Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-94 A Duel With Destiny, Part 2

Season 2-94 – A Duel With Destiny, Part 2

“An Attack that Changes the Future” (未来を変える一撃)
Aired Japan: February 12, 2002
Aired USA: October 18, 2003

ScreenShot: 94: A Duel With Destiny (2) The duel between Kaiba and Ishizu continues. Kaiba asks Ishizu if she thinks destiny is still on her side, or has she finally realized the truth? Ishizu tells herself that she has seen the future quite clearly. Kaiba will lose at the hands of his own Egyptian God card. Joey is surprised that Ishizu is keeping calm, even though Kaiba has wiped out her powerful monsters. Tristan thinks Ishizu might know something after all, but Duke thinks it’s all an act. Yugi wonders what would happen if Ishizu were to lose. Would Marik’s evil grow even stronger? Ishizu joined the tournament to help defeat the evil in Marik, so she has to win! Kaiba reminds Ishizu that most of her monsters are in the graveyard. Marik thinks Kaiba is a fool for thinking that skill will win him the game. Kaiba can’t deny his ancient past.

Kaiba has 2950 life points, and Ishizu has 2400 life points. Ishizu predicts that Kaiba will come after her Magic cards next. Kaiba activates his face down card, Virus Cannon. He uses it to destroy ten cards from Ishizu’s deck. Kaiba laughs, stating that almost every Magic card in Ishizu’s deck has been sent to the graveyard. He thinks Ishizu’s deck is no longer a threat, since almost all of her cards are gone. He asks Ishizu if she still thinks he’s going to lose. Ishizu says yes. Kaiba has sealed his own fate. Ishizu says that Kaiba has fallen right into her trap. Kaiba can’t believe it since her Magic cards are suppose to be destroyed, but Ishizu tells him that she still has her Trap cards. She activates her Trap card, Exchange of the Spirit. At the cost of 1000 life points, this Trap card replaces the cards in each player’s deck with the cards in their graveyards. Kaiba has a blank look on his face. He’s now only left with six cards in his deck!

Meanwhile, Mokuba continues to translate the text on The Winged Dragon of Ra. So far everything is good. Soon, he and Kaiba will know how the Egyptian God card works. Mokuba looks at the monitor that displays the status of Kaiba’s duel. He notices that Kaiba is in trouble, so he takes off to help him.

Kaiba is shock. How could he have let this happen? Yugi says playing Exchange of the Spirit allowed Ishizu to bring back her powerful monsters while destroying Kaiba’s deck at the same time. Marik notices Ishizu hasn’t lost her touch. She played the same tricks on him when he was a child. Yugi restates Ishizu’s plan to the gang. Now Kaiba only has six cards to work with. Once he uses them up, he will lose the duel.

Ishizu begins her turn. She draws and summons Kelbek in attack mode. Joey thinks Kaiba is toast. There’s no way he can turn the duel around with six cards! Téa mentions that Kaiba still has his Egyptian God card in his hand. Ishizu then places one card face down and ends her turn. Kaiba realizes he will be humiliated if he loses this tournament. Joey loves seeing Kaiba squirm like this.

Mokuba appears and runs up to his brother. He asks Kaiba what happened. Kaiba ignores Mokuba’s question and asks if he finished translating the card. Mokuba replies that there’s still one more line left to translate. Kaiba is frustrated with the way things are turning out. It’s Kaiba’s turn now. Ishizu says he will draw Virus Cannon. Kaiba draws a card, and indeed it’s Virus Cannon. Ishizu tells Kaiba to play the card. He cannot escape the future! Kaiba angrily plays the card and activates it. However, Ishizu has a Trap ready. She activates Muko, which sends Virus Cannon straight to the graveyard. It’s almost the end for Kaiba. Ishizu asks if Kaiba has accepted the power of her Millenium Necklace. Kaiba just tells her to make her move.

Joey states that Kaiba’s Dark Gremlin is standing there doing nothing when everyone knows it’s stronger than Ishizu’s monster. So why doesn’t Kaiba attack? Yugi thinks Kaiba doesn’t want to attack yet. Since Kaiba needs three monsters to sacrifice in order to summon his Egyptian God card, he may be planning on sacrificing Ishizu’s monsters instead. Kaiba realizes that the only way to win the duel is to play his Egyptian God card. Then Ishizu will dwell in fear by the card she gave him!

