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Yu-Gi-Oh! premiered on WB on September 29, 2001. Yu-Gi-Oh! is the story of a boy named Yugi Mutou who must defeat the Game King from the Millenium Puzzle by defeating him in a series of games (duels).
A recurring game played by Yugi and his rival Kaiba is “Magic and Wizards”, a cross between Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Pyramid of Light 
(US: Aug 13, 2004, Japan: Nov 3, 2004) 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie  3D Bonds Beyond Time
(YuGiOh! 10th Anniversary Movie)

The Dark Side of Dimensions
(Japan: May 2016, USA: Jan 20, 2017, UK: Feb 1, 2017)

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Season 0 – Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王 Yū-Gi-Ō!)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王 Yū-Gi-Ō!, lit. “King of games”) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation based on chapters 1–59 (Volumes #1–7) of the manga of the same name written by Kazuki Takahashi. The series aired on TV Asahi between April 4, 1998, and October 10, 1998.

Yu-Gi-Oh! anime season 0 logo

Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title
-27. 0-1   04-Apr-1998   The Battle Starts! A Shadow Game!
-26. 0-2   11-Apr-1998   An Evil Game Player! The Dangerous Trap!
-25. 0-3   18-Apr-1998   It’s Come! The Strongest Monster!
-24. 0-4   25-Apr-1998   The Rare Watch Battle
-23. 0-5   02-May-1998   The Secret of Yugi is Revealed!
-22. 0-6   09-May-1998   An Unavoidable Friendship Battle
-21. 0-7   16-May-1998   A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet
-20. 0-8   23-May-1998   The Movement of the 4 Game Masters
-19. 0-9   30-May-1998   Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style
-18. 0-10   06-Jun-1998   A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face
-17. 0-11   13-Jun-1998   The Opening of a Rumoured Monster Capsule
-16. 0-12   20-Jun-1998   A Great Lucky Man, An Unbeatable Legend
-15. 0-13   27-Jun-1998   The Aim is a Girl! A Danger of Prediction
-14. 0-14   04-Jul-1998   The Worst Date and a Bomb Game
-13. 0-15   11-Jul-1998   Evil Women! Yugi Can’t Transform
-12. 0-16   18-Jul-1998   The Peak! A Danger from White Cloth
-11. 0-17   25-Jul-1998   Last Minute Match! The Invited Model
-10. 0-18   01-Aug-1998   Don’t Touch the Forbidden Game
-9. 0-19   08-Aug-1998   A Fussy Battle! Popularity Contest
-8. 0-20   15-Aug-1998   Come Out! The Last and Strongest Game Master
-7. 0-21   22-Aug-1998   Finished! The Greatest Game Land
-6. 0-22   29-Aug-1998   Destroy It! A Cruel Shooting
-5. 0-23   05-Sep-1998   Monster Capsule King! The Final Great Battle
-4. 0-24   12-Sep-1998   Decision Time! The Miracle of Friendship
-3. 0-25   26-Sep-1998   A New Battle! Attack of the Handsome Boy
-2. 0-26   03-Oct-1998   A Violent Rival and a Greatest Pinch
-1. 0-27   10-Oct-1998   Friendship – From Legend to Myth
  TV Movie
  M-1       Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

Season 1 – Duelist Kingdom



Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

1. 1-1   29-Sep-2001   The Heart of the Cards
2. 1-2   06-Oct-2001   The Gauntlet is Thrown
3. 1-3   13-Oct-2001   Journey to the Duelist Kingdom
4. 1-4   UNAIRED   Into the Hornet’s Nest (1)
5. 1-5   20-Oct-2001   The Ultimate Great Moth (2)
6. 1-6   03-Nov-2001   First Duel
7. 1-7   10-Nov-2001   Attack From the Deep
8. 1-8   17-Nov-2001   Everything’s Relative (1)
9. 1-9   24-Nov-2001   Duel With a Ghoul (2)
10. 1-10   01-Dec-2001   Give Up the Ghost (3)
11. 1-11   15-Dec-2001   The Dueling Monkey (1)
12. 1-12   19-Jan-2002   Trial by Red Eyes (2)
13. 1-13   26-Jan-2002   Evil Spirit of the Ring
14. 1-14   02-Feb-2002   The Light at the End of the Tunnel [a.k.a. Panik Attack] (1)
15. 1-15   UNAIRED   Winning Through Intimidation [a.k.a. Panik Attack] (2)
16. 1-16   09-Feb-2002   The Scars of Defeat
17. 1-17   16-Feb-2002   Arena of Lost Souls (1)
18. 1-18   23-Feb-2002   Arena of Lost Souls (2)
19. 1-19   16-Mar-2002   Double Trouble Duel (1)
20. 1-20   23-Mar-2002   Double Trouble Duel (2)
21. 1-21   30-Mar-2002   Double Trouble Duel (3)
22. 1-22   06-Apr-2002   Face Off (1)
23. 1-23   13-Apr-2002   Face Off (2)
24. 1-24   20-Apr-2002   Face Off (3)
25. 1-25   27-Apr-2002   Shining Friendship
26. 1-26   18-May-2002   Champion vs. Creator (1)
27. 1-27   25-May-2002   Champion vs. Creator (2)
28. 1-28   17-Aug-2002   The Night Before
29. 1-29   24-Aug-2002   Duel Identity (1)
30. 1-30   31-Aug-2002   Duel Identity (2)
31. 1-31   07-Sep-2002   Keith’s Machinations (1)
32. 1-32   07-Sep-2002   Keith’s Machinations (2)
33. 1-33   14-Sep-2002   Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (1)
34. 1-34   14-Sep-2002   Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (2)
35. 1-35   21-Sep-2002   Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (1)
36. 1-36   21-Sep-2002   Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (2)
37. 1-37   28-Sep-2002   Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (3)
38. 1-38   28-Sep-2002   Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (4)
39. 1-39   05-Oct-2002   Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (5)
40. 1-40   05-Oct-2002   Aftermath
41. 1-41   12-Oct-2002   The Wrath of Rebecca (1)
42. 1-42   12-Oct-2002   The Ties of Friendship (2)
Legendary Heroes
43. 1-43   19-Oct-2002   Legendary Heroes (1)
44. 1-44   19-Oct-2002   Legendary Heroes (2)
45. 1-45   26-Oct-2002   Legendary Heroes (3)
Dungeon Dice Monsters
46. 1-46   02-Nov-2002   Dungeon Dice Monsters (1)
47. 1-47   02-Nov-2002   Dungeon Dice Monsters (2)
48. 1-48   09-Nov-2002   Dungeon Dice Monsters (3)
49. 1-49   09-Nov-2002   Dungeon Dice Monsters (4)

Season 2 – Battle City

Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

50. 2-1   16-Nov-2002   The Mystery Duellist (1)
51. 2-2   16-Nov-2002   The Mystery Duellist (2)
52. 2-3   23-Nov-2002   The Past is Present
53. 2-4   23-Nov-2002   Steppin’ Out
54. 2-5   30-Nov-2002   Obelisk the Tormentor
55. 2-6   14-Dec-2002   Stalked by the Rare Hunters
56. 2-7   11-Jan-2003   Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (1)
57. 2-8   18-Jan-2003   Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter (2)
58. 2-9   25-Jan-2003   Espa Roba – The ESP Duelist (1)
59. 2-10   01-Feb-2003   Espa Roba – The ESP Duelist (2)
60. 2-11   08-Feb-2003   The Master of Magicians (1)
61. 2-12   08-Feb-2003   The Master of Magicians (2)
62. 2-13   08-Feb-2003   The Master of Magicians (3)
63. 2-14   15-Feb-2003   Playing With a Parasite (1)
64. 2-15   22-Feb-2003   Playing With a Parasite (2)
65. 2-16   08-Mar-2003   Mime Control (1)
66. 2-17   08-Mar-2003   Mime Control (2)
67. 2-18   15-Mar-2003   Mime Control (3)
68. 2-19   22-Mar-2003   Legendary Fisherman (1)
69. 2-20   29-Mar-2003   Legendary Fisherman (2)
70. 2-21   03-May-2003   Double Duel (1)
71. 2-22   10-May-2003   Double Duel (2)
72. 2-23   17-May-2003   Double Duel (3)
73. 2-24   24-May-2003   Double Duel (4)
74. 2-25   14-Jun-2003   The Rescue
75. 2-26   28-Jun-2003   Friends ‘Til the End (1)
76. 2-27   05-Jul-2003   Friends ‘Til the End (2)
77. 2-28   12-Jul-2003   Friends ‘Til the End (3)
78. 2-29   19-Jul-2003   Friends ‘Til the End (4)
79. 2-30   16-Aug-2003   Shadow of a Duel
80. 2-31   23-Aug-2003   Lights, Camera, Duel
81. 2-32   30-Aug-2003   Let the Finals Begin!
82. 2-33   06-Sep-2003   The Dark Spirit Revealed (1)
83. 2-34   13-Sep-2003   The Dark Spirit Revealed (2)
84. 2-35   13-Sep-2003   The Dark Spirit Revealed (3)
85. 2-36   20-Sep-2003   Rage of the Egyptian Gods
86. 2-37   20-Sep-2003   Awakening of Evil (1)
87. 2-38   27-Sep-2003   Awakening of Evil (2)
88. 2-39   27-Sep-2003   Awakening of Evil (3)
89. 2-40   04-Oct-2003   Awakening of Evil (4)
90. 2-41   04-Oct-2003   Mind Game (1)
91. 2-42   11-Oct-2003   Mind Game (2)
92. 2-43   11-Oct-2003   Mind Game (3)
93. 2-44   18-Oct-2003   A Duel With Destiny (1)
94. 2-45   18-Oct-2003   A Duel With Destiny (2)
95. 2-46   25-Oct-2003   The Tomb-Keeper’s Secret
96. 2-47   25-Oct-2003   Showdown in the Shadows (1)
97. 2-48   01-Nov-2003   Showdown in the Shadows (2)

Season 3 – Noah’s Saga

Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

98. 3-1   01-Nov-2003   A Virtual Nightmare
99. 3-2   08-Nov-2003   Isolated in Cyber Space (1)
100. 3-3   08-Nov-2003   Isolated in Cyber Space (2)
101. 3-4   15-Nov-2003   Isolated in Cyber Space (3)
102. 3-5   15-Nov-2003   Freeze Play (1)
103. 3-6   22-Nov-2003   Freeze Play (2)
104. 3-7   22-Nov-2003   Courtroom Chaos (1)
105. 3-8   29-Nov-2003   Courtroom Chaos (2)
106. 3-9   29-Nov-2003   Mechanical Mayhem (1)
107. 3-10   06-Dec-2003   Mechanical Mayhem (2)
108. 3-11   13-Dec-2003   Settling the Score (1)
109. 3-12   20-Dec-2003   Settling the Score (2)
110. 3-13   01-Jan-2004   Noah’s Secret
111. 3-14   17-Jan-2004   Merger of the Big Five (1)
112. 3-15   24-Jan-2004   Merger of the Big Five (2)
113. 3-16   31-Jan-2004   Merger of the Big Five (3)
114. 3-17   07-Feb-2004   Brothers in Arms (1)
115. 3-18   14-Feb-2004   Brothers in Arms (2)
116. 3-19   21-Feb-2004   Brothers in Arms (3)
117. 3-20   28-Feb-2004   Noah’s Final Threat (1)
118. 3-21   06-Mar-2004   Noah’s Final Threat (2)
119. 3-22   20-Mar-2004   So Close Yet So Far
120. 3-23   04-Apr-2004   Burying the Past (1)
121. 3-24   17-Apr-2004   Burying the Past (2)
Enter the Shadow Realm
122. 3-25   01-May-2004   Back to Battle City (1)
123. 3-26   08-May-2004   Back to Battle City (2)
124. 3-27   15-May-2004   Back to Battle City (3)
125. 3-28   15-May-2004   The Darkness Returns (1)
126. 3-29   22-May-2004   The Darkness Returns (2)
127. 3-30   22-May-2004   The Darkness Returns (3)
128. 3-31   29-May-2004   The Darkness Returns (4)
129. 3-32   29-May-2004   Clash in the Coliseum (1)
130. 3-33   05-Jun-2004   Clash in the Coliseum (2)
131. 3-34   12-Jun-2004   Clash in the Coliseum (3)
132. 3-35   19-Jun-2004   Clash in the Coliseum (4)
133. 3-36   26-Jun-2004   Clash in the Coliseum (5)
134. 3-37   03-Jul-2004   Clash in the Coliseum (6)
135. 3-38   10-Jul-2004   Battle for the Bronze (1)
136. 3-39   17-Jul-2004   Battle for the Bronze (2)
137. 3-40   24-Jul-2004   Battle for the Bronze (3)
138. 3-41   31-Jul-2004   The Final Face Off (1)
139. 3-42   14-Aug-2004   The Final Face Off (2)
140. 3-43   21-Aug-2004   The Final Face Off (3)
141. 3-44   28-Aug-2004   The Final Face Off (4)
142. 3-45   28-Aug-2004   The Final Face Off (5)
143. 3-46   04-Sep-2004   One for the Road
144. 3-47   04-Sep-2004   Looking Back and Moving Ahead
  M-2 (MV001)   13-Aug-2004   Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

