Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-83 The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 2

Season 2-83 – The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 2

“The Death-Calling Ouija Board” (死を呼ぶウィジャ盤)
Aired Japan: November 27, 2001
Aired USA: September 13, 2003

ScreenShot: 83: The Dark Secret Revealed (2) The duel between Yugi and Bakura continues. Bakura has just unleashed his all-powerful Dark Sanctuary card. He tells Yugi that Dark Sanctuary will eventually destroy him. Yugi says that Bakura is the one who should be afraid, for he has no monsters left and is down to his last 150 life points. Bakura states it’s true that he has less life points, but now the ghost of Dark Sanctuary is protecting him. A spirit that only Bakura can see moves around in the playing field and absorbs itself into Gamma the Magnet Warrior’s body. Yugi exclaims that the ghost doesn’t frighten him. In one attack Bakura will lose and be removed from the Battle City finals! Bakura says that Dark Sanctuary provides him with more power than ever. He taunts Yugi into attacking him. So Yugi tells Gamma the Magnet Warrior to attack. Before Gamma can strike Bakura’s life points, the evil ghost from Dark Sanctuary pops out from Gamma’s body and attacks Yugi. Yugi doesn’t understand what is going on here. His attack didn’t work! Bakura explains that his monster was possessed from the evil ghost. Yugi asks if all of his monsters are possessed, and Bakura says that he will have to figure that out himself. For now, Bakura explains that half of Gamma’s attack points come out of Yugi’s life points, and those life points get added to Bakura’s score. Bakura laughs. Yugi tells Bakura that his life points are still low. Bakura replies back that Yugi has no idea on the terror that lurks in his deck.

Bakura draws and plays Destiny Board. A game board appears above in the sky, and Yugi asks what the card does. Joey thinks it’s weird that Bakura’s making a big fuss over a board game. Duke says that he saw one of those things in a haunted fun house. Joey freaks out over the idea that there will be more ghosts. Serenity states that it’s only a game, and Téa hopes she’s right. Yugi asks again what Destiny Board does. Bakura explains that the game board will spell out a message. The first letter is “F”. Each turn the Destiny Board will reveal one more letter. Then, when all five letters are revealed, the duel will be over and Bakura will claim victory! Bakura laughs. Yugi says that he will defeat Bakura in four turns, for it’s his destiny to win. Mokuba states that the duel doesn’t look too good for Yugi. Kaiba agrees and says that Yugi better summon his Egyptian God card soon if he has any hopes of winning. Bakura then plays the Magic card, Dark Door. With this card in play, Yugi can only attack once per turn. Now his chances of defeating Bakura have just gotten slimmer. Bakura then places one card face down and summons Earthbound Spirit onto the field. However, he sacrifices it because Dark Sanctuary requires one sacrifice per turn.

Yugi’s turn begins. He draws Kuriboh. Yugi says that he has to make this turn count since he can only attack once per turn. But he can’t use Gamma because it’s possessed by an evil ghost, so his best bet is to attack with Dark Magician Girl! So Yugi summons Kuriboh in defense mode and then orders Dark Magician Girl to attack. The evil ghost counterattacks and hits Yugi instead. Yugi’s life points drop to 2000, while Bakura’s life points increase to 2150. Bakura explains that he can choose a different monster to possess each turn. Now that Yugi’s turn is over, Destiny Board reveals another letter: “I”. Yugi tells Bakura that he can only play five Magic cards at once, so as long as Dark Door is on the field, Bakura won’t be able to complete his message. Bakura tells Yugi that Dark Sanctuary allows him to have more than five Magic cards in play at once. Only three more turns until Yugi is finished!

Duke exclaims that Yugi better think of something quick. Mai says that if Yugi can figure out which monsters are possessed, he can launch a successful attack. She thinks that Yugi can still win the duel, but he can’t keep on losing life points. Serenity asks her brother if Yugi will win the duel. Joey says that he will, but it won’t be easy.

Bakura draws and summons Sangan. He then sacrifices it to keep Dark Sanctuary in play. Due to Sangan’s special ability, Bakura can draw one more card from his deck. Yugi then begins his turn. While Yugi is making his move, Bakura decides to possess Dark Magician Girl again with the evil ghost. Yugi begins to think about which monster of his is possessed by the ghost. He knows it isn’t Kuriboh since Kuriboh is too weak to attack with anyway. So that leaves Yugi with two choices: Gamma the Magnet Warrior or Dark Magician Girl. Thanks to Dark Door, Yugi can only attack once, and he can’t afford to lose more life points. Yugi knows that the card he just drew, Big Shield Gardna, isn’t possessed, but it’s attack points are low. Still, Yugi summons it in defense mode. Then Yugi orders Gamma the Magnet Warrior to attack. Bakura notes that Yugi didn’t choose the possessed monster, but he has something to change all of that. Bakura activates his Trap card, Dark Spirit of the Silent. This card stops Gamma’s attack and forces Dark Magician Girl to attack. Because Dark Magician Girl is the possessed monster, Yugi loses 1250 life points, while Bakura’s life points increase. Now Yugi has 750 life points left, and Bakura has 3400.

