Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1

S1-12 Trial by Red Eyes, Part 2

Season 1-12 – Trial by Red Eyes, Part 2

“Black Flare! Red-Eyes Black Dragon”
(黒き炎! レッドアイズ·ブラックドラゴン)
Aired Japan: July 4, 2000
Aired USA: Jan 19, 2002

ScreenShot: Trial by Red Eyes, Part 2 Rex sent out a card, and Joey beat it right away with his green and red team. Rex, in anger, sent out the Red Eyes Black Dragon, a card only a bit less powerful then the powerful Blue Eyes White Dragon. He kills Joey’s red and green monsters. Yugi says he knows what to do, but he can’t tell Joey, because he can’t give him advice, due to the rules of this duel. Joey begins to falter, but after support from his friends, he puts down a card. Mai tries to force Rex to do better, but Rex gets mad, and propses a bet: if Joey wins, he gets Rex’s Red Eyes Black Dragon, and if Rex wins, he gets Joey’s Time Wizard. Mai gets mad, because Rex is breaking their deal, but Joey agrees. He sends out his Time Wizard, and attacks. The Time Wizard attacks by spinning a want roulette, and if it lands on a time marking, it drives back time. The roulette spins, and it lands on a time marking barely. The duel is driven back, his Red Eyes Black Dragon is fossilized from the millions of years the Time Wizard. When Rex tries to attack, his Dragon falls apart. Joey won by himself! Rex loses his star chips and his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to Joey. After Tristan and Joey get into a fight to show (in a bizarre way) how they are good friends, it has become night on the Duelist Kingdom.

One day of dueling has passed. Yugi and company are walking through some of the woods on the island. They camp out, and start telling ghost stories (more like food stories). Joey tries to eat some poisonous mushrooms, but he is distracted by Mai, who comes up, and says that she would give them food if they did chores for her. While Yugi, Joey, and Tristan are getting wood and water, Taya takes a shower in a nearby shower that just happens to be there. Mai is outside, and tells her to turn her back on her friends. But Taya refuses. Mai then expresses her opinion about males, that they are only good for chores.ScreenShot: Trial by Red Eyes, Part 2

The five of them eat dinner, and Mai thinks that she will be able to get her final star chips during the next day, and be allowed into the Duelist Castle, where Pegasus is. Mai leaves to do something. When they hear rustling in the bushes, they investigate, and find Baccura, the kid Taya has been seeing around on the boat, and they talk about their favorite cards. Baccura reveals his favorite card as the Change of Heart card. They all put their favorite cards into Yugi’s deck, as if they were all dueling together. Baccura challenges Yugi to a duel that has nothing to do with star chips. But, Baccura reveals himself as the third Millenium Duelist, along with Yugi and Pegasus. Yugi has the puzzle, Pegasus has the eye, and Baccura has the ring. Baccura takes them all into the shadow world, where Pegasus frist took Yugi over that video tape before they went to the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi and his friends’ souls are extracted, ust like Yugi’s grandfathers was. Baccura tries to steal teh Millennium Puzzle from Yugi’s body, but it alerts his soul to return. He transforms into Yu-Gi-Oh, and prepares to duel Baccura.


Trial by Red-Eyes screenshot

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