Season 4 – Waking the Dragons

Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

145. 4-1   11-Sep-2004   A New Evil (1)
146. 4-2   18-Sep-2004   A New Evil (2)
147. 4-3   25-Sep-2004   Legend of the Dragons
148. 4-4   02-Oct-2004   The Creator Returns
149. 4-5   09-Oct-2004   Deja Duel! (1)
150. 4-6   16-Oct-2004   Deja Duel! (2)
151. 4-7   23-Oct-2004   An Unexpected Enemy
152. 4-8   23-Oct-2004   My Freaky Valentine (1)
153. 4-9   30-Oct-2004   My Freaky Valentine (2)
154. 4-10   30-Oct-2004   My Freaky Valentine (3)
155. 4-11   06-Nov-2004   The Challenge
156. 4-12   06-Nov-2004   Fate of the Pharaoh (1)
157. 4-13 * 13-Nov-2004   Fate of the Pharaoh (2)
158. 4-14   13-Nov-2004   Fate of the Pharaoh (3)
159. 4-15   20-Nov-2004   Trial by Stone
160. 4-16   20-Nov-2004   On the Wrong Track (1)
161. 4-17   27-Nov-2004   On the Wrong Track (2)
162. 4-18   27-Nov-2004   On the Wrong Track (3)
163. 4-19   29-Jan-2005   Self Destruction
164. 4-20   29-Jan-2005   Reliving the Past
165. 4-21   05-Feb-2005   Deck of Armor
166. 4-22   05-Feb-2005   Flight of Fear (1)
167. 4-23   12-Feb-2005   Flight of Fear (2)
168. 4-24   12-Feb-2005   Paradise Found
169. 4-25   19-Feb-2005   Fighting for a Friend (1)
170. 4-26   19-Feb-2005   Fighting for a Friend (2)
171. 4-27   26-Feb-2005   Fighting for a Friend (3)
172. 4-28   26-Feb-2005   Fighting for a Friend (4)
173. 4-29   16-Apr-2005   Fighting for a Friend (5)
174. 4-30   23-Apr-2005   Grappling with a Guardian (1)
175. 4-31   30-Apr-2005   Grappling with a Guardian (2)
176. 4-32   30-Apr-2005   Grappling with a Guardian (3)
177. 4-33   07-May-2005   A Duel with Dartz (1)
178. 4-34   07-May-2005   A Duel with Dartz (2)
179. 4-35   14-May-2005   A Duel with Dartz (3)
180. 4-36   14-May-2005   A Duel with Dartz (4)
181. 4-37   21-May-2005   A Duel with Dartz (5)
182. 4-38   21-May-2005   A Duel with Dartz (6)
183. 4-39   28-May-2005   Rise of the Great Beast (1)
184. 4-40   28-May-2005   Rise of the Great Beast (2)

Season 5 – Grand Championship

Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

185. 5-1   27-Aug-2005   Unwanted Guest (1)
186. 5-2   27-Aug-2005   Unwanted Guest (2)
187. 5-3   03-Sep-2005   Let the Games Begin! (1)
188. 5-4   03-Sep-2005   Let the Games Begin! (2)
189. 5-5   10-Sep-2005   Child’s Play
190. 5-6   10-Sep-2005   Down in Flames (1)
191. 5-7   17-Sep-2005   Down in Flames (2)
192. 5-8   17-Sep-2005   A Brawl in a Small Town (1)
193. 5-9   24-Sep-2005   A Brawl in a Small Town (2)
194. 5-10   24-Sep-2005   One Step Ahead (1)
195. 5-11   01-Oct-2005   One Step Ahead (2)
196. 5-12   01-Oct-2005   Sinister Secrets (1)
197. 5-13   08-Oct-2005   Sinister Secrets (2)
198. 5-14   08-Oct-2005   Sinister Secrets (3)
Season 5 – Dawn of the Duel
Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

199. 6-1   15-Oct-2005   Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh
200. 6-2   22-Oct-2005   Spiritual Awakening
201. 6-3   29-Oct-2005   Memoirs of a Pharaoh
202. 6-4   05-Nov-2005   The Intruder (1)
203. 6-5   12-Nov-2005   The Intruder (2)
204. 6-6   19-Nov-2005   Makings of a Magician
205. 6-7   26-Nov-2005   Birth of the Blue-Eyes
206. 6-8   03-Dec-2005   Village of Lost Souls
207. 6-9   10-Dec-2005   A Reversal of Fortune
208. 6-10   17-Dec-2005   In Search of a King
209. 6-11   07-Jan-2006   Village of Vengeance (1)
210. 6-12   14-Jan-2006   Village of Vengeance (2)
211. 6-13   21-Jan-2006   Village of Vengeance (3)
212. 6-14   28-Jan-2006   Village of Vengeance (4)
213. 6-15   04-Feb-2006   Village of Vengeance (5)
214. 6-16   01-Apr-2006   Name of the Game
215. 6-17   08-Apr-2006   The Dark One Cometh (1)
216. 6-18   15-Apr-2006   The Dark One Cometh (2)
217. 6-19   22-Apr-2006   The Dark One Cometh (3)
218. 6-20   29-Apr-2006   The Dark One Cometh (4)
219. 6-21   06-May-2006   In the Name of the Pharaoh!
The Ceremonial Battle
220. 6-22   13-May-2006   The Final Journey
221. 6-23   20-May-2006   The Final Duel (1)
222. 6-24   27-May-2006   The Final Duel (2)
223. 6-25   03-Jun-2006   The Final Duel (3)
224. 6-26   10-Jun-2006   The Final Duel (4)
  M-3   23-Jan-2010   Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie ~Ultra Fusion! Bonds over Time and Space~ (YuGiOh! 10th Anniversary Movie) Japanese
  M-3   26-Feb-2011   Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time (YuGiOh! 10th Anniversary Movie) English / US


Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Episode MenuYu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

# Title Original Airdate
01 “Getting Played” September 9, 2006
02 “Divide and Conquer” September 16, 2006
03 “Reunited at Last” September 23, 2006
04 “Fortress of Fear” September 30, 2006
05 “Eye of the Storm” October 7, 2006
06 “Trial of Light and Shadow” October 14, 2006
07 “Red-Eyes Black Curse” October 21, 2006
08 “Fruits of Evolution” October 28, 2006
09 “The Fiendish Five, Part 1” November 4, 2006
10 “The Fiendish Five, Part 2” November 11, 2006
11 “The True King, Part 1” November 18, 2006
12 “The True King, Part 2” November 25, 2006


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episodes Menu


No. English title
Japanese title
Original air date English air date
1 “The Next King of Games” / “The One Who Inherits the Game”
“Yūgi o Tsugumono” (遊戯を継ぐ者)
October 06, 2004 October 10, 2005
2 “Welcome to Duel Academy”  / “Flame Wingman”
“Fureimu Winguman” (フレイム·ウィングマン)
October 10, 2004 October 11, 2005
3 “A Duel in Love”  / “Etoile Cyber”
“Etowāru Saibā” (エトワール·サイバー)
October 20, 2004 October 12, 2005
4 “Raring to Go”  / “5 Polymers! VWXYZ”
“Go Jūgattai! Vi to Zi” (5重合体! VWXYZ)
October 27, 2004 October 13, 2005
5 “The Shadow Duelist (Part 1 of 2)”  / “A Dark Demon Deck”
“Yami no Dēmon Dekki” (闇のデーモンデッキ)
November 3, 2004 October 17, 2005
6 “The Shadow Duelist (Part 2 of 2)”  / “The Miracle of Winged Kuriboh”
“Hane Kuribō no Kiseki” (ハネクリボーの奇跡)
November 10, 2004 October 18, 2005
7 “Duel and Unusual Punishment”  / “Sho’s Vehicle Deck”
“Shō no Bīkuroido Dekki” (翔の乗り物デッキ)
November 17, 2004 October 19, 2005
8 “For the Sake of Syrus”  / “Strongest! Cyber End Dragon”
“Saikyō! Saibā Endo Doragon” (最強! サイバーエンド·ドラゴン)
November 24, 2004 October 20, 2005
9 “Family Business”  / “One Blow Certain Kill! Flipping the Table”
“Ichigeki Hissai! Chabudai Gaeshi” (一撃必殺! ちゃぶ台返し)
December 1, 2004 October 21, 2005
10 “Tag Team Trial (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Judai & Sho! Tag Duel (Part 1 of 2)”
“Jūdai to Shō! Taggu Dyueru (Zenpen)” (十代&翔! タッグデュエル (前編))
December 7, 2004 October 24, 2005
11 “Tag Team Trial (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Judai & Sho! Tag Duel (Part 2 of 2)”
“Jūdai to Shō! Taggu Dyueru (Kōhen)” (十代&翔! タッグデュエル (後編))
December 14, 2004 October 25, 2005
12 “Formula for Success”  / “Oxygen + Hydrogen = H²O Dragon”
“Sanso Purasu Suiso Ikōru Wōtā Doragon” (酸素+水素=H²Oドラゴン)
December 22, 2004 October 26, 2005
13 “Monkey See, Monkey Duel”  / “Wild Release! SAL Duel!”
“Yasei Kaihō! Saru Dyueru” (野性解放! SALデュエル)
December 29, 2004 October 27, 2005
14 “A Spirit Summoned”  / “Vs. Psycho Shocker!?”
“Vāsasu Saiko Shokkā!?” (VS サイコショッカー!?)
January 5, 2005 October 28, 2005
15 “Courting Alexis”  / “Duel Tennis of Youth”
“Seishun no Dyueru Tenisu” (青春のデュエルテニス)
January 12, 2005 November 14, 2005
16 “The Duel Giant”  / “King Goblin of the Dark Night”
“Yamiyo no Kingu Goburin” (闇夜のキングゴブリン)
January 19, 2005 November 15, 2005
17 “Nature of the Draw”  / “Draw! Draw! Draw!”
“Dorō! Dorō! Dorō!” (ドロー!ドロー!ドロー!)
January 26, 2005 November 16, 2005
18 “The King of the Copycats (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Vs. Yugi’s Deck (Part 1 of 2)”
“Vāsasu Yūgi Dekki (Zenpen)” (VS 遊戯デッキ (前編))
February 2, 2005 November 17, 2005
19 “The King of the Copycats (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Vs. Yugi’s Deck (Part 2 of 2)”
“Vāsasu Yūgi Dekki (Kōhen)” (VS 遊戯デッキ (後編))
February 9, 2005 November 18, 2005
20 “The Maiden in Love”  / “The Strong Deck with the Maiden in Love!”
“Koisuru Otome wa Tsuyoi no yo Dekki!” (恋する乙女は強いのよデッキ!)
February 16, 2005 November 21, 2005
21 “The Duel Off (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Fusion Seal! Judai vs. Misawa (Part 1 of 2)”
“Yūgō Fūji! Jūdai Vāsasu Misawa (Zenpen)” (融合封じ! 十代VS三沢(前編))
February 23, 2005 November 22, 2005
22 “The Duel Off (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Summon Wildman! Judai vs. Misawa (Part 2 of 2)”
“Wairudoman Shōkan! Jūdai Vāsasu Misawa (Kōhen)” (ワイルドマン召喚! 十代VS三沢(後編))
March 2, 2005 November 22, 2005
23 “The Little Belowski”  / “Exhaustion! Moke Moke Duel”
“Datsuryoku! Moke Moke Dyueru” (脱力! もけもけデュエル)
March 9, 2005 December 8, 2005
24 “The New Chazz”  / “Revival! Manjoume Thunder”
“Fukkatsu! Manjōme Sandā” (復活! 万丈目サンダー)
March 16, 2005 December 9, 2005
25 “The School Duel (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Vs. Manjoume Thunder (Part 1 of 2) – Threat of Armed Dragon ”
“Vāsasu Manjōme Sandā (Zenpen) Āmudo Doragon no Kyōi” (VS万丈目サンダー(前編) アームドドラゴンの脅威)
March 23, 2005 December 12, 2005
26 “The School Duel (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Vs. Manjoume Thunder (Part 2 of 2) – Armed Dragon LV7”
“Vāsasu Manjōme Sandā (Kōhen) Āmudo Doragon Reberu Sebun” (VS万丈目サンダー(後編) アームドドラゴンLV7)
March 30, 2005 December 13, 2005
27 “Grave Risk (Part 1 of 2)”  / “The Extracurricular Class is a Dark Duel?! (Part 1 of 2)”
“Kagaijugyō wa Yami no Dyueru!? (Zenpen)” (課外授業は闇のデュエル!?(前編))
April 6, 2005 December 14, 2005
28 “Grave Risk (Part 2 of 2)”  / “The Extracurricular Class is a Dark Duel?! (Part 2 of 2)”
“Kagaijugyō wa Yami no Dyueru!? (Kōhen)” (課外授業は闇のデュエル!?(後編))
April 13, 2005 December 15, 2005
29 “Doomsday Duel (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Vs. Darkness (Part 1 of 2) – Challenge of the Red Eyes Black Dragon”
“Vāsasu Dākunesu (Zenpen) Reddo Aizu Burakku Doragon no Chōsen” (VS ダークネス(前編)真紅眼の黒竜の挑戦)
April 20, 2005 January 30, 2006
30 “Doomsday Duel (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Vs. Darkness (Part 2 of 2) – Attack of the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon”
“Vāsasu Dākunesu (Kōhen) Reddo Aizu Dākunesu Doragon no Kōgeki” (VS ダークネス(後編)真紅眼の闇竜の攻撃)
April 27, 2005 January 31, 2006
31 “Field of Screams (Part 1 of 3)”  / “Cronos vs. Vampire Camula”
“Kuronosu Vāsasu Vanpaia Kamyūra” (クロノスVS吸血美女カミューラ)
May 4, 2005 February 1, 2006
32 “Field of Screams (Part 2 of 3)”  / “Kaiser vs. Camula – The Phantom Gate Activates!”
“Kaizā Vāsasu Kamyūra Genma no Tobira Hatsudō!” (カイザーVSカミューラ 幻魔の扉発動!)
May 11, 2005 February 2, 2006
33 “Field of Screams (Part 3 of 3)”  / “Shine! Shining Flare Wingman”
“Kagayake! Shainingu Furea Winguman” (輝け!シャイニング·フレア·ウィングマン)
May 18, 2005 February 3, 2006
34 “Fear Factor”  / “Hot Springs Sentiments! Blue Eyes White Dragon”
“Yukemuri Ryojō! Burū Aizu Howaito Doragon” (湯けむり旅情! 青眼の白龍)
May 25, 2005 February 6, 2006
35 “Sibling Rivalry”  / “Union of Brothers! Ojama Delta Hurricane”
“Kyōdai no Kessoku! Ojama Deruta Harikēn” (兄弟の結束! おジャマデルタハリケーン)
June 1, 2005 February 7, 2006
36 “Duel Distractions (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Misawa vs. Amazoness! Marrying for a Son-in-Law Duel”
“Misawa-chi Vāsasu Amazonesu Mukotori Dyueru” (三沢っちVSアマゾネス! ムコとり決闘)
June 8, 2005 February 8, 2006
37 “Duel Distractions (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Human Bullet Duel! Amazoness Death Ring”
“Nikudan Dyueru! Amazonesu no Desu Ringu” (肉弾決闘! アマゾネスのデスリング)
June 15, 2005 February 9, 2006
38 “Get Yarr Game On!”  / “Underwater Duel! The Legendary City Atlantis”
“Suichū Dyueru! Densetsu no Miyako Atorantisu” (水中デュエル! 伝説の都アトランティス)
June 22, 2005 February 10, 2006
39 “The Dark Scorpions”  / “Detective Thunder vs. The Black Scorpion Grave Robber Organization”
“Meitantei Sandā Vāsasu Kurosasori Tōkutsu-dan” (名探偵サンダーVS黒サソリ盗掘団)
June 29, 2005 February 27, 2006
40 “A Lying Legend”  / “H-E-R-O Flash!”
“Eichi-Ī-Aru-Ō Furasshu!” (H·E·R·Oフラッシュ!)
July 6, 2005 February 28, 2006
41 “A Reason to Win”  / “The Dark Arena Activates! Asuka vs. Titan”
“Dāku Arīna Hatsudō! Asuka Vāsasu Taitan” (闇の闘牛場発動! 明日香VSタイタン)
July 13, 2005 March 1, 2006
42 “Duel Monsters Spirit Day”  / “School Festival Duel! Blamagigirl Intrudes”
“Gakuensai Dyueru! Buramajigāru Rannyū” (学園祭デュエル! ブラマジガール乱入)
July 20, 2005 March 2, 2006
43 “Hearts are Wild”  / “A Second Love Chance for Asuka!?”
“Asuka ni Sekando Rabu Chansu!?” (明日香にセカンド·ラブ·チャンス!?)
July 27, 2005 March 3, 2006
44 “The Seventh Shadow Rider”  / “The Shadow of the Seventh”
“Shichininme no Kage” (7人目の影)
August 3, 2005 March 27, 2006
45 “Amnael’s Endgame (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Vs. Amnael! Absolute Seal of E-Hero”
“Vāsasu Amunaeru! Erementaru Hīrō Zettai Fūji” (VSアムナエル! Eヒーロー絶対封じ)
August 10, 2005 March 28, 2006
46 “Amnael’s Endgame (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Fusion! Elixirer”
“Tsuienfū Yūgō! Erikushīrā” (地水炎風融合! エリクシーラー)
August 17, 2005 March 29, 2006
47 “Chazz-anova”  / “Asuka vs. Manjoume! Cyber Angel -Benten-”
“Asuka Vāsasu Manjōme! Saibā Enjeru Benten” (明日香VS万丈目! サイバー·エンジェル-弁天-)
August 24, 2005 March 30, 2006
48 “Rise of the Sacred Beasts (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Vs. Kagemaru (Part 1 of 2) – Two Phantom Demons”
“Vāsasu Kagemaru (Zenpen) Futatsu no Genma” (VS影丸(前編)2つの幻魔)
August 31, 2005 March 31, 2006
49 “Rise of the Sacred Beasts (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Vs. Kagemaru (Part 2 of 2) – Three Phantom Demons Awakens”
“Vāsasu Kagemaru (Kōhen) Sangenma Kakusei” (VS影丸(後編)三幻魔覚醒)
September 7, 2005 April 3, 2006
50 “Magna Chum Laude”  / “Hayato vs. Cronos! Ayers Rock Sunrise”
“Hayato Vāsasu Kuronosu! Eāzu Rokku Sanraizu” (隼人VSクロノス!エアーズロックサンライズ)
September 14, 2005 April 4, 2006
51 “The Graduation Match (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Vs. Kaiser (Part 1 of 2) – Power Bond x Cyber End”
“Vāsasu Kaizā (Zenpen) Pawā Bondo ando Saibā Endo” (VSカイザー(前編)パワー·ボンド×サイバーエンド)
September 21, 2005 April 5, 2006
52 “The Graduation Match (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Vs. Kaiser (Part 2 of 2) – Final Fusion”
“Vāsasu Kaizā (Kōhen) Fainaru Fyūjon” (VSカイザー(後編)ファイナル·フュージョン)
September 21, 2005 April 6, 2006

