Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-96 Showdown in the Shadows, Part 1

Season 2-96 – Showdown in the Shadows, Part 1

“Darkness Vs. Darkness” (闇 Vs. 闇)
Aired Japan: February 26, 2002
Aired USA: October 25, 2003

ScreenShot: 96: Showdown in the Shadows (1) Yugi is asleep in his room. In Joey’s room, Duke is sleeping on an extra bed, while Joey and Tristan share the same bed. Joey begins talking in his sleep and accidentally punches Tristan in the face. But Tristan continues to sleep without feeling much of anything. In Joey’s dream, we see Joey and Mai talking to each other. Joey says he’s glad that Mai is all right again. Mai says Joey has bigger things to worry about right now, but she doesn’t want him to forget her. Then suddenly, an image of Mai trapped to the stone tablet back at her duel appears in Joey’s mind. Joey mumbles Mai not to go. He promises to get her back from the Shadow Realm. In Mai’s room, Serenity has fallen asleep on her chair. Odion and Ishizu are also sleeping in their beds. Téa is in Bakura’s room. Her upper body is resting on Bakura’s bed, while her legs are on the floor.

Meanwhile, Kaiba is on the computer. He is still surprised about the fact that he can read the text on the card and his computer cannot. Now all he has to do is win it from Marik.

Marik and Bakura are in the dueling arena ready to duel each other. Marik says the loser will pay the ultimate price. Bakura laughs, and Marik says he won’t be laughing when he banishes him to the Shadow Realm. Bakura says Marik will be trapped in eternal darkness. Marik knows Bakura has witnessed the attack of an Egyptian God card before (from Yugi’s duel), but Bakura was knocked out when Marik played his. So Bakura has no idea what to expect, or does he? Marik almost forgot that Bakura has the good Marik to call upon for help. Bakura nods his head, saying he knows Marik’s strategy and deck inside and out. Marik tells himself his opponents are in for a surprise because he changed most of the cards in his deck. Bakura knows about Marik’s Egyptian God card. Dark Marik doesn’t think Bakura will win just because his weaker side is helping out.

The good Marik talks face to face with his counterpart. He says he will win his body back when he’s through because destiny is on his side. Dark Marik says he’s taken over Marik’s destiny now. With it, he will claim the power of the Pharaoh himself while Bakura and Marik suffer in the shadows. Marik insists he will get his body back. While he was occupying Téa’s mind, he heard Ishizu tell the story about how his evil side was born. When he received his Tombkeeper’s initiation, his evil half was first seen. And it was Dark Marik who was responsible for sending his father to the Shadow Realm. Soon, Dark Marik will pay for what he did to him and his father. Dark Marik says he was born from Marik’s hate and jealousy, so he is also responsible. Marik claims he will make up for everything he’s done. In his mind, he hopes his father will forgive him.

Bakura thinks it’s all very touching. Marik now knows the truth. For years, he thought Shadi was the one who destroyed his father, but now he knows it was his darker side. Dark Marik thinks it’s too late for Marik to do anything about it. Marik says as soon as the duel is over, revenge will be his. Bakura notices Marik has kept away some secrets from him. Now if Marik wants his help, it will cost even more!

Before the duel begins, Bakura tells Marik there’s business to discuss. Marik says if he wins the duel, he will get the Millennium Rod. However, Bakura wants more. He thinks Marik is keeping away some secrets about the Pharaoh. Marik says if they win, he will tell all the secrets. Bakura laughs and tells Dark Marik to prepare to duel. Dark Marik uses his Millennium Rod to surround the dueling arena with the purple fog. Dark Marik explains as a duelist loses life points, the darkness of the Shadow Realm with slowly devour that duelist. Bakura wonders what Dark Marik means, and Dark Marik says to wait and see. Both duelists activate their duel disks, and the duel begins.

Bakura draws a card. He already sees his deck isn’t showing any mercy. Dark Marik tells himself mercy is for the weak, like Bakura. Bakura places a card face down and summons Goblin Zombie in attack mode. Marik draws and also places a card face down. Then he summons Drillago in attack mode. He orders Drillago to attack. Bakura activates his Trap card, Fearful Earthbound. Good Marik explains when this Trap card is activated, the opponent loses 500 life points each time his monster attacks. Dark Marik says he’s still sending Bakura’s monster to the graveyard. Bakura says feel free to do that. Not only will Dark Marik lose life points for each time he attacks, but whenever one of his monsters are sent to the graveyard, he grows stronger. Drillago destroys Goblin Zombie, but before Dark Marik can lose life points, he activates his face down card, Remove Trap. It destroys Fearful Earthbound, and Dark Marik is safe. Bakura grins, stating it will take more than a Magic card to beat him. Dark Marik agrees, but at the looks of Bakura’s arm, things aren’t looking too well. Bakura loses 500 life points, and a portion of his arm disappears. Bakura stares at his arm in horror and demands to know what happened. Dark Marik explains again the rules of the shadow game. Whenever a player loses life points, so will a portion of that player’s body until the Shadow Realm has claimed all!

Bakura says he’s very familiar on how the Shadow Realm operates. Besides it’s Dark Marik who will be going there. Dark Marik disagrees. He has the ultimate weapon: The Winged Dragon of Ra! Bakura says with the help of the good Marik, he will prevail.