Ishizu draws and summons Zorga in attack mode. Ishizu predicts Kaiba will soon sacrifice her monsters to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Kaiba tells himself that he only has a few cards left in his deck, but he has everything he needs to win the duel. Yugi shouts to Kaiba that he’s way over his head. Yugi says Kaiba has seen the damage Marik has done. Kaiba may be next. There’s an ancient magic at work, and Kaiba can’t deny it. Kaiba decides to ignore Yugi and tells Ishizu to make her move. Ishizu says Kaiba will regret those words. She orders Zorga to attack. Zorga attack and destroys Dark Gremlin, and Kaiba loses 100 life points. Then Ishizu tells Kelbek to attack Kaiba directly. Kelbek attacks, and Kaiba loses 1500 more life points, bringing his total down to 1350. Finally, Ishizu places one card face down and ends.

Kaiba knows Ishizu placed down a Trap, but what kind of Trap is it? He knows he must save his life points long enough to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Kaiba draws, and Ishizu activates her card, Muko. Just as before, Muko sends Kaiba’s card straight to the graveyard. Duke says Kaiba is running low of cards. Joey says Kaiba must summon Obelisk fast if he wants to win. Tristan agrees, but is it even possible? Joey says it’s possible, but it’s going to be a long shot. Mokuba cheers for Kaiba. Kaiba knows that he must sacrifice three monsters to summon Obelisk. That’s where Ishizu comes in. He plans on using Soul Exchange to sacrifice Ishizu’s monsters once Ishizu summons a third monster. So Kaiba places one card face down and ends his turn.

Joey hopes whatever face down Kaiba played is strong because one more direct attack and Kaiba is finished. Yugi thinks Kaiba has no chance of winning if Ishizu’s Millennium Necklace is telling the truth. It must be Kaiba’s destiny to lose! Ishizu knows Kaiba’s plan. He will plan on using Soul Exchange to summon his Egyptian God card, but as soon as he does, it will be the end for Kaiba. Ishizu places one card face down. She tells herself that this Trap card is the key to her victory and the key to Kaiba’s destruction. It’s effect has already started working. A biotic blaster has already been hidden inside one of her monsters. When Kaiba sacrifices her monsters, the biotic blaster will be transferred to Obelisk the Tormentor. Ishizu then summons Agito in attack mode.

Kaiba is pleased because now the stage is set for his plan to work. Marik thinks the way Ishizu has toyed with Kaiba’s mind is quite amusing. Suddenly, Kaiba wonders if Ishizu is expecting him to play Soul Exchange. He could be walking into a trap! But Kaiba realizes this is his only moment to summon his Egyptian God card. He reveals his face down card, Soul Exchange. He uses it to sacrifice Ishizu’s three monsters and summons Obelisk the Tormentor. Marik thinks things are now getting interesting. Joey is surprised with Kaiba’s move. Kaiba asks Ishizu if she still thinks he’s going to lose. It’s time to see which is stronger: Ishizu’s necklace or his Egyptian God card! Kaiba says counting on a piece of jewelry to win this duel is pathetic! A duel takes skill and an extremely powerful deck, but Ishizu will see that soon enough. Ishizu thinks Kaiba is sadly mistaken. She secretly played her Trap card, Sacrifice’s Blast, which infused her own monster with a self-destructing weapon, a weapon that now lives deep within Obelisk the Tormentor. When Kaiba played Soul Exchange to sacrifice her monsters, this Trap card infected Kaiba’s Egyptian God card. So, when Kaiba orders Obelisk to attack, the weapon will self-destruct inside of Obelisk, and Kaiba will lose the rest of his life points.

