YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-18 Don’t Touch the Forbidden Game

Season 0-18 – Don’t Touch the Forbidden Game

“Don’t Touch the Forbidden Game”
“Kindan Gēmu ni Tewodasuna” (禁断ゲームに手を出すな)
Aired JAPAN: August 01, 1998

A man, who is being lifted by his tribe, is carrying a vase and says that it must be protected at all costs. Suddenly, a group of people riding horses and carrying swords attacks the tribe. The man accidentally drops the objects onto the ground. Purple smoke emits from the vase. An earthquake strikes the ground, and a large dragon appears. Suddenly, a boy with whacky orange hair wakes up from his sleep. It was all just a dream.

Yuugi and his friends are walking together. Jounouchi kicks a bag of garbage at Honda. Honda asks what he’s doing. Jounouchi says he’s bored, so Honda tells him to go play by himself. Jounouchi states he’s bored with the same everyday school life. Anzu notices Jounouchi having fun during school. Jounouchi snaps that he wants a more exciting youth. He gives an example of Japan getting destroyed by a disaster and then him coming to create a true paradise. He even appoints Honda to be the janitor.

ScreenShot: 18: Don't Touch the Forbidden Game

Suddenly, they hear a voice nearby. The same kid with orange hair is being bullied by two bigger students. Yuugi and his friends check it out and recognize him as Imori from their class. The two older kids want Imori to play a game with them, a game where money is involved. There is a pot at the end of the lawn. The one to throw 500 yen in it first wins. If no one can do that, then the one closest to the pot wins. One of the boys goes first. The coin lands into the pot but bounces out of it.

It’s Imori’s turn now. However, Yuugi cuts in and asks to take Imori’s place. The two boys agree. Yuugi tosses his coin. It rolls off the staircase, bounces off a bush, and successfully lands into the pot. The boys don’t think that was fair and declare a redo. However, Jounouchi cuts in and states that Yuugi didn’t break any rules. Honda insists that Yuugi won the match. The two boys decide it’s not worth it and leave. Imori thinks Yuugi is amazing. Yuugi blushes, saying it was nothing. Even Anzu and Miho compliment on Yuugi’s skills. Imori thinks it’s amazing that Yuugi is good at all kinds of games. He wants to be just like Yuugi. Then Jounouchi approaches Yuugi and tells him to stay away from Imori. Yuugi asks why. Jounouchi thinks Imori is way too dark.

At school, the teacher is writing class material on the board while the students are quietly reading. Yuugi flips through his book and comes across a letter. It’s from Imori, who is happy that Yuugi helped him out earlier. In fact, Imori is so grateful that he wants to show Yuugi his secret base.

After school, Yuugi and Imori decide to hang out at Imori’s house. Yuugi asks about the secret base. Imori pulls a nearby lever, and the floorboards open up, revealing an underground staircase. Yuugi is already excited about it. Imori switches on a flashlight, and two of them walk down into the cellar. When they arrive, Imori lights up a candle. Yuugi asks if he always comes here alone. Imori nods his head. In here, no one can bully him. Yuugi then notices Imori’s game collection. Imori says that his family has a history of loving games, so his family pays great prices to collect rare games. Yuugi notices that they are all one-player games.

Then Imori asks Yuugi for a favor: he wants Yuugi to be his friend. Yuugi gladly accepts and offers Imori to play a game with him. Imori suddenly starts to cry. Since his birth, Yuugi is his first friend. To show off their friendship, Imori wants to show Yuugi something good. One of Imori’s family’s heirlooms is a very rare, forbidden game. However, he’s never seen it before. So with Yuugi’s help, he is sure he will finally be able to see it. It’s supposedly a one-of-a-kind game. Yuugi is interested.

