YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-11 The Opening of a Rumoured Monster Capsule

Season 0 – 11 – The Opening of a Rumored Monster Capsule

“The Rumored Capmon – It’s a New Arrival”
“Uwasa no Kapumon – Shin Tōjōda ze” (噂のカプモン 新登場だぜ)
Aired JAPAN: June 13, 1998

The episode starts off with a large box on Miho’s desk. Anzu asks what it is, and Miho says it’s a present. Honda is worried that it might a bomb, and Jounouchi gives him a weird look. Miho unwraps the present, and the group is surprised at what they see. Anzu states it’s a Gacha box. Yuugi agrees; it’s a capsule monster one. Jounouchi wonders what those are. Yuugi explains Capsule Monsters are also known as Capumon. They’re popular with elementary school students. The capsules are each labeled with a number, also known as the monsters power level, and the monsters can be used in a game similar to Chess. The player who can defeat all of his opponent’s monsters wins. Before the game begins, only the players know the power levels of their opponent’s monsters. Yuugi says he’s really into it.

ScreenShot: 11: The Opening of a Rumoured Monster Capsule

Jounouchi doesn’t think Miho would be entertained by something like this. However, Miho exclaims that she loves it. She has already opened some of the capsules, and jewelry came out of it. Anzu is a little suspicious. She asks Miho who sent this to school. Miho replies it was a college student who she met recently. His name is Warashibe.

After school, Honda begs Miho not to go, as Miho walks away with her Gacha box. Jounouchi tells Honda to give it up, since Honda can’t even afford a 500 yen (about 5.50 USD) Capumon. This makes Honda cry even more. Anzu tells Jououchi to stop. Then she notices Yuugi isn’t at school.

Yuugi is running down the streets. He notices a long line of kids standing behind a Gacha box with Capsule Monsters. At the front of a line is Warashibe, who is trying to get a high-level monster. Finally, he receives a level 5 monster. Yuugi calls out to Warashibe. Warashibe greets Yuugi with a smile. The two of them walk to a park. Warashibe asks if Miho was happy with her present. Yuugi says yes. Warashibe is pleased, but he wants to do more for Miho, who he truly loves. He remembers the time when he was working hard to get new Capumon. Suddenly, he sees Miho passing by with a smile on her face. She was almost like a Capumon Fairy! Warashibe instantly fell in love, and he began following Miho. He couldn’t believe Miho was a friend of Yuugi, his Capumon buddy. Warashibe thinks he and Miho were connected by fate. He wants to win Miho’s heart before new Capumon and everything else. Believing his heart for Miho will grow, he asks Yuugi if he’s right. Yuugi sighs, telling himself that Warashibe takes things a little too far.

Miho walks into the game shop owned by Yuugi’s Grandpa. After being greeted by them, Miho asks Yuugi if there are any Capumon left. Yuugi says yes, and he hands her a level 1 Capumon. Then Yuugi asks Miho what she plans on doing with it. Miho says, “Not much.” She opens the capsule and notes that the monster isn’t very cute. She wonders why people like to collect them. Grandpa laughs. He tells Miho that Capumon are not for collecting. They are for battling your opponents. He takes out a game board and asks Miho if she wants to try. Miho backs away, saying she isn’t interested in battle. Then she says goodbye to Yuugi and Grandpa, and leaves.

The next morning, someone calls out for Yuugi. Yuugi opens the front door and sees Warashibe. Warshibe tells him there’s big trouble. He asks Yuugi to come with him. Warashibe leads Yuugi to a site full of warehouses. Warashibe says it’s his secret base. They walk inside one of the warehouses, and Warashibe turns on the light. In the warehouse are boxes full of level 4 and level 5 Capumon. Yuugi is amazed at Warashibe’s collection. Warashibe explains there isn’t a single Capumon he hasn’t obtained. Once he adds the Capumon, Miho, into his collection, it will be perfect. Yuugi laughs since Miho isn’t a Capumon. Warashibe knows that, but fate has already determined Miho’s destiny to become a Capumon goddess. He takes out an envelope and hands it to Yuugi. The envelope is a “thank you” note from Miho. It says that Miho is studying hard to understand the different Capumon out there. Inside the envelepe is a Capumon, the same Capumon Yuugi gave to Miho the other night.

