Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-80 Lights, Camera, Duel

Season 2-80 – Lights, Camera, Duel

“Ninja Master Magnum Enters” (忍者使いマグナム見参)
Aired Japan: November 6, 2001
Aired USA: August 23, 2003

ScreenShot: 80: Lights, Camera, Duel Yugi and the gang are driving over to the location of the Battle City finals. Mai stops her car, and Yugi says that the finals are two blocks from where they are at. Joey asks Mai why she’s parking her car so far away. Mai tells him that they won’t get stuck in traffic when the finals are over, and Joey thinks it’s a good plan. The group hops out of the car and walks on over to the location. Joey mentions to Mai that she’s got a shot at the championship after losing at Duelist Kingdom. Mai says that she plans on taking Joey and Yugi down. Joey replies, “In your dreams.” Then he asks Mai why she gave him her entry card at Duelist Kingdom. If she didn’t do that, he would’ve been kicked out of the tournament!

A flashback appears of Joey weeping on the floor because he lost his entry card. Mai gives it to him in her handkerchief and then walks off.

Mai tells him that he looked totally pathetic, and she was touched by Joey’s store and wanted to help. However, Joey isn’t even paying attention to Mai at all! He’s busy looking at a poster. Mai gets angry by this. She doesn’t even know why she bothers talking to Joey. The poster is advertising Jean-Claude Magnum’s latest ninja movie. Joey says that the guy rocks. Suddenly, a limo bursts out from behind the poster. After nearly being killed, Joey runs up to the limo, ready to teach whoever is driving it a lesson. The door to the limo opens and out comes a guy who is dressed in white. Serenity says that he looks exactly like the guy from the poster. Joey realizes that it’s Jean-Claude Magnum himself. He stutters for a bit and holds out his hand for Magnum to shake. Magnum completely ignores Joey and walks up to Mai. He says, “Long time no see, sugar.” He holds out a bouquet of flowers to Mai and says that he’s come back for her. Mai is confused because she doesn’t recognize Magnum at all. Magnum is shocked that Mai forgot about the offer she made exactly one year ago. Mai asks, “What offer?”

A flashback appears. Mai is on a boat dueling another Magnum. She activates a Magic card, and Magnum loses the rest of his life points. Mai thinks Magnum should duel people at his own level. Then she begins to walk away. Magnum runs up to her and presents her with a ring. He wants Mai to be his wife. Mai declines Magnum’s offer and tells him to ask again when he can beat her in Duel Monsters.

Mai finally realizes who Magnum is. She was only kidding about what she said on the boat, but I guess it’s too late for that. Magnum holds out the wedding ring again to Mai. Mai says that she’s not interested, but Joey has other views. He tells Mai that Magnum is a movie star and Mai is always craving for attention. Mai wants one good reason of why she should duel him. Joey says that he just wants to visit Mai’s mansion in Hollywood. Magnum reminds Mai that she told him to come back when he can beat her in Duel Monsters. Mai agrees to the duel. If Magnum wins, Mai has to go back with Magnum and become his bride. Yugi tells Mai to wait. Tristan says that she is already going to the finals. She doesn’t need to duel this guy. Duke says that Magnum has some serious Kung-fu skills, so it wouldn’t be wise to get him mad. Téa thinks Mai can beat Magnum in no time, and they will still be able to make the finals. Joey agrees.

Mai asks Joey to let Magnum borrow his duel disk. Magnum tells her that Joey’s duel disk won’t be necessary. He reveals his own duel disk on his arm. Everyone is surprised to see that Magnum has a duel disk. Yugi says that duel disks are only issued to high-level duelists. Magnum reveals his five locator cards. If he wins this duel, he gets Mai’s slot in the finals and she becomes his wife. Yugi tells Mai that it’s not worth her place in the finals. Mai still wants to go through with the duel. She wants to show Magnum that she’s not a prize to be won. Magnum turns on a couple of lights to light up the area, and the duel begins.