Kaiba tells Ishizu that she has no monsters left on her field. As soon as he attacks, she’s done for. Téa asks Yugi if Ishizu could still be right about Kaiba losing, even though Kaiba has an Egyptian God card on the field. However, Yugi doesn’t answer her. A bunch of thoughts are going on inside Yugi’s head. Ishizu predicted Kaiba would lose, but how can Kaiba lose if he has an Egyptian God card on the field? Could Ishizu’s necklace be wrong, or does she have a strategy to defend his attack? Kaiba states the end is here. No one can survive the fury of Obelisk! Ishizu says Obelisk once belonged to her, and that she can see the future very clearly.

In the future, Kaiba orders Obelisk to attack, completely unaware of Ishizu’s trap. As soon as Obelisk begins to attack, the bomb inside of Obelisk gets triggered and takes the Egyptian God card down. Kaiba will then lose the duel.

Marik thinks the duel won’t last much longer. Once Kaiba is defeated, Ishizu will come looking for her brother. Suddenly, Marik’s Millennium Rod begins to glow. Kaiba orders Obelisk to attack, but the Millennium Rod emits bright beams of light. Yugi wonders what’s happening. Joey tells everyone to check out Kaiba. Yugi says he stopped his attack for some reason. Kaiba has a weird feeling inside. He sees visions of the stone tablet flashing in front of him. Kaiba wonders if this is one of Ishizu’s tricks. Suddenly, a stone tablet depicting the picture of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon appears in front of Kaiba. Kaiba wonders what this all means. Marik angrily stares at his Millennium Rod. He says someone else must be controlling it. Yugi notices the Millennium Rod is affecting Kaiba. Suddenly, Kaiba’s instincts tell him that Obelisk isn’t the answer. He feels as if his Blue-Eyes was calling out to him. This goes against Kaiba’s entire strategy, but he now knows that he must attack Ishizu with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

ScreenShot: 94: A Duel With Destiny (2)Kaiba plays his Magic card, Silent Doom, which allows him to summon Gadget Soldier in defense mode. Ishizu is shocked to see Kaiba making a move that her necklace did not predict. Everything has now changed! Kaiba says he must have two monsters to sacrifice in order to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon. So he sacrifices his Egyptian God card and Gadget Soldier to summon his dragon. Ishizu is stunned by the fact Kaiba changed the future by summoning his dragon. Marik wonders what Kaiba saw. Ishizu thinks something in Kaiba’s past must have awakened inside him, for he was the ancient keeper of Blue-Eyes White Draogn. Kaiba asks Ishizu how Blue-Eyes surprised her if she could foresee all his moves. Kaiba orders his Blue-Eyes to attack. The dragon attacks and wipes out the rest of Ishizu’s life points.

Roland announces Kaiba as the winner of the duel. Mokuba is happy that his brother won. Yugi thinks Marik’s Millennium Rod showed Kaiba that secret to winning the duel. It must have something to do with the images carved in the stone tablet. Kaiba’s destiny is connected with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so that’s why Kaiba had to play it. Ishizu is impressed with Kaiba. He managed to overcome the power of her Millennium Necklace. The past is the key to his power. Kaiba insists that it was his superior skills and intelligence that won him the duel. Ishizu says she was a taught a lesson about the nature of destiny. Now she has been given hope for changing the future of her brother. However, she secretly knows the task will be far greater than ever. She will need the strength of wisdom of the people around her, especially Kaiba.

Ishizu admits that she lost the duel, but she gained something important from this. She knows Kaiba will help save her brother. Kaiba tells Ishizu to believe whatever she wants. He’s only in this tournament for himself. He walks down from the dueling platform, and Mokuba cheers for him. As Kaiba passes by Yugi and the gang, he tells Yugi to begin preparing for their duel soon. Yugi says he will, and Kaiba walks away. Ishizu knows when the time is right, Kaiba will accept his role destiny has for him, and the world and her brother will be saved.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Dark Gremlin – 1600/1800
Virus Cannon – Trap
Soul Exchange – Magic
Silent Doom – Magic
Gadget Soldier – 1800/2000
Blue-Eyes White Dragon – 3000/2500

Exchange of the Spirit – Trap
Kelbek – 1500/1800
Muko x2 – Trap
Zorga – 1700/1200
Agito – 1500/1300


A Duel With Destiny, Part 2

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