. Shizuka laughs at the joke. Jounouchi apologizes for not bringing anything to her. Shizuka says it’s all right; she’s just glad that Jounouchi came. After all, she thought she was going to be alone the whole day. Then Shizuka notices Jounouchi has bruises all over himself (from the fight). Jounouchi says it’s nothing. He then introduces Yuugi to her, and both of them greet each other.

The nurse walks into the room with medicine for Shizuka. Shizuka introduces the nurse Miyuki to Yuugi and Jounouchi. Jounouchi and Miyuki smile and greet each other. Miyuki notices Jounouchi’s wounds, and Jounouchi tells her he fell. Miyuki offers to treat them. Jounouchi sits on a chair while Miyuki does her stuff. Jounouchi looks into Miyuki’s sparkling eyes as she treats him. However, she knows Jounouchi got the wounds from a fight. Miyuki tells Jounouchi that he’ll worry her sister like that. As Miyuki moves on to other things, Jounouchi blushes.

At night, Yuugi and Jounouchi say goodbye to Shizuka. While walking home, Yuugi plans to visit again. Jounouchi, on the other hand, thinks about Miyuki and her beauty. Back at the hospital, a golf club is extended at Miyuki. The doctor from the beginning of the episode appears. Miyuki asks if he’s going golfing again. The doctor shares a story about his previous golfing experience. Miyuki then reminds him about a patient that needs to be watched. However, the doctor isn’t in the mood to do so much work. Miyuki becomes frustrated and begins to walk away, but the doctor stops her. He tells Miyuki not to work too hard. Miyuki insists that she’s too busy to take time off. Then she walks away.

The next day, Shizuka is seen sitting on a bench outside the hospital. Jounouchi walks up to her and greets her. Shizuka is surprised to see Jounouchi again. Jounouchi explains that it was his friends who wanting to come. Next to him are Yuugi, Honda, Anzu and Miho. They all say hello to Shizuka. Jounuochi says Yuugi spoiled the secret they were suppose to keep. Miyuki then comes up and greets everyone. She tells Jounouchi to come by the nurse center later on so that she can change his gauze. Jounouchi smiles as she walks away. Miho asks how far he went with the nurse. Jounouchi insists he hasn’t done anything yet. Everyone stares at Jounouchi. Honda says he has “crush” written all over his face! Shizuka tells her brother that Miyuki doesn’t have a boyfriend. They all think this is Jounouchi’s chance. Honda decides to guide Jounouchi through this relationship. He drags Jounouchi into the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Honda says nurses are very busy, so they love people who can support them and help them out. So, for this special event, Honda has brought a present for Jounouchi to give to Miyuki. Jounouchi takes the bag and approaches Miyuki. He gives her the bag. Miyuki looks through the bag and pulls out what appears to be a bra! Realizing what he’s done, Jounuochi quickly grabs the items from Miyuki and throws them away. The bag lands on an old man’s forehead. The bra and panties fall out of the bag and land in the old man’s hands. He instantly becomes alert and falls to the floor. The nurses run over to make sure he’s okay. Miyuki tells Jounouchi to stop his bad pranks, and then she walks away. Honda rests his hand on Jounouchi’s shoulder. He tells him there’s no chance now. Jounouchi exclaims that Honda ruined his chance.

At sunset, Miyuki comes face-to-face with the doctor. The doctor tells her that he’s reserved a vacation spot for golfing. He asks her if she wants to come. Miyuki scolds the doctor for trying to abandon the patients. The doctor claims he’ll never get a day off if he has to work around the patients’ schedules. Suddenly, a hand rests on the doctor’s shoulder. It’s from Jounouchi. He tells the doctor to leave her alone. Both of them are ready to fight when Miyuki slaps the doctor’s face, causing his glasses to fall off. Miyuki firmly states that she’s different from the doctor (we hear his name is Gouyuu). She does not want to speak to him again. Jounouchi runs off to catch up with her. Gouyuu picks up his glasses and says she’ll regret it.

At school, Yuugi, Honda, Anzu and Miho watch Jounuochi walk home from the window. Anzu notices that Jounouchi is still sad from that day. Yuugi runs up to Jounouchi. He remembers something the old Jounouchi used to say. Yuugi scream out, “You’re not being manly!” Jounouchi admits that he hasn’t, so he decides to change. He buys flowers from a nearby florist. Then the two of them head back to the hospital.

At the hospital, Jounouchi asks how his appearance looks. Yuugi says his face is a little strained. Jounouchi slaps himself a few times and then takes a deep breath. Shizuka comes running up to them. She tells them that Miyuki was forced to quit the hospital!

