YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-19 A Fussy Battle! Popularity Contest

Season 0-19 – A Fussy Battle! Popularity Contest

“The Great Melee!! A Popularity Contest”
“Dai Ransen!! Ninki Kontesuto” (大乱戦!! 人気コンテスト)
Aired JAPAN: August 08, 1998

It’s a bright and sunny day at Domino High School. Miho opens her locker and finds notes inside. Anzu mentions Miho is popular as always. Miho offers them to Anzu because she thinks they are annoying. Then they overhear three girls talking. One of the girls is also popular, and when she opens her locker, a massive amount of letters fall out. The girl is tired of dealing with this everyday. Another girl tells her that unless she does something with her beauty, it will keep on happening. The popular girl is known as Kaoruko. Anzu knows that Kaoruko is Domino’s number one popular girl.

At Honda’s beautification club, Honda announces that he wants a budget increase. However, the vice president of the club isn’t listening. Honda gets mad and finds out that the vice president is looking at a picture of Kaoruko. He asks the VP why he’s looking at this “nonsense.” The VP says it’s not nonsense; he swipes the photo back from Honda. Honda knows that the VP assembled a Kaoruko fan club as well, so he’s splitting up the budget between the two clubs. The VP demands to know what’s wrong with that. He thinks Kaoruko is the school’s treasure! Honda insults Kaoruko, which angers the VP even more. He wants Honda to apologize to the photo. Honda flicks the photo out of Kaoruko’s hand, and Kaoruko tumbles over the desk to fetch it. Honda firmly states that his number one girl has more sense than Kaoruko. The VP wants to know who it is. Honda says it’s Miho, and the VP laughs. He considers Miho to be a child. The two boys begin to rage at each other until the VP says they should let the students decide who’s more popular. If the VP loses, he will increase the beautification club’s budget. Honda agrees.

ScreenShot: 19: A Fussy Battle! Popularity Contest

A popularity contest ad has been posted around the school, and a bunch of students are already crowding around it. Yuugi squeezes through the crowd to take a closer look at the ad. He finds out that the prize is tickets to the musical, “Beauty and the Beast.” Jounouchi can’t believe it because that musical is the number one premiere show at the moment. If he sells them, he will get a lot of money.

Jounouchi rushes over to the registration desk and asks to apply. The guy at the desk thinks Jounouchi is mistaken. This is a popularity contest, not a muscle contest! Jounouchi grabs the guy by the shirt and yells at him. The guy understands.

The VP runs to the school’s roof to inform Kaoruko about the popularity contest. It’s a contest to see who’s the most popular student in the school. Kaoruko doesn’t understand why she should enter. The VP tells Kaoruko that she’s obviously the most popular student, plus there are some first-year students who don’t understand that. He also says that it’s a good time to show off her charm. Kaoruko does agree that it might be nice to show the first-year boys what real charm is. The VP is happy to hear that.

Jounouchi writes his name on the application form. Anzu then approaches Yuugi and Jounouchi, wondering what they are doing here. Yuugi explains that Jounouchi is entering the contest. He wonders if Anzu plans to enter as well. Anzu says she is because of the prize. It’s tough to get tickets to a Broadway musical after all. Yuugi is happy that Anzu is entering; he plans to cheer for her. Jounouchi reminds Yuugi to cheer for him.

Inside the classroom, Honda approaches Miho and talks about the popularity contest. Miho asks if Honda is entering. Honda says no, but the winner will be escorted on stage. He then imagines him and Miho together on stage. Miho decides she doesn’t want to participate because it seems like trouble. She then waves goodbye to Honda and leaves, leaving Honda in cold spirits.

After school, as the sun begins to set, Yuugi begins to walk home. He plans to really cheer for Anzu. Then Yuugi sees Honda sitting on a bench alone. He asks what’s wrong. Honda runs up to Yuugi and begs for his help. Tears begin to roll down Honda’s face.

When Honda is done talking to Yuugi, Yuugi runs off to find Miho. He finally finds her in front of a store and greets her. Yuugi then mentions the popularity contest, and Miho asks if he’s entering. Yuugi says no and asks Miho why she isn’t entering. After all, the prize is tickets to a famous musical. Miho states she doesn’t like musicals. Yuugi understands now. Miho then asks Yuugi if he wants to get a drink with her. She runs inside the store.

