Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1

S1-05 The Ultimate Great Moth, Part 2

Season1-05 – The Ultimate Great Moth, Part 2

“The Ultimate Perfect Appearance – Great Moth”
(究極完全態 グレート·モス)
Aired Japan: May 16, 2000
Aired USA: October 20, 2001

(The American version was combined into one episode called “Welcome to the Duelist Kingdom”. All other countries received the episode in its two-part form, which was also released on VHS and DVD in the US, but it eventually aired on 4Kids TV on December 2, 2006. )

The Ultimate Great Moth Screenshot The duel between Yugi and Weevil continues, Mai has arrived to watch the rest of the match, hoping to see Weevil pull off a comeback in spectacular style. However as she argues with Taya over who is going to win, Yugi seems unimpressed by Weevil’s bragging. Weevil plays a monster face down in defense mode, Yugi remembers that he still has a trap card in play and sees that Weevil is trying to lure Yugi into activating it. However Yugi is not so foolish and, playing Monster Recovery, returns all the monsters on his side of the field before playing Kuriboh in attack mode. Attacking Weevil’s monster, Yugi activates the trap, destroying his Kuriboh and reducing his life points to 1050, but saving his other monsters from being destroyed in the process.

However as Weevil reveals his monster to be the Larvae Moth, he seals it inside a Cocoon of Evolution. Trapped inside the cocoon, the Moth will begin to evolve over the next five turns until it becomes the Ultimate Great Moth. Weevil challenges Yugi to try and destroy the cocoon, but with the added strength of the field power bonus the cocoon seems indestructible. Playing Gaia, the Fierce Knight, onto the field Yugi attacks the cocoon, but the attack is deflected, reducing his life points to 750. His friends begin to cheer him on from the side lines, but Mai tells them not to waste their breath, as Weevil is famous for using the Cocoon of Evolution and nobody has ever managed to destroy it. With four turns to go until the Moth is fully evolved, Yugi plays the Beaver Warrior in defense mode.

Joey cheers on from the side lines, then he tells Yugi to get fired up and, although only a figure of speech, the suggestion gives Yugi an idea. Playing the Curse of Dragon, he equips it with the Burning Land magic card before attacking the forest arena around the cocoon. With the forest burnt down, the cocoon loses its field power bonus, making it weak enough to destroy. Attacking the cocoon with Gaia, Yugi cracks it open, preventing the Great Moth from evolving fully. However the Moth has still reached the fourth stage of the evolution, making it stronger than it had been before entering the cocoon. And as it takes flight, Yugi realizes that the only monster that he can use to attack it is his Curse of Dragon. As the moth destroys Yugi’s Beaver Warrior, Yugi uses the Polymerisation card to fuse together Gaia and the Curse of Dragon to produce Gaia, the Dragon Champion.

However as his Dragon Champion prepares to attack, Yugi realizes that its DEF is getting lower because of the poison spores released by Weevil’s moth when it attacked. Playing Makiou, the Magical Mist, Yugi washes the spores away, but the damage has already been done. As Weevil’s attack destroys the Dragon Champion, Yugi’s life points fall to 50.

Back on the side lines, Mai and Taya are still arguing, but as Mai insists that there is no way for Yugi to win, Taya asks her why Yugi is grinning. Yugi answers their question by warning Weevil that cheaters never win and, playing the Summoned Skull, he proves his point. Although Yugi’s Skull is weaker than Weevil’s Moth, the field is still wet from the magical mist. The Summoned Skull has an electrical attack, meaning that it will be more powerful as the water will conduct it. As Weevil and Mai watch on amazed, Yugi destroys Weevil’s moth, reducing his life points to 0. As an impressed Mai looks on, Yugi tells Weevil that he is nothing more than a cheat and that he doesn’t deserve his title of Regional Champion. As Yugi takes Weevil’s star chips, Joey claims the dueling glove for his own. But with both duelists still in need of many more star chips, the road to Pegasus’s castle looks set to be a long one.



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