Duke states that Yugi is a goner, and Serenity worries that Yugi is going to lose. Tristan tells Duke to start supporting Yugi, or he will go overboard! Serenity assures Joey that Yugi will win just like how Joey always pulled through. Mokuba is starting to freak out over the ghosts. Kaiba says that they don’t exist. All Yugi has to worry about is losing his Egyptian God card. Not that it matters to him anyway because in the end Kaiba thinks he’ll win it all. Yugi knows that he will lose if he’s attacked one more time. He has to figure out a way to destroy the ghost, but how can he destroy something he cannot see? Bakura asks Yugi if he would like to forfeit. Yugi says that he will never quit. He knows that there is something in his hand that can turn things around. So Yugi places two cards face down and ends his turn. With his turn done, the third letter of the Destiny Board is revealed: “N”. Only two more turns until the duel is over!

Bakura draws and summons Souls of the Forgotten. He sacrifices it to keep Dark Sanctuary in play. Bakura then tells Yugi to make his move. Yugi says, “With pleasure.” He states that he has a plan to destroy the evil ghost once and for all. The evil ghost possessed Dark Magician Girl again. Yugi draws and says that he has a special card that will find the ghost for him. He activates the Trap card, Collected Power. It forces special Magic card effects to be focused on Kuriboh. The Magic Formula card is transferred to Kuriboh. Kaiba wonders why Yugi would use Collected Power on a weak monster like Kuriboh, unless the ghost is also absorbed into Kuriboh! The ghost does get transferred into Kuriboh’s body, so Dark Magician Girl now remains free. Then Yugi plays a Magic card, Exile of the Wicked, which will automatically destroy Kuriboh. Kuriboh gets destroyed, and so does the ghost. Bakura is frustrated with the duel now, but he says that Destiny Board will still win the duel for him.

ScreenShot: 83: The Dark Secret Revealed (2)Everyone cheers for Yugi. Marik, on the other hand, decides to have a chat with Bakura. He tells Bakura that he has lost control of the duel. Bakura tells Marik to go away. He doesn’t need Marik’s help. Marik says that they still have an agreement, so if Bakura is still interested in the Millennium items, he better listen up. He reminds Bakura that if loses the duel, he will be removed from the finals, making Bakura incapable of winning the Egyptian God cards. Bakura states that he won’t lose, but Marik finds that hard to believe. He tells Bakura to win the duel, or the deal is off.

Yugi continues his move by playing Monster Reborn. He brings back Dark Necrofear. Since Dark Necrofear is now in play, Dark Sanctuary is destroyed. Bakura exclaims, “No!” Now, with Dark Sanctuary gone, Bakura is only allowed to have five Magic cards in play. Therefore, he cannot complete Destiny Board’s message. Yugi orders Dark Necrofear to attack Bakura directly. Bakura’s life points drop to 1200. Yugi states that this duel is almost over. Bakura ignores Yugi and adds the fourth letter to the Destiny Board: “A”. Yugi says that Bakura’s message is “Final”. It’s too bad that Bakura won’t be able to play the last letter because he already has five Magic cards in play. Yugi adds in that Bakura must discard his Dark Door card if he wishes to play the last letter. However, if Bakura does that, then all of Yugi’s monsters are free to attack. With no monsters on the field, Bakura would instantly lose the duel if Yugi’s monsters attacked.

Tristan and Joey continue to cheer for Yugi. Kaiba thinks that the duel isn’t over yet and that Bakura may have something else planned for Yugi. Marik wonders what Bakura is doing. He reminds Bakura is trapped, and Bakura says, “I know.” Marik asks if he should take control of his mind. Bakura shouts out, “Never!” He plans to overcome Yugi on his own. Bakura tells Yugi that the duel is far from over. He draws and stares at the card. Bakura laughs. He tells Yugi that he has drawn the card that he needed to regain control of the duel. Yugi wonders what Bakura has drawn. The fate of the world depends on his victory.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Dark Magician Girl – 2000/1700
Magic Formula – Magic
Gamma the Magnet Warrior – 1500/1800
Kuriboh – 300/200
Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600
Collected Power – Trap
Exile of the Wicked – Magic
Monster Reborn – Magic
Dark Necrofear – 2200/2800

Dark Sanctuary – Magic
Destiny Board – Trap
Dark Door – Magic
Earthbound Spirit – 500/2000
Spirit Message “I” – Magic
Sangan – 1000/600
Dark Spirit of the Silent – Trap
Spirit Message “N” – Magic
Souls of the Forgotten – 900/200
Spirit Message “A” = Magic


The Dark Spirit Revealed, Part 2

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