Warashibe wants to invite Miho over right now, but first he must set the stage. That’s why he needs Yuugi’s help. Warashibe tells Yuugi is plan (the viewers cannot hear what’s being said). Yuugi is in shock at Warashibe wants to do. Warashibe asks Yuugi if his plan is good. Yuugi doesn’t think so. Warashibe asks why, and Yuugi thinks Warashibe should just exchange more letters with Miho instead. Then Yuugi tries to run off to school. However, Warashibe pulls a lever and bars drop down on the entrance, sealing Yuugi in. Yuugi tells Warashibe to stop. He won’t help Warashibe anymore if Warshibe continues to act this way. Warashibe begins to cry. He thought he and Yuugi were Capumon friends! It’s only natural to help a friend, right? Yuugi sighs, thinking he made a troublesome friend.

Late in the afternoon, Miho is walking to her house. Suddenly, Yuugi, who has a red sheet around him, appears in front of Miho and orders her to do what he says. (Yuugi is trying to act like a criminal.) Miho doesn’t fall for the diguise and immediately recognizes Yuugi right away. Suddenly, something gets thrown at Yuugi’s forehead. Miho turns around and sees Warashibe. Warashibe asks Yuugi what he’s doing, and then he tackles Yuugi to the ground. Then Warashibe stands up and looks into Miho’s eyes. He introduces himself to Miho. Miho smiles, thinking this is all too weird! Warashibe asks Miho to come with him to a world of love. He grabs Miho’s arm. Miho tries to resist, but Warashibe tries to persuade her. Suddenly, Miho takes her bag and hits Warashibe several times with it. After a few whacks, Miho delivers the final blow, and Warashibe falls to the ground. Miho runs away, and Warashibe cries out for her. Yuugi feels sorry for Warashibe, but he hopes Warashibe will give up on her.

At night, Warashibe sits in his secret base. He gets angry at the fact that Miho ran away from him, and so his rage causes him to destroy a part of his Capumon collection. Warashibe continues to sulk at the situation. He ponders over a reason of why Miho ran away from him.

The next day at lunch, Jounouchi laughs at the fact that Warashibe tried to use the trick of pretending to save Miho. Anzu thinks the plan must have been hard on Yuugi. Yuugi apologizes to Miho for what happened yesterday. He tells her that Warashibe isn’t as bad as she thinks. However, Honda insists that Warashibe is a bad guy. He plans to protect Miho at all costs. Miho is glad that Honda can be reliable. Little does the group know that Warashibe is in disguise watching Yuugi, Jounouchi, Honda, Anzu and Miho talk about him. Warashibe, who is holding three glasses of water, tells himself that Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu are the ones who are messing with fate.

Jounouchi and Anzu sit at a lunch table. Jounouchi wishes how he could have seen that “Capumon guy”. Suddenly, Warashibe walks over to the table and sets down two glasses of water for Jounouchi and Anzu. Then he puts a glass of water on Honda’s lunch tray.

Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu have drinken the glasses of water, and now they are sick to their stomachs. The school nurse puts them to rest. Then she tells Yuugi and Miho that they are fine. She wonders what happened to Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu because the other students are fine as well. Yuugi is worried about Anzu. Warashibe stands outside the door of the nurse’s room. He smiles and then walks away.

Miho opens her locker and finds a note inside. The note is from Warashibe, and it says punishment is brought to those who mess with fate. Miho immediately knows who wrote the letter, and she is angry. After school, she finds Yuugi and tells him to bring her to Warashibe’s place. The two of them walk to the warehouse site.

Inside the warehouse, Warashibe organizes his Capumon collection. Suddenly, the doors open, and Miho and Yuugi appear at the entrance. Warashibe is happy to see Miho. He asks her if she has finally come for him. Miho yells at Warashibe for hurting Anzu. Yuugi is also pretty angry with Warashibe for what he did. He can’t believe Warashibe would do something like that! Warashibe says it couldn’t be helped; Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu got in the way of fate. Miho firmly says there is no fate. She tells Warashibe not to do this ever again. Warashibe thinks they should settle this with a game, a game of Capumon. If Miho wins, he promises not to bother Miho ever again. However, if Warashibe wins, then Miho has to be with him. Miho thinks for a moment and then agrees to the game.

