Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-95 The Tomb-Keeper’s Secret

Season 2-95 – The Tomb-Keeper’s Secret

“The Truth of the Ishtar Family Revealed”
Aired Japan: February 19, 2002
Aired USA: October 25, 2003

ScreenShot: 95: The Tomb-Keeper's Secret Kaiba asks Mokuba if he has translated the text of The Winged Dragon of Ra. As Kaiba and Mokuba enter the computer room, Mokuba says he’s close, but the network main frame is still having trouble with the last few words. Mokuba brings the picture of the card up on the main screen. Kaiba has a look at it, and to his surprise, he can clearly read the text written on the card! But how can Kaiba read a language he’s never even seen before? Suddenly, Kaiba remembers Marik stating only those with origins of Egypt can read the text. He then recalls Ishizu pointing out that he’s the sorcerer that’s carved on the stone tablet. Then, Kaiba recalls the time where he was shown a vision of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon tablet during his duel with Ishizu. Kaiba falls to his knees, saying that the Egyptian myths are beginning to affect his head.

Roland announces that round one of the Battle City finals is now complete. The four remaining duelists are Yugi, Joey, Kaiba and Marik. The tournament will resume the next day when they land at their next dueling site. Yugi says they won’t be dueling on the blimp anymore. Joey replies he was getting airsick anyway. Yugi says the important thing is that they made it to the next round. Joey says Kaiba and Marik better watch out. It’s sort of like Duelist Kingdom all over again. Yugi agrees. Téa tells her friends they have some serious resting to do. Yugi agrees since the tournament has been pretty intense. Téa doesn’t think it can get much worse – Bakura and Odion are knocked out, and Mai is in the Shadow Realm, thanks to Marik. Joey reassures his friends that he and Yugi will stop Marik. Then the group decides to check up on Mai.

Before the group enters Mai’s room, Ishizu greets them. She asks if she can visit Mai as well. The gang comes together around Mai’s bed. Joey asks his sister if Mai has said a word. Serenity replies not a word. Joey apologizes to Mai for letting her down, but he swears to get her revenge against Marik. Serenity says revenge will only make things worst. Marik is so full of hate that he gets pleasure from watching people suffer. Serenity begins to cry. When she took of her bandages, this is not what she wanted to see. Ishizu tells the gang wherever there’s evil, there is also good, for Marik was good once. The gang all turn their faces to Ishizu. Ishizu explains Marik began life as an innocent child, but eventually that innocence disappeared. Ishizu remembers when this dark evil was formed. It happened on the night when Marik received the Tombkeeper’s initiation and inherited the task of protecting the Pharaoh’s tomb, a task he disliked. Now this dark evil has completely taken over Marik’s body. Yugi asks what will happen if Marik can’t be saved. He thought it was his duty to save the world from destruction. That meant defeating Marik, not saving him! Marik has already caused enough damage, so he must be stopped.

Joey thinks Yugi has a point. It might already be too late to save Marik from the evil. Téa agrees. Ishizu insists there is still hope. There’s still much the gang doesn’t understand. It wasn’t long ago when Marik began to turn towards the darkness. For five thousand years, a member of Ishizu’s family has guarded the Pharaoh’s tomb, waiting for the Pharaoh himself to return. As the first-born son, Marik was required to bear the Pharaoh’s secret on his back and was forbidden to ever leave the tomb.

Then, in a flashback, Marik is in his bed telling his sister that he’s going. Ishizu tries to keep Marik quiet, but Marik says their father is already asleep. Marik says Ishizu promised to take him outside one day, so why can’t they go now? Ishizu tells her brother they both will be in trouble if their father were to find out. They are forbidden to see the outside world. Marik tells his sister to relax because Odion will cover for them. Ishizu isn’t sure about it, and Marik continues to beg. Odion assures Ishizu that everything will be all right. After some more begging, Ishizu finally agrees to take Marik outside. However, after one hour, they will go back and never speak a word of it. Marik is happy. He can now see how the surface dwellers live!

