Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-79 Shadow of a Duel

Season 2-79 – Shadow of a Duel

“Ghost Deck Vs. Occult Deck” (ゴーストデッキvsオカルトデッキ)
Aired Japan: October 30, 2001
Aired USA: August 16, 2003

ScreenShot: 79: Shadow of a Duel Now that Marik is gone for now, FearYugi and his friends can finally focus on the Battle City finals. Yugi knows the finals is where Marik will probably strike next. He hopes that Marik will show his face this time now that he knows his friends cannot be controlled. Joey is glad that Serenity can see again. He tells her that she can now watch him make his way to the top of the finals and win the tournament. Mai cuts in by saying Joey won’t stand much of a chance in the finals, especially when he has to duel her. Joey reminds Mai that he beat her at Duelist Kingdom. Mai says that it was just pure luck, and Duelist Kingdom is ancient history. This time she plans to take down both Joey and Yugi. Yugi says that Mai will be hard to beat.

Joey says that it’s time to find out the location of the Battle City finals. Word on the street is that you place the six locator cards in the duel disk, and then the secret location is revealed. So Joey places his locator cards in the five monster slot zones and the field zone of the duel disk. The duel disk begins to glow and a holographic image of a stadium is projected in front of the group. Tristan wonders how they are suppose to get there. A computer voice tells them to stand by for directions into the Kaiba Corp Stadium.

At the hospital, Bakura is seen sleeping in his bed. Bakura begins dreaming, and Marik appears in the dream. The evil Bakura tells Marik that he has already done his part of the deal, which was to allow Marik to gain the trust of Yugi’s friends. Now he wants the Millennium Rod. Marik tells Bakura that he will get his Millennium item as soon as Bakura completes his task. Bakura’s patience is running out, but he asks Marik what he has to do next. Marik tells Bakura that he must obtain a duel disk and gain entry into the Battle City finals. If Bakura can win the cards that he desires, then the Millennium items are his. Bakura laughs at Marik’s words. He questions Marik’s ability to win the cards himself. He wonders if there is something else that Marik isn’t telling him. Marik grunts and asks Bakura if he really wants the items or not. Marik begins to slowly disappear from Bakura’s dream. Before he does, he tells Bakura that he will need a duel disk and six locator cards in order to qualify. But Bakura better hurry because time is running out!

Evil Bakura sees Yugi’s Grandpa trying to wake him up. The evil spirit gains control of his own body and wakes up. Grandpa is relieved. He tells Bakura that he was tossing and turning in his sleep. Bakura replies that it was only a nightmare. Grandpa reports to Bakura that Yugi and Joey called and said that they both made it into the Battle City finals. Bakura isn’t surprised by the excellent news. He asks Grandpa if they happened to mention where the Battle City finals are at. Grandpa says that he forgot to ask in all of the excitement. Bakura isn’t too happy by this. Grandpa is happy by the fact that only eight duelists can make it into the finals and he trained two of them himself. Bakura begins to get out of bed. Grandpa urges Bakura to lie down and rest again. Suddenly, the Millennium Ring around Bakura’s next glows. Bakura states that he doesn’t have time for this, for his destiny awaits. Grandpa is shocked at the sight of the Millennium Ring. Bakura activates the power of his Millennium Ring to knock Grandpa out. Now that he is out of the way, Bakura can continue his quest on receiving six locator cards and claiming the prize of the Millennium items.

On the street, Bakura has just snatched a duel disk and a locator card from a boy. The boy pleas to Bakura to give him back his stuff, but Bakura refuses. He tells the boy that his Battle City days are over. Bakura checks out the boy’s deck. He isn’t too happy with what he sees and throws the boy’s cards onto the ground. Then Bakura walks away to find more locator cards.

Bakura continues to walk down the street. He overhears a couple of guys stating that six duelists have already qualified for the Battle City finals. Bakura knows that time is running out and he must act fast. He approaches the group and demands to know where he can find a Battle City duelist. One of the kids push him away and tell him to get lost. So Bakura grabs onto the kid by the shirt and demands to know where he can find a Battle City duelist. The kids give in and tell him that there are rumors that some duels are occurring at the cemetery.

