Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-85 Rage of the Egyptian Gods

Season 2-85 – Rage of the Egyptian Gods

“Hidden Power – The Mystery of the God Cards”
(秘められた力 神のカードの謎)
Aired Japan: December 4, 2001
Aired USA: September 20, 2003

ScreenShot: 85: Rage of the Egyptian Gods Roland announces that there will be a half-hour break before the next duel begins. When the break is over, all remaining finalists must report to the main room for the next selection. Yugi and his friends are busy looking for Kaiba so that he can land the blimp and take Bakura to the hospital. They see Mokuba passing by. Mokuba tells them that they are in a restricted area. Yugi asks Mokuba where Kaiba is at, and Mokuba points to Kaiba’s room. Joey bangs on Kaiba’s door, ordering him to open up. The door opens. Kaiba tells Joey that he’s only in his tournament by luck, and he continues to make a nuisance of himself. Joey, angry by Kaiba’s remarks, is ready to pick a fight with him, but Tristan stops him. Yugi tells Kaiba that they need his help. Kaiba says, “Now what?” Yugi explains that Bakura is hurt and that Kaiba needs to land the blimp and take him to the hospital. Kaiba refuses to make an unscheduled landing. He insists that it’s Bakura’s own fault for leaving the hospital in the first place. Serenity pleas to Kaiba to help Bakura out. So, Kaiba has a medical team sent to Bakura’s room. Mokuba states that the medical teams on board are better than most hospitals.

With that all settled, Yugi and his friends walk out of the room. Tristan and Duke both honor Serenity for how she stood up to Kaiba. Joey asks Yugi if Bakura is in good hands. Yugi hopes so. Tristan reminds them that they still have to find Bakura’s Millennium Ring. Yugi says they should split up to find it. Tristan tells Yugi and Joey not to worry about it because they should be preparing for the finals. He and Duke will go search for the Millennium Ring so that they have something to do. Duke states that he and Serenity will search upstairs. Tristan pulls Duke away from Serenity and into the elevator. Joey says that it’s nice how they are getting along. Yugi just hopes they can find Bakura’s Millennium Ring.

Tristan and Duke are at the top arena searching for the Millenium Ring. Duke says that there’s nothing here. Tristan orders him to check out one of the corners. Duke replies back that there’s only hot air – and all of it is coming from Tristan. Tristan tells Duke that he’s been a pain to him ever since they met. He tells Duke to get away from Serenity and give her some space. Duke thinks Tristan is afraid – afraid that Serenity might like him more than Tristan. He claims that Tristan isn’t even a duelist. All he does is be a cheerleader on the sidelines, shouting out, “Go Yugi! Go Joey!” Duke thinks it’s pathetic. Girls love men of action, and Tristan is not one of them. This gets Tristan mad. He aims his fist at Duke, but he accidentally trips on something. Tristan falls over onto Duke, and both of them fall over the sides of the blimp. Tristan quickly grabs onto Duke’s hand and the top of the blimp. Duke asks how Tristan’s grip is. Tristan says that his hand has gone numb and that he’s slipping. He cries out for help, hoping that someone will hear them. Tristan’s hand begins to slip, and suddenly he let’s go. However, a man in a white robe (Shadi) grabs onto Tristan’s hand, and pulls him and Duke up to safety. Tristan thanks Shadi, but when he turns around, Shadi is gone. Duke asks if something is wrong. He doesn’t even know what Tristan is talking about.

Meanwhile, Yugi is in his room preparing for his next duel. He has all of his cards spread out on the table. Yugi says that he won his first duel thanks to Slifer the Sky Dragon, but he still needs to be careful with it. Yugi looks out the window. When he does, he sees a reflection of another man in the room. Yugi turns around and recognizes Shadi. Shadi says that Yugi has learned much more about himself and the Pharaoh ever since they met in Duelist Kingdom. Yugi claims that he knows a little bit, such as Yami was an ancient Pharaoh. Shadi says that it’s their destiny to save the earth from an ancient evil. Yugi hopes that Shadi is here to explain how because he’s still confused. Shadi says that he’s the guardian of the seven Millennium items. He’s only here because he sensed a disturbance in them. All seven Millennium items as well as all the Egyptian God cards are on the blimp. This means that all the objects capable of saving as well as destroying the world are all in one place. However, Yugi is the one who must save the world. Shadi says that if an evil individual were to gain access to any of these items or cards, then the outcomes could be catastrophic. It almost happened when Pegasus created Duel Monsters. Yugi wants to learn more. So Shadi tells the story.

It all started when Pegasus first arrived in Egypt. He wanted to find a way to reunite himself with his lost love. After hours of searching, he found Shadi, who gave him the Millennium Eye. Soon after, Pegasus discovered the origins of the Shadow Games. He became obsessed with them and decided to dedicate his life to recreating them. He wanted to recreate the powers that he saw, but when he tried, it almost destroyed him! Pegasus did not know his limits, but he did realize that he created a power far beyond his control.

