Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-70 Double Duel, Part 1

Season 2-70 – Double Duel, Part 1

“The Mask’s Curse – The High Altitude Duel” (仮面の呪縛 高層デュエル)
Aired Japan: August 28, 2001
Aired USA: May 03, 2003

ScreenShot: 70: Double Duel (1) Joey calls up his sister Serenity with some big news. Serenity guesses that he made it into the finals. Joey is surprised that she knew and asks if Tristan told her. Serenity says no and states that Joey is a great duelist and she knew all along that he would make it. She is very proud of him. Joey thanks Serenity for her kindness. He just wishes that she could see him dueling. Serenity says that she might have a chance. The doctor told her that she can take off her bandages tonight, so the first sight she’ll see is her big brother dueling! Joey is excited and tells her that he’ll send someone to pick her up. Excited about the big news, Joey throws Téa’s phone up into the air. Téa catches the phone, but is upset with Joey’s carelessness. Joey apologizes and then tells everyone that Serenity takes her bandages off tonight. Tristan, Téa, and Grandpa are excited to hear the wonderful news. Serenity will also be able to watch Joey duel in the finals. The only problem is that Joey needs to find someone to pick Serenity up from the hospital. Tristan waves his arms around Joey, hoping to give him a clue. Joey expresses a weird look on his face, and then Tristan tells him that he’ll pick Serenity up. Before Joey can say something, Tristan runs off to the hospital. Joey tells himself that Tristan is like family, kind of like that annoying cousin.

Suddenly, Marik walks up to Joey and his friends with an injured Bakura in his arms. (Remember that no one knows what Marik looks like, so they all think he’s just a stranger.) Marik says that he found Bakura lying on the ground. Téa says that Bakura doesn’t look so good. Grandpa decides to get him to a doctor right away, so he signals a taxi to drive him and Bakura to the hospital. Meanwhile, not too far away, Yugi and Kaiba approach the aquarium, the place where Joey last dueled. Kaiba tells Yugi that his tracking system traced Joey to this exact place, so his friends should be in there. While Yugi runs off into the aquarium, Kaiba still can’t understand why Yugi cares so much about Joey. However, Yugi will soon have bigger problems when their duel comes.

Joey thanks Marik for his support. Since no one has made introductions yet, Marik introduces himself as Namu. Joey and Téa then introduce themselves to Marik. Joey notices a duel disk on Marik’s arm. He asks Marik if he’s a duelist. Marik says yes, but he says that he isn’t much of a duelist. He hopes Joey doesn’t challenge him to a duel. Joey says that he doesn’t have to because he already qualifies for the finals. Marik is impressed and hopes Joey can give him some tips one day. Then Marik says that Joey looks familiar, and Joey agrees. After some last words, Joey and Téa walk off.

Marik tells himself that they have no idea who he really is or the danger that’s in store for them! He tells his Rare Hunters to bring him the remaining two Egyptian God cards and the Millennium Puzzle. He also wants to make sure that little Yugi stays out of his way permanently. The Rare Hunters ask Marik what they they should do. Marik tells them that their task is to win back Yugi and Kaiba’s Egyptian God cards. The Rare Hunters state that it will be a simple task, and Marik reminds them not to underestimate the power of the God cards. While Yugi and Kaiba are occupied with his Rare Hunters, Marik will turn his attention to Yugi’s friends to make sure he gets what he wants.

Marik then calls out for Joey and asks if he could give him some dueling pointers right now. Joey says, “Sure.” He’s got many dueling secrets to share! Meanwhile, Yugi runs into the aquarium. He finds out that his friends are not there. A group of Rare Hunters approach Marik, Joey, and Téa. They grab onto Marik and Téa. Joey tries to fight them, but he gets beaten. Suddenly, Téa’s phone rings. One of the Rare Hunters takes it out of her bag and answers it. Yugi is on the other line. Téa shouts out, “Yugi, help!” Yugi tries to communicate with her, but the Rare Hunter ends up smashing her phone. Yugi knew that Marik would find his friends before he could. The only question is where did he take them? Yugi hangs up the phone and walks out of the phone booth. He reports to Kaiba that they are too late. Marik already found his friends. Kaiba says that it’s obvious that Marik is really after Yugi’s Egyptian God card. He could care less about his friends. Kaiba says that Joey’s duel disk system sends out a constant signal, so his tracking device will be able to pick up the location of him. Then he and Yugi will duel. Yugi tells Kaiba that they will duel but not until his friends are safe. Mokuba, who is on a roof of a building, then gets in contact with Kaiba. He reports that Joey’s duel disk isn’t sending out a signal. So Mokuba plans to head back to headquarters to make sure the team fixes the problem right away. Kaiba tells Yugi that there has been a minor setback. Either his tracking system is glitched, or the Rare Hunters are smarter than he thought.

Another group of Rare Hunters find Mokuba on the roof. They run down to catch him. Mokuba tries running away, but another Rare Hunter blocks his path. Mokuba immediately recognizes them as Rare Hunters. Odion, who is the leader of the group, tells Mokuba that he’s prey.