Warashibe has the Crisis Hill game field set up. It’s a good field for a beginner like Miho. Now, each player must take turns drawing capsules from the box. Miho goes first. She ends up getting a level 1 capsule, and Warashibe gets a level 5 capsule. When each player has five capsules, they line them up on the game board. Miho has three level 1 capsules, a level 2 capsule and a level 4 capsule. Warashibe has three level 5 capsules and two level 4 capsules. Yuugi is worried about the outcome of the game because Warashibe has the advantage with his powerful monsters. Warashibe thinks he’s going to win, but Miho tells him the game hasn’t even started yet! With that, the game begins.

Both players take off the capsules, revealing their monsters. The first move goes to Miho. Miho has no idea what to do, even though she said she knew. Nevertheless, Miho makes a move. Yuugi doesn’t think Miho made a good move. Indeed, he’s right. Warashibe uses his monster, Gumbo, to destroy one of Miho’s monsters. This makes Miho mad. She plays her level 4 monster. Warashibe doesn’t think this will be much of a challenge. Miho begins yelling and waving her arms at Warashibe. Yuugi accidentally loses his balance and knocks into the box of Capumon. The box falls and splits open. Yuugi notices a strange device in it. That means Warashibe was cheating! Warashibe admits to it. The device alternates between low level Capumon and high level Capumon. Warashibe says he didn’t want to put Miho through a long, painful fight.

Miho thinks Warashibe is full of excuses. She declares victory. Warashibe says it’s no good. He takes off a sheet, revealing a gigantic gray capsule. Miho tells Yuugi they should run. They both try to run away. Warashibe pulls a lever and bars drop down, blocking the exit. Unfortunately, part of the pillars in the warehouse break, and they fall down where Yuugi and Miho are standing. Suddenly, Warashibe sees a glowing object from beneath the smoke. As the smoke clears, Yami Yuugi is standing with Miho in his arms. Yuugi says the prank has gone too far; it’s game time.

Yuugi has set Miho on the ground. Warashibe asks if they should restart the game, but Yuugi says it’s fine. He will pick up where Miho left off. Warashibe is surprised that Yuugi would want to use monsters that are a clear disadvantage to him. He laughs. Yuugi says they will start the game now, but this time it will be a Yami Game. Warashibe decides to go first. He places his monster in front of Yuugi’s monster. Both monsters come to life and engage in battle. They both destroy each other. Warashibe finds the new game style to be interesting. He sends his Dinosaurwing monster to destroy another one of Yuugi’s monsters. Warashibe tells Yuugi the levels are too different. Yuugi only has two monsters left!

Yuugi makes his move. He advances his monster to another spot on the board. Warashibe exclaims his monster is in the path of Yuugi’s monster. He has his monster destroy Yuugi’s monster. Now Yuugi only has one monster left, a level 2 monster. Warashibe thinks he wins. Yuugi tells Warashibe to take a closer look at the game board. Warashibe looks down and sees his monsters are all lined up in a diagonal row. Yuugi introduces his last monster, Torido. It’s level is too low, so it cannot turn easily. Plus, Torido is not suited for close combat; however, he does have one special move. Torido can perform a One-Hit KO attack up to seven consecutive spaces. Warashibe is shocked that Yuugi was able to sacrifice his own monsters to his advantage. Torido unleashes his attack, and Warashibe loses.

Yuugi walks away from Warashibe. He tells Warashibe that Capumon aren’t just about collecting. It’s how to use your monsters to win the game. Warashibe is furious about his loss. He flips over the game board and throws a tantrum. He wants Miho so badly. Yuugi states the door of darkness has been opened. A large capsule appears, and Warashibe gets locked inside of it. Yuugi says Capumon aren’t a collection. It’s a battle game. Then Yuugi takes Miho and leaves.

The next day, Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu are all back on their feet feeling better than ever. Honda can’t believe Miho fought Warashibe for him. He feels terrible about it. Jounouchi tells Honda not to say Capumon. Each time he says it, Jounouchi’s stomach starts to hurt. Anzu says “Capumon” to tease Jounouchi. Suddenly, Miho runs up to them and greets them. She announces that she got some great Capumon. Miho accidentally trips and falls. All of her Capumon (and there’s a lot of them) roll out of her bag. Miho laughs, and the others are left with their mouths wide open.



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