Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-65 Mime Control, Part 1

Season 2-65 – Mime Control, Part 1

“Marik Moves – God Combo” (マリク始動 神のコンボ)
Aired Japan: July 24, 2001
Aired USA: Mar 08, 2003

ScreenShot: Mime Control (1) Now that Joey has defeated Weevil and kicked him out of the Battle City tournament, he only needs two more locator cards to make it into the Battle City finals. He, Tristan, Téa, and Grandpa are walking down the street discussing Joey’s duel. Téa tells Joey that he seems to always attract the duelists who are cheaters, considering both Espa Roba and Weevil cheated to try to win. Grandpa states that it’s good practice for Joey because it will make him a better duelist. So, after congratulating Joey, the group decides to search for Yugi. Téa hopes that Yugi is safe. While they try to find Yugi, Joey tells himself that he has the best friends ever. He just hoped Yugi could see him crush Weevil. Meanwhile, not too far away is a Rare Hunter, who is following the group.

Marik is on his boat heading for Battle City. However, before he arrives, he has one final task to complete: defeat Yugi and claim the prize of the Millennium Puzzle. Odion asks Marik if it’s time because the Quiet One is waiting. Marik tells him that he will be controlling the mind of the Quiet One.

Back at Battle City, the Quiet One continues to stand still on the bench. A small group of people have already formed around him. They are questioning him because he hasn’t moved in three hours. Marik suddenly takes control of the Quiet One’s mind. The Quiet One, the mime Strings, awakens. He puts on a duel disk and then runs off to find Yugi. Marik states that he will use one of his Egyptian God cards to destroy Yugi.

Meanwhile, at another part of Battle City, Yugi ponders over Marik’s words. He says that Marik keeps talking about wanting the Pharaoh’s power. But Yami is the Pharaoh, and if he did have all that power, they would have known something about it. Yami appears to the side of Yugi and tells him that his past is still unclear. Yugi says that Marik got this crazy idea that he deserves to have the power of the Pharaoh, and he promises Yami to do whatever he can to make sure Marik doesn’t get it. Yugi explains that destiny brought him the puzzle, and even though Yugi didn’t know anything about it, he was meant to have it. Now that Yugi and Yami are bonded together, Yugi swears to help Yami save the world and figure out the past. Yugi says that they also have the support of their friends by their side, and with all of that, they cannot lose. Yami thanks Yugi for his kind words. Yugi’s determination is greater than anything he has seen, and he thinks Yugi has the heart of a Pharaoh.

Suddenly, Yami senses a dark force. His spirit disappears back into the puzzle. Yugi tries to find this force, but he doesn’t see anything. Suddenly, the Quiet One jumps out and appears in front of Yugi. Immediately, by the sound of the Quiet One’s voice, Yugi knows that it’s Marik controlling him. Marik introduces Yugi to his mind slave, Strings the Quiet One. Yugi calls Marik a coward. Marik calmly states that he is just using his Millennium Rod to duel and that is no different from Yugi who uses his Millennium Puzzle. Yami takes over Yugi’s body and states that he duels with respect and honor. Marik, on the other hand, forces his mind slaves to do his dirty work. Marik wants Yugi’s puzzle, but the spirit tells him that Marik will have to first beat him in a duel. Now the two duelists face off against each other.

In the museum, Ishizu knows that Marik will be dueling Yugi. She knows that even though Marik has chosen to follow the path of evil, he can still be saved. There is still good inside him, but in order for that good to shine, Marik must fail at his quest of obtaining the power of the Pharaoh. Meanwhile, the evil Bakura is continuing is quest for the seven Millennium items. His Millennium Ring has led him to the museum. Bakura knows that there is a Millennium item inside, and he hopes to obtain it. Ishizu senses evil approaching, as Bakura leads his way into the room of the stone tablets. Bakura senses the Millennium item in the room, but suddenly the Millennium Ring loses contact of it. Bakura becomes frustrated, but he soon sees the carvings of the Pharaoh. Ishizu is hiding in another part of the room. She says that Bakura has some knowledge of the ancient past, but Marik’s power is far greater. She hopes that Marik can be stopped, and that work can only be done by Yami.

On the boat, Marik says that once he has finished defeating Yugi, he will work on defeating Kaiba and winning Obelisk the Tormentor. Then, according to the ancient scriptures, he will be able to gain the power of the Pharaoh.

Yugi and Strings activate their duel disks, and the duel begins. Strings goes first. He draws, and then places one card face down. Then he summons Humanoid Slime in attack mode. After that, Strings ends his turn. It’s Yugi’s turn now. Yugi knows that Strings summoned a weak monster to the field. Marik probably wants him to attack, so he can activate his face down card. Yugi says that he won’t let that happen. So Yugi places one card face down and then summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in attack mode. Yugi says that his monster is almost twice as strong. Marik agrees but tells Yugi that it takes more than strength to win a duel. Yugi says, “I’m well aware of that.”