Season 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episodes

No. English title
Japanese title
Original air date English air date
53 “Back to Duel”  / “The Beginning of Destiny! A New Student, Edo Phoenix”
“Unmei no Hajimari! Shinnyūsei Edo Fenikkusu” (運命のはじまり!新入生エド·フェニックス)
October 5, 2005 August 21, 2006
54 “Champion or Chazz-been”  / “Thunder vs. Elite! Mecha Ojama King Takes Off”
“Sandā Vāsasu Erīto-kun! Meka Ojama Kingu Hasshin” (サンダーVSエリート君!メカおジャマキング発進)
October 12, 2005 August 22, 2006
55 “A Hassleberry Hounding”  / “Enter Tyranno Kenzan!”
“Tirano Kenzan Tōjō-zaurusu!” (ティラノ剣山登場ざうるす!)
October 19, 2005 August 23, 2006
56 “Sad but Truesdale”  / “Sho vs. Insect Girl! Insect Princess”
“(Shō Vāsasu Konchū Shōjo! Insekuto Purinsesu” (翔VS昆虫少女! インセクト·プリンセス)
October 26, 2005 August 24, 2006
57 “The Demon”  / “Kaiser vs. Ed! Pro League Battle”
“Kaizā Bāsasu Edo! Puro Rīgu no Tatakai” (カイザーVSエド! プロリーグの戦い)
November 2, 2005 August 25, 2006
58 “A New Breed of Hero (Part 1 of 2)”  / “VS Ed (Part 1 of 2) – E-Hero VS E-Hero”
“Vāsasu Edo (Zenpen) Ī-Hīrō tai Ī-Hīrō” (VSエド(前編)Eヒーロー対Eヒーロー)
November 9, 2005 August 28, 2006
59 “A New Breed of Hero (Part 2 of 2)”  / “VS Ed (Part 2 of 2) – D-Hero of Destiny”
“Vāsasu Edo (Kōhen) Unmei no Dī-Hīrō” (VSエド(後編)運命のDヒーロー)
November 16, 2005 August 29, 2006
60 “Pop Goes the Duel”  / “Asuka vs. Fubuki! The Path to Sibling Idol”
“Asuka Vāsasu Fubuki! Kyōdai Aidoru eno Michi” (明日香VS吹雪!兄妹アイドルへの道)
November 23, 2005 August 30, 2006
61 “I’ve Seen the Light”  / “Saiou Enters! The Tarot Deck of Destiny”
“Saiō Tōjō! Unmei no Tarotto Dekki” (斎王登場! 運命のタロットデッキ)
November 30, 2005 August 31, 2006
62 “A Greater Porpoise”  / “New Elemental Hero! Neos”
“Shin Erementaru Hīrō! Neosu” (新Eヒーロー! ネオス)
December 7, 2005 September 1, 2006
63 “Curry Worries”  / “Kenzan vs. Demon of the Curry! Spicy Duel”
“Kenzan Vāsasu Karē no Majin! Supaishī Dyueru” (剣山VSカレーの魔人! スパイシーデュエル)
December 14, 2005 September 5, 2006
64 “Camaraderie Contest”  / “Sho vs. Kenzan! A Duel with Passionate Thoughts Toward Big Brother”
“Shō Vāsasu Kenzan! Aniki eno Atsuki Omoi Dyueru” (翔VS剣山! 兄貴への熱き想いデュエル)
December 21, 2005 September 6, 2006
65 “No Pain, No Game”  / “Hell Kaiser Ryo! Chimeratech Overdragon”
“Heru Kaizā Ryō! Kimeratekku Ōbā Doragon” (ヘルカイザー亮!キメラテック·オーバー·ドラゴン)
December 28, 2005 September 7, 2006
66 “Going Bananas”  / “Judai’s New Year Dream Duel!”
“Jūdai Hatsuyume Dyueru” (十代初夢デュエル!)
January 4, 2006 September 8, 2006
67 “Homecoming Duel (Part 1 of 2)”  / “VS Ed (Part 1 of 2) – New Power! Aqua Neos”
“Vāsasu Edo (Zenpen) Aratana Chikara! Akua Neosu” (VSエド(前編)新たな力! アクア·ネオス)
January 11, 2006 October 2, 2006
68 “Homecoming Duel (Part 2 of 2)”  / “VS Ed (Part 2 of 2) – Flaming Flare Neos”
“Vāsasu Edo (Kōhen) Honō no Furea Neosu” (VSエド(後編)炎のフレア·ネオス)
January 18, 2006 October 3, 2006
69 “Dormitory Demolition”  / “Cronos vs. Napoleon! March of Toy Soldiers”
“Kuronosu Vāsasu Naporeon! Toi Sorujā no Kōshin” (クロノスVSナポレオン! トイソルジャーの行進)
January 25, 2006 October 4, 2006
70 “Obelisk White?”  / “Asuka vs. Manjoume – White Thunder!”
“Asuka Vāsasu Manjōme Howaito Sandā!” (明日香VS万丈目 ホワイトサンダー!)
February 1, 2006 October 5, 2006
71 “DuelFellas”  / “VS Game Champ! Giant Battleship Tetran Takes Off”
“Vāsasu Geimu Chanpu! Kyodai Senkan Tetoran Hashin” (VSゲームチャンプ! 巨大戦艦テトラン発進)
February 8, 2006 October 6, 2006
72 “Not Playing with a Full Deck”  / “Destroy Deck Destruction”
“Dekki Hakai wo Hakaiseyo” (デッキ破壊を破壊せよ)
February 15, 2006 October 10, 2006
73 “Source of Strength”  / “Kenzan vs. Saiou! Dinosaur DNA”
“Kenzan Vāsasu Saiō! Kyōryū Dī-Enu-Ē da-don” (剣山VS斎王!恐竜DNΑだドン)
February 22, 2006 October 11, 2006
74 “Happily Never After”  / “Revival Frog! Living Frog! Death Frog!”
“Yomi Gaeru! Iki Gaeru! Desu Gaeru!” (黄泉ガエル!イキカエル!デスガエル!)
March 1, 2006 October 12, 2006
75 “Taken by Storm (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Field Trip Tag Duel”
“Shūgakuryokō Taggu Dyueru” (修学旅行タッグデュエル)
March 8, 2006 October 13, 2006
76 “Taken by Storm (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Ultimate Alliance! Rex Union”
“Kyūkyoku Gattai! Rekusu Yunion” (究極合体!レックスユニオン)
March 15, 2006 October 16, 2006
77 “J-Dawg and T-Bone”  / “The Four Monarchs of Terror! Demiourgos EMA”
“Kyōfu no Yontei! Demiurugosu Ema” (恐怖の四帝! デミウルゴス·EMΑ)
March 22, 2006 October 17, 2006
78 “Mirror, Mirror (Part 1 of 2)”  / “The Strongest Tag!? Judai & Edo (Part 1 of 2)”
“Saikyō Taggu!? Jūdai Ando Edo (Zenpen)” (最強タッグ!? 十代&エド(前編))
March 29, 2006 October 28, 2006
79 “Mirror, Mirror (Part 2 of 2)”  / “The Strongest Tag!? Judai & Edo (Part 2 of 2)”
“Saikyō Taggu!? Jūdai Ando Edo (Kōhen)” (最強タッグ!? 十代&エド(後編))
April 5, 2006 November 4, 2006
80 “What a Doll!”  / “Alice in Despairland”
“Zetsubō no Kuni no Arisu” (絶望の国のアリス)
April 12, 2006 November 11, 2006
81 “Let’s Make a Duel!”  / “Quiz Duel!? VS Nazora Panel 9”
“Kuizu Dyueru!? Nazorā Paneru Nain” (クイズデュエル!? VSナゾラー·パネル9)
April 19, 2006 November 18, 2006
82 “Magnetic Personality”  / “Misawa vs. Manjoume – Assault Cannon Beetle”
“Misawa Vāsasu Manjōme Asaruto Kyanon Bītoru” (三沢VS万丈目 アサルト·キャノン·ビートル)
April 26, 2006 December 2, 2006
83 “Schooling the Master”  / “Hell Kaiser Ryo vs. Master Samejima”
“Heru Kaizā Ryō Vāsasu Masutā Samejima” (ヘルカイザー亮VSマスター鮫島)
May 3, 2006 December 9, 2006
84 “Generation Next”  / “Genex Opens! Aim to be Number One!”
“Jenekusu Kaimaku! Mezase Ichiban!” (ジェネックス開幕! 目指せー番!)
May 10, 2006 December 16, 2006
85 “Rah, Rah, Rah!”  / “The Man who Controls the God Card Winged God-Dragon of Ra”
“Kami no Kādo Rā no Yokushinryū wo Ayatsuru Otoko!?” (神のカード「ラーの翼神竜」を操る男!?)
May 17, 2006 December 23, 2006
86 “The Art of the Duel”  / “The Duel’s Stage Passageway”
“Dyueru no Hanamichi” (デュエルの花道)
May 24, 2006 January 6, 2007
87 “Blinded by the Light (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Do Your Best! Ojama Trio (Part 1 of 2)”
“Ganbare! Ojama Torio (Zenpen)” (がんばれ! おジャマトリオ(前編))
May 31, 2006 January 13, 2007
88 “Blinded by the Light (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Do Your Best! Ojama Trio (Part 2 of 2)”
“Ganbare! Ojama Torio (Kōhen)” (がんばれ! おジャマトリオ(後編))
June 7, 2006 January 20, 2007
89 “The Darkness Within”  / “Hell Kaiser vs. Darkness Fubuki”
“Heru Kaizā Vāsasu Dākunesu Fubuki” (ヘルカイザーVSダークネス吹雪)
June 14, 2006 January 31, 2007
90 “Pro-Dueling”  / “Academia’s Pride”
“Akademia no Puraido” (アカデミアのプライド)
June 21, 2006 February 1, 2007
91 “Don’t Fear the Reaper”  / “The Reaper of One Turn Kill”
“Wan Tān Kiru no Shinigami” (ワンターンキルの死神)
June 28, 2006 February 5, 2007
92 “Duel For Hire”  / “Triangle Duel”
“Toraianguru Dyueru” (トライアングル·デュエル)
July 5, 2006 February 6, 2007
93 “Heart of Ice (Part 1 of 2)”  / “The White Night Duel! Judai vs. Asuka (Part 1 of 2)”
“Byakuya no Kettō! Jūdai Vāsasu Asuka (Zenpen)” (白夜の決闘!十代VS明日香(前編))
July 12, 2006 February 7, 2007
94 “Heart of Ice (Part 2 of 2)”  / “White Night’s Dragon! Judai vs. Asuka (Part 2 of 2)”
“Howaito Naitsu Doragon! Jūdai Vāsasu Asuka (Kōhen)” (白夜龍!十代VS明日香(後編))
July 19, 2006 February 8, 2007
95 “Tough Love”  / “The Codeless Duel Between Brothers – Ryo vs. Sho”
“Jinginaki Kyōdai Dyueru Ryō Bāsasu Shō” (仁義なき兄弟デュエル 亮VS翔)
July 26, 2006 February 9, 2007
96 “It’s All Relative”  / “The Field of Relativity! Judai vs. The Genius Doctor”
“Sōtaisei Fīrudo! Jūdai Bāsasu Tensai Hakase” (相対性フィールド!十代VS天才博士)
August 2, 2006 February 12, 2007
97 “The Dark Light”  / “Enters! The Mysterious World Champ!”
“Tōjō! Nazo no Sekai Chanpu!” (登場!謎の世界チャンプ!)
August 9, 2006 February 13, 2007
98 “Ultimate Destiny”  / “Finally Activated! The Ultimate D-Card”
“Tsuini Hatsudō! Kyūkyoku no Dī no Kādo” (ついに発動!究極のDのカード)
August 16, 2006 February 14, 2007
99 “The Key Factor”  / “Judai vs. The Terror of the Laser Satellite”
“Jūdai Vāsasu Rēzā Eisei no Kyōfu” (十代VSレーザー衛星の恐怖)
August 23, 2006 February 15, 2007
100 “The Phoenix Has Arrived (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Ultimate Arcana “The World””
“Kyūkyoku no Arukana Za Wārudo” (究極のアルカナ「ザ·ワールド」)
August 30, 2006 February 16, 2007
101 “The Phoenix Has Arrived (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Ed, The Finishing Blow! “Bloo-D””
“Edo, Hissatsu no Ichigeki! Burū-Dī” (エド, 必殺の一撃!「ブルーD」)
September 6, 2006 February 20, 2007
102 “The Hands of Justice (Part 1 of 2)”  / “The Wave of Light vs. The Neo-Spacians”
“Hikari no Hādo Vāsasu Neo Supēshian” (光の波動VSネオ·スペーシアン)
September 13, 2006 February 21, 2007
103 “The Hands of Justice (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Judai’s Pinch! Field Magic “Light Barrier””
“Jūdai Pinchi! Fīrudo Mahō Hikari no Kekkai” (十代ピンチ!フィールド魔法「光の結界」)
September 20, 2006 February 22, 2007
104 “Future Changes”  / “The Whereabouts of Victory?! Judai vs. Saiou”
“Shōri no Yukue wa?! Jūdai Vāsasu Saiō” (勝利の行方は?!十代VS斎王)
September 27, 2006 February 23, 2007

