Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-88 Awakening of Evil, Part 3

Season 2-88 – Awakening of Evil, Part 3

Aired USA: September 27, 2003

ScreenShot: 88: Awakening of Evil (3) Joey exclaims that Marik doesn’t scare him and that he’ll squash that oversized scorpion! Odion says that his victory would be an achievement since his monster is stronger than all three of Joey’s monsters. The only question is which monster should Odion destroy? He says that it would be pointless for Joey to fight back because there is not one card in his deck that can stop it. Téa says that there must be something that Joey can do. Serenity asks Yugi if Joey can still win. Yugi says that Joey still has a chance. He has to find the weakness of Odion’s monster before it wipes out the rest of his life points. Mai questions Marik’s Egyptian God card, The Winged Dragon of Ra. Yugi says that Joey must defeat Marik before he plays that card, otherwise Joey won’t stand a chance.

Odion asks Marik why he placed his Egyptian God card in his deck. Marik replies that Odion must duel like him. He adds in that the God card in Odion’s deck is only a mere copy of the original. He couldn’t risk losing the most powerful God card in existence, so he had is Rare Hunters make duplicates of the card. The Rare Hunters tested each card until they got it right, but the testing phase was quite dangerous, as not everyone could control the power of an Egyptian God card. Soon, Marik realized that only individuals connected to the ancient scriptures could control such a beast, and Marik has no doubt that Odion will be able to succesfully control it. Odion thanks Marik, but he thinks he can win without playing that card.

Odion tells Joey to make his move before he’s knocked out of the finals. Joey draws a Polymerization card, something he can’t use. Joey sighs and says that he’ll just keep his monsters in defense mode. When Joey ends his turn, the Swords of Revealing Light disappear. Téa wonders what Joey’s strategy is. Mai says that all Joey can do is keep on the defensive side until he can figure something out. Odion begins his turn. He draws and then orders his Mystical Beast to attack Jinzo. The Mystical Beast destroys Jinzo, and half of Jinzo’s attack strength gets added to the Mystical Beast’s attack. Now it has 3700 attack points. Joey notices that Odion’s monster has also gotten bigger too. Téa worries that Marik’s monster will continue to attack and destroy Joey’s monsters. It will just keep on getting stronger until it’s too late!

Joey says that the monster doesn’t scare him. He draws and passes. Odion orders Mystical Beast to attack Insect Queen. Mystical Beast destroys Joey’s second monster, and it’s attack points increase to 4900. Odion states that there’s no stopping him and that Joey is finished. Serenity can’t take anymore of seeing her big brother lose. She begins to run away, crying, but Joey stops her. Joey tells her that she’s his biggest inspiration and that he needs her right now. Joey says that he gets all of his courage from Serenity and that she’s his family. The only way he can win is if Serenity stays and cheers him on.

Odion tells himself that he knows how Joey is feeling. Family can chase away fears. Odion recalls the time when he was an infant. During that time, he felt the cold and darkness rise above him. Then a woman came and sheltered him from the cold. She brought him into her home, deep below the surface, to raise him as if he was her own. The one day, as Odion grew older, he learned about his family’s secret. Odion’s father states that for generations their family has guarded the Pharaoh’s tomb. However, they have no children of their own, so who will watch over the Millenium Rod and Millenium Necklace? Odion’s mother states that Odion can take over and receive the tomb keeper’s initiation. Odion’s father states that he’s not their blood, but the mother insists that destiny brought Odion to them. She requests that he initiate him by his twelfth birthday, and the father agrees.

Finally, the foster parents of Odion have a child of their own. It’s a baby girl, and they name her Ishizu. The father says that they now need a baby boy. Meanwhile, Odion’s mother tells Odion that she has always thought of him as her son. However, he can’t assume the family legacy until he has been through the tomb keeper’s initiation. Odion asks how this will change him. The mother says that Odion will bare the ancient scriptures. Odion is glad to hear that. He asks if he will then be exactly like his foster parents. Odion’s mother says yes, he will truly be their son.

Then, after awhile, Odion’s foster parents have a baby boy. The father says that he shall be named Marik, and that someday he will have the tomb keeper’s initiation. Odion’s foster mother wants Odion to promise that he will look after Marik. Odion promises to that. Odion states that now Marik was the chosen one for the legacy, while he was Marik’s protector. Then, one day, while Marik and Odion were playing ball, Marik gets bitten by a snake. He cries out to Odion to help him. Odion’s father gets extremely furious with Odion. Marik is his fleshed blood, and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. The father commands Odion to stay by Marik’s side until his fever goes down. When his father leaves, Marik apologizes to Odion. He says that Odion will always be his big brother. Odion thanks Marik and promises not to ever let Marik down again.

