Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-64 Playing With a Parasite, Part 2

Season 2-64 – Playing With a Parasite, Part 2

“The Steel Knight – Gearfried” (鋼鉄の騎士 ギアフリード)
Aired Japan: July 17, 2001
Aired USA: Feb 22, 2003

ScreenShot: Playing With a Parasite (2) Weevil has just summoned his Great Moth, a monster with 3500 attack points. He reminds Joey that none of Joey’s monsters can attack him. Joey says that it’s not over yet. Weevil orders Great Moth to attack Alligator Sword. Great Moth destroys Joey’s monster. Luckily, Alligator Sword was in defense mode, so Joey doesn’t lose any life points. Tristan tries to praise Joey, saying that he must have something to destroy the Great Moth. Weevil reminds them that his Insect Barrier card blocks all insect attacks. Plus, the only two monsters that have enough attack points to destroy his Great Moth are Great Guardian and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and Weevil doubts Joey has any of those cards.

Back at the hospital, Kento, Serenity’s new friend, thinks it’s all over for Joey. Joey’s life points keep getting lower, and he’s facing a monster that seems unbeatable. Serenity still thinks Joey can win. Kento wonders how Serenity can still hope for him. He thinks the best thing that Joey can do is give up and run away.

Joey knows that he’s up against a powerful monster. It’s his turn now, and he draws a card. Happy with what he has drawn, Joey places it face down. Then he switches all of his monsters to attack mode. Tristan, Tea, and Grandpa are surprised at Joey’s mode. Tristan thinks the pressure has gotten to him, but Grandpa thinks Joey may have a plan. Weevil doubts Joey could do anything to his monster, but just in case, Weevil sets a monster in face down defense. Then Weevil has Leghul attack Joey directly, which brings his life points down to 2800. Then Weevil decides to have his Great Moth attack Joey’s Parasite card, since it’s in attack mode and because it’s the weakest monster on Joey’s field. If this attack goes through, Joey loses the duel! Great Moth attacks, but Joey activates his face down card, Skull Dice. A die is rolled, and it lands on a 2. Therefore, Great Moth’s attack points are cut in half, leaving it with 1750 points. Weevil says that his monster is still strong enough to destroy Joey’s Parasite. However, Joey activates his second face down card, Graceful Dice. Joey just needs a 4 or higher for his Parasite to destroy Great Moth. The die is rolled and lands on a 4. Parasite terminates Weevil’s Great Moth, and his life points drop to 5450.

At the hospital, Kento is surprised and amazed that Joey defeated Weevil’s Great Moth. Weevil is angry that Joey destroyed his precious moth. He says that the duel is not over yet. So Weevil summons Insect Soldiers of the Sky in attack mode. Then he plays a Magic card, Eradicating Aerosol. This handy Magic card allows Weevil to destroy any Insect monster on the field. Because all of Joey’s monsters are treated as insects, he could destroy one. However, Weevil has another plan. He flips over his face down monster, Pinch Hopper and decides to destroy it with his Magic card. When Pinch Hopper is destroyed, Weevil can then summon any monster from his hand. So Weevil summons his Insect Queen, the rarest card in his deck. Weevil explains that his Insect Queen can absorb the attack points of all Insect monsters on the field, including Joey’s. So this special ability gives Insect Queen an additional 1000 attack points, making its strength 3200!

Kento tells Serenity that Joey is now up against a monster that is even stronger than Great Moth. He wonders how Joey can face such a monster alone. Serenity tells him that Joey is not alone. He always has the support from her with him. Because they both support each other, they are like friends as well.

Weevil feeds his Leghul to his Insect Queen to make it even more powerful. Then Insect Queen attacks Joey’s Tiny Guardian. His monster gets destroyed, and Joey’s life points drop to 1000. Then Insect Queen lays one egg. Weevil explains that these eggs let Insect Queen keep her attack points, even after the battle. Plus, when the eggs hatch, Weevil will have assembled an entire insect army. Joey knows that he has to destroy the eggs before Weevil gets even stronger. So Joey draws one card and places it face down. Then he ends his turn. Grandpa exclaims to Joey that he forgot to place his monsters in defense. Now Weevil can get to Joey’s life points.

