Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-82 The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 1

Season 2-82 – The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 1

“First Duel in the Sky – Yugi vs. Dark Bakura”
(天空のファーストデュエル 遊戯vs闇の獏良)
Aired Japan: November 27, 2001
Aired USA: September 6, 2003

ScreenShot: 82: The Dark Secret Revealed (1) Mai admits that Kaiba’s blimp is very nice, and he spared no expenses with getting things prepared, but she is ready to start dueling right away. Yugi wishes Mai the best of luck in the finals. Mai says, “Who needs luck?” Joey can’t believe Kaiba prepared so much fancy food and made it “all you can eat”. He’ll be sorry when Joey is done with all of it! Joey, who is holding a plate filled with food, notices Marik standing near a corner. Joey can’t stand him. He tells himself that Marik will pay for controlling his mind. While worrying about Marik, Joey accidentally bumps in Bakura. Joey apologizes, and Bakura says it’s all right. Everyone seems to be on the edge. Joey asks Bakura how he qualified for the finals so quickly. Bakura calmly says that he won all six locator cards at once. He tells Joey about his duel with Bonz and his friends at the cemetery. When Bakura defeated them, he “forced” them to give up their locator cards. This creeps Joey out. He hopes he doesn’t have to duel Bakura in the first round.

Joey walks over to Téa, Tristan and Serenity. Téa mentions that Joey looks like he has seen a ghost. Joey says that it must have been the shrimp. He then asks Kaiba when they can start dueling. Kaiba tells Joey that he’s in a big rush only to lose. But Kaiba radios his crew to begin the selection process. One crew member tells Kaiba that only seven finalists are present, so Kaiba orders him to bring out the eighth finalist. Then, with a snap from his finger, a large machine appears. Roland announces that the first round of the finals will be chosen by lottery. To guarantee fairness, each opponent will be selected completely by random. Each duelist has been assigned a number. The second pair of numbers will not be drawn until a winner has been declared from the first duel. Thus, duelists won’t know who their opponent will be until minutes before the duel begins. Roland then asks if everyone remembers their number. Kaiba is #1, Joey is #2, Yugi is #3, Mai is #4, Marik is #5, Bakura is #6, Odion is #7 and Ishizu is #8.

Meanwhile, a Crew Member #2 enters Ishizu’s room and tells her Kaiba requires her presence. Ishizu tells him that she is certain that she will not be chosen for the first duel, but she knows who will. The fate of the world rests in the hands of his victory!

Crew Member #1 engages the machine. He reminds everyone that if their number is chosen, they will be dueling in the first round. The machine selects a number, and it happens to be number 6. Bakura will be dueling in the first round! Bakura nervously laughs, while the others ask him if he’s all right. They think Bakura should be in bed resting and not dueling. Joey thinks something fishy is going on, and it’s not the baked salmon. Bakura assures everyone that he’s all right. He was just surprised that he was chosen for the first duel. Crew Member #1 activates the machine again to choose another number. After the balls are jumped around a few times, it selects a number. It is duelist #3, Yugi Moto! Joey is glad that he wasn’t chosen. Kaiba thinks the duel will be interesting and wonders how Bakura will face off against Yugi’s Egyptian God card. Marik tells himself that once the Pharaoh loses the duel, Slifer the Sky Dragon will be his. Ishizu has a vision that Yugi will struggle in this duel. Bakura tells himself that he will soon be one step closer towards his goal.

Crew Member #1 announces that the duel will be held in the arena on the upper deck. He then orders Yugi and Bakura to follow him. Those who are not dueling are welcome to observe the duel. On the elevator to the arena, Yugi knows that Bakura is not really Bakura. It’s the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring, who is probably still after the seven Millennium items. Yugi knows that this duel will be tougher than everyone thinks. Soon, they arrive at the top level of the blimp aka outside. Crew Member #1 guides Yugi and Bakura to the dueling arena. When both duelists face each other on opposite ends, the dueling arena is elevated. Moments later, everyone else arrives to watch the duel. Serenity says that it’s freezing. Kaiba gives a quick speech about how the cold winds will test everyone’s strength and stamina. If any duelist cannot handle the cold temperatures, then that duelist doesn’t belong here. Duke admits that Kaiba does know how to throw a real tournament.

Bakura asks Yugi if he’s prepared to lose it all. Yugi says he won’t lose. Before the duel begins, Yugi asks Bakura to reveal his true self. Bakura laughs. The Millenium Ring appears on Bakura’s neck. Joey, Tristan and Téa notice it right away. However, Tristan is confused since he got rid of the Millennium Ring back at Duelist Kingdom. Tristan doesn’t know how Bakura got it back, but he knows that it isn’t good. In an innocent matter, Marik asks what is around Bakura’s neck. Joey explains that Yugi and Bakura have old items with magic powers. Yugi’s item is good, but Bakura’s item is bad. Téa says that an evil spirit lives in that ring. Marik says that it’s hard to believe that an evil spirit is up there dueling Yugi. Joey just hopes that it doesn’t drag Yugi into the Shadow Realm.