Yugi can’t believe Mai would risk her spot in the finals just so she can duel this guy. Magnum reminds Mai that when he wins, she has to marry him. He draws a card and then summons Ninja Commander Ikusa in attack mode. Then Ninja Commander Ikusa’s special ability activates. A Ninja Soldier Katana is summoned onto the field. The ability is called Multiplicity, and as long as Magnum keeps Ninja Commander in attack mode, he can summon Ninja Soldier onto the field. Mai tells Magnum not to get confident. She says that his moves are like his movies: second rate and not around for very long.

Mai draws and then summons Amazon Sword Woman in attack mode. Mai’s monster attacks and destroys Ninja Soldier. Magnum loses 1100 life points as a result. Joey states that Magnum duels like an amateur. Magnum notices that Mai hasn’t changed her aggressive style of dueling. He draws and plays another Ninja Commander in attack mode. Then Magnum uses its special ability to summon Ninja Soldier in attack mode. Mai says that his dueling is just one bad sequel after another. Magnum says that her attitude only makes him love her even more, and Mai sighs. Serenity tells Joey that Mai is really cool and tough because she doesn’t let anyone push her around. Joey agrees if you think it’s cool to have a really loud mouth, a mean disposition, and to act around like you’re the greatest thing since cheese fries. Mai gets frustrated by Joey’s words. Magnum asks Mai if she was daydreaming. Mai says that she would rather eat worms!

Mai draws and then has Amazon Sword Woman attack Ninja Commander. This brings Magnum’s life points down to 2100. Magnum says that Mai just fell right into his trap! Mai has no idea what Magnum is talking about. Magnum explains that now that Mai sent his Ninja Commander and Ninja Soldier to the graveyard, he just needs to sacrifice one more ninja in order for his plan to work. So he sacrifices the one Ninja Soldier on the field in order to summon Ninja Master Shogun. When Shogun is summoned onto the field, Magnum can summon two more ninjas. So he summons another Ninja Commando Kabuki and another Ninja Soldier. Also, Kabuki has the special ability that allows Magnum to summon another ninja onto the field. So Magnum brings out Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl. That’s four ninjas in one turn! Serenity asks Joey if Mai is in trouble. Joey says no. It will take more than a few ninjas to stop Mai. Mai is pleased to hear that. Magnum continues his turn by having Ninja Master attack Amazon Sword Woman. Mai loses 100 life points. Then the rest of the ninjas attack Mai directly, bringing her score down to 1800. Magnum tells Mai that at least she’ll have a husband who is a Battle City finalist. Téa says that if this keeps up, Mai will have to marry Magnum and lose her spot in the finals. Magnum places one card face down to ready his ninja army for a final attack! He says that sometimes you have to destroy the ones you love.

Magnum reminds Mai that her life points are open for a direct attack. Mai tells him, “Not for long…” and she draws a card. Then she summons Cyber Harpie in attack mode. Mai orders Cyber Harpie to attack Ninja Master. Magnum reveals his Trap card, Ninja Smoke Ball. This blocks Cyber Harpie’s attack, making Ninja Master safe from harm. Tristan yells out to Mai to crush this wannabe. Mai sets one card face down and ends her turn.

Magnum begins his turn by drawing a card. He’s pleased with what he drew and tells Mai that the duel is just about over. He activates a Magic card, Great Kite of Ninja. This Magic card protects Ninja Master from any monster attacks and any Magic card effects. This also allows Ninja Master to bypass all of Mai’s monsters and attack her life points directly as long as Magnum sacrifices one of his own monsters first. So Magnum sacrifices his Ninja Soldier. Ninja Master deals 1600 points of damage to Mai, causing her life points to drop to 200. Magnum says that they can now begin to plan their honeymoon.