Yugi wants to hear more. He asks Shadi how Duel Monsters began.

Shadi explains that Pegasus became more obsessed and determined to recreate the Shadow Games. Through his quest, he discovered the Egyptian God cards, which were the ones that almost destroyed him. It all began when Pegasus went on a research trip to find the stones that contained the Egyptian God monsters. After hours of searching, Pegasus still could not find the stones. That’s when Shadi appeared. Shadi tells Pegasus that he won’t be able to find the stones alone since they have been sealed away. Pegasus asks Shadi to lead him there, so Shadi did. Shadi leads Pegasus and his team down a well. They then walk some more underground and find what appears to be an underground city. Shadi continues to lead Pegasus and his crew through the city. Pegasus notices the shadow of a figure standing close. He wonders how they will get by. Shadi uses the power of his Millennium Key to make themselves invisible. Pegasus mentions how incredible everything is. After hours of walking, Shadi mentions that they are here. A stone wall opens and Pegasus and his team enters. Pegasus sees the ancient tablet containing the three Egyptian Gods and runs to it. He’s excited what he sees. His team takes pictures of the stone tablet, and Pegasus mentions that his card game will soon be complete.

Pegaus then returned to America, hoping to revive this monsters with the pictures his crew took. Shadi says that Pegasus was destined to awaken these monsters. However, whether or not Pegasus could control them, he does not know. Back in his office, Pegasus finds out from his employee, Croquet, that everyone involved with the Egyptian God card project has met in disaster. The photographer hangs Pegasus’ pictures of the stone tablet on the wall. He mentions how they look so real. Soon, the photographer is attacked by Obelisk the Tormentor. A man who is viewing the videotape of Pegasus’ findings scans the hieroglyphics in the video. He’s amazed at the precise detail of them. Suddenly, the man’s computer screen goes blank, and he sees Slifer the Sky Dragon staring at him through the window.

ScreenShot: 85: Rage of the Egyptian GodsCroquet reports to Pegasus that all the men have completely disappeared – gone without a trace. Croquet suggests to Pegasus that he stops the production of the three Egyptian God cards. Pegasus exclaims that he will never stop production. He won’t let a few incidents stop him! He tells Croquet that they will be making history if everything goes well. He even plans to recreate the monsters himself under the protection of his Millennium Eye.

So, Pegasus heads into another room and makes paintings of the three Egyptian Gods. When he finishes painting the Winged Dragon of Ra, Pegasus says that he appears to not be disappearing. He then closes his eyes for a few moments. He suddenly dreams about a burning city. The three Egyptian Gods roar and attack the city. In Pegasus’ dream, Shadi tells Pegasus that by recreating the Egyptian Gods, he has unleashed a dangerous power and placed the world at risk. It is clear to Shadi now that Pegasus was not destined to recreate the monsters. His only option now is to return them back to their resting place. The Gods attack Pegasus, and Pegasus wakes up from his dream. Pegasus felt the rage of the Egyptian Gods. He decides to lock the cards away.

Even though Pegasus had already created the Egyptian God cards, he decided to fly to Egypt and seal them away, along with the original carvings. At Egypt, he meets Ishizu, who helps Pegasus seal away the cards. Yugi exclaims that Marik tried to steal the cards, and Shadi nods his head. If Marik were to get his hands on all three, the world may be doomed. The Millennium Puzzle glows, and Yami takes over. Shadi kneels down to Yami and tells him that he has complete faith that Yami will succeed with saving the world.

Suddenly, an announcement is made by Roland that all duelists must make their way to the main concourse where the next two duelists will be chosen. Yami looks back but finds out that Shadi is gone. Yugi tells Yami to let’s go and join the others. Yami agrees. The future depends on them. So Yugi leaves the room. At the other end of the hallway, Tristan tells Joey that there was a guy in a white robe who saved their lives. Duke says that he didn’t really see the guy, but someone had to pull them up. Joey thinks they are just trying to distract him before the next duel. Serenity wonders if there was some kind of ghost on board. Joey claims that ghosts don’t exist. That’s when Yugi places his hand on Joey’s shoulder. Joey jumps up, and Yugi asks if he’s ready for the next duel.

Meanwhile, Ishizu is in her room vowing to save her brother. She knows that there’s still good in him and remembers the time when Marik gave her a wreath of flowers as a gift. Shadi suddenly appears in Ishizu’s room. Ishizu had a feeling that he would be here with so much happening. Shadi mentions that the evil is occurring once again. Ishizu knows. She just didn’t think her own brother would be the cause of this evil. She doesn’t want to lose her own brother. When she looks back up, she notices that Shadi has disappeared. The scene then switches to Bakura’s room. Marik states that he will keep Bakura’s Millennium Ring for now and have occasional control over Téa mind. Shadi enters the room and notices that the evil disturbance that brought him here is the strongest in this room. Shadi thinks that the destiny of certain Millennium items are being manipulated. Until harmony is restored, the world is in danger. Then he disappears.


Rage of the Egyptian Gods

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