Meanwhile, in the cemetery, a duelist walks around in search of some duels. A crow bursts out of the bushes, immediately scaring the duelist. The duelist relaxes when he finds out that it was only a crow. Suddenly, a hand pops out of the ground. A guy with a mask crawls out of the ground and laughs. The duelist gets scared and backs away, but he ends up backing into a taller guy with a Frankenstein mask. The duelist runs to another part of the area, but another zombie-like guy creeps up in front of him. The duelist falls to his feet, and the three zombie creatures begin to approach the duelist slowly. One of the creatures orders the duelist to drop his duel disk and run or suffer eternal doom. The duelist follows the creature’s orders and runs off. The three “creatures” take off their masks. It happens to be Bonz and his two friends, Sid and Zygor. With another locator card in their possession, they now have a total of five locator cards. One more locator card and they are in the finals! Zygor says that they deserve a place in the finals since they didn’t make it to the Duelist Kingdom finals.

Suddenly, Bonz and his pals hear a bunch of crows take flight. They assume that another duelist is headed their way, so they put on their masks again in order to scare off the duelist and win his/her locator card. The duelist is Bakura. He slowly walks in the cemetery in search of duelists. Bakura hasn’t found any duelists yet and thinks the kids back on the street deceived him. However, suddenly, Bonz and his friends slowly creep up to Bakura. Zygor makes his move on Bakura, but Bakura dodges and grabs onto Zygor’s arm. Then Bakura sees a duel disk laying on the ground and assumes that they are duelists. Bakura pushes Zygor away. He says that he possesses one locator card, and if they want to have it, then they will have duel him for it. Bonz and his friends agree to the duel. Bonz says that they already have five locater cards, so they only need one more to get into the finals. Zygor says that he has seen Bakura around before, but he can’t remember where. Sid tells Bonz to just duel him already and win the card. Bakura orders Bonz to take off his mask and reveal his face. Bonz reveals his creepy face to Bakura.

Bakura tells Bonz that they should raise the stakes a bit – the winner goes to the Battle City finals. Bonz and his friends are not too sure about that deal. Bakura reminds them that time is running out, and it would be wise for them to accept his challenge. So Bonz accepts Bakura’s challenge and puts up his five locator cards. Besides, with only one locator card, Bakura can’t be much of a duelist anyway! An evil grin appears on Bakura’s face. He states that accepting his challenge was their first mistake, and soon it will be their last.

The Earl of DemiseAs the duel begins, a purple fog surrounds the group. Bakura begins by drawing a card. He asks Bonz if he has heard of the legend of the cemetery. Bonz questions Bakura’s statement. Bakura explains that the cemetery is haunted by a ghost of the knight who lost his head in battle. Bonz replies, “What?” Bakura continues by saying that when the clock strikes midnight, the knight rises from his grave in search of his missing head. Bakura summons Headless Knight onto the field. Bonz freaks out by the image of Headless Knight. Zygor reminds Bonz that his face is scarier than that. Bakura places one card face down and ends his turn. Bonz says that Bakura is creeping him out, but he’ll show him! He draws and then summons Snake Hair. Snake Hair attacks and destroys Headless Knight, and Bakura loses 50 life points. Bonz thinks he has Bakura trapped now, but Bakura still has something up his sleeve. He draws and activates his face down card, Shallow Grave. This Magic card allows Bakura to bring a monster back from the grave into defense mode. So Headless Knight returns. Zygor tells Bonz to watch out, but Sid says that Snake Hair still has the upper hand. However, Bakura sacrifices his Headless Knight in order to summon Earl of Demise. Bonz realizes that his monster is a goner. Earl of Demise attacks and destroys Snake Hair, causing Bonz to lose 500 life points.