Weevil summons Cockroach Knight in attack mode. Insect Queen feeds on Weevil’s monster so that it can become stronger. Cockroach Knight’s special ability allows it to return to the top of Weevil’s deck when it gets destroyed, so Weevil can continue to boost the strength of his Insect Queen. Once Insect Queen is strong enough, Weevil orders it to attack Panther Warrior. Joey taunts Weevil with his face down card. Weevil is afraid that it might be a Trap and concludes that Joey left his monsters in attack mode on purpose. Joey responds with a yes, and then he activates his Trap card, Magic Arm Shield. Magic Arm Shield allows Joey to grab one of Weevil’s monsters and use it to deflect the attack. So Joey gets Weevil’s Insect Soldiers of the Sky. Insect Queen destroys it, and Weevil loses life points. Now Weevil is down to 3250 life points. His Insect Queen, however, does produce one more egg.

ScreenShot: Playing With a Parasite (2)Kento says Joey had a good strategy there, and Serenity tells herself that she knew Joey would slip by Weevil’s attack. Weevil tells Joey that he’s just prolonging his defeat. Joey still cannot attack, and Weevil’s Insect Queen will continue to lay eggs. For Joey’s next turn, he just switches his monsters in defense to protect his life points. Weevil draws his Cockroach Knight and summons it to the field. Insect Queen absorbs the monster’s attack and destroys Panther Warrior. Joey is in a tight situation here. He knows that the only thing standing in the way between Weevil an dhis life points is the Parasite card. Plus, if he does summon a strong monster, it won’t be able to attack. Joey begins to think that he should just give up. He played his best cards, but Weevil still beat them. Tristan, Tea, and Grandpa cheer for Joey. Tristan tells Joey that his sister is counting on him to win. Joey realizes that he can’t give up now because he can’t let his sister down. Even Kento and Serenity pull off a small cheer for Joey.

So Joey draws a card from his deck. He places one card face down and summons Gearfried the Iron Knight. The Parasite begins to leech around Gearfried, but then it backs away. Joey explains that Gearfried is bug proof. Grandpa further explains that Gearfried’s metal armor isn’t affected by insects. Since Gearfried isn’t affected by Parasite Paracide, it can attack. Joey has it attack one of Insect Queen’s eggs. Insect Queen relies on the eggs to keep her attack points high, but if they are destroyed, her attack points will drop. Plus, until the eggs hatch, they are completely defenseless.

Weevil is mad that Joey was able to attack him. He summons Soldier Ant in attack mode, and then he plays the Magic card, Ant Reproduction. This Magic card takes Soldier Ant and multiplies it by ten. So now Weevil has ten new monsters on his field. He has his Insect Queen absorb the attack strength of all ten insects. Then Insect Queen attacks. However, Joey is ready. He activates his Trap card Graverobber. This allows Joey to use a card from Weevil’s graveyard. So Joey chooses Eradicating Aersol and uses it to destroy Insect Queen. Then Gearfried attacks another one of the eggs. Weevil’s life points drop to 0, and he loses.

ScreenShot: Playing With a Parasite (2)With Joey as the winner, he demands Weevil to hand over his Insect Queen and two locator cards. Weevil pleas for mercy, but Joey tells him that he shouldn’t have cheated. Kento is happy that Joey won. There were many times when Joey could have lost, but he never gave up. Kento tells Serenity that he is done running away. As long as he has friends like Serenity, there’s no reason to run.

Yugi has found out that Joey has beaten Weevil in the duel, even without his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Now he’s one step closer to the finals. Yugi has a feeling that Joey’s Red-Eyes will help him defeat Marik, even though it won’t be easy. Meanwhile, Marik’s mind slave is standing on the bench at a park, ready to destroy Yugi.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Panther Warrior – 2000/1600
Tiny Guardian – 1400/1800
Skull Dice – Trap
Graceful Dice – Magic
Magic Arm Shield – Trap
Gearfried the Iron Knight – 1800/1600
Graverobber – Trap

Great Moth – 3500/3000
Leghul – 300/500
Reckless Parasite – Magic
Insect Barrier – Magic
Insect Soldiers of the Sky – 1000/800
Eradicating Aerosol – Magic
Pinch Hopper – 1000/1200
Insect Queen – 2200/2400
Cockroach Knight – 800/900
Soldier Ant – 500/1200
Ant Reproduction – Magic


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