Strings draws a card and summons Worm Drake. Then he uses the Magic card Polymerization to fuse his two monsters together, forming Humanoid Worm Drake. With 2200 attack points, Humanoid Worm Drake has more than enough points to destroy Gazelle and reduce a portion of Yugi’s life points. Yugi states that fusion monsters must wait one turn before they can attack. Marik replies back that his face down card will change that. He activates the Magic card Quick Attack. This card allows Strings’ monster to attack in the same turn it was formed. So Humanoid Worm Drake attacks Gazelle. Yugi activates his face down card, De-Fusion. This Magic card defuses Strings’ monster. Yugi explains that he knew Marik’s strategy all along as soon as he summoned a weak monster. Yugi was just luring Marik into a trap. Marik says that the duel is not over, but Yugi says that it might as well be if Marik continues to make “amateur moves”. Marik says that soon Yugi will witness the strength of an Egyptian God card, and it will completely destroy Yugi.

Yugi draws a card which happens to be Buster Blader. Yugi tells himself that Buster Blader is too strong to waste on Marik’s weaker monsters, but it will definitely come in handy when Marik plays something more powerful. Yugi summons Beta the Magnet Warrior in attack mode. Beta the Magnet Warrior attacks and destroys Worm Drake, and Gazelle destroys Humanoid Slime. The total damage Strings receives is 1000, leaving Strings will 3000 life points left. Yugi exclaims that Marik has no monsters left on the field. Marik says that the duel is just getting more interesting.

Strings draws a card. Marik tells Yugi that the creature he holds is like no other. It is made out of plasma with no mass, so it cannot be destroyed, making it the perfect defense. So Strings summons Revival Jam in defense mode. Yugi says that his Revival Jam looks weak. Marik assures Yugi that it’s more powerful than it looks. Then Strings plays the Magic card Jam Breeding Machine. Marik explains that this card will produce Slime Tokens every turn. Yugi says that Marik’s plan is obvious. He plans to produce Slime Tokens until he has enough to sacrifice them for his Egyptian God card. Marik replies back that it’s too bad Yugi cannot stop him. Once he has enough Slime Tokens, his Egyptian God card will come out and face Yugi! Yugi says that his plan will never work as long as he believes in the heart of the cards.

ScreenShot: Mime Control (1)Yugi draws a card. He tells himself that bringing out Buster Blader would be perfect, since he needs to find a way to destroy Marik’s Slime Tokens. So Yugi sacrfices his Gazelle and Beta the Magnet Warrior to summon Buster Blader. Marik says that Yugi’s monster is still no match to Revival Jam. Yugi has his monster attack Revival Jam. Buster Blader slashes Revival Jam into pieces, but it regenerates itself onto the field. Marik explains that Revival Jam will always reform itself whenever it’s attacked. Because Revival Jam will protect Strings’ life points, Yugi needs to find another way to wipe them out.

Strings draws a card. He then has his Jam Breeding Machine produce one Slime Token, which has 500 attack points. Then Strings sets a card face down and ends his turn. Yugi states that Marik’s plan has one tragic flaw: Marik needs three Slime Tokens in order to summon his Egyptian God card, but what happens if he destroys the Slime Tokens first? His Buster Blader definitely has the strength to do it. So Yugi’s turn begins. He has his Buster Blader attack the Slime Token. Strings activates his face down card, Jam Defender. This Trap card forces Revival Jam to block every one of Yugi’s attacks. Since Revival Jam cannot be destroyed, Yugi won’t be able to destroy the Slime Tokens.

Strings’ turn begins one more time, and another Slime Token is produced. With two Slime Tokens on the field, there’s only one turn left until Marik is able to summon his Egyptian God card! Strings plays Nightmare Steel Cage, trapping Yugi and his monsters in a cage. Now Yugi’s monsters won’t be able to attack for two whole turns. All Yugi can do now is watch as Marik summons the most powerful force that will destroy him!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts – 1500/1200
De-Fusion – Magic
Beta the Magnet Warrior – 1700/1600
Buster Blader – 2600/2300

Humanoid Slime – 800/2000
Worm Drake – 1400/1500
Humanoid Worm Drake – 2200/2000
Quick Attack – Magic
Revival Jam – 1500/500
Jam Breeding Machine – Magic
Jam Defender – Trap
Nightmare Steel Cage – Magic


Mime Control, Part 1

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