The two friends walk down the cellar’s stairs some more. Imori leads the way with his flashlight, saying that he only knows where the game is at. While walking, Yuugi nearly falls at a corner, but he is able to maintain his balance. Finally, after some more walking, they finally arrive at a door. It’s a door without a knob, and the game lies past the door. Yuugi and Imori push the door together; however, the door doesn’t budge. Suddenly, Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle begins to glow. He wonders what is past the door. Yuugi places his hands on the wall and tries to move it but in a different way. He soon figures out that the door is actually a puzzle! As Yuugi moves the pieces, a picture begins to form. When the puzzle is finally complete, the door opens.

Imori shines the flashlight on the mystical game that lies in the center of the room. They bring the game to Grandpa. Grandpa has an idea of what it is. Imori says they should play it because it’s a game after all. He begins to open it, and Grandpa yells at Imori to stop. Then Grandpa apologizes for yelling; he tells them that the seal must not be opened. The game is Ryuuhai from Dragon Block. It’s a game that originates from China. Yuugi doesn’t know what Dragon Block is, so Grandpa explains it to him and Imori. It was used to train those learning Taoism and Feng Shui. Yuugi recognizes Feng Shui as being fortune telling. Formed 4000 years ago, it was a way of controlling the energy that came from the land. Then Yuugi asks why it was sealed. Grandpa continues to explain that everything is balanced by light and darkness. If the seal were to be undone, the two sides would clash with each other, and a new power would be created.

Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle begins to glow again. Grandpa thinks it’s probably reacting to the Dragon Block’s energy. The Dragon Block is a power that can control fate. He warns Yuugi and Imori to not open the seal to the game. Imori understands.

As Imori walks home with the Dragon Block in his hands, he wonders what type of power it has. Suddenly, the two bullies from before approach Imori. Imori tries to run away, but they block his path. Then one of the boys trips Imori. He accidentally drops the Dragon Block and falls. The Dragon Block’s seal breaks, and the game scatters on the ground. The two bullies notice the game, so they challenge Imori to play with them. Of course they will be betting with money again.

Suddenly, the Dragon Block begins to glow. The ocean starts to get more rough and swallows an entire island.

At school, Anzu asks Jounouchi if he’s heard about Mizuno from their other class. Jounouchi recognizes Mizuno as being the guy that bullied Imori earlier. Anzu says he lost consciousness and was hospitalized. Yuugi overhears the conversation and wonders what happened. He looks down at Imori, who is resting his feet on his desk. Miho runs up to them in shock. She was suppose to go to the beach with her family the other day, but a nearby island sank. It was all over the news. Honda thinks this is all Jounouchi’s fault because he wanted Japan to be destroyed by a natural disaster. Jounouchi exclaims that if his wishes came true, Honda would be dead a long time ago. Suddenly, Imori walks up to Yuugi and asks to talk to him in private. Jounouchi watches the two boys leave the room.

At a private place in the school, Imori tells Yuugi that he was busy, so he didn’t have time to do his homework. Plus, there’s no time to copy it, so he asks Yuugi for his homework. Yuugi hesitates about that. Imori tells him that they are friends and friends should help each other out. Suddenly, Jounouchi appears and tells Yuugi not to do it. Imori tells Jounouchi to get out of the way. He then turns back to Yuugi and insists that Yuugi give him his homework. Jounouchi exclaims that Imori is just being selfish. When Yuugi doesn’t answer, Imori declares Yuugi as a traitor and stomps away.

Yuugi and Jounuochi head off to swimming class. While they are swimming, Imori stares at the class from behind the fence. After the class, Yuugi heads over to his locker. However, when he gets there, he finds out that his Millenium Puzzle is missing. A note is left in its place. It reads that he is borrowing the puzzle. If Yuugi wants it back, he must meet him at his secret base. It’s signed from a messenger of darkness. Yuugi knows who it is, and after school he walks over to Imori’s house.

When Yuugi arrives at the house, he pulls down the lever, unlocking the secret base. Down in the cellar, Yuugi opens the door and sees Imori waiting for him. Imori tells Yuugi he can have the Millenium Puzzle back at anytime, but first Yuugi must beat him in a game of Dragon Block. Imori opens the seal to the game, surprising Yuugi.