While Marik and Ishizu make their way outside, Odion uses blankets to make it look like Marik is sleeping. As Marik and Ishizu step outside, Ishizu reminds Marik they only have one hour. Secretly, Ishizu knew they were violating their family’s rules, but she also knew Marik deserved to see the outside world at least once in his life. Then, Marik and Ishizu walk through a marketplace. Marik is amazed at the amount of people there are in the marketplace. He never dreamed it would be anything so amazing! Ishizu tells Marik not to grow too attached. Marik says don’t worry. He then sees a book laying on the ground. Marik picks it up and flips through the pages. He notices the pictures inside the book look nothing like his scriptures. Then Marik sees a picture of a man riding a motorcycle.

Suddenly, Marik hears something nearby. He walks up to a television set. He notices the man inside the “glass box” also has one of these “machines”. The seller asks Marik if he’s never seen a TV before. Ishizu pulls Marik away, saying he’s impossible. Marik wants to know what the glass box and the machine was. Ishizu explains the glass box is a TV and machine is a motorcycle. Marik gets all excited because he wants to ride one. However, as long as he’s a Tombkeeper, he never will be able to ride one. Ishizu knows Marik has seen enough. She tells him the one hour is finally up. Marik isn’t ready to leave yet, but Ishizu says he promised. Marik gives in but wants to keep the book he found. Ishizu tells him if their father finds it, they are in trouble. But she agrees that Marik can keep the picture of the motorcycle.

Suddenly, Marik and Ishizu are confronted by Shadi. Shadi tells them the Pharaoh will soon return. Ishizu wants to know who he is. Shadi tells them to prepare themselves. Their lives and their destiny depend on it. However, if they reject their sacred duty, nothing but tragedy will come from it. Ishizu asks who he is again, but Shadi walks away without responding to her.

The flashback ends; Ishizu continues to tell her story. She knew she made a mistake. As the keepers of the Pharaoh’s tomb, she and Marik were forbidden to see the outside world, and now Ishizu is beginning to see why. She should have never exposed Marik to the outside, for she will soon pay the price for her actions. Marik began to reject his family, and the evil within him grew.

The flashback continues up again. Marik and Ishizu search for Shadi, but he’s gone. Marik wonders who that guy was and where he come from. How did he know they were waiting for the Pharaoh? Ishizu tells Marik they never should have come. She wants him to forget about everything, but deep down Ishizu knew that was an impossible task. As Marik and Ishizu approach the steps to their own world, Marik asks why they have to go down to the darkness. Ishizu says it’s not their choice. Before, Marik and Ishizu walk down the steps, Marik climbs on top of some rock and imagines himself riding on a motorcycle. He dreams of escaping his own world on one of them and becoming free.

Finally, Marik decides to follow Ishizu back. When walking down the stairs, Marik notices a reel with rope attached to it. Ishizu thinks it’s some kind of alarm, but she could not see it before because of the darkness. Ishizu tells Marik they must hurry and get to their beds now. Marik and Ishizu run to their rooms. When they get there, they notice the room had been ransacked. The bed was torn apart and book were scrambled on the floor. Marik, thinking Odion is in danger, searches for him. Marik and Ishizu finally find Odion lying on the floor in critical condition. Their father says Odion was suppose to protect Marik. Now he wants Odion to leave and never return. Then their father turns to Marik and Ishizu. He can’t believe they did what they did. Now Odion must pay the price by leaving forever.

Marik takes a step forward, and soon his dark side emerges. The Dark Marik laughs. Marik’s father orders his son to stop laughing. The Dark Marik says his father doesn’t scare him anymore. He walks to the case that holds the Millennium Rod. Marik’s father says he shall inherit that when the time is right. Dark Marik tells him to just keep quiet. He picks up the Millennium Rod, and his father orders him to drop it. Dark Marik points the Millennium Rod at his father and uses it to slam his father against the wall. Ishizu tells Marik to stop, but Dark Marik slams Ishizu against the wall too. Ishizu says he isn’t Marik, and Dark Marik agrees. Then Dark Marik walks towards his father and says it’s time to send him to the Shadow Realm.

Using his Millennium Rod, Dark Marik successfully sends his father to the Shadow Realm. Then Dark Marik walks towards Odion and is about to destroy him as well. However, Odion awakens and says he needs to protect Marik. The evil inside of Marik vanishes, and the normal Marik returns. He instantly drops the Millennium Rod and wonders what happened. Odion puts his arms around Marik’s body and says it’s all right now. Suddenly, Shadi appears, and Marik recognizes him as the stranger he met earlier. He wants Shadi to stay away. Shadi says Marik has taken his first step to ultimate darkness. Soon, the Pharaoh will return, and Marik must turn back before it’s too late!

