Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-53 Steppin’ Out

Season 2-53 – Steppin’ Out

“The Fiery Dance Battle” (炎のダンスバトル)
Aired Japan: May 1, 2001
Aired USA: Nov 23, 2002

ScreenShot: Steppin' Out The school day has just ended for our group of friends. Téa walks outside and finds out that it’s raining. Joey and Tristan are on mopping the floors. Tristan hears Joey whistling and wonders why he is so happy. Joey explains how his sister Serenity is going to begin her eye operation thanks to the three million dollars Yugi won in Duelist Kingdom. She is going to be able to see again. Joey’s only worry is that he will have to see his mother again, a person who he hasn’t seen since he and Serenity got separated. Tristan offers to be with Serenity at the hospital, but Joey tells him not to get any funny ideas.

Yugi meets up with Téa, who is looking out the window. Yugi needs Téa’s help. He wants Téa to help him figure out more about the Pharaoh’s past. Téa agrees to help, but she isn’t sure how. Yugi says that she always has great advice. He tells her to meet him at the Domino Station at 10:00AM. Téa is okay with that; she just hopes that she can really help out.

The next day, Yugi is in his room trying to figure out what he should wear. Yami asks what surprise Yugi has in store for him. Yugi tells Yami that it wouldn’t be a surprised if he told him. Yami states that he doesn’t have time for surprises, but Yugi promises that it will help. Meanwhile, Téa awaits for Yugi’s arrival at the Domino Station. A few moments later, Yugi runs up towards Téa. He then switches bodies with Yami. Yami is surprised when he comes out because he isn’t in a duel. Then he sees Téa and greets her. The two of them sit down at a coffee shop for drinks. Téa isn’t sure how she can help Yami, but she decides to give it a shot. She pulls out a magazine and tells Yami about an Ancient Egypt exhibit at the museum. Yami finds it interesting. Téa points to a picture in the magazine that shows an ancient stone with the same symbol as the Millennium Puzzle. Yami sighs. He asks Téa to forgive him because there is so many things about his past that he doesn’t know. Téa states that they should go over the things that he does remember. Yami says that his origins lie in Ancient Egypt and he now holds the Millennium Puzzle, but that’s it. Ever since Yugi put together the puzzle, Yami feels as if he was reborn, that destiny brought him out for a reason. Téa explains that she is in a similar situation. She doesn’t know what the future lies for her, but she is inspired to be a dancer. “Just follow your heart,” says Téa. Yami congratulates her. Téa states not to look at the unknown as the enemy, but to look at it as an adventure. She’ll never know what dancing is like unless she tries. So she and Yami decide to go off on an adventure and do whatever they like.

Téa and Yami visit many different places, and they do many things. Yami finds a trading card shop and obtains a few new cards. One of the cards being Lightforce Sword. Yami is starting to feel excited. The next stop for the two of them is the arcade. In the arcade is a group of people formed around a DDR machine. A person named Johnny Steps is named the champion, and he is looking for an opponent. He spots out Téa and wants her to be his next victim. Yami thinks they should ignore him, but Téa agrees to Johnny’s challenge. She wants to have some fun. Téa knows that she can defeat Johnny. The DDR dance begins, and the two of them dance away. The crowd notices that Téa has some pretty good moves, moves that even Johnny can’t do. Johnny is worried and decides to crank up the heat a bit. He tries to knock Téa off balance so that she loses, but Téa easily dodges his moves. Johnny then accidentally slips and falls. He loses the game and the crowd cheers for Téa.

Back outside, Téa is excited that she beat Johnny. She hopes that beating him will shut him up for awhile. Yami has been thinking about what Téa said earlier, about following your heart. He feels that he must figure out the secrets of his origin, no matter where the search may lead him. Téa is happy for Yami and tells him that his friends will always be at his side.