Imori explains that he has learned several things about Dragon Block since the last time they met. For example, he has learned that the only way to calm the game is to sacrifice the loser’s soul to the vase. Yuugi suddenly realizes why Mizuno was hospitalized. Imori admits that he punished Mizuno, and now it’s Yuugi’s turn. So Yuugi sits on the opposite end of Imori, and Imori sets up the game. Imori first explains the rules. He pulls out a map that they will be using and sets it on the table between them. Then he places a block labeled “house” onto the map; that is the base. Next, they take turns pulling six blocks from the box. On each block is a dragon with a different power. When a player has three of the same block, that player can summon that dragon. Defeating the opponent’s dragon is good and means you win.

Both Imori and Yuugi take turns picking blocks. Yuugi knkows he has to rely on his own power right now to win this. Imori smilies with an evil grin, as he already has two water dragons in his possession. He only needs one more to summon a water dragon. As the two players continue making their moves, Imori explains that there are several dragon elements that have strengths and weaknesses. Fire beats metal, metal beats wood, wood beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire.

Yuugi and Imori finally assemble two dragons and summon them. Yuugi has two Fire Dragons, while Imori has two Water Dragons. Water beats fire, so Imori wins. The game also has another characteristic: the loser’s base is hit by a natural disaster, which is the actual location on the map! In other words, Tokyo! Yuugi finally realizes what happened to that island from the ocean. Suddenly, one of the Water Dragons strikes Yuugi in the chest. Yuugi’s eyes go blank as his soul is taken away from him and sucked into the vase.

Imori looks down and sees Yuugi’s hand grasping the Millenium Puzzle. Imori is surprised that Yuugi is holding the puzzle. Suddenly, Yami Yuugi emerges from within Yuugi’s body. Yuugi swipes the puzzle back from Imori and says that if he didn’t get the puzzle back, his soul would have been trapped in eternal darkness. Imori notices that Yuugi sounds different from before. Yuugi announces that he will bet his other soul. He challenges Imori to another game of Dragon Block. Imori has no idea what’s going on. He wonders if Yuugi has two souls.

Yuugi decides to choose his base first. Imori accepts Yuugi’s challenge and selects his base. Because his base is in the sea, he won’t receive any damage. Imori states that if Yuugi loses, Tokyo itself will be destroyed since he hates that city. So the two players begin choosing blocks and discarding the ones they don’t need. Knowing that his soul is on the line, Yuugi works hard to assemble his dragons. Imori has a sense of what dragon elements Yuugi is assembling based on what he has been discarding. He thinks Yuugi is getting a Metal Dragon and Earth Dragon. However, he’s confident that his dragons will defeat Yuugi’s.

Finally, both players summon their dragons. Imori summons a Water Dragon and a Wood Dragon, and Yuugi summons a Metal Dragon and Earth Dragon. Imori has his water dragon attack first. Yuugi says the attack won’t work again. The earth gives power to the metal, and the metal is protected by the earth. Imori then sends in his Wood Dragon. His Water Dragon gives Wood Dragon power, just like how water makes trees grow. Wood Dragon attacks Earth Dragon, preventing it from moving. Water Dragon then attacks and begins to submerge both of Yuugi’s dragons in water. Suddenly, Metal Dragon emerges from the water and attacks Wood Dragon. Earth Dragon, now free, gets attacks Water Dragon with an earthquake attack. Both of Imori’s Dragons are defeated, and Yuugi wins.

Imori’s soul gets sacrificed to the vase, and Yuugi luckily gets his second soul back. Suddenly, Imori wakes up. He innocently wonders why the Dragon Block is here. Yuugi tells himself that Imori must have had two hearts. His evil side was sacrificed to the Dragon Block, and now that it’s gone, Imori is back to normal. Imori asks Yuugi to help him return Dragon Block to its original location. He’ll be in trouble if his father were to find out. Yuugi agrees, and both of them return it back to its original resting place.

The episode ends with Grandpa explaining that there is a power that surprasses human knowledge and controls the fate of the world. Games that possess such power do exist and must be handled carefully by people.



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