Suddenly, the Millenium Puzzle begins to react to something as a boy walks up towards Yuugi. The boy notices Yuugi looking down at his puzzle and asks if he hurt Yuugi in any way. Yuugi shakes his head no. The boy says that he sometimes loses his memory. Yuugi has a familiar feeling. Then Miho comes running out to Yuugi. As she runs out, the boy turns his head to face her. Miho looks into the boy’s eyes and instantly falls in love with him. She excitedly introduces herself to him. She tells him that she’s definitely going to win the popularity contest, so she wants him to escort her. Yuugi can’t believe it because a minute ago she didn’t want to enter the contest! The boy just walks away without saying anything. Miho plans to do her best in the contest. Yuugi places his hand on the Millenium Puzzle and wonders what just happened.

The next day of school, a school assembly takes place. Honda has his beautification club members cheer for Miho, even if it means losing their lives. The VP tells the Kaoruko fan club members that they will fight for Kaoruko. Yuugi holds up a sign with Anzu’s name on it and cheers for her. Some of the other girls in the assembly cheer for Anzu too. Jounouchi stands up on the stage and asks for support. No one wants Jounouchi to win because he’s a boy. They all throw their shoes and soda cans at him.

In another room, Anzu and Miho are having a conversation. Anzu is amazed that Miho decided to enter. She asks what happened. Miho finishes putting make-up on her face and tells her just something. She imagines her and the boy together. Miho is confident that she will win. Suddenly, Kaoruko and her friends enter the room. They begin to tease Anzu and Miho about the popularity contest. Miho thinks the only thing they have is their youth. It’s like the contest is between how tight their skin is. Kaoruko gets mad by this. One of Kaoruko’s friends begins to speak up, but Kaoruko interrupts by saying they will see when the results are in. Then Kaoruko begins to leave. She is still upset by Miho’s remark on skin tightness.

The man presenting the contest stands on the stage and introduces the first contestants to the contest. He announces the first contestant, Kaoruko. As Kaoruko enters the stage, the audience begins cheering for her. Then the man introduces Jounouchi. The audience falls slient as he takes the stage. Next, Anzu is introduced onto the stage. A lot of the students including Yuugi cheer for Anzu. Finally, the man introduces Miho. Honda and his club cheer for Miho.

Meanwhile, while the man continues to talk about the contest, Kaoruko and her friends are backstage. One of her friends tells her that half of the female students are voting for Anzu and half of the first-year and second-year males are voting for Miho. Kaoruko is surprised by those figures. Her friend assures her that all third-year males are voting for her. Plus, she is luring first-year males into voting for Kaoruko with the prospect of dating Kaoruko. Kaoruko is pleased by the club’s efforts. Suddenly, they notice Anzu and Miho passing by. Kaoruko is still angry with those two because she has been number one for three straight years. Then Kaoruko whispers something secretive to her friends.

The contest continues. Each contestant will now perform on stage.The man introduces Kaoruko again. Kaoruko comes out wearing a costume. Her performance is called “procession of courtesans.” The VP cheers for Kaoruko. One of the fan club members shouts out, “Go president!” Kaoruko scolds him. It’s not “president,” it’s “Kaoruko!” He blushes. Honda thinks the VP is a weak guy for blushing.

The cassette tape is changed as Kaoruko ends her performance. The man then introduces the next contestant, Jounouchi. Jounouchi walks out in high heels and a woman’s skirt. Lipstick covers his mouth, and his eyes have been drowned in eyeliner. The student population is freaked out by Jounouchi’s outfit, and they begin to throw stuff at him. A pie lands on Jounouchi’s face, causing him to lose his temper. He jumps off the stage and starts picking fights with people. The man blows his whistle and announces that leaving the stage causes disqualification.

The man then introduces Anzu and her hip-hop dance performance. Anzu enters the stage in her dancing outfit. Yuugi continues to cheer for her. Suddenly, the music starts to play, and Anzu immediately knows that it isn’t right. Someone has messed with her music! The students begin to tease her. The man tells Anzu to perform or be disqualified. Knowing that she can’t dance to the music, Anzu walks away. Kaoruko hides behind the curtain with a smile on her face. Anzu’s cassette tape is in her hand. After Anzu’s defeat, Miho performs next. Her performance consists of baton twirling, and everyone seems to enjoy it. A jealous expression appears on Kaoruko’s face.

The next round is about to begin, and this time it takes place at the swimming pool. All the students crowd around the sidelines as the man announces the second part. It will be a bikini-style contest. Jounouchi sits down next to Yuugi, saying he prepared a flower patterned bikini just for this! Yuugi doesn’t think anyone would want to see that. Jounouchi is angry that he got disqualified.

Meanwhile, in another room, Anzu is also mad about her disqualification. She wonders who switched the tapes. Anzu tells Miho that she has to win no matter what now. Miho isn’t too worried because she has a bikini that she really likes. She opens her locker to get it, but to her surprise, the bikini has been torn up. Anzu wonders what Miho will do.