ScreenShot: Steppin' OutSuddenly, Johnny approaches them and demands a rematch from Téa. Téa tells him that he had his chance and failed. Yami decides to cut in the argument. He wants to take on Johnny himself in a Duel Monsters game. Johnny agrees to the duel. If he wins, he gets to go on a date with Téa. The three of them head into a dueling arena in the arcade. Yami and Johnny start out with 2000 life points each, and the duel begins. Johnny starts out first and summons Sonic Maid in attack mode. It’s Yami’s turn now. He summons Celtic Guardian in attack mode. With 1400 attack, Celtic Guardian destroys Sonic Maid, and Johnny loses 200 life points (down to 1800). Johnny tells Yami that he just got lucky. He draws a card and then summons Water Omotics in attack mode.

Yami questions Johnny’s plan, since Johnny is just throwing out random monsters on the field. So Yami draws a card and decides to end his turn without doing anything. Johnny’s turn begins. He summons Spirit of the Harp in defense mode. With 2000 defense, it will be hard to destroy. To make matters worse, Johnny plays a magic card called Chorus of Sanctuary. This increases Spirit of Harp’s defense points by 500. Yami starts to think that Johnny is a good duelist. However, Johnny did make one mistake that Yami sees. It’s Yami’s turn, and he summons Curse of Dragon in attack mode. Curse of Dragon destroys Water Omotics, lowering Johnny’s life points to 1200. Johnny forgot to switch his monster to defense mode. Yami tells Johnny that he’s off to a bad start. Johnny reassures Yami that he’s just warming up for his big move.

Johnny Steps draws a card and summons Witch of the Black Forest in defense mode. Then he activates Polymerization, fusing Witch of the Black Forest with the Lady of Faith monster from his hand to form Musician King (1750 attack/1500 defense). Musician Fiend destroys Celtic Guiardian, leaving Yami with 1650 life points. Then Johnny places a card face down on the field and ends his turn. Next is Yami’s turn. He orders Curse of Dragon to destroy Musician King. Johnny tells Yami that he fell into a trap. He activates the trap card Metalmorph, which transforms Musician King into Heavy Metal King and gives Heavy Metal King’s attack and defense points an extra 300. With a total of 2050 attack points, it blocks Curse of Dragon’s attack and destroys it. Yami now has 1600 life points left. He summons Giant Soldier of Stone in defense and ends his turn.

Johnny is surprised that summoning a defense monster is the only thing he can do. Because Metalmorph’s attack increases with every attack, Heavy Metal King’s attack jumps up to 2700. It easily destroys Giant Soldier of Stone. Téa is worried for Yami but knows that he can pull through. Yami draws a card and then summons Dark Magician. With only 2500 attack points, Johnny claims that it’s too weak and that his monster is stronger. Still, Yami attacks and Dark Magician destroys Heavy Metal King. Yami states that Metalmorph’s effect only works when Heavy Metal King attacks, but since Dark Magician attacked, Dark Magician was able to easily destroy Heavy Metal King.

Johnny begins to get scared. He demands to know Yami’s name. Yami states his name as being “Yugi”. Johnny soon realizes that his opponent is the same one who defeated Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom. So Johnny decides to forfeit the duel, but he is stopped by Téa. Téa tells Johnny that all he does is cheat when he’s losing and then quit when things go bad. She then asks Johnny how many friends he has. Johnny claims he has many friends, but Téa knows that he doesn’t have any. She tells Johnny that he needs the courage to face his problems and never give up, not run away from them. Johnny knows that Téa has a point, and he thanks her for being honest.

Téa and Yami then head down to the Domino Museum, where they plan to find clues to Yami’s past. Yami knows that answers to his past lie behind the museum doors, and he is ready to face it. So Téa and Yami walk up the steps to the museum.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Celtic Guardian – 1400/1200
Curse of Dragon – 2000/1500
Giant Soldier of Stone – 1300/2000
Dark Magician – 2500/2100

Sonic Maid – 1200/900
Water Omotics – 1400/1200
Spirit of the Harp – 800/2000
Chorus of Sanctuary – Magic (Increases a monster’s defense by 500)
Witch of the Black Forest – 1100/1200
Lady of Faith – 1100/800
Musician King – 1750/1500
Heavy Metal King – 2050/1800
Metalmorph – Trap (Increases a monster’s attack and defense by 300)


Steppin' Out screenshot

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