So, as time went by, Marik devoted his life to the ancient scriptures, and Odion devoted his life to him. Odion brings some dinner to Marik. Marik states that he’s not hungry, but Odion insists that he eat something. Marik knocks the bowl of soup out of Odion’s hands. Odion wonders what’s wrong. Marik says that he soon will have to follow his family’s legacy and wait for the Pharaoh to return. He will be stuck underground for the rest of his life! Once he gets the Tombkeeper’s initiation, there’s no escape. Marik cries over it. Odion tells Marik that he will have the initiation instead. Marik’s family brought Odion in and raised him, so Odion wants to repay Marik back by giving Marik an actual life. Marik is glad to hear that, and Odion goes to ask for his father’s permission. His father denies Odion’s request. He states that only an individual of his blood can receive the initiation.

When Marik’s twelfth birthday finally arrives, he receives the Tombkeeper’s initiation as planned. Marik, with bandages all over his back, lies on his bed in despair. Odion states that Marik is now the Tombkeeper. Marik feels very alone and rages on about why he has pledge his life to the Pharaoh. His darker side appears for a second as he speaks. As Marik looks at Odion, he sees Odion’s face wrapped in bandages. Odion states that he performed his own ritual. The markings on his face symbolizes his loyalty to Marik and his family. Odion finally states that Marik’s life was completely different ever since that day. It was like that initiation infused Marik with an evil force.

Back at the duel, Marik tells Odion to finish Joey off right now so that they can move on to the real opponents. Tristan tells Joey not to quit now. Mai knows that Joey can do it. Odion tells Joey to surrender. No matter what Joey draws, it will never beat the power of his Mystical Beast! Once Odion’s Mystical Beast has destroyed Joey’s last monster, he will wipe out the rest of his life points. Joey draws. Joey wonders how he will defeat Marik with three useless Magic cards in his hand. So he ends his turn. Odion says Joey’s move was smart, but he would be smarter if he forfeited. Joey says that he will never forfeit. His sister can finally see him duel, and she will see him win.

Mai thinks Joey’s winning streak will finally come to an end now. He made some good comebacks, but it looks like Marik will take victory. Mai does admit that Joey has come along way since the last time she dueled him. Yugi tells Mai to wait and look in Joey’s eyes. Mai is shocked to see that Joey’s eyes burn with a fire she has never seen before. It’s almost as if Joey knows he’s going to win! But how? Mai can’t think of anything that can turn the duel around. Yugi states that the only thing that matters is what Joey is feeling inside. His determination to defeat Marik is very strong. Joey vowed to help Yugi defeat Marik, and he’s definitely keeping his promise. Mai wonders how Joey will win. Yugi says that if Joey trusts in himself and the heart of the cards, then he will find a way.

Odion begins his turn. He orders his Mystical Beast to attack Joey’s last monster. The Legendary of Fisherman gets destroyed, and Mystical Beast’s attack points rise to 5825. Joey apologizes to Mako. He didn’t mean to turn his card into a fishstick dinner! Odion tells Joey that this is his last move. Joey draws. He realizes that he can’t do anything, so he ends. The gang realize that this is it and Joey has no chance of winning now. Kaiba grumbles that he won’t see Marik’s Egyptian God card now. Marik is pleased that Odion served him well.

Suddenly, Joey states that he won’t lose. In fact, he has a strange feeling that he will win the duel. It’s kind of like a voice inside his head; he tells Marik to take his best shot. Odion says that it’s all over now. However, Joey has some last words to say. He says how he’ll never forget about the time when Marik controlled his mind and forced him to hurt his best friend. Marik didn’t have the courage to do it himself, so he hid and forced Joey to do his dirty work. Odion states that he’s facing Joey now, and by the looks of the scoreboard, Joey will lose.

Joey continues to explain that ever since they started the duel, he has had a weird feeling about his opponent. He doesn’t seem to be the same guy that controlled his mind. Just like how Joey has a voice in his head telling how he won’t lose, he also has a voice saying that his opponent is not the same guy who controlled his mind. Joey exclaims that his opponent is not Marik! Kaiba thinks Joey has gone insane. However, Yugi agrees with Joey. His opponent doesn’t seem like the guy who has been trying to steal his puzzle, and Yugi doesn’t sense the same evil around him either. But if Joey’s opponent isn’t Marik, than who is? Yugi glances back to the real Marik and wonders if it’s him. Marik angrily tells himself that his plans are ruined if he’s exposed, for he still must learn about Kaiba’s role in the ancient scriptures. Odion holds out his Millenium Rod and shouts out that only the real Marik holds its power. Then Odion orders Mystical Beast to attack Joey and end the duel. The gang realizes that this is it, and they embrace themselves for the attack.

However, before Mystical Beast can hit Joey, Marik orders Odion to stop his attack. Odion holds back his attack, and the gang wonders what just happened. Marik tells Odion to play the Egyptian God card, The Winged Dragon of Ra. It’s the only way for everyone to be convinced that Odion is Marik. Odion claims that it’s too dangerous. Marik insists that Odion play The Winged Dragon of Ra so that he may rule as Pharaoh!

These are the cards used in this episode.

The Legendary Fisherman – 1850/1600
Jinzo – 2400/1500
Insect Queen – 2200/2400

Mystical Beast of Serket – 2500/2000
Swords of Revealing Light – Magic


Awakening of Evil, Part 3

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