The second part of the contest begins. Kaoruko is up first. As she enters the stage, she takes off her cape, revealing her bikini to the school. Everyone is amazed at her beauty. Honda tries to stop his club members from staring at her, but it doesn’t work. Next up is Miho. The man introduces Miho to the stage, but Miho doesn’t appear. Everyone wonders where she’s at. The VP thinks she got scared of Kaoruko’s beauty and ran away. Honda yells at the VP for saying that. Kaoruko tells herself that it’s quite obvious that she’s number one. Honda calls out to Miho to hurry and appear. Suddenly, Miho appears in a mermaid bikini. Honda is happy and cheers for her. A lot of the students including Yuugi are impressed with Miho’s outfit. Anzu says they borrowed that bikini from the drama room. Kaoruko isn’t too pleased with this.

The round is finally over. Miho is in the locker room changing back into her regular clothes. Only one more round until victory! Suddenly, she hears a knock at the door. A girl walks in and tells Miho that there’s someone behind the school who wants to see her. Thinking it’s the boy from before, Miho changes into a dress and runs out to greet him. As she runs towards the back of the school, she wonders what his reaction will be like. However, when Miho gets there, she doesn’t find anyone. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabs Miho. She loses consciousness and falls to the ground. The hands are Kaoruko’s hands. She doesn’t want Miho to win the contest, so she rips up her dress.

Honda and the VP begin to battle it out over who will win. Suddenly, Anzu whispers to Yuugi that Miho has disappeared. She’s nowhere to be found! The man begins to introduce the last round of the contest. Meanwhile, Yuugi wonders where Miho went. She will get disqualified if she doesn’t show up.

Meanwhile, while Yuugi and Anzu desperately search for Miho, Kaoruko takes the stage one last time in a fancy red dress. The students applaud loudly for Kaoruko. Meanwhile, Yuugi is outside of the school searching for Miho. He finally comes across her behind the school. Miho is still unconscious, and Yuugi wonders what happened to her. Suddenly, Yuugi finds a flower petal lying on the ground. He recalls Kaoruko’s outfit having a bouquet of flowers to it, and concludes that Kaoruko must have done it. Miho soon gathers back her senses, but she is still weakened. The Millenium Puzzle activates, and Yami Yuugi takes over. He grabs the flower petal.

Miho is up next in the contest, but she is nowhere to be found again. The VP thinks Kaoruko has claimed her victory, but Honda knows that Miho will come. Kaoruko hides behind the curtain with a grin on her face. Suddenly, a sharp wind blows from backstage. A hand with the flower petal extends out to Kaoruko and a voice says, “You dropped this.” Kaoruko asks who he is. The voice tells Kaoruko that if she is going to do cowardly things to her rivals, then she will regret it. Kaoruko wants to know what this person wants. Yuugi comes out and tells Kaoruko to play dumb as much as she wants, but only if she can defeat him.

It’s game time. Yuugi explains the rules. They will take turns pulling flowers from Kaoruko’s bouquet. The player who pulls the last flower loses. Plus, players are free to pick from one to three petals at a time. Kaoruko is interested and agrees to the game. The two take turns picking petals until five are left. It’s Yuugi’s turn next, and Kaoruko thinks she has Yuugi cornered. Whatever number of flowers Yuugi picks, she will make sure there is only one left. Yuugi still remains calm. He chooses one flower from the bouquet, and then Kaoruko chooses three. That leaves one flower left, and Kaoruko thinks she has the game won. However, Yuugi takes the flower that’s attached to Kaoruko’s hair, leaving the last flower to Kaoruko. Yuugi reminds her that they weren’t limit to only the flowers in the bouquet. The door of darkness has opened. Kaoruko’s skin begins to turn brown, and her beauty fades away.

Because Miho still hasn’t shown up, the man announces that Miho is disqualified. The students cheer for Kaoruko’s victory, but Honda falls to his knees and sobs. As the curtain opens up to reveal the winner, they notice something different about her. Her hands are holding two ropes. Kaoruko pulls on the ropes and water falls down onto her. She is soaked in water. The students begin to laugh at her, and Kaoruko walks off the stage without saying a word.

The contest is over, and it is now night time. As Yuugi walks home, he is sure that he lost part of his memory during the contest. Yuugi then remembers the boy and his words about how he sometimes loses his memory. Yuugi stares at his Millenium Puzzle, wondering who the boy is. He feels like something has begun, but he has no idea what it is. Meanwhile, a car passes Yuugi. Inside is Mokuba, who recognizes Yuugi as the individual who Kaiba is obsessed with.



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