Bonz begins his turn. He draws and summons Dragon Zombie in attack mode. Then Bonz activates Premature Burial (Bonz calls it Magic Burial) to bring back Snake Hair. The Magic card costs Bonz 800 life points (his score now 2700), but Bonz is willing to pay the price. Bonz now activates his Polyermization card from his hand. He fuses his two monsters together to create Great Mammoth of Goldfine. Bonz’s new monster has more attack points than Bakura’s monster, making it an easy target. Unfortunately for Bonz, he has to wait one more turn before attacking. So Bonz lays a card face down and ends his turn.

ScreenShot: 79: Shadow of a DuelBakura begins by drawing a card. As soon as he draws, Bonz activates his Trap card, Skull Invitation. Every time a card is sent to the graveyard, Skull Invitation will deduct 300 points of damage from the card’s owner. Bonz reminds Bakura that when his monster destroys Bakura’s monster in his next turn, Bakura will lose 300 points automatically. Bakura isn’t too worried by Bonz’s trap. To prove it, he sends all four cards from his hand to the graveyard. Zygor thinks Bonz can’t lose with the move Bakura just played. Bonz agrees as Skull Invitation takes away 1200 points from Bakura’s score. Now Bakura only has 2750 life points. Bakura continues to laugh. He tells Bonz that not only will Bonz lose this duel, but he will lose so much more! Bonz was so distracted with the move that he forgot the fact that Bakura activated the Magic card, Spiritualistic Medium. This card gives Earl of Demise an extra 500 attack points for every card he destroyed during his turn. Bonz is completely scared now. With 4000 attack points, Earl of Demise has enough power to wipe out Great Mammoth of Goldfine. Earl of Demise attacks, and Bonz loses 1800 life points. But Bonz loses an additional 300 life points thanks to Skull Invitation. With only 600 life points left, Bonz won’t last much longer.

Bakura states that the end is near, and when he wins, they will all be trapped forever. Zygor wonders what Bakura means. Bakura laughs and states that they have been dueling in the Shadow Realm this whole time. He transported them here before the beginning of the duel. Bonz, Sid and Zygor see a few creatures moving around. Bakura tells them that those things are lost souls that are trapped forever in the darkness. Soon they will join them too! Sid freaks out and tries to escape the scene by running away. However, he doesn’t get very far, as the Shadow Realm brings him back to where he started. Bakura tells them that they can only escape by defeating him in the duel. Sid orders Bonz not to lose, otherwise they’ll be trapped.

So Bonz, who’s hand is shaking, draws a card. He draws Nightmare Steel Cage. Bonz plays the card. The Magic card prevents Bakura’s monsters from attacking for two turns. Then Bonz plays a card face down and ends. Zygor is glad because now Bonz has two turns to try and end the duel. Bakura begins his turn by drawing. He frowns at his card. Sid taunts Bakura. “Disappointed because you can’t move?” he says. Bakura says that on the contrary, he’s disappointed because the duel has to end so soon. Bonz doesn’t know what Bakura is talking about because his Nightmare Steel Cage is still in effect. Bakura tells Bonz that he holds a card that can penetrate through the cage. He activates the Magic card, Ectoplasmer. He uses it to sacrifice his Earl of Demise into an energy that knocks out the rest of Bonz’s life points.

Bonz lost the duel, and now he and his friends must pay the price: a trip to the Shadow Realm! The Shadow Realm consumes the bodies of Bonz, Sid and Zygor. Bonz’s duel disk and five locator cards are left behind. Now that Bakura has six locator cards, he can enter the Battle City finals and fulfill his agreement with Marik. Once he does, he can obtain the world’s greatest power!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Headless Knight – 1450/1700
Shallow Grave – Magic
Earl of Demise – 2000/700
Spiritualistic Medium – Magic
Ectoplasmer – Magic

Snake Hair – 1500/1200
Dragon Zombie – 1600/0
Premature Burial – Magic
Great Mammoth of Goldfine – 2200/1800
Skull Invitation – Trap
Nightmare Steel Cage – Magic


Shadow of a Duel

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