Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-62 The Master of Magicians, Part 3

Season 2-62 – The Master of Magicians, Part 3

“The Magician’s Disciple – Black Magician Girl”
(魔術師の弟子 ブラックマジシャンガール)
Aired Japan: July 3, 2001
Aired USA: Feb 8, 2003

ScreenShot: The Master of Magicians (3) The duel between Yugi and Arkana continues. Arkana has 1500 life points, while Yugi is down to 700. Arkana claims that Yugi will soon lose the duel and he will be reunited with his love, Catherine. Yugi tells Arkana that he’s a fool for trusting Marik’s words. Arkana ignores Yugi’s comment and knows that he will win, since Marik helped him build his deck to specifically take down Yugi. Yugi just wants them both to be set free, but Arkana declines. Arkana continues his turn by setting one card face down. He then ends his turn.

Arkana reminds Yugi that it’s his show and that the grand finale is almost here. Yugi exclaims that Arkana will lose because he disrespects his cards and just relies on tricks to win. Arkana continues to ignore Yugi’s comments, claiming that the hum from the Dark Energy Disk is preventing him from hearing them. Yugi states that he will take control of the duel. He tells Arkana that he has no monsters on the field to defend himself, but Arkana says that it doesn’t matter since his life points are higher. So Yugi summons Gazelle the King of Mystical Beasts in attack mode. With 1500 attack points, it has enough strength to wipe Arkana out. Arkana grins evily, knowing that Yugi fell right into his trap. He activates his Trap card, Shadow Balance. Arkana explains that his Trap makes the number of monsters on Yugi’s field equal to the number of monsters Arkana has. Because Arkana doesn’t have any monsters on his field, neither does Yugi. Shadow Balance destroys both of Yugi’s monsters, leaving him wide open for a direct attack.

Arkana begins his turn, and he draws. He tells Yugi that he holds the card that will lead to Yugi’s destruction. Arkana states that he has more than one Dark Magician in his deck, and thanks to a certain card, he will be able to play it without a sacrifice. So Arkana plays Dark Magic Curtain, a Magic card. It allows Arkana to summon a high-level monster without a sacrifice in exchange for half his life points. Bringing his score down to 750, Arkana summons the Dark Magician. Arkana smiles because he knows that Yugi has no monsters to defend himself. Yugi is almost finished! However, before Arkana calls out an attack, he plays the Anti-Magic Arrows card to prevent Yugi from using his face down cards. With that task complete, Arkana orders his Dark Magician to attack. Arkana thinks the duel is over, but to his surprise, the Dark Magic Curtain is now working for Yugi. Yugi tells Arkana that he should have read the rules more carefully because the Magic card works for both players.

So by lowering his life points down to 350, Yugi uses the card to summon out his Dark Magician Girl. Arkana is completely surprised by the appearance of Dark Magician Girl, but he still knows that his Dark Magician has higher attack points. He tells his Dark Magician to attack it. Both monsters attack each other, but when the smoke clears, Arkana finds out that his Dark Magician has been destroyed. Arkana wonders why. Yugi explains that his Dark Magician Girl gains 300 points for every Dark Magician in the graveyard. Since Yugi has one Dark Magician in his graveyard, and Arkana has one his graveyard, Dark Magician Girl gained 600 points, making it an easy target for Arkana’s second Dark Magician. With no monsters on the field, Arkana is a clear target for Dark Magician Girl. Yugi’s monster attacks, and Arkana’s life points drop to 0.

Meanwhile, Mokuba continues to lead Téa and Grandpa towards Yugi’s location. On the way, they meet up with Tristan. Tristan asks if everything’s okay, and Téa tells him that Yugi has been missing for hours. Mokuba states that Kaiba’s tracking system says that Yugi is in the basement of a certain building.