The flashback ends. Yugi thinks the anger and jealousy inside of Marik fed the evil inside him. Joey has no remorse for Marik at all. Thanks to Marik, Mai is trapped in the Shadow Realm, and now she is living one of her worst nightmares. Ishizu tells Yugi that it’s possible to destroy the evil inside Marik without destroying the good. She has realized destiny can be changed. Yugi wonders how. Ishizu says as the Pharaoh’s vessel, only he has the power to do it.

ScreenShot: 95: The Tomb-Keeper's SecretRoland announces lights out in two minutes. Tristan is excited that it’s almost time to crash in Joey’s room. Joey doesn’t know what Tristan’s talking about. Tristan says he’ll never even know he’s there, but Joey says he’ll know by the smell. Joey turns to Yugi and says they both need their sleep. Odds are one of them will be dueling Marik. Serenity asks Joey how he knows he and Yugi won’t be dueling each other. Joey tells Serenity to watch out, or she will jinx them! Before everyone leaves, Ishizu tells Yugi there’s one more thing she must give to him. She takes the Millennium Necklace off her neck and gives it to Yugi. Fate chose her to wear it, but now it’s time for her to pass it on. It no longer shows her the future anymore. Now, Ishizu has completed her mission, but Yugi’s mission has only begun.

Everyone leaves the room. Yugi thinks he will need both Millennium items to put an end to Marik’s plan. Ishizu begins to leave, but Téa stops her. She asks Ishizu if Yugi stops the evil inside Marik, then does that mean the world will be saved from danger? Téa wonders if there’s another evil out there somewhere. Ishizu isn’t sure. These are answers Yugi must discover for herself. Ishizu leaves, and soon Téa’s eyes go blank. Marik takes control of Téa’s body, as a portion of his spirit still lies within Téa. Téa, who is under Marik’s control, walks into Bakura’s room and sets the Millennium Ring next to Bakura’s pillow. Marik uses the Millennium Ring to deliver a portion of his spirit into Bakura as well. The Millennium Ring glows, and Bakura’s eyes instantly open.

Yugi lies in his bed, saying the Battle City finals end tomorrow. Yami appears and tells Yugi he must sleep. Yugi says he’s worried, but Yami assures him that they can do this. Yugi thinks so much has gone out of hand. Just when he has Marik figured out, he becomes twenty times more evil than he was in the first place. Yami says they will defeat him. Yugi still isn’t sure after what happened to Mai. He says, “Let me guess, if we trust in the heart of the cards, we can beat this guy.” Yami says yes. Yugi turns over and begins to cry. It’s so much more than just a card game, and he doesn’t want to lose any more friends.

Marik walks into Odion’s room, planning on sending him to the Shadow Realm. He takes out his Millennium Rod, ready to do his evil deed, when he hears a voice. Marik turns around and sees Bakura standing in the shadows. “The spirit of the Millennium Ring,” Marik says. Bakura says he’s half right, but he also has company. The good Marik appears next to Bakura. Dark Marik notices that his weaker half has merged with Bakura. Good Marik says he wants his body back, and he’s brought Bakura along to help him get it. Bakura says Good Marik promised him the Millennium Rod if he can successfully defeat Dark Marik. Dark Marik laughs, recognizing Bakura as the fool who is trying to collect the Millennium items. He says his Rod can easily overpower Bakura’s Ring. Bakura says to try it. So, Dark Marik uses his Rod to slam Bakura against the wall. Then he turns away towards Odion. But before Dark Marik can finish off Odion, Bakura uses his Ring to freeze Dark Marik. Dark Marik concludes both their Millennium items are equal in power. However, Dark Marik offers Bakura to duel him for the Millennium Rod.

The two of them meet at the dueling arena. They raise the stakes a bit – the winner keeps the Millennium Rod and the loser will be banished into the Shadow Realm. Bakura tells Dark Marik to draw his cards and let the shadow game begin!


The Tomb-Keeper's Secret

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