Back at the hospital, the nurse checks Serenity’s blood pressure. She tells Serenity that it’s going to be her last day here. Serenity is excited and knows the first thing she’ll see: her brother dueling. The nurse tells Serenity that her brother must be lucky to have such a great sister. Serenity thinks she’s the lucky one and states that she has the best brother in the world.

Meanwhile, Yugi and Kaiba are walking down a street. The two Rare Hunters who have been chosen to strip Yugi and Kaiba of their Egyptian God cards notice them from the top of a building. It’s time to lure them into a trap. So one of the Rare Hunters jumps from building to building, swings down from some flagpoles, and then lands in front of Yugi and Kaiba. Yugi demands to know where his friends are at. The Rare Hunter doesn’t give Yugi a straight answer. He then points behind Kaiba. A helicopter appears, and dangling from it is Mokuba! Mokuba cries out for help. Kaiba demands the Rare Hunters let his brother go. The Rare Hunter states that Mokuba is fine for now. In order to save Mokuba, the Rare Hunter says that Kaiba must meet him at the roof of a chosen building. He points to the building. If Kaiba doesn’t, he will never see his brother again. The Rare Hunter tells Yugi that he must also be present if he ever wants to be reunited with his friends. Then the Rare Hunter takes off.

Kaiba tells Yugi that they have no choice. Their enemy is the same. Kaiba reminds Yugi that he’s only doing this for Mokuba. When it comes to Yugi’s friends, Yugi is alone with that. Yugi agrees. So the two duelists make it to the top of the building. Kaiba orders the two Rare Hunters to release Mokuba, since he kept his side of the deal. One of the Rare Hunters tells them that they first must defeat him and his partner in a duel. The Rare Hunters introduce themselves as Loomis and Umbra. They are wearing masks to cover half of their face. Yugi and Kaiba defeated them once before. Loomis assures them that they won’t be so lucky in this duel. Yugi wants to make sure that they release his friends if he wins. Loomis says, “Perhaps.” Then he explains the rules of the duel.

ScreenShot: 70: Double Duel (1)It will be a double duel. Each duelist will have 4000 life points, and in order for a team to win, both duelists on the opposing team must be defeated. The loser will pay a big price: a trip to the Shadow Realm! The glass that they are standing on is a divider between their realm and the Shadow Realm. Next to each duelist is a box that displays that duelist’s life points. When a duelist’s life points reach 0, the surface below them will explode, and they will fall into the Shadow Realm. Then according to Battle City rules, Loomis and Umbra will claim Yugi and Kaiba’s Egyptian God cards if they win. Kaiba asks Loomis if he guarantees that Mokuba is safe. Loomis says yes, but he tells Kaiba not to expect to see him anytime soon. In the Shadow Realm, there are no visitors! Kaiba tells the Rare Hunters that they made two mistakes. The first was kidnapping Mokuba, and the second was challenging him to a duel. All duelists then activate their duel disks, draw five cards, and begin.

Loomis begins the duel. He draws and then sets two cards face down, ending his turn. Yugi’s turn is next. He summons Beta the Magnet Warrior in defense mode. Yugi tells himself that no one can attack until each duelist draws once. Hopefully, Yugi can pick up on their strategy. Umbra draws and summons Shining Abyss in defense mode. Loomis laughs and says that it’s time to show how they work together. Loomis activates one of his face down cards: Mask of Brutality. He attaches it to Umbra’s monster. This mask boosts Shining Abyss’s attack strength by 1000 points, giving it 2600 attack points. Kaiba is surprised that they already have a strong monster on the field. Loomis states that they have to give up 1000 life points in order to keep Mask of Brutality on the field. However, Umbra has a plan. He plays the Magic card, Masked Doll. This doll absorbs any negative effects caused by Mask of Brutality, so the two duelists don’t have to pay anything.

Yugi tells the Rare Hunters that he and Kaiba will take them down with teamwork. Kaiba says no thanks. He tells Yugi that teamwork is for nursery schools and boy scouts. He doesn’t need team work to win because he plans on being the world’s #1 duelist. Yugi says, “You’re wrong.” Kaiba ignores Yugi’s comment and sets two cards face down. Then he summons Vorse Raider in attack mode. Yugi wonders why Kaiba placed his monster in attack mode. Kaiba’s monster is weaker than Umbra’s monster. If they don’t come up with a team strategy, they will never win! Kaiba has a grin on his face. Next turn he will sacrifice his Vorse Raider for something even more powerful.

Now that each duelist has taken one turn, it’s time to see who created the best team strategy. Loomis states that they have the best strategy, since they have the most powerful monster on the field. Loomis states that his and Umbra’s decks were created to specifically work together and take down Yugi and Kaiba. Yugi says that they have to win, or his friends are doomed. However, unless Kaiba agrees to work together, they will never be able to take down the Rare Hunters. If they lose, they will be transported to the Shadow Realm, and Marik will have all three Egyptian God cards. The fate of Yugi’s friends and the world depends on their victory.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Beta the Magnet Warrior – 1700/1600

Vorse Raider – 1900/1200

Mask of Brutality – Magic

Shining Abyss – 1600/1800
Masked Doll – Magic


Double Duel, Part 1

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