Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-73 Double Duel, Part 4

Season 2-73 – Double Duel, Part 4

“The Giant God Soldier of Obelisk” (オベリスクの巨神兵)
Aired Japan: September 18, 2001
Aired USA: May 24, 2003

ScreenShot: 73: Double Duel (4) Loomis has just summoned his powerful Des Guardius onto the field. The only question that remains is who should he strike first? He could attack Yugi, wiping out the rest of Yugi’s life points, or he could attack Kaiba and destroy his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Umbra states that once a duelist’s life points reach zero, they will be sent to the Shadow Realm. After a few moments go by, Loomis decides to attack Yugi. Umbra steps in and says that he should have a say in who should be attacked too, since they are working as a team. Umbra wants Loomis’ monster to attack Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes, since Blue-Eyes could strike again. But Loomis insists that Yugi gets the first attack. Kaiba tells Loomis that he knew it: Loomis is all talk and no action. He’s too afraid to attack his powerful monster. He’s just a coward. Yugi realizes that Kaiba must be trying to save him, for if he loses the duel, Kaiba has no chance of winning. Loomis thinks Kaiba is right. Yugi’s monsters are already weak, and he can destroy them at anytime, so Loomis decides to attack Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Des Guardius successfully attacks and destroys Kaiba’s monster. Kaiba hopes Yugi doesn’t make him regret saving him.

Yugi begins his turn. Thanks to Loomis’ two “mask” cards, Yugi loses 1000 life points, reducing his score down to 500. Yugi takes the hit and states that the duel is almost over. Kaiba says that Loomis will regret attacking him because Yugi has something even stronger in store for him. Loomis exclaims that it’s a lie, and Umbra reminds them that their Trap card prevents them from summoning powerful monsters. Yugi tells them that their Trap card only prevents him from sacrificing, but there are other way of summoning powerful monsters. So he summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior in attack mode. Now that he has all three “Magnet Warrior” monsters on the field at the same time, he can activate their special ability: monster transform. Yugi’s three monsters begin to transform into one powerful monster. Yugi introduces the Rare Hunters to his new beast: Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior. Kaiba tells the Rare Hunters that this is payback for having his Blue-Eyes destroyed. Kaiba orders Yugi to attack the Rare Hunters right away and to stop stalling. He’s been patient long enough, and he wants Yugi to show him that he’s not scared. Yugi tells himself that it is true that his monster has more attack points than their Des Guardius. However, Loomis and Umbra don’t seem to be scared at all. They don’t have any face down cards on the field, but could their Des Guardius have a hidden ability? Loomis grins and tells himself that as soon as Yugi attacks, he’ll be in for a big surprise.

Yugi sets one card face down and tells Kaiba that they must duel intelligently. Frustration and anger will only cloud a duelist’s mind, and that will just lead a duelist to defeat. Kaiba looks into his hand and stares at his Egyptian God card, Obelisk the Tormentor. He knows that the only way for them to win is for him to play his God card. But because the Rare Hunters have Mask of Restrict on the field, he cannot sacrifice any monsters. Suddenly, Kaiba realizes that the solution has been in front of him this whole time. He holds another card, Soul Exchange, but in order to use it, Yugi must be willing to give up his monster. Kaiba says that he gave up his Blue-Eyes for Yugi, so it’s only fair. Kaiba tells Yugi that they can win, and Yugi says, “Right.” He orders Valkyrion to attack Des Guardius. Loomis is happy that Yugi fell for the bait. Des Guardius gets destroyed by Valkyrion, but Loomis says that it’s special ability gets activated. Kaiba exclaims, “What special ability?” Loomis tells him that Des Guardius leaves behind three masks, which combine to form a more powerful mask, Mask of Remnant. With this mask, Loomis can take control of any of his opponent’s monsters, and he chooses Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior. With Yugi’s turn over, Loomis tells Umbra to take out Yugi this turn, and then he’ll take out Kaiba his next turn. Umbra agrees.

Umbra begins his turn by drawing a card. He then activates a Magic card, Masquerade. This card allows Umbra to control one of Loomis’ monsters. So Umbra takes control of Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior and uses it to attack Yugi. However, Yugi isn’t ready to give in yet. He activates his Magic card, De-Fusion. This card defuses Valkyiron into its three separate forms and destroys Mask of Remnant.