Yugi explains to Arkana that it was his disrespect for the cards that caused him to lost. The box between Yugi’s feet opens, revealing the key to escape and a locator card. Mokuba and the others run down the stairs towards Yugi’s location. They come across a big door, but it is locked. Téa hears a humming sound coming from inside and wonders what it could be. On the other side of the door, Arkana is still in shock of his loss. The Dark Energy Disk is moving closer towards him, and he has no way of escaping. However, Arkana reveals a spare key he has been keeping underneath of his sleeve. He pulls it out, but suddenly he is unable to move his hand. Marik is using his power to play mind tricks on Arkana. Arkana pleas to Marik to spare him from the Shadow Realm, but Marik says no, since he didn’t hold up his end of the duel. Marik makes the key disappear from Arkana’s hand, which makes Arkana drop it and go crazy. Yugi uses his own key to free himself from the shackles. Meanwhile, Tristan is banging on the door, and Grandpa is calling out to him. Yugi hears this, and the little Yugi takes over. Yugi dives over to Arkana and releases him from his shackles before the Dark Energy Disk consumes his mind. Yugi states that not even a cheat like Arkana deserves to go to the Shadow Realm.

Arkana rushes over to the curtain where Catherine is supposedly waiting. He tears down the curtain, but the shadow behind the curtain turned out to be a dummy. Arkana begins crying over the loss of Catherine, and Yugi asks Arkana if he can help in any way. Suddenly, Marik takes control of Arkana’s mind. Yugi calls Marik and coward and orders him to show his face. Marik replies that he will show himself when the time is right. He tells Yugi that he wants to claim the Pharaoh’s power for himself, and a flashback appears to the time when Yugi dueled Bandit Keith. Yugi’s puzzle was destroyed, but luckily Yugi was able to put it together before the fire could consume him. Yugi wants to know why Marik wants the Pharaoh’s power. Marik states that the power rightfully belongs to him, and he doesn’t want anyone to stand in his way. Marik explains that his family protected the Pharaoh’s tomb for many years, waiting for the Pharaoh to return. Marik didn’t like this and decided that he should claim the Pharaoh’s power for himself. All he needs are the three Egyptian God cards and the Millennium Puzzle. However, according to the ancient scripture, he must win the puzzle in a duel.

ScreenShot: The Master of Magicians (3)Yugi asks who possesses the three cards. Marik tells him that he already has two of them and that he knows where the third one is at. It’s only a matter of time before he claims what he needs, and he will make sure his Rare Hunters will do the job for him. As soon as Marik has the three cards and the puzzle, he plans on stripping the powers of the Pharaoh and infusing them into himself. Yugi wishes he knew more about Yami’s ancient past because history is repeating itself again. Yugi does know that Marik cannot succeed unless he has the Millennium Puzzle, so as long as Yugi believes in the heart of the cards and stays connected with Yami, he can stop him. Yugi exclaims that Marik will never get his greedy hands on his puzzle! Marik swears that it’s only a matter of time. Another one of his Rare Hunters is in Battle City right now and is waiting to take down Yugi. Plus, this Rare Hunter holds an Egyptian God card. Yugi asks for the name of the card, but Marik doesn’t reveal it to him. Marik just says to beware of the Quiet One. Then he leaves.

Tristan successfully breaks down the door. The group is reunited with Yugi. Marik tells one of his Rare Hunters that soon he will have Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle and the three Egyptian God cards. The Rare Hunter asks how Marik plans on getting Obelisk the Tormentor. Marik isn’t concerned about Kaiba, since he can easily win it once Yugi is defeated. However, Marik’s main concern is Yugi. Marik also tells the Rare Hunter to keep an eye on Yugi’s friends, since he doesn’t want them getting in his way. Marik refers to the Rare Hunter as Odion. He tells Odion that Yugi’s friend could actually be useful to him, since he could use more mind slaves.

Marik rises from his throne and walks to a table. The Winged Dragon of Ra, an Egyptian God card, lies on it, and Marik picks it up. He plans to combine the strength of the three Gods. His cloak falls, revealing a design of the ancient scriptures. As soon as he has what he needs, the unlimited power of the Pharaoh will belong to him.

These are the cards used in Master of Magicians.

Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts – 1500/1200
Dark Magician Girl – 2000/1700

Shadow Balance – Trap
Black Magic Curtain – Magic
Anti-Magic Arrows – Magic
Dark Magician – 2500/2100


The Master of Magicians, Part 3

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