Season 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episodes

No. English title
Japanese title
Original air date English air date
105 “Third Time’s a Charm”  / “Start of the New School Year! The Preminition of Tribulation”
“Shin Gakki Sutāto! Haran no Yokan” (新学期スタート!波乱の予感)
October 4, 2006 April 7, 2007
106 “Jewel of a Duel (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Judai and Johan of the Gem Beast Deck”
“Shin Gakki Sutāto! Haran no Yokan” (十代と宝玉獣デッキのヨハン)
October 11, 2006 April 14, 2007
107 “Jewel of a Duel (Part 2 of 2)”  / “The Neo-Spacians vs. The Gem Beasts”
“Neo Supēshian Vāsasu Hōgyokujū” (ネオ·スペーシアンVS宝玉獣)
October 18, 2006 April 21, 2007
108 “Hanging with Axel (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Professor Cobra’s Assassin”
“Purofessā Kobura no Shikaku” (プロフェッサー·コブラの刺客)
November 1, 2006 May 5, 2007
109 “Hanging with Axel (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Judai and The Fiery O’Brien”
“Jūdai to Honō no Oburaien” (十代と炎のオブライエン)
November 8, 2006 May 12, 2007
110 “Primal Instinct”  / “Tyranno Kenzan and Jim of the Fossil Dragon”
“Tirano Kenzan to Kasekiryū no Jimu” (ティラノ剣山と化石竜のジム)
November 15, 2006 May 26, 2007
111 “Head in the Clouds (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Manjoume and Amon of the Cloud Deck”
“Manjōme to Kumo Dekki no Amon” (万丈目と雲デッキのアモン)
November 22, 2006 June 16, 2007
112 “Head in the Clouds (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Thunder vs. Eye of the Typhoon”
“Sandā Vāsasu Ai Obu Za Taifūn” (サンダーVSアイ·オブ·ザ·タイフーン)
November 29, 2006 June 23, 2007
113 “Win Mr. Stein’s Duel (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Judai vs. The Treacherous Elemental Hero”
“Jūdai Vāsasu Uragiri no Erementaru Hīrō” (十代VS裏切りのEヒーロー)
December 6, 2006 July 14, 2007
114 “Win Mr. Stein’s Duel (Part 2 of 2)”  / “A Desperate Struggle! The Scarred Heroes”
“Zettai Zetsumei! Kizudarake no Hīrō” (絶体絶命!傷だらけのヒーロー)
December 13, 2006 July 21, 2007
115 “Trapper Keeper (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Giese the Spirit Hunter”
“Seirei Gari no Gīsu” (精霊狩りのギース)
December 20, 2006 July 28, 2007
116 “Trapper Keeper (Part 2 of 2)”  / “The Gem Beasts vs. Hell Gundog”
“Hōgyokujū Vāsasu Heru Gan Doggu” (宝玉獣VS地獄の番犬)
December 27, 2006 August 4, 2007
117 “A Snake in the Grass (Part 1 of 3)”  / “Decisive Battle! Judai vs. Professor Cobra”
“Kessen! Jūdai Vāsasu Purofessā Kobura” (決戦!十代VSプロフェッサー·コブラ)
January 3, 2007 September 1, 2007
118 “A Snake in the Grass (Part 2 of 3)”  / “The Terror! Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes”
“Kyōfu! Dokujaō Venominon” (恐怖!毒蛇王ヴェノミノン)
January 10, 2007 September 8, 2007
119 “A Snake in the Grass (Part 3 of 3)”  / “Triple Contact Fusion! Magma Neos”
“Toripuru Kontakuto Yūgō! Maguma Neosu” (トリプルコンタクト融合!マグマ·ネオス)
January 17, 2007 September 15, 2007
120 “Inter-Dimension Detention”  / “A Battle in a Different World! The Gem Beasts vs. Harpie Lady”
“Isekai no Tatakai! Hōgyokujū Vāsasu Hāpyi Redi” (異世界での戦い!宝玉獣VSハーピイレディ)
January 24, 2007 September 22, 2007
121 “Sub-Desert Duel”  / “Desert Survival! Johan vs. Doodlebug”
“Sabaku no Sabaibaru! Yohan Vāsasu Arijigoku” (砂漠のサバイバル!ヨハンVS蟻地獄)
January 31, 2007 September 29, 2007
122 “The Night of the Living Duelists”  / “The Duel Academia in Crisis! The Terror of the Zombie Students!”
“Dyueru Akademia Kiki! Zonbi Seito no Kyōfu!” (デュエルアカデミア危機!ゾンビ生徒の恐怖!)
February 7, 2007 October 6, 2007
123 “School Ghoul Duels”  / “The Rei Rescue Operation! Elemental Heroes vs. Fallen Angel Nurse”
“Rei Kyūshutsu Sakusen! Erementaru Hīrō Vāsasu Datenshi Nāsu” (レイ救出作戦!E·ヒーローVS堕天使ナース)
February 14, 2007 October 13, 2007
124 “Triple Play (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Disruption in the Academy! A Duel, Hungry”
“Gakuen Bunretsu! Harapeko Dyueru” (学園分裂!腹ペコデュエル)
February 21, 2007 October 20, 2007
125 “Triple Play (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Johan, Jim, and O’Brien vs. The Three Masked Knights”
“Yohan Jimu Oburaien Vāsasu Kamen no Sankishi” (ヨハン·ジム·オブライエンVS仮面の三騎士)
February 28, 2007 November 3, 2007
126 “Return of the Sacred Beasts”  / “Judai vs. Manjome – Dark Sword the Dragon Knight”
“Jūdai Vāsasu Manjōme Ryūkishi Dāku Sōdo” (十代VS万丈目·竜騎士ダークソード)
March 7, 2007 November 10, 2007
127 “Breaking of the Sacred Seal”  / “The one who Releases the Seal – Martin”
“Fūin wo Yabureshimono Marutan” (封印を破りし者·マルタン)
March 14, 2007 January 19, 2008
128 “A Dimensional Duel”  / “The Gem Beasts vs. Cyber End Dragon”
“Hōgyokujū Vāsasu Saibā Endo Doragon” (宝玉獣VSサイバー·エンド·ドラゴン)
March 21, 2007 January 26, 2008
129 “Unleash the Dragon (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Threat of the Three Phantom Demons! Judai vs. Martin”
“Sangenma no Kyōi! Jūdai Vāsasu Marutan” (三幻魔の脅威!十代VSマルタン)
March 28, 2007 February 2, 2008
130 “Unleash the Dragon (Part 2 of 2)”  / “The Awakening Of The Rainbow Dragon”
“Reinbō Doragon Kakusei” (レインボードラゴン覚醒)
April 4, 2007 February 9, 2008
131 “All For One”  / “Great Gathering of Ace Cards! Open, Door of Different Dimension!”
“Ēsu Kādo Daishūgō!! Hirake, Jigen no Tobira!” (エースカード大集合!!開け, 次元の扉!)
April 11, 2007 February 16, 2008
132 “A New World Order”  / “Duel That Bets Life-or-Death”
“Seishi wo Kaketa Dyueru” (生死を賭けた決闘(デュエル))
April 18, 2007 February 23, 2008
133 “Friend or Fiend”  / “Judai vs. Scarr, Scout of Dark World”
“Jūdai Vāsasu Ankokukai no Sekkō Sukā” (十代VS暗黒界の斥候スカー)
April 25, 2007 March 1, 2008
134 “Dueling With The Dark Army”  / “Judai vs. Zure, Knight of Dark World”
“Jūdai Vāsasu Ankokukai no Kishi Zūru” (十代VS暗黒界の騎士ズール)
May 2, 2007 March 8, 2008
135 “Turning The Page (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Judai vs. Brron, Mad King of Dark World”
“Jūdai Vāsasu Ankokukai no Kyō’ō Buron” (十代VS暗黒界の狂王ブロン)
May 9, 2007 March 15, 2008
136 “Turning The Page (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Activate Wicked Scriptures! Reign, Overlord of Dark World”
“Jashin Kyōten Hatsudō! Ankokukai no Mashin Rein” (邪心経典発動!暗黒界の魔神レイン)
May 16, 2007 March 22, 2008
137 “The State of Syrus”  / “Sho’s Determination! ‘The Proof of Friendship'”
“Shō no Ketsui! Yūjō no Akashi” (翔の決意!「友情の証」)
May 23, 2007 March 29, 2008
138 “The Darkness is Revealed”  / “Supreme King Descends – The Death Duelists”
“Haō Kōrin Shi no Dyueristo-tachi” (覇王降臨·死の決闘者たち)
May 30, 2007 April 5, 2008
139 “A Sight Unseen (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Dark Fusion! Inferno Wing!!”
“Dāku Fyūjon! Inferuno Wingu!!” (ダーク·フュージョン!インフェルノ·ウイング!!)
June 6, 2007 April 12, 2008
140 “A Sight Unseen (Part 2 of 2)”  / “First and Last, Super Fusion Activates!”
“Kūzenzetsugo Chō Yūgō Hatsudō!” (空前絶後·超融合発動!)
June 13, 2007 April 19, 2008
141 “What Lies Beneath (Part 1 of 3)”  / “Supreme King of Terror! The Wandering O’Brien”
“Kyōfu no Haō! Samayoeru Oburaien” (恐怖の覇王!彷徨えるオブライエン)
June 20, 2007 April 26, 2008
142 “What Lies Beneath (Part 2 of 3)”  / “The Victor is Righteous! Supreme King vs. O’Brien”
“Kachinokoru mono ga Seigi! Haō Vāsasu Oburaien” (勝ち残る者が正義!覇王VSオブライエン)
June 27, 2007 May 3, 2008
143 “What Lies Beneath (Part 3 of 3)”  / “Volcanic Devil vs. The Most Heinous Evil Hero”
“Vorukanikku Debiru Vāsasu Saikyō no Ībiru Hīrō” (ヴォルカニック・デビルVS最凶のイービル·ヒーロー)
July 4, 2007 May 10, 2008
144 “The Forbidden Ritual (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Activate! The Ultimate Unsealing Ritualistic Technique”
“Hatsudō! Kyūkyoku Fūinkaihō Gishikijutsu” (発動!究極封印解放儀式術)
July 11, 2007 May 17, 2008,
145 “The Forbidden Ritual (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Summon Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden God!”
“Shōkan Kyūkyoku Fūinshin Ekuzodiosu” (究極封印神エクゾディオス召喚!)
July 18, 2007 May 24, 2008
146 “Conquering the Past (Part 1 of 3)”  / “The Sealed Fusion”
“Fūinsareta Yūgō” (封印された融合)
July 25, 2007 May 31, 2008
147 “Conquering the Past (Part 2 of 3)”  / “Showdown of Fate! Cyber-Style vs. The Gem Beasts”
“Innen no Taiketsu! Saibā-ryū Vāsasu Hōgyokujū” (因縁の対決!サイバー流VS宝玉獣)
August 8, 2007 June 7, 2008
148 “Conquering the Past (Part 3 of 3)”  / “Ultimate Dragon Showdown! Cyber End vs. Rainbow Dark”
August 15, 2007 June 14, 2008
149 “The Ultimate Face-Off (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Demon God Showdown! The Phantom Demons vs. Exodia!”
August 22, 2007 July 26, 2008
150 “The Ultimate Face-Off (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Summon ‘Yubel’!”
August 29, 2007 August 2, 2008
151 “The Power Within (Part 1 of 2)”  / “Neos vs. The Advanced Gem Beasts”
September 5, 2007 August 9, 2008
152 “The Power Within (Part 2 of 2)”  / “Activate Super Fusion! Rainbow Neos”
September 12, 2007 August 9, 2008
153 “Return of the Supreme King (Part 1 of 3)”  / “Showdown of the Chosen Cards! Elemental Heroes vs. Yubel”
September 19, 2007 August 16, 2008
154 “Return of the Supreme King (Part 2 of 3)”  / “Supreme King Judai Resurrected!”
September 26, 2007 August 16, 2008
155 “Return of the Supreme King (Part 3 of 3)”  / “Rainbow Neos vs. Yubel Ultimate Form”
October 3, 2007 August 23, 2008
156  “Judai Revived!? A Brand New Journey” (十代復活!?新たなる旅立ち) October 10, 2007 N/A