Meanwhile, as Yugi sleeps in his bed, the Millennium Puzzle glows. Yugi finds himself in a room filled with toys. He notices the room is very familiar, but he doesn’t know where he’s seen it before. Yugi opens the door, and suddenly realizes that he’s inside of his mind. On the opposite side of his room lies Yami’s room. Yugi’s been in it once before, and it was very dangerous. However, this time, he’s hoping to find clues. Yugi opens the door and enters Yami’s room. He sees so many staircases and doors. Talk about a complex mind! Yami approaches Yugi, asking if something is wrong. Yugi apologizes for the disturbance, but he is a little worried. He thinks things are getting out of hand and the danger is continuing to grow. Yami agrees. Yugi is beginning to understand what Yami’s complex mind means. All of the doors and levels represent all of the mysteries and questions Yami has about his past. Yugi promises Yami that they will figure everything out soon.

Back at the duel, Bakura begins his turn. He draws. Dark Marik says it doesn’t matter what card Bakura plays. He knows Bakura’s deck well, and none of his moves will surprise him. Bakura already has Destiny Board in his mind, but if Dark Marik is familiar with it, then that won’t help. Dark Marik thinks stalling won’t do much either. It will just delay the appearance of his Egyptian God card. Dark Marik says he’s waiting. Bakura knows his opponent only has one monster on the field. So if Dark Marik does have his Egyptian God card in his hand, he still won’t be able to play it, since Ra requires three sacrifices. Marik says Ra is no threat. Bakura wants Marik to keep quiet, but Marik says he knows the secret to Ra. Dark Marik continues to lose his patience. Bakura has just received Marik’s plan, but Marik may lose his body in the process. Marik says he’ll risk it. Bakura places two cards face down and summons Gernia in defense mode.

Dark Marik wonders what Bakura is trying to do. But it doesn’t matter to him anyways. Once he draws The Winged Dragon of Ra, everything will be over. Dark Marik begins his turn by drawing. He plays Card of Sanctity, which forces both players to draw until each player hold six cards. Dark Marik is hoping to get his Egyptian God card from this move, but he doesn’t get it. Bakura notices Dark Marik didn’t get what he wanted, so he activates his Trap card, Multiple Destruction. Both players must now discard their hand to the graveyard and draw five new cards. However, Bakura takes 100 life points for each card he discarded. He loses 600 life points, and more of his body disappears. Dark Marik wonders if this is a trick. Why would he destroy himself? Dark Marik discards and draws five new cards. He still hasn’t drawn his Egyptian God card. So he places a card face down and ends.
Back in Yami’s room, Yugi and Yami sit next to each other on one of the stairways. Yami reminds Yugi about the last time he came in the room. It was when Shadi entered Yugi’s mind, trying to find the truth. However, Shadi fell into traps and couldn’t find the answers he was looking for. Just like Shadi, Yami also searched the maze in search of answers, but he has come to no avail. Yugi says Shadi still hasn’t given up on them because he appeared on the blimp. Yugi also says Marik mentioned he has the secret to the Pharaoh’s power printed on his back. Yami thinks Marik may hold the answers they have been looking for. He thinks he and Yugi make a great team. The two friends shake hands.

ScreenShot: 96: Showdown in the Shadows (1)At the duel, Bakura draws. He sacrifices Gernia to summon Puppet Master. Even though Puppet Master has 0 attack points, it has a special ability. For the cost of 1000 life points, Bakura brings back three monsters from the graveyard. Dark Marik reminds Bakura he cannot attack with those monsters this turn. However, Bakura doesn’t plan on attacking. He has another plan. He activates the Magic card, Dark Designator. It forces Dark Marik to move a card from his deck into his hand. Bakura chooses Dark Marik’s Egyptian God card, The Winged Dragon of Ra. He tells Dark Marik to enjoy it now, for soon it will be his!

Dark Marik says Bakura’s attempt to steal Ra will fail. Bakura ignores Dark Marik’s comment and activates his face down card, Exchange. Both players must now exchange one card with each other. Dark Marik walks to Bakura’s side of the field and Bakura swipes The Winged Dragon of Ra from his hand. Then Bakura holds his hand, and Dark Marik takes Monster Reborn. While Dark Marik walks back to his side, Bakura says he’ll see Ra very soon. Dark Marik isn’t too worried though. He knows Bakura won’t be able to control the card. The good Marik steps in and says The Winged Dragon of Ra can be controlled by anyone who recites the ancient text. Dark Marik says Bakura will need more than Marik’s help to defeat him. Bakura says his partner knows everything Dark Marik does. After all, he is his other half! Dark Marik says, “Wrong! I am complete without him!” Good Marik exclaims one more turn to go, and The Winged Dragon of Ra will cast Dark Marik into the shadows!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Goblin Zombie – 1100/1050
Fearful Earthbound – Trap
Gernia – 1300/1200
Multiple Destruction – Trap
Puppet Master – 0/0
Dark Designator – Magic
Exchange – Magic

Drillago – 1600/1100
Remove Trap – Magic
Card of Sanctity – Magic


Showdown in the Shadows, Part 1

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