Yugi demands to know why Bakura entered this tournament. He wonders if it’s about the Millennium items. Bakura tells himself that Yugi knows he desires the Millennium items. What Yugi doesn’t know is how he plans on getting them. First, he’ll win Slifer the Sky Dragon from Yugi and trade it over to Marik for the Millennium Rod. Then stripping Yugi of his Millennium Puzzle will be a simple task. Bakura taunts Yugi by telling him that he may not be working alone, and one of Yugi’s friends could be his greatest enemies. Yugi doesn’t believe Bakura at all, since lies are a part of Bakura’s game. Marik tells Bakura that he’s giving away too much information. He tells Bakura that he will play by his rules, unless Bakura wants his mind to be controlled. Bakura fights back by saying Marik would have defeated Yugi by now when he had the chance, so Bakura decides to take his chances.

The duel begins. Kaiba wonders if Yugi has what it takes to play his Egyptian God card. Yugi tells Bakura that he will fail with his quest, but Bakura says that Yugi is the one that will lose. So Bakura draws and then summons the Portrait’s Secret in attack mode. Then he ends his turn. Yugi says that Bakura played a really weak monster. That’s not a smart move at all. He wonders what Bakura’s plan is. Yugi asks Bakura if that’s all he’s got. He summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in attack mode. Gazelle attacks and destroys Bakura’s monster, and Bakura loses 300 life points. Then Yugi places one card face down and ends his turn.

Bakura begins by summoning the Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams in attack mode. Bakura taunts Yugi into attacking. Yugi knows that Bakura must want him to attack for some reason. He just has to wipe out Bakura’s life points before he can finish his strategy. Yugi draws and summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior in attack mode. Gamma attacks Bakura’s monster, and then Gazelle strikes Bakura directly. Bakura now has 2000 life points left. Téa notices that Yugi has already managed to wipe out half of Bakura’s life points, and the duel has just started! Marik wonders what Bakura is doing. He wants that Egyptian God card! Bakura thinks he made things too easy for Yugi. He draws and then summons Headless Knight in attack mode. Yugi says that Headless Knight may have been stronger than Bakura’s other monsters, but it’s still no match for his own. Kaiba thinks that if Yugi attacks, Bakura’s plan may succeed, but Yugi has no other choice. Yugi attacks with both of his monsters, and Bakura’s score is dropped to 450.

Téa thinks something strange is going on. The others agree. Tristan thinks Yugi may be dueling the world’s worst duelist. Yugi orders Bakura to make his final move. Bakura laughs. Yugi has done exactly what he wanted him to do, and now his destruction begins. Mai thinks Bakura is bluffing because Bakura has no monsters left and he is down to 450 life points. Kaiba says that there is no point in bluffing now, so Bakura must have something planned. Bakura explains to Yugi that he holds a card with dark powers beyond his imagination. But before he could play it, he needed some assistance. Three of Bakura’s monsters needed to be destroyed in order for it to be played, and Yugi made that all possible! So Bakura summons Dark Necrofear. Yugi exclaims that he knew Bakura was planning something. Bakura says that it doesn’t matter. Yugi still fell into his trap and is about to pay the ultimate price!

ScreenShot: 82: The Dark Secret Revealed (1)Joey and Tristan both agree that Dark Necrofear is creeping them out. Bakura explains that it’s one of the most destructive monsters in his deck. Yugi will never be able to defeat it! However, Kaiba knows that there is a card in Yugi’s deck that can defeat it. It all depends on whether Yugi has the courage to play it or not. Bakura tells Yugi that not only does Dark Necrofear have more attack points than both of Yugi’s monsters, but it also comes with a hidden ability. Kaiba thinks that Dark Necrofear must be powerful if Bakura risked the finals in order to play it. He wonders what Yugi will do next. Bakura isn’t ready to attack yet. He places two cards face down and ends his turn. Yugi wonders why Bakura didn’t attack. He could have easily destroyed one of his monsters and knocked off a large portion of his life points. Yugi wonders if Bakura is afraid of his face down card, or is it something else?

Yugi tells Bakura that he was a fool not to attack. He draws and then sacrifices Gazelle in order to summon Dark Magician Girl. Bakura says that his “fairy” is too weak to destroy Dark Necrofear. Yugi agrees, but Bakura forgot about one thing: his face down card! Yugi activates a Magic card, Magic Formula, which raises the attack points of Dark Magician Girl by 500. Dark Magician Girl attacks and destroys Dark Necrofear. Bakura thanks Yugi for doing exactly what he wanted. Now that Dark Necrofear is in the graveyard, he can activate a field Magic card. So Bakura plays this field card known as Dark Sanctuary, and soon the entire field becomes surrounded by dark magic. A bunch of evil eyes and mouths surround the playing field. Bakura states that everything had to go exactly as planned in order for his strategy to work, and Yugi helped him do that perfectly. Yugi asks, “Now what?” Bakura tells him to prepare himself for an evil that he has never experienced before!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts – 1500/1200
Gamma the Magnet Warrior – 1500/1800
Dark Magician Girl – 2000/1700
Magic Formula – Magic

Portrait’s Secret – 1200/1500
Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams – 1300/1800
Headless Knight – 1450/1700
Dark Necrofear – 2200/2800
Dark Sanctuary – Magic


The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 1

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