Now it’s Kaiba’s turn. He tells the Rare Hunters to prepare for his Egyptian God card. Loomis reminds Kaiba that he cannot sacrifice monsters due to Mask of Restrict’s effect. Kaiba tells Loomis that he’s wrong. Mask of Restrict only prevents him from sacrificing his own monsters, but he can still sacrifice their monsters. Kaiba activates his Magic card, Soul Exchange. He uses it to sacrifice the three Magnet Warriors on Umbra’s field. Loomis and Umbra are in shock now. If Kaiba summons Obelisk the Tormentor, they are finished, and Marik will be furious! Kaiba summons Obelisk the Tormentor onto the field. He tells the Rare Hunters that it’s payback time for kidnapping Mokuba. Kaiba orders Obelisk to attack Umbra. Obelisk obeys Kaiba and attacks Umbra directly. Umbra’s life points reach zero. The floor below him shatters, and Umbra begins to fall into the Shadow Realm. He activates a hidden parachute to prevent him from falling hard. The parachute lands on a flagpole. Loomis calls out for him, but Umbra doesn’t respond.

Yugi tells Loomis that he’s dueling alone now. The odds are against him, and if he wishes to avoid any further danger, he better surrender now. Kaiba wants to crush Loomis as payback for what he did with Mokuba. Yugi thinks having Loomis surrender is the better option because then Loomis can tell them where everyone is at. Suddenly, the glowing Millennium Eye appears on Loomis’ forehead. Loomis cries out to Marik not to be angry. However, Loomis soon loses control of himself, and Marik takes over his body. Marik says that his Rare Hunters have done their job. Kaiba thinks that Loomis has gone mad, but Yugi tells him that he’s being controlled by a guy named Marik. Kaiba thinks that’s crazy, and Yugi says that Marik’s power is very real. He is the one who is holding Mokuba and his friends hostage.

This gets Kaiba mad, and he demands to know where Marik is hiding. Marik tells him and Yugi that he’s closer than they think. He then tells Kaiba that his Egyptian God card fails in comparison to his Winged Dragon of Ra card. Then he tells Yugi that soon he will win Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Millennium Puzzle. To make sure he does that, he has devised his second plan. He plans to use Yugi’s friends in his plan, and his friends are no longer on Yugi’s side. Yugi exclaims to Marik to leave his friends alone, but Marik tells Yugi that he’s too late. Yugi fights back by saying Marik is a coward. He wants Marik to just come out and fight him already. Marik says that controlling people’s minds are more fun. He has already controlled the minds of his friends, and soon Yugi will forfeit everything he has to him. Kaiba walks up to Loomis and demands that he releases Mokuba at once. Marik calls Kaiba a fool for trusting him. Yugi tells Kaiba to stop, since Marik has no intention of telling them where Mokuba is at.

ScreenShot: 73: Double Duel (4)Marik releases Loomis from his control, and Loomis collapses to the ground. Yugi states that they are on their own now for finding Mokuba and his friends. However, before he and Kaiba search for them, Kaiba takes two locator cards from Loomis and hands one over to Yugi. Kaiba says that they both have six locator cards and are guaranteed a place in the finals. Yugi can’t believe Kaiba is even talking about the finals. His friends and Mokuba are in danger! Suddenly, a helicopter appears above them, and Mokuba shows up from inside. Kaiba asks Mokuba if he’s all right, and Mokuba replies with a yes. Mokuba tells Yugi and Kaiba that Téa helped him escape. Yugi asks if his friends are all right. Mokuba isn’t sure about Joey and Tristan, but he tells Yugi that Téa was doing fine before he escaped. Kaiba understands that Téa helped Mokuba escape, so he plans on helping Yugi rescue his friends as a favor.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Serenity are still on the train. The train arrived at the next stop, and Tristan runs out to get some food. When the train starts up again, Serenity hopes Tristan didn’t miss the train. Seconds later, Tristan comes back with a huge load of food. After lunch, Serenity tells Tristan that she’s still nervous about taking her bandages off. She’s worried that the operation didn’t work. Tristan tells Serenity that she must have a little faith. Serenity knows Tristan is right, but there’s still a part of her that’s frightened about taking off the bandages. Tristan reassures her that everything will be okay. Serenity says that once they arrive in Battle City, she’ll have a little more strength. But her real strength will come from Joey. She hopes Joey will be there for her when she faces the unknown one more time. Tristan says that Joey will need her too when he faces the Battle City finals. Serenity is glad because they will inspire each other. She thanks Tristan for listening to her.

In the helicopter, Kaiba asks Mokuba if their tracking system has picked up anything. Mokuba says that he has a signal coming from the same place where he escaped. Yugi hopes his friends are safe.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Beta the Magnet Warrior – 1700/1600
Alpha the Magnet Warrior – 1400/1700
Gamma the Magnet Warrior – 1500/1800
Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior – 3500/3800
De-Fusion – Magic

Blue-Eyes White Dragon – 3000/2500
Soul Exchange – Magic

Des Guardius – 3300/2500
Mask of Restrict – Trap
Mask of the Accursed – Magic
Mask of Dispel – Magic

Masquerade – Magic


Double Duel, Part 4

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