Jounouchi walks up the stairs, recalling what Shizuka said before. The reason was that Miyuki forgot one of the doctor’s orders because she was too busy attending another patient. Jounouchi recalls the events that took place earlier, the time where he and the doctor almost fought. When Miyuki walked away from the scene, Jounouchi apologized to her. She smiled and offered to change Jounouchi’s gauze. When she was doing this, the doctor secretly watched from the window.

Jounouchi bursts into the doctor’s room, who’s busy polishing his golf club with a cloth. He accuses the doctor of firing Miyuki because she turned him down. The doctor denies this. He calmly says Miyuki made a simple mistake, so this is how things are handled. However, Jounouchi knows the truth because he never heard the doctor give any orders to her. In fact, Jounouchi plans to expose the truth about everything, including the part where the doctor tried to hit on her. The doctor says Shizuka won’t be able to stay at the hospital any longer if Jounouchi does that. Jounouchi knows he’s in a tight spot. The doctor says that Shizuka is still under close observation, and that observation is best with the hospital’s latest equipment. Knowing he can’t do anything, Jounouchi runs out of the room and out of the hospital in tears. Yuugi chases after him.

Jounouchi runs towards the beach and punches a tree. Yuugi is worried of Jounouchi because he’s in so much pain right now. Then Yuugi notices Jounouchi is crying. With that, the Millenium Puzzle activates, and the spirit of the puzzle takes over. Yuugi walks into the hospital and approaches the doctor’s office.

Meanwhile, the doctor is on the phone talking to a friend. He talks about how he made Miyuki quit because she turned him down. Suddenly, the doctor hears his own voice repeated. He looks at the door and sees Yuugi with a tape recorder. The entire conversation has been recorded! Yuugi comes out from hiding and states it’s game time.

Jounouchi is now in Shizuka’s room. Shizuka tells her brother that Miyuki is leaving the city today. Jounouchi’s eyes open wide as she says this. Shizuka tells him that if he goes to the station now, he can still catch up with her. She doesn’t want him to have any regrets. Jounouchi wonders what to do. He stares at a bouquet of flowers that are lying on the desk.

At the other end of the hospital, a bunch of lights flicker on. Yuugi has challenged the doctor to a game of golf. Yuugi holds up two plastic balls and says they will be using them for the game. The winner of the game gets the tape from before. Now it’s time for the doctor to decide the course. Meanwhile, Jounouchi has the flowers in one hand and is running towards the station to catch up with Miyuki. The doctor states that the course will be to the nurse center directly under them. He then asks about Yuugi’s club. Yuugi approaches the doctor and takes his stethoscope. The doctor laughs, thinking the match has already been decided. He warns Yuugi that his level matches up with the pros. To give Yuugi a demonstration, the doctor takes his first swing. The ball moves in a straight line towards the nurse center. Yuugi is up next. He uses the stethoscope as a sling shot. He hits the ball, and it goes past a door and into another room. The doctor laughs at Yuugi’s move.

The doctor continues to hit the ball until it reaches the nurse center. However, he is surprised to see Yuugi’s ball also make it there as well. Yuugi explains that when he hit the ball for the first time, it went into another room, which had a chute. The chute was a direct passageway to the nurse center. So Yuugi got a hole-in-one. He wins. The doctor may be knowledgeable in golf, but he doesn’t know his way around the hospital. The doctor gets mad and swings his club at Yuugi. However, he misses, and his club breaks in half. Yuugi says the door of darkness has opened. Zombies of the patients that the doctor has abandoned come after him. The doctor screams as the zombies torture him.

Jounouchi makes it to the station and finds Miyuki there. He begs Miyuki to come back to the hospital. To prove it wasn’t her mistake, he presents Jounuochi the bouquet of flowers, only to find out that the flowers have fallen off while he was running. Miyuki thanks Jounouchi, but she decided before-hand to quit the hospital. A man shows up beside Miyuki. Miyuki explains that she will be going with this doctor to an island and work there. Jounouchi is left in awe and sadness as the new doctor and Miyuki disappear.

The next day, Jounouchi appears in Shizuka’s room with a cake. When he opens the door, Yuugi, Honda, Anzu and Miho all greet him. They think Jounouchi shouldn’t be alone in times like this. Shizuka tells him that everyone was worried about him. Honda tells Jounouchi he knows exactly how he feels. He offers Jounouchi to cry on his chest.



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