Serenity reminds Joey that if Mai loses, she’ll have to marry this jerk and get bumped from the finals. Joey asks Yugi if Mai can turn this around. Yugi nods. If Mai plays Harpie’s Feather Duster, she can destroy all of Magnum’s Magic cards. Joey asks Mai if she happens to have Harpie’s Feather Duster. Mai says that if she did, she would have already used it by now. In that case, Joey asks Mai what he should wear at her Hollywood wedding! Mai says that she can’t lose. She draws a Elegant Egotist, a Magic card that could be very useful to her. Yugi says that Mai should focus on destroying the ninjas on the ground first. Ninja Master needs a ninja to sacrifice in order for it to attack Mai’s life points. Joey tries to give Mai some advice, but Mai tells him that she can handle it on her own.

Mai plans not to play nicely anymore. She activates her Elegant Egotist Magic card, which multiplies her Cyber Harpie into three. She then has her Harpies take out Magnum’s army of ninjas. Joey cheers as Mai does just that. Magnum tells Joey that he’s starting to annoy him. Joey tells Magnum to be quiet or he’ll show a few ninja moves of his own. The gang stares at Joey. Joey tries to hide his toughness and says that he would do the same for anyone of them. Magnum and Joey continue to make rude remarks to each other. (Joey says he’ll cancel his membership to the Jean-Claude Magnum fan club.) Mai cuts into the fighting and places one card face down. This ends her turn.

ScreenShot: 80: Lights, Camera, DuelMagnum draws and summons Ninja Girl in attack mode. All he has to do is sacrifice it and Ninja Master can finish off Mai. However, Mai activates her Magic card, Grave Arm. This Magic card sends Ninja Girl directly into the graveyard. Now Magnum doesn’t have any monsters to sacrifice. Mai begins her turn once again. She tells Magnum that he forgot one thing: his Kite may protect Ninja Master from monster attacks, but it leaves Magnum open for a direct attack. She tells Magnum to cancel his wedding plans because she will be busy at the Battle City finals! Mai orders her Cyber Harpies to finish off Magnum. They attack him, and Magnum’s life points drop to 0. Mai wins the duel. Mai hopes that Magnum now understands that she is not a prize to be won. Magnum gets back on his feet and laughs. The gang wonders what Magnum is laughing about since he already lost the duel. Magnum says that there is a joke, and the joke is on them. Mai looks up and sees that his Ninja Master and Kite are still there. Téa wonders how it can be there, since all of the holograms should have disappeared. Yugi doesn’t think that’s a hologram. He’s right! The Ninja Master heads straight down for the gang. A net falls down onto Mai and captures her. Magnum says that if he can’t win her heart, he will have to steal it.

Magnum runs off, and Joey chases him. Mai struggles with the Ninja Master to let her go. Joey tells Mai to be careful. The Ninja Master loses its grasp on Mai, and Mai begins to fall. However, she quickly grabs onto a pole just in time. Joey runs over to Mai’s rescue. Magnum sees that Mai needs help, but he has no idea what to do! Joey runs right below Mai and tells her to let go of the pole. Mai thinks he’s nuts, but Joey swears to catch her. Mai nods her head and lets loose of the pole. She falls and lands on Joey. Magnum runs over and extends his hand out to Mai. Mai pushes him away and says that he’s nothing but a cheap Hollywood phony. Joey is the real hero in this scene!

The gang runs over to make sure everyone is okay. Mai helps Joey back onto his feet and says that he’s the best. Joey says that she could have married a movie star. Mai tells him that she wouldn’t be able to kick his butt in the finals if she did that. Joey adds in that Mai would drive her husband crazy anyways, so Mai drops Joey to the ground. Serenity asks Joey if he is going to be okay. Joey gets back onto his feet and states that it’s time to head to the finals. Joey says, “May the best man win.” Mai replies, “You mean woman.”

These are the cards used in this episode.

Amazon Sword Woman – 1500/1600
Cyber Harpie x3 – 1800/1300
Elagant Egotist – Magic
Grave Arm – Magic

Jean-Claude Magnum:
Ninja Commander Ikusa x2 – 700/700
Ninja Soldier Katana x3 – 400/400
Ninja Master Shogun – 1600/1600
Ninja Commando Kabuki – 700/700
Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl – 300/300
Ninja Smoke Ball – Trap
Great Kite of Ninja – Magic


Lights, Camera, Duel

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