Season 4 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episodes

No. Title Original air date
157  “A Creeping Threat! The Mysterious Visitor” (忍びよる脅威!「謎の来訪者」) October 17, 2007
158  “Farewell, Duel Academia! The Path Judai Chooses” (さらばデュエルアカデミア!十代の選ぶ道) October 24, 2007
159  “The Truth Behind Darkness! Judai vs. Fubuki” (ダークネスの真相!十代VS吹雪) October 31, 2007
160  “Fusing Souls! Neos VS F-G-D” (融合する魂!ネオスVS F·G·D) November 7, 2007
161  “Shall We Duel? Invitation to a Pair Duel” (シャル·ウイ·デュエル?ペアデュエルへの招待) November 14, 2007
162  “Judai vs. Asuka! Face-Down Card of Hidden Emotions” (十代VS明日香! 秘めた想いの伏せカード) November 21, 2007
163  “Challenge from Psycho Shocker” (サイコ·ショッカーからの挑戦状) November 28, 2007
164  “The Inherited Cyber Dark Dragon” (受け継がれしサイバー·ダーク·ドラゴン) December 5, 2007
165  “Aim for it Manjoume! Path to a Pro Duelist!” (目指せ万丈目!プロデュエリストへの道!) December 12, 2007
166  “Armed Dragon vs. Dragoon D End” (アームド·ドラゴンVSドラグーン·D·エンド) December 19, 2007
167  “Gratitude Duel! Chronos vs. The Original Dropout Boy” (恩返しデュエル!クロノスVS元祖ドロップアウト·ボーイ) December 26, 2007
168  “Opening of Graduation Duel! Neos vs. Black Flame Dragon of Horus” (卒業デュエル開始 ! ネオスVSホルスの黒炎竜) January 4, 2008
169  “Price of Decision! O’Brien Flame of Darkness” (決断の代償 ! オブライエン炎の闇) January 9, 2008
170  “Saiou, Again! Activate “Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny”!!” (斎王再び!「絶対運命決定力」発動!!) January 16, 2008
171  “End of Destiny! Magma Neos vs. Dark Ruler” (運命の終焉!マグマ·ネオスVSザ·ダーク·ルーラー) January 25, 2008
172  “Duel Academia Crisis! The Gem Beasts Blocking the Way” (デュエルアカデミアの危機! 立ちはだかる宝玉獣) January 30, 2008
173  “Invasion of Darkness! The Stolen Memories” (ダークネスの侵攻! 奪われた記憶) February 6, 2008
174  “Activate, Clear World! Ferocious Negative Effect” (発動!「クリアー·ワールド」恐怖のネガティブエフェクト) February 13, 2008
175  “Battle Royale! Judai vs. Johan vs. Fujiwara” (バトルロワイヤル!十代VSヨハンVS藤原) February 20, 2008
176  “Rainbow Neos, Protector of Bonds vs. Clear Vicious Knight” (絆を守りしものレインボー・ネオスVSクリアー·ヴィシャス·ナイト) February 27, 2008
177  “Combo of Terror! “Zero and Infinity” (恐怖のコンボ!「虚無と無限」) March 5, 2008
178  “Final Hope! Yuki Judai” (最後の希望!遊城十代) March 12, 2008
179  “Good-Bye Judai! Tearful Graduation Ceremony” (さよなら十代!涙の卒業式) March 19, 2008
180  “The True Graduation Duel! Judai vs. Legendary Duelist” (真の卒業デュエル!十代VS伝説のデュエリスト) March 26, 2008

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode Menu


Fortune Cup Duels (Season 1)

# English Title / (Translated English Title)
Japanese Title
Original air date English air date
1 “On Your Mark, Get Set, Duel! / Turbo Duel! Acceleration!”
“Raidingu Dyueru! Akuserarēshon!” (ライディング·デュエル! アクセラレーション!)
April 2, 2008 September 13, 2008
2 “Creepy Crawlies / Power Insect Deck! The Ant-Lion Trap!”
“Pawā Insekuto Dekki! Arijigoku no Wana” (パワーインセクトデッキ! 蟻地獄の罠)
April 9, 2008 September 20, 2008
3 “Pipe Dreams / Escape! Nitro Warrior vs. Goyo Guardian!”
“Dasshutsu! Nitoro Woriā Bāsasu Goyō Gādian” (脱出! ニトロ·ウォリアーVSゴヨウ·ガーディアン)
April 16, 2008[5] September 27, 2008
4 “A Blast from the Past, Part 1 / The Battle of Destiny! Stardust Dragon Stands in the Way”
“Unmei no Taiketsu! Tachihadakaru Sutādasuto Doragon” (運命の対決! 立ちはだかるスターダスト·ドラゴン)
April 23, 2008 October 4, 2008
5 “A Blast from the Past, Part 2 / Ace Dragons Clash! Stardust Dragon vs. Red Dragon Archfiend”
“Gekitotsu-suru Ēsu Doragon! Sutādasuto Bāsasu Reddo Dēmonzu” (激突するエース·ドラゴン! スターダストVSレッド·デーモンズ)
April 30, 2008 October 11, 2008
6 “The Facility, Part 1 / Look at My Treasured Deck!”
“Mitekure! Washi no Hihō Dekki” (見てくれ! ワシの秘宝デッキ!)
May 5, 2008 October 18, 2008
7 “The Facility, Part 2 / Feelings Towards the Cards! Crystal Skull vs. Giant Ushi Oni”
“Kādo ni Kometa Omoi! Suishō Dokuro Bāsasu Ō Ushioni” (カードにこめた想い! 水晶ドクロVS大牛鬼)
May 14, 2008 October 25, 2008
8 “Fire It Up! / Unfulfilled Soul: the Signers and the Legendary Dragon”
“Mitasarenu Tamashī Shigunā to Densetsu no Ryū” (満たされぬ魂 シグナーと伝説の竜)
May 21, 2008[5] November 1, 2008
9 “The Lockdown Duel, Part 1 / Feelings Hanging for the Cards: A Planned Lightning Deathmatch”
“Kādo ni Kakeru Omoi Shikumareta Raitoningu Desumacchi” (カードにかける思い 仕組まれたライトニング·デスマッチ)
May 28, 2008 November 8, 2008
10 “The Lockdown Duel, Part 2 / Deck Zero: Break the Chain Trap Loop”
“Dekki Zero Chēn Torappu no Rūpu wo Yabure” (デッキ0 チェーントラップのループを破れ)
June 4, 2008 November 15, 2008
11 “The Take Back, Part 1 / The Special Pursuit Deck Returns: Regain the Bonds with a Friend”
“Tokushu Tsuiseki Dekki Futatabi Torimodose Nakama tono Kizuna” (特殊追跡デッキ再び 取り戻せ仲間との絆)
June 11, 2008 November 22, 2008
12 “The Take Back, Part 2 / Dead Chase! Weave the Bonds, Turbo Warrior”
“Deddo Cheisu! Kizuna wo Tsumuge Tābo Woriā” (死闘追跡! 絆を紡げ ターボ・ウォリアー)
June 18, 2008 November 29, 2008
13 “A Duel to Remember / Dial On! Roar Morphtronic Deck”
“Daiyaru On! Unare Difōmā Dekki” (ダイヤル·オン! うなれディフォーマーデッキ)
June 25, 2008 December 6, 2008
14 “Bloom of the Black Rose / The Bringer of Folklore Destruction Appears, “The Black Rose””
“Arawareru Fōkuroa Hakai o Motarasu “Kurobara no Majo”” (現れるフォークロア破壊をもたらす 「黒薔薇の魔女」)
July 2, 2008 December 13, 2008
15 “Welcome to the Fortune Cup / The Duel of Fortune Cup Begins: Attack from the Sky!! Flying Fortress SKY FIRE”
“Dyueru Obu Fōchūn Kappu Kaimaku Daikūshū!! Jaianto Bomā Eareido” (デュエル·オブ·フォーチューンカップ開幕 大空襲!!ジャイアントボマー·エアレ イド)
July 9, 2008 December 20, 2008
16 “Battle with The Black Rose / Reunion with The Black Rose: The Dragon of Destruction, “Black Rose Dragon””
“Majosairai, Hametsu no Ryū “Burakku Rōzu Doragon”” (魔女再来, 破滅の竜 「ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン」)
July 16, 2008 December 27, 2008
17 “Surprise, Surprise / Flame Revenger: Supersonic Skull Flame”
“Honō no Ribenjā Supīdokingu ☆ Sukaru Fureimu” (炎のリベンジャー スピード・キング☆スカル・フレイム)
July 23, 2008[6] January 3, 2009
18 “Return to the Spirit World, Part 1 / The Ancient Forest: Invitation to the Spirits’ World”
“Inishie no Mori Seirei Sekai eno Izanai” (古の森 精霊世界への誘い)
July 30, 2008 January 10, 2009
19 “Return to the Spirit World, Part 2 / The Contaminated Spirit World: Evil Intent, Ido the Supreme Magical Force”
“Osensareru Seirei Sekai Akunaru Ishi Chōmajin Ido” (汚染される精霊世界 悪なる意思 超魔神イド)
August 6, 2008 January 17, 2009
20 “Second Round Showdown, Part 1 / Unweavering Feelings: My Mission is For My Hometown and My Friends”
“Yuzurenai Omoi Waga Shimei wa Kokyō to Tomo ni” (譲れない想い 我が使命は故郷と共に)
August 13, 2008 January 24, 2009
21 “Second Round Showdown, Part 2 / Greiger’s Revenge: The Trap of Sorrow, Chariot Pile”
“Fukushū no Bomā Kanashimi no Torappu Chariotto Pairu” (復讐のボマー 悲しみのトラップ チャリオット·パイル)
August 20, 2008 January 31, 2009
22 “The Profiler / The Past Revealed: The Duel Profiler vs. The Black Rose”
“Abakareru Kako Dyueru Purofairā Bāsasu Kurobara no Majo” (暴かれる過去 デュエルプロファイラ-VS黒薔薇の魔女)
August 27, 2008 February 7, 2009
23 “Duel of the Dragons, Part 1 / The Final Match: The Soul Hidden Behind the Mask”
“Fainaru Macchi, Kamen no Oku ni Kakusareta Kokoro” (決勝戦, 仮面の奥に隠された心)
September 3, 2008 February 14, 2009
24 “Duel of the Dragons, Part 2 / Victim’s Sanctuary: Become the Star that Envelops Destruction! Stardust Dragon”
“Vikutemu Sankuchuari Hakai wo Tsutsumu Hoshi to Nare! Sutādasuto Doragon” (ヴィクテム·サンクチュアリ 破壊を包む星となれ! スターダスト·ドラゴン)
September 10, 2008 February 21, 2009
25 “The Fortune Cup Finale, Part 1 / The Fortune Cup Finals! The Lonely King, Jack Atlas”
“Fōchun Kappu Fainaru! Kokō no Kingu Jakku Atorasu” (フォーチュンカップ ファイナル! 孤高のキング ジャック·アトラス)
September 17, 2008 February 28, 2009
26 “The Fortune Cup Finale, Part 2 / Destiny of the Signers! The Future Guided by the Crimson Dragon!”
“Shigunā-tachi no Unmei! Akaki Ryū ga Michibiku Mirai” (シグナーたちの運命! 赤き竜が導く未来!)
September 24, 2008 March 7, 2009

Earthbound Immortals (Season 2)

# English Title / (Translated English Title)
Japanese Title
Original air date English air date
27 “A Web of Deceit, Part 1 / A World Without Light: Dark Synchro, Frozen Fitzgerald!”
“Hikarinaki Sekai Dāku Shinkuro Hyōketsu no Fittsujerarudo!” (光なき世界 ダークシンクロ 氷結のフィッツジェラルド!)
October 1, 2008 May 16, 2009
28 “A Web of Deceit, Part 2 / The Darkness That Engulfs All: The Immortal Shadow Drone”
“Subete wo Nomikomu Yami Fumetsu no Dāku Shigunā” (すべてを呑み込む闇 不滅のダークシグナー)
October 8, 2008 May 23, 2009
29 “Good Cop, Bad Cop / A New Threat: Shadow Drone, Trudge??!”
“Samarikuru Kyōi Dāku Shigunā Ushio!?” (迫りくる脅威 ダークシグナー牛尾?!?)
October 15, 2008 May 30, 2009
30 “Fight or Flight / My Name is Crow! Fly, Black Bird”
“Wagana wa Kurō! Tobe Burakku Bādo” (わが名はクロウ! 飛べブラック·バード)
October 22, 2008 June 6, 2009
31 “The Reunion Duel / Hometown and Friends: The Reuniting Turbo Duel”
“Kokyō to Nakama Saikai no Taggu Raidingu” (故郷と仲間 再会のタッグライディング)
October 29, 2008 June 13, 2009
32 “Dark Signs, Part 1 / The Symbol of Freedom, The Daedalus Bridge”
“Jiyū no Shōchō Daidarosu Buriji” (自由の象徴 ダイダロスブリッジ)
November 5, 2008 June 20, 2009
33 “Dark Signs, Part 2 / Vengeful Inferno: My Former Friend, Kalin Kessler”
“Fukushū no Gōka! Katsute no Tomo Kiryū Kyōsuke” (復讐の刧火! かっての友 鬼柳京介)
November 12, 2008 June 27, 2009
34 “Dark Signs, Part 3 / Dark Synchro! Come Forth, Hundred Eyes Dragon”
“Dāku Shinkuro! Ideyo Wan Handoreddo Ai Doragon” (ダークシンクロ! いでよワンハンドレッド·アイ·ドラゴン)
November 19, 2008 July 4, 2009
35 “Dark Signs, Part 4 / Terrifying! Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu)”
“Senritsu! Jibakushin Kokapaku Apu” (戦慄! 地縛神コカパク·アプ)
November 26, 2008 July 11, 2009
36 “Supersensory Shakedown / Docking of Courage and Power! Synchro Summon, Power Tool Dragon”
“Yūki to Chikara wo Dokkingu! Shinkuro Shōkan! Pawā Tsūru Doragon” (勇気と力をドッキング! シンクロ召喚! パワー·ツール·ドラゴン)
December 3, 2008 July 27, 2009 (Online)
August 11, 2009 (TV)
37 “Digging Deeper, Part 1 / Infiltration! Arcadia Movement, Therefore it’s My Turn!”
“Sennyū! Arukadia Mūbumento Watashi no Tān Nandakara!” (潜入! アルカディアムーブメント 私のターンなんだから!)
December 10, 2008 July 27, 2009 (Online)
August 12, 2009 (TV)
38 “Digging Deeper, Part 2 / Resurrected Soul: The New Geoglyph Ablaze”
“Yomigaerishi Tamashī Moesakaru Aratana Jiogurifu” (蘇りし魂 燃えさかる新たなジオグリフ)
December 17, 2008 July 27, 2009 (Online)
August 13, 2009 (TV)
39 “Digging Deeper, Part 3 / Descend! Two Earthbound Immortals”
“Kōrin! Nitai no Jibakushin” (降臨!2体の地縛神)
December 24, 2008 July 27, 2009 (Online)
August 14, 2009 (TV)
40 “Clash of the Dragons, Part 1 / Irreversible Past : A Locked Heart’s Door”
“Modorenai Kako Tozasareta Kokoro no Tobira” (戻れない過去 閉ざされた心の扉)
January 7, 2009 July 30, 2009 (Online)
August 17, 2009 (TV)
41 “Clash of the Dragons, Part 2 / Hatred Caused by Sorrow! Catch it, Stardust Dragon”
“Kanashimi Yue no Zō-o! Uketomero Sutādasuto Doragon” (悲しみ故の憎悪! 受け止めろスターダスト·ドラゴン)
January 14, 2009 July 30, 2009 (Online)
August 18, 2009 (TV)
42 “The Signs of Time / Gather! Warriors of the Crimson Dragon”
“Shūketsu! Akaki Ryū no Senshi-tachi” (集結! 赤き竜の戦士たち)
January 21, 2009 July 18, 2009
43 “Surely, You Jest, Part 1 / Respective Determination! That Which is Wholeheartedly Believable”
“Sorezore no Ketsui Kokoro kara Shinjirareru Mono” (それぞれの決意! 心から信じられるもの)
January 28, 2009 July 25, 2009
44 “Surely, You Jest, Part 2 / Stir up the Divine Winds! Blackwing Armed Wing”
“Kamikaze wo Makiokose! Burakku Fezā Āmuzu Wingu” (神風を巻き起こせ! ブラックフェザー·アームズ·ウィング)
February 4, 2009 August 1, 2009
45 “Mark of the Spider, Part 1 / Confrontation! The Man with the Mark of the Spider!”
“Taiketsu! Kumo no Aza wo Motsu Otoko” (対決! 蜘蛛の痣をもつ男)
February 11, 2009 August 8, 2009
46 “Mark of the Spider, Part 2 / The Truth from Seventeen Years Ago, The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers”
“Jūnananen Mae no Shinjitsu Kakusareta Dāku Shigunā no Wana” (17年前の真実 隠されたダークシグナーの罠)
February 18, 2009 August 15, 2009
47 “Mark of the Monkey, Part 1 / The Man with the Mark of the Monkey”
“Saru no Chijōe no Aza wo Motsu Otoko” (猿の地上絵の痣を持つ男)
February 25, 2009 August 22, 2009
48 “Mark of the Monkey, Part 2 / Minus World, Search for the White Lion Regulus”
“Mainasu Wārudo Shiroki Shishi Regurusu wo Sagase” (マイナスワールド 白き獅子レグルスを探せ)
March 4, 2009 August 26, 2009
49 “Mark of the Monkey, Part 3 / The King That Rules Over Minus, Demonic Monkey King Zeman”
“Mainasu wo Tsukasadoru Ō Enmaō Zēman” (マイナスをつかさどる王 猿魔王ゼーマン)
March 11, 2009 August 27, 2009
50 “Mark of the Monkey, Part 4 / Curse of Minus Spell! The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon”
“Mainasu no Noroi! Torawareta Enshento Fearī Doragon” (マイナスの呪い! 捕らわれたエンシェント·フェアリードラゴン)
March 18, 2009 August 27, 2009
51 “A Whale of a Ride, Part 1 / Be Resurrected! The Boundary Surpassing Turbo Duel”
“Tenseiseyo! Genkai Toppa no Raidingu Dyueru” (転生せよ! 限界突破のライディング·デュエル)
March 25, 2009 August 28, 2009
52 “A Whale of a Ride, Part 2 / At the Ends of the Emotions Spun by the Cards”
“Kādo ga Tsumugu Omoi no Hate ni” (カードが紡ぐ想いの果てに)
April 1, 2009 August 28, 2009
53 “A Whale of a Ride, Part 3 / Winds that Gust Fiercely, Blackwing – Silverwind the Ascendant”
“Fukisusabe Arashi Burakku Fezā Kokō no Shirubā Windo” (吹きすさべ嵐 ブラックフェザー孤高のシルバー·ウィンド)
April 8, 2009 December 22, 2009 (Online)
March 2, 2010 (TV)
54 “A Score to Settle, Part 1 / Last Duel! The Enforcers”
“Rasto Dyueru! Chīmu Satisufakushon” (ラストデュエル! チームサティスファクション)
April 15, 2009 December 22, 2009 (Online)
March 4, 2010 (TV)
55 “A Score to Settle, Part 2 / Companions’ Sincerity, Majestic Dragon – Majestic Star Dragon”
“Nakama-tachi no Omoi, Kyūseiryū Seivā Doragon” (仲間達の想い, 救世竜セイヴァー·ドラゴン)
April 22, 2009 January 12, 2010 (Online)
March 5, 2010 (TV)
56 “Destiny’s Will, Part 1 / The 17-Year Old Vow: The Destiny Guided by Ener-D”
“Jūnananenmae no Chikai Mōmento ga Michibiku Unmei” (17年前の誓い モーメントが導く運命)
April 29, 2009 January 12, 2010 (Online)
March 8, 2010 (TV)
57 “Destiny’s Will, Part 2 / Darkness of the Heart, the Last Hope Remaining”
“Kokoro no Yami Nokosareta Saigo no Kibō” (心の闇 残された最後の希望)
May 6, 2009 January 12, 2010 (Online)
March 9, 2010 (TV)
58 “Shadows of Doubt, Part 1 / Ahead Is My Destiny! The High Ruler of Hell, The Dark King”
“Sono Saki ni Aru Unmei! Jigoku no Hasha Dāku Kingu” (その先にある運命! 地獄の覇者ダークキング)
May 13, 2009 February 22, 2010 (Online)
March 10, 2010 (TV)
59 “Shadows of Doubt, Part 2 / The Lone Light, Majestic Red Dragon”
“Kokō no Hikari Seivā Demon Doragon” (孤高の光 セイヴァー·デモン·ドラゴン)
May 20, 2009 February 22, 2010 (Online)
March 11, 2010 (TV)
60 “Truth and Consequences, Part 1 / Sad Story – Sorrowful Memories”
“Saddo Sutōrī Kanashimi no Kioku” (サッド·ストーリー〜悲しみの記憶〜)
May 27, 2009 February 22, 2010 (Online)
March 12, 2010 (TV)
61 “Truth and Consequences, Part 2 / At the End of the Truth”
“Shinjitsu no Hate ni” (真実の果てに)
June 3, 2009 March 15, 2010
62 “Signs of Doom, Part 1 / Last Battle! The Man with Two Marks”
“Saigo no Tatakai! Futatsu no Kami wo Motsu Otoko” (最後の戦い! 2つの神をもつ男)
June 10, 2009 March 16, 2010
63 “Signs of Doom, Part 2 / The Strongest Earthbound Immortal! Wiraqocha Rasca!”
“Saikyō no Jibakushin! Wirakocharasuka” (最強の地縛神! ウィラコチャラスカ!)
June 17, 2009 March 17, 2010
64 “Signs of Doom, Part 3 / Towards Our Future!”
“Oretachi no Mirai e!” (オレたちの未来へ!)
June 24, 2009 March 18, 2010

Road to Destiny (Season 3)

# English Title / (Translated English Title)
Japanese Title
Original air date English air date
65 “A New Threat, Part 1 / A New Threat”
“Aratanaru Kyōi” (新たなる脅威)
July 1, 2009 September 18, 2010
66 “A New Threat, Part 2 / The Symbol of Evolution – Synchro Monsters”
“Shinka no Akashi Shinkuro Monsutā” (進化の証 シンクロモンスター)
July 8, 2009 September 25, 2010
67 “Lessons Learned / Traditions of the Duel Academy! Ancient Gear Golem”
“Dyueru Akademia no Dentō! Antīku Giagōremu” (デュエルアカデミアの伝統!アンティーク・ギアゴーレム)
July 15, 2009 September 25, 2010
68 “Trash Talk / The Memories of the Elderly! The Scrap-Iron Family Deck”
“Rōjin no Kioku Kuzutetsu Famirī Dekki” (老人の記憶!くず鉄ファミリーデッキ)
July 22, 2009 October 2, 2010
69 “A Duel With Interest / A Threat! Loan Token to the Netherworld”
“Kyōi! Rōn Tōkun Jigoku” (脅威!ローントークン地獄)
July 29, 2009 October 2, 2010
70 “The Wicked Spirit / The Forest that Spirits Away – Sleepy Beauty”
“Kamikakushi no Mori Surīpī Byūtī” (神隠しの森 スリーピービューティ)
August 5, 2009 October 9, 2010
71 “French Twist, Part 1 / Yusei Captured”
“Torawareta Yusei” (捕われた遊星)
August 12, 2009 October 9, 2010
72 “French Twist, Part 2 / What Lies Within the Wind”
“Kaze no Naka ni Arumono” (風の中にあるもの)
August 19, 2009 October 16, 2010
73 “Synchro Straits / After Sealing Synchro Summoning…”
“Shinkuro Shōkan wo Fūjita Saki ni…” (シンクロ召喚を封じた先に…)
August 26, 2009 October 16, 2010
74 “Synchro Solution / Further Evolution! Accel Synchro”
“Saranaru Shinka! Akuseru Shinkuro” (さらなる進化!アクセルシンクロ)
September 2, 2009 October 23, 2010
75 “Acceleration / Akiza Izinski, Acceleration!”
“Izayoi Aki Akuserarēshon!” (十六夜アキ アクセラレーション!)
September 9, 2009 October 23, 2010
76 “Syd Is Vicious / The Proud Archfiend Chaos King”
“Hokoritakaki Dēmon Kaosu Kingu” (誇り高き デーモン・カオス・キング)
September 16, 2009 October 30, 2010
77 “Dawn of the Duel Board, Part 1 / He Enters! The Super Elite Transfer Student”
“Tōjō! Sūpā Erīto Tenkōsei” (登場!スーパーエリート転校生 )
September 23, 2009 October 30, 2010
78 “Dawn of the Duel Board, Part 2 / A Nightmare Reborn! Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity”
“Yomigaeru Akumu! Kikōtei Sukieru” (甦る悪夢!機皇帝スキエル∞)
September 30, 2009 November 6, 2010
79 “Putting It All Together / To a World Yet Unseen”
“Madaminu Sekai e” (まだ見ぬ世界へ)
October 7, 2009 November 6, 2010
80 “The Super Genius / The Mysterious Super Mechanic”
“Nazo no Sūpā Mekanikku” (謎のスーパーメカニック)
October 14, 2009 November 13, 2010
81 “Get With the Program, Part 1 / Operation Capture Lazar”
“Iēgā Hokaku Sakusen” (イェーガー捕獲作戦!)
October 21, 2009 November 13, 2010
82 “Get With the Program, Part 2 / Yusei Fudo, 100% Chance of Defeat!”
“Fudō Yūsei Haiboku Kakuritsu Wan Handoreddo Pāsento!” (不動遊星 敗北確率100%!)
October 28, 2009 November 20, 2010
83 “Will the Real Jack Atlas, Please Stand Up, Part 1 / Imposter!? Jack Atlas”
“Yōgisha!? Jakku Atorasu” (容疑者!?ジャック・アトラス)
November 4, 2009 November 20, 2010
84 “Will the Real Jack Atlas, Please Stand Up, Part 2 / The Real Jack Atlas”
“Mō Hitori no Jakku” (もう一人のジャック・アトラス)
November 11, 2009 November 27, 2010
85 “Mother Knows Best / The Grandfather Clock, Poppo Time”
“Poppo Taimu no Furudokei” (ポッポタイムの古時計)
November 18, 2009 November 27, 2010 (Hulu only)
February 5, 2011 (TV)
86 “Duelist for Hire / Crash Town”
“Kurasshu Taun” (クラッシュタウン)
November 25, 2009 November 27, 2010
87 “Showdown at Sundown, Part 1 / Rescue Kalin! The Town of Wandering Duelists”
“Kiryū Kyūshutsu! Samayoeru Dyuerisuto no Machi” (鬼柳救出!さまよえる決闘者の街)
December 2, 2009 December 4, 2010
88 “Showdown at Sundown, Part 2 / The Trap Laid in Front of Victory”
“Kiryū Kyūshutsu! Samayoeru Dyuerisuto no Machi” (勝利の先にある罠)
December 9, 2009 December 4, 2010
89 “The Race to Escape, Part 1 / Terror of Gatling Ogre”
“Gatoringu Ōga no Kyōfu” (ガトリング・オーガの恐怖)
December 16, 2009 December 11, 2010
90 “The Race to Escape, Part 2 / Death Match Turbo Duel”
“Shitō no Raidingu Dyueru” (死闘のライディングデュエル)
December 23, 2009 December 11, 2010
91 “Clash at Crash Town, Part 1 / Tag Duel: Kalin & Yusei VS Lawton”
“Taggu Dyueru Kiryu to Yusei Bāsasu Rotten” (タッグデュエル 鬼柳・遊星 VS ロットン)
January 6, 2010 December 18, 2010
92 “Clash at Crash Town, Part 2 / Satisfaction Town”
“Satisufakushon” (サティスファクションウン)
January 13, 2010 December 18, 2010

World Racing Grand Prix (Season 4)

# English Title / (Translated English Title)
Japanese Title
Original air date English air date
93 “The Question of the Card / Tremble in Fear! The Resolve of the Master and Servant!!”
“Senritsu! Shujū no Kakugo!!” (戦慄! 主従の覚悟!!)
January 20, 2010 February 19, 2011
94 “Keeping a Promise, Part 1 / Recollections: Entrusted with a Friend’s Dying Wish”
“Tsuioku Hōyū ga Takushita Ishi” (追憶 朋友が託した遺志)
January 27, 2010 February 26, 2011
95 “Keeping a Promise, Part 2 / Soar! Black-Winged Dragon!!”
“Maiagare! Burakkufezā Doragon!!” (舞い上がれ! ブラックフェザー・ドラゴン!!)
February 3, 2010 March 5, 2011
96 “Natural Instincts, Part 1 / Rally Forth! Team 5D’s”
“Kessei! Chīmu Faibudīzu” (結成! チーム5D’s )
February 10, 2010 March 12, 2011
97 “Natural Instincts, Part 2 / After Despair and Conflict…”
“Zetsubō to Kattō no Saki ni…” (絶望と葛藤の先に…)
February 17, 2010 March 19, 2011
98 “Power Plays / The WRGP Commences! Team 5D’s VS Team Unicorn”
“Daburuyūārujīpī Kaisai Chīmu Faibudīzu Bāsasu Chīmu Yunikōn” (WRGP開幕! チーム5D’s VS チームユニコーン)
February 24, 2010 March 26, 2011
99 “Trouble For Team 5D’s / Burn! Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis”
“Moero! Fenikishian Kurasutā Amaririsu” (燃えろ! フェニキシアン・クラスター・アマリリス )
March 3, 2010 April 2, 2011
100 “The Edge of Elimination, Part 1 / Dilemma! The Last Turbo Duelist, Yusei”
“Kyūchi Rasuto Hoīrā Yūsei” (窮! 地ラスト・ホイーラー遊星 )
March 10, 2010 April 9, 2011
101 “The Edge of Elimination, Part 2 / For The Team”
“Foa Za Chīmu” (フォア・ザ・チーム )
March 17, 2010 April 16, 2011
102 “The Edge of Elimination, Part 3 / Just For Victory”
“Tada Shōri no Tame ni” (ただ勝利の為に)
March 24, 2010 April 23, 2011
103 “Party Crashers / The Spoils of Battle”
“Tatakai no Hate ni Etamono” (戦いの果てに得たもの)
March 31, 2010 April 30, 2011
104 “Knight Takes Pawn / Messengers of Destruction, Team Catastrophe”
“Hametsu no Shisha Chīmu Katasutorofu” (破滅の使者 チームカタストロフ)
April 7, 2010 May 7, 2011
105 “Rook Takes Knight / The Card of Darkness – Hidden Knight Hook”
“Yami no Kādo Hidun Naito -Hukku-“ (闇のカード ヒドゥン・ナイト -フック-)
April 14, 2010 May 14, 2011
106 “Primo’s Plan, Part 1 / Ghost Flood! The Terrifying Battle Royale Mode”
“Gōsuto Hanran! Kyōfu no Batoru Roiyaru Mōdo” (ゴースト氾濫! 恐怖のバトル・ロイヤル・モード)
April 21, 2010 May 21, 2011
107 “Primo’s Plan, Part 2 / Wake Up!! Unwavering Standpoint – Clear Mind”
“Kakusei!! Yuruganaki Kyōchi Kuria Maindo” (覚醒!! 揺るがなき境地 クリア・マインド)
April 28, 2010 May 28, 2011
108 “Primo’s Plan, Part 3 / The Revived Terror – Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity”
“Yomigaeru Kyōfu Kikōtei Waizeru” (蘇る恐怖 機皇帝ワイゼル∞)
May 5, 2010 June 4, 2011
109 “Primo’s Plan, Part 4 / Accel Synchro! Be Born, Shooting Star Dragon!”
“Akuseru Shinkuro! Shōraiseyo! Shūtingu Sutā Doragon!” (アクセル・シンクロ! 生来せよ シューティング・スター・ドラゴン!)
May 12, 2010 June 11, 2011
110 “Primo’s Plan, Part 5 / The Three Emperors of Yliaster”
“Iriasuteru no Sankōtei” (イリアステルの三皇帝)
May 19, 2010 June 18, 2011
111 “The Ancient Land – To Nazca!”
“Inishie no Chi Nasuka e” (古の地 ナスカヘ!)
May 26, 2010 N/A
112 “The Crimson Devil”
“Guren no Akuma” (紅蓮の悪魔)
June 2, 2010 N/A
113 “Blazing Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon”
“Moe Tagiru Tamashī! Sukāreddo Nova Doragon” (燃え滾る魂! スカーレッド・ノヴァ・ドラゴン)
June 9, 2010 N/A
114 “Operation Capture Lazar II”
“Yēgā Hokaku Sakusen Tsū” (イェーガー捕獲作戦II)
June 16, 2010 N/A
115 “Press Him About The Mystery!! The Endgame Turbo Duel!”
“Nazo ni Semare! Tsume Raidingu Dyueru!!” (ライディングデュエル!! 謎に迫れ!)
June 23, 2010 N/A
116 “The Ener-D Express Development Agency”
“Mōmento Ekusupuresu Kaihatsu Kikō” (モーメント・エクスプレス開発機構)
June 30, 2010 N/A
117 “The Distorted Past”
“Yugamerareta Kako” (歪められた過去)
July 7, 2010 N/A
118 “The New Rivals”
“Aratanaru Raibaru” (新たなるライバル)
July 14, 2010 N/A
119 “The Invincible Scrum! Smash The Unbreakable Defense!”
“Teppeki no Sukuramu! Kyōkō Shubi wo Uchikudake!” (鉄壁のスクラム! 強硬守備を打ち砕け!)
July 21, 2010 N/A
120 “Tie Those Feelings! The Hand Tied to the Majin!”
“Omoi wo Tsunage! Te wo Tsunagu Majin” (想いをつなげ! 手をつなぐ魔人!)
July 28, 2010 N/A
121 “The Miraculous Trump Card – Zushin the Sleeping Giant!”
“Kiseki no Kirifuda Nemureru Kyojin Zushin!” (奇跡の切り札 眠れる巨人ズシン!)
August 4, 2010 N/A
122 “Believe in the Power! The Strongest Giant Zushin VS Shooting Star Dragon”
“Shinjiru Chikara! Saikyō no Kyojin Zushin Bāsasu Shūtingu Sutā Doragon” (信じる力! 最強の巨人ズシン VS シューティング・スター・ドラゴン)
August 11, 2010 N/A
123 “Eyes on the Prize / The Duelists with the Rune Eyes”
“Rūn no Hitomi no Dyuerisuto” (ルーンの瞳のデュエリスト)
August 18, 2010 June 25, 2011
124 “Duel for Redemption / Damaged Pride”
“Kizutsukerareta Puraido” (傷つけられたプライド)
August 25, 2010 July 2, 2011
125 “Soul Solutions / Fighting Souls! Thor, Lord of the Aesir VS Red Nova Dragon”
“Tamashī no Tatakai! Kyokushin’ō Tōru Vāsasu Sukāreddo Nova Doragon” (魂の戦い! 極神皇トールVSスカーレット・ノヴァ・ドラゴン)
September 1, 2010 July 9, 2011
126 “When Nordic Gods Attack / Descend! The Second Nordic God – Loki, Lord of the Aesir”
“Kōrin! Daini no Kami Kyokushin’ō Roki” (降臨! 第二の神 極神皇ロキ)
September 8, 2010 July 16, 2011
127 “Tricking the Trickster / Fierce Fight! Destiny Riding on Blackwings”
“Gekitō! Unmei wo Kaketa Kuroi Hane!” (激闘! 運命を賭けた黒い羽)
September 15, 2010 July 23, 2011
128 “Yusei’s Last Stand / The Three Immortal Aesirs! Cry out, Majestic Star Dragon!”
“Fujimi no Sankyokushin! Sakebe, Seivā Sutā Doragon!” (不死身の三極神! 叫べ、セイヴァー・スター・ドラゴン!)
September 22, 2010 July 30, 2011
129 “Fight to the Finish Line / Gjallarhorn! Countdown To the End”
“Gyararuhorun! Shūen eno Kauntodaun” (ギャラルホルン! 終焉へのカウントダウン)
September 29, 2010 August 6, 2011
130 “Bound To The Future, Bonds To Our Companions”
“Mirai he Tsunagu, Nakama tono Kizuna” (未来へつなぐ、仲間との絆)
October 6, 2010 N/A
131 “The Beginning of the End / Fight for the Future! Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity VS Red Nova Dragon”
“Mirai wo Kaketa Tatakai! Kikōtei Sukieru Vāsasu Sukāreddo Nova Doragon” (未来を賭けた戦い! 機皇帝スキエル∞ VS スカーレッド・ノヴァ・ドラゴン)
October 13, 2010 August 13, 2011
132 “Dawn of the Machines / A Violent Assault!! Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity”
“Kyōshū!! Kikōtei Waizeru” (強襲!! 機皇帝ワイゼル∞)
October 20, 2010 August 20, 2011
133 “Against All Odds / The Looming Threat! Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity”
“Tachihadakaru Kyotei! Kikōtei Guran’eru” (立ちはだかる巨帝! 機皇帝グランエル∞)
October 27, 2010 August 27, 2011
134 “For Synchro’s Sake / The Road of Ruin! The Future Favored By Synchro Summoning”
“Hametsu no Michi! Shinkuro Shōkan ga Ikitsuku Mirai” (破滅の道! シンクロ召喚が行きつく未来)
November 10, 2010 September 3, 2011

Fight for the Future (Season 5)

# English Title / (Translated English Title)
Japanese Title
Original air date English air date
135 “Fight for the Future / The Devil of Despair! Machine Divine Emperor Mechanicle Infinity Cubic ”
“Zetsubō no Majin! Kikōshin Mashinikuru Infiniti Kyūbikku” (絶望の魔人! 機皇帝マシニクルインフィニティ・キュービック)
November 17, 2010 September 10, 2011
136 “Victory or Doom / A Do-or-Die Battle! The Machine Divine Emperor VS The Synchro Monsters”
“Kesshi no Kōbō! Kikōshin Vāsasu Shinkuro Monsutā” (決死の攻防! 機皇神VSシンクロモンスタ)
November 24, 2010 September 10, 2011
137 “An Approaching Terror – The Citadel of God, “The Ark Cradle””
“Semarikuru Kyōfu Kami no Kyojō Āku Kureidoru” (迫りくる恐怖神の居城「 アーククレイドル」)
December 1, 2010 N/A
138 “The Suspension Bridge Towards the Future – The Rainbow Bridge Bitfrost!”
“Mirai eno Kakehashi – Niji no Hashi Bifuresuto” (未来への架け橋 虹の橋ビフレスト)
December 8, 2010 N/A
139 “The Enchanting Field – École de Zone!”
“Genwaku no Fīrudo! Ekōru do Zōn” (幻惑のフィールド エコール・ド・ゾーン!)
December 15, 2010 N/A
140 “The Soul-Binding Gate! The Sealed Future!”
“Konbakumon! Fūjirareta Mirai!” (魂縛門! 封じられた未来!)
December 22, 2010 N/A
141 “The Duel of Despair! Fortissimo the Mobile Fortress!”
“Zetsubō no Dyueru! Kidō Yōsai Foruteshimo!” (絶望のデュエル! 起動要塞フォルテシモ!)
December 28, 2010 N/A
142 “A Life-or-Death Battle! Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk”
“Seishi o Kaketa Tatakai! Kikōshinryū Asuterisuku” (生死を懸けた闘い! 機皇神龍アステリスク)
January 5, 2011 N/A
143 “The Miracle of Life! Life Stream Dragon!!”
“Inochi no Kiseki, Raifu Sutorīmu Doragon!!” (命の奇跡! ライフ・ストリーム・ドラゴン!!)
January 12, 2011 N/A
144 “The Beginning of the End: A Struggle to the Death for the Future!”
“Shūen no Kigen Mirai no Tame no Shitō!” (終焉の起源 未来の為の死闘!)
January 19, 2011 N/A
145 “Faster Than Light!!”
“Hikari yori mo Hayaku” (光より速く!!)
January 26, 2011 N/A
146 “The Last Human – Z-ONE”
“Saigo no Hitori Zōn” (最後の一人 Z-ONE)
February 2, 2011 N/A
147 “A Hope Bound for the Future!”
“Mirai he Tsunagu Kibō!” (未来へつなぐ希望!)
February 9, 2011 N/A
148 “Just One Chance To Turn It All Around”
“Tada Ichimai ni Kaketa Shōki” (ただ1枚に懸けた勝機)
February 16, 2011 N/A
149 “The Revived Hero”
“Yomigaetta Eiyū” (蘇った英雄)
February 23, 2011 N/A
150 “Feelings Entrusted of My Father”
“Chichi ga Takushita Omoi” (父が託した想い)
March 2, 2011 N/A
151 “Gathering Wishes”
“Tsudoishi Negai” (集いし願い)
March 9, 2011 N/A
152 “An Advancing Future”
“Susumubeki Mirai” (進むべき未来)
March 23, 2011 N/A
153 “Clashing Souls!”
“Butsukari au Tamashī!” (ぶつかり合う魂!)
March 30, 2011 N/A
154 “Shining Forth To The Future”
“Hikari Sasu Mirai e” (光り差す未来へ)
March 30, 2011 N/A

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Episode Menu

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXA

Episode # Prod # Original
Air Date
  Episode Title

001 7-01   11 April 2011   Bring it to ‘Em (Kattobingu daze, Ore!!)
002 7-02   18 April 2011   My Name is Astral (Waga Na wa Asutoraru)
003 7-03   25 April 2011   The Events After The Fact
004 7-04   2 May 2011   Turnaround Countdown! The Counter-Measure is Astral!?
005 7-05   9 May 2011   The Other Side Where The Other Side of the Duel is Read! (Dyueru no Ura wo Yomu Ura)
006 7-06   16 May 2011   The Treacherous Numbers!?
007 7-07   23 May 2011   The Grand Feast of Justice! Calling on ESPer Robin!! (Seigi no Oobanfurumai! Esupaa Robin Sanjyou!!)
008 7-08   30 May 2011   Star Robin is Forever (Sutaa Robin yo Eien ni)
009 7-09   6 June 2011   Cat Odoro – Cat Deck (Kyatto Odoro-ku Neko Dekki)


Arc-V  Episode Menu

Arc-V Logo

Season 1
No. English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original air date English air date  
1 “Swing Into Action: Part 1” / The Trail of Light, Pendulum Summoning!
“Hikari no Kiseki, Pendyuramu Shōkan!” (光の軌跡、ペンデュラム召喚!)
April 6, 2014 July 24, 2015  
Thanks to advancements to the Solid Vision system developed by the Leo Corporation, monsters and environments in Duel Monsters are now given physical matter. This allows for exciting Action Duels. At Paradise City’s You Show Duel School, a young duelist named Yuya Sakaki is approached with the opportunity to duel against the current Action Duel champion named the Sledgehammer. This brings back memories of three years ago when Yuya’s father, Yusho, mysteriously disappeared before an important match with the Sledgehammer. After deliberation, Yuya shows up to face the Sledgehammer in an Action Duel. Sledgehammer quickly brings out his ace monster, Battleguard King, with Yuya evading his attacks by using Action Cards found across the environment. Yuya summons out his monster, Odd-Eyes Dragon, to attack Sledgehammer. Things turn around with Sledgehammer’s own Action Card that deals damage to Yuya. Just as Yuya is at his wit’s end, he remembers encouraging words from his father as well as the pendulum his father left with him. Yuya’s will transforms several monsters into Pendulum Monsters. This allows him to perform a new summoning called Pendulum Summon. Yuya summons out several monsters, which includes an enhanced version of Odd-Eyes Dragon known as Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.
2 “Swing Into Action: Part 2” / The Strongest Evolution Of Dueling!! Its Name is Action Duel
“Kettō Saikyō Shinka-kei!! Sono Na wa Akushon Dyueru” (決闘最強進化系!!その名はアクションデュエル)
April 13, 2014 July 31, 2015  
Using the effects of both his newly summoned monsters and the Pendulum Monsters he used to summon them, Yuya manages to defeat the Sledgehammer with his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and win the duel. Yuya’s victory brings many potential new students to the You Show Duel School. The new students want to see the Pendulum Summon in action. Yuya participates in an exhibition Action Duel with his friend named Zuzu Boyle. When Yuya attempts to perform a Pendulum Summon, he finds himself unable to summon the monsters he could before. Believing he needed to be in some kind of crisis, Yuya encourages Zuzu to attack him. Yuya once again fails to perform a Pendulum Summon and loses the duel. This leaves the spectators disappointed. After the duel, the spectators learn that Pendulum Summoning requires “Pendulum Cards” that only Yuya has. The spectators accuse Yuya of cheating in his match against the Sledgehammer and storm off. All of them leave except for one young boy named Tate. Tate stands by to show his support for Yuya and decides to join the school. This encourages Yuya to try to master the Pendulum Summon so he can once again receive the applause from before. Meanwhile, someone at Leo Corporation prepares to make a move on Yuya and his Pendulum Cards.
3 “Trade Bait: Part 1” / Dark Town: The Stolen Pendulum Summon!!
“Daakutaun Ubawareta Pendyuramu Shōkan!!” (ダークタウン 奪われたペンデュラム召喚!!)
April 20, 2014 August 7, 2015  
As Yuya spends countless hours trying to perfect Pendulum Summoning, a boy named Silvio approaches him and Zuzu. Silvio offers to take them and their friends, Tate, Frederick, and Ally, to Leo Institute of Dueling’s center court to demonstrate the Pendulum Summon. Upon arriving at the center court, Silvio steals two of Yuya’s Pendulum Cards for himself and takes Zuzu and the kids’ hostage. This forces Yuya to face him in an Action Duel to save them. As Yuya traverses the Dark Town field in search of his friends, who are trapped on top of a large tower, he ends up running up against Action Trap cards. The Action Trap cards not only put Yuya at a disadvantage, but the Action Trap cards also put Zuzu and the others at risk as they destroy the environment. Meanwhile, Silvio manages to get both of Yuya’s Pendulum Cards in his hand. With guidance from Leo Corporation’s CEO, Silvio performs his own Pendulum Summon to bring out three Dart Striker monsters.
4 “Trade Bait: Part 2” / A Ray of Hope! Block Spider
“Hitosuji no Kibō!! Burokku Supaidaa” (一筋の希望!!ブロックスパイダー)
April 27, 2014 August 14, 2015  
Reeling from Silvio’s ability to Pendulum Summon and hesitant to go for any more Action Cards, Yuya takes a lot of damage from Silvio’s attacks. Remembering his father’s words and picking himself back up, Yuya summons the Block Spider card. Silvio discarded this card after deeming it worthless. Yuya uses a spell card to create a copy of it. As Block Spider’s ability is to draw attacks towards itself, having two of the same monster provides the ultimate defense. This prevents Silvio from attacking. However, Silvio uses a spell card, which negates his own Pendulum monsters’ abilities to destroy Yuya’s copy. Yuya powers up Block Spider’s defense, but Silvio increases the attack of his Ultimate Dart Striker. Just as Silvio attacks, Yuya activates a trap card. This trap card not only protects himself, but it also lets him regain his Pendulum Monsters. Yuya uses his Pendulum Monsters to rescue Zuzu and the others. With his Pendulum Cards back in his possession, Yuya performs a Pendulum Summon. With the help from his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Performapal monsters, Yuya wins the duel. As Silvio tries to send his flunkies to attack Yuya in revenge, the flunkies are stopped by a boy named Sora Perse. Sora decides he wants to become Yuya’s apprentice.
5 “Toying Around: Part 1” / Wannabe Apprentice!? A Strange Fanboy, “Sora Shiunin”
“Deshiiri Shigan!? Okashina Okkake “Shiun’in Sora”” (弟子入り志願!? おかしなおっかけ 『紫雲院素良』)
May 11, 2014 August 21, 2015  
Yuya continues to be hounded by Sora. Sora keeps asking to be Yuya’s apprentice so that he can learn how to Pendulum Summon. After pressure from the others, Yuya agrees to duel against Sora on the condition of having Sora drop the subject of apprenticeship if Yuya wins. After evading Sora’s attacks with some well-timed Action cards, Yuya performs a Pendulum Summon and gains the upper hand in the duel. However, Sora brings out the Fusion monster named Frightfur Bear. Sora prepares to get serious.
6 “Toying Around: Part 2” / The Innocent Toy: Death-Toy Scissor Bear
“Mujyaki na Omocha Desutooi Shizaa Beaa” (無邪気な融合玩具 デストーイ・シザー・ベアー)
May 18, 2014 August 28, 2015  
Sora has Frightfur Bear destroy Yuya’s monsters and add their attack points to his own monster. Sora uses multiple trap cards to overcome Yuya’s Pendulum effects. Yuya becomes shocked when Frightfur Bear destroys Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. To Yuya’s surprise, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon returns to his Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard. This allows Yuya to Pendulum Summon it once more. Yuya wins the duel. Despite not being able to become Yuya’s apprentice, Sora instead decides to become Yuya’s friend. Sora joins the You