Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-75 Friends ‘Til the End, Part 1

Season 2-75 – Friends ‘Til the End, Part 1

“A Cruel Duel – Yugi Vs. Jonouchi” (非情の決闘 遊戯vs城之内)
Aired Japan: October 2, 2001
Aired USA: July 05, 2003

ScreenShot: 75: Friends 'Til the End (1) Marik’s hideout for his plan is at the docks. He leads his new mind-controlled slaves, Joey and Téa to their designated location for his next plan. Marik tells himself that Yugi and Kaiba should be arriving any moment now. Yugi will have no choice but to go along with his plan, and soon Marik will obtain all three Egyptian God cards and the Millennium Puzzle. Odion walks up and kneels to Marik. He reports to Marik that he has obtained twelve locator cards. Marik tells Marik good job and states that they both now qualify for the Battle City finals. However, Marik is completely sure that his plan today will work, so they might not have to go to the Battle City finals after all. He then tells Odion to hand over the new deck to Joey. Odion hands it over, and Joey takes it. Odion tells Marik that his idea of adding an assortment of powerful Magic cards to Joey’s deck is excellent.

Meanwhile, Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba continue their way to the docks. Yugi states that as soon as they land, Mokuba will lead them to the place where Téa and Joey are at. However, Kaiba’s plans differ. Since he led Yugi here, he wants to first find the third Egyptian God card. Yugi finds Kaiba’s plan to be foolish, since his friends are in great danger. Kaiba says that once they land, they can split up for themselves. Yugi can find his friends alone, and he’ll hunt down the third Egyptian God card. Kaiba has done enough charity work around here, and hasn’t Yugi realized that teamwork isn’t his thing? Yugi is frustrated with Kaiba’s greed, but he decides to find his friends himself.

When the helicopter reaches closer to the docks, Mokuba sees a figure standing in the open. It’s Joey, and he seems to be all right. The helicopter begins to land, and Marik says that they will all be in for a surprise when they find out that Joey isn’t there anymore. When the helicopter finally does land, they all get out and face Joey. Yugi calls out to Joey, but when Joey begins to speak, Yugi realizes that Marik has him under his control. Mokuba knows that Joey doesn’t sound the same, and Kaiba assumes that it’s one of Marik’s tricks. Yugi tries to tell Joey to wake up, but Marik says it’s pointless. Marik says that he first wants Yugi’s Egyptian God card and Millennium Puzzle. Yugi will obey his new rules, and if he doesn’t, his friends will be gone forever!

Joey challenges Yugi to a duel. Mokuba still doesn’t understand what’s going on. Kaiba tells him that Marik has turned Joey against Yugi and now Joey wants to duel him. Kaiba thinks that this will be very interesting. Mokuba replies back, “Interesting? But why?” Kaiba responds by saying that Joey may be holding the third Egyptian God card now since he’s now on the side of Marik and the Rare Hunters. Kaiba wants to be there when it’s finally played. Yugi knows that Joey’s real mind is in there somewhere. He tries to tell Joey to remember the times when he promised to help him take down Marik. Since Marik couldn’t defeat him in a duel, he decided to use Joey against him. Yugi knows that the real Joey is in there somewhere, and he knows that Marik’s power cannot overcome their friendship. Joey walks away and tells Yugi to follow him. Yugi wonders what to do. Following Joey could lead to another one of Marik’s choice, but does he even have a choice? Suddenly, Téa walks out of a large boat near them. She too is under the control of Marik. She tells Yugi to do exactly what Marik says. Yugi orders Marik to release her at once, since she has done nothing wrong to him. Marik replies that he’s turn Yugi’s best friends into his greatest enemies.

Joey and Téa lead the group to an interesting dueling arena. Yugi and Joey will be dueling near the docks. In between them is a large pool of water. Téa first has Yugi and Joey cuff their ankles in chains. The chains are attached to a large anchor that is hanging above them in the middle of the arena. Then Téa explains the rules. When a player’s life points reach zero, thirty seconds later, the anchor will fall into the depths of the sea. Joey then points to the box near Yugi’s feet. That box contains the number of life points the player has left, but it also contains the key to that player’s survival. When a player’s life points reach zero, the winner’s box will open, and the winner will have thirty seconds to open the shackles. Yugi understands that the loser will be dragged into the sea with the anchor. He asks Marik to release his friends if he wins. Marik says yes, but he will first have to fish Joey out of the sea.

ScreenShot: 75: Friends 'Til the End (1)Téa also serves a role in this duel, but Marik plans to get to that shortly. Right now, Téa is strapped into a chair. Marik says the anchor will drop in sixty minutes, so if their is no winner before that time, then both duelists will plummet into the sea. Marik then directs his attention to Kaiba. He tells Kaiba that as soon as he is done with Yugi, he will plan to take Kaiba’s Egyptian God card, Obelisk the Tormentor. Mokuba tells his brother that this duel must be stopped before someone gets hurt. As head of the Battle City tournament, Kaiba orders the duel to be stopped immediately. However, Marik refuses to listen to Kaiba, and he reveals the second part to his plan. A large crane appears. Attached to the crane is a huge crate, and it is placed above Téa’s head. If anyone tries to interfere with the duel, the Rare Hunter, who is controlling the crane, will press a button and the crate will fall on Téa. Kaiba can’t stop the duel now. Now that everything is in placed and everyone understands the rules, the duel can begin. But before it does, Marik releases Téa from his control. Téa becomes her normal self again, but she is still trapped in the chair.

Joey tells Yugi that before they begin, Yugi must agree not to use his Egyptian God card in the duel. Yugi agrees. He takes off his belt, the place where he keeps his special cards. Behind his Egyptian God card, he sees Red-Eyes Black Dragon, the card Joey gave to him. Yugi thinks that this card will come in handy during the duel, since the card meant so much to Joey. So he adds it to his deck. Yugi knows that the real Joey is in their somewhere, and he plans to use Red-Eyes to set him free. Then Yugi tosses his belt, which contains Slifer the Sky Dragon, onto the ground. Marik tells himself that his plan is excellent. When Yugi loses, he will recover his Egyptian God card and take his Millennium Puzzle. Téa is confused. She sees Yugi about to duel Joey. When everything has been settled, the duel finally begins.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Serenity have finally made it into Battle City. Tristan understands that Serenity grew up here. Serenity says that she and Joey used to always play in a particular spot. She can remember it all clearly. Tristan says that they should try to find Joey now, and Serenity agrees. Tristan wished he had an idea of where Joey was. He decides to give Téa a call. When he tries to call her, the phone rings, but no one is there to answer it. (Remember that the Rare Hunters who grabbed Téa earlier smashed it.) Tristan finds it weird, since Téa always has her phone on. A group of Rare Hunters see Tristan and Serenity from a distance. They all have evil grins on their faces.

ScreenShot: 75: Friends 'Til the End (1)The duel begins. Joey lets Yugi go first. Yugi knows that something must be done because that anchor will take either one or both of them with it. Joey finds Yugi stalling and asks if he’s too frightened to play a card. Yugi says, “I don’t think so.” He summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in defense mode. Yugi then ends his turn. Joey draws a card and then plays the Magic card, Raigeki. All of Yugi’s monsters are destroyed! Then Joey summons Alligator Sword. His monster strikes Yugi directly, causing Yugi to lose 1500 life points. Joey laughs. He hopes Yugi doesn’t plan on going easy on him just because they are friends. Yugi tells Marik that they are not friends. He draws and then plays Big Shield Gardna in defense mode. That ends his turn. Joey’s turn then begins. He plays a Magic card, Hinotama. This card takes away 500 life points from Yugi, bringing his score down to 2000. Kaiba can’t believe that a third-rate duelist like Joey has all these powerful cards in his deck. He must have been helped by the Rare Hunters.

Marik notices that Yugi is already beginning to panic. Joey’s deck has been enhanced by cards gathered by his Rare Hunters, making the deck virtually unbeatable. Odion interrupts Marik’s fun by telling him that Joey’s sister has arrived in Battle City. Marik is pleased to hear that and orders Odion to capture his sister immediately.

Yugi tells himself that he must find a way out of this. He has already lost half his life points, and if he loses anymore, he will lose this duel. If he loses, the whole world is in danger, but if he wins, his best friend gets dragged into the ocean. There must be another solution! Joey tells Yugi that time is running out. Yugi knows that Joey is right. In less than an hour, the anchor will drop and someone’s life will be in danger. Yugi puts his faith in the heart of the cards and draws a card.

Tristan apologizes to Serenity. He should have talked to the guys earlier to settle on a meeting spot before leaving the hospital. Serenity says that it’s fine. She knows that the rest of the gang is in Battle City, so they can’t be too far away. Tristan knows Serenity is right. Suddenly, a Rare Hunters pops out from behind a tree, and two more appear behind Tristan. Tristan wonders who they are. He tells them to back off since he doesn’t want any trouble. The Rare Hunters walk closer to Tristan and Serenity. Serenity begins to get scared. Tristan tells her to get on his back. She does and Tristan takes off running into an alley. The Rare Hunters run after him.

Téa is still confused about the entire situation. She doesn’t understand why Yugi and Joey are dueling each other. Mokuba explains the entire situation to Téa. Marik is forcing Joey to duel so that he can get his hands on Yugi’s Egyptian God card. Téa assumes that Marik is the one that Ishizu warned her about. Everything is beginning to make sense. The Rare Hunter who is controlling the crane tells Téa to be quiet. He points up to the crate that is above her head. Téa says that the Rare Hunter doesn’t have the guts to do it, but the Rare Hunter warns her not to test him. Téa tells Kaiba that he has to stop the duel now. Mokuba says that they can’t, since they would be putting her life in danger. So the duel continues.

Joey tells Yugi to stop stalling and make a move. Yugi tries to develop a strategy. He knows that he has to try something without hurting Joey. Big Shiel Gardna is protecting his life points for now, but eventually he’ll need something stronger. So Yugi takes Spellbinding Circle from his hand and sets it face down on the field. Then he summons Kuriboh in attack mode and ends his turn. Joey wonders why Yugi would summon such a weak monster in attack mode, unless Yugi is trying to lose on purpose. Yugi promises that he will not lose. Joey laughs and then orders Alligator Sword to attack Kuriboh. Just before Alligator Sword can destroy Kuriboh, Yugi activates his Trap, Spellbinding Circle. The Trap card weakens Alligator Sword’s attack strength by 700 points, bringing it down to 800. Kaiba says that Yugi still doesn’t have anything strong enough to destroy it, even though it has been weakened. Téa tells Joey not to attack. Because it worked so well last time, Joey plays another Hinotama from his hand. Another 500 life points are decreased from Yugi’s score. With only 1500 life points left, Yugi chance for victory seems hopeless. Marik laughs and exclaims, “Farewell forever, Yugi!”

These are the cards used in this episode.

Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts – 1500/1200
Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600
Kuriboh – 300/200
Spellbinding Circle – Trap

Raigeki – Magic
Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Hinotama x2 – Magic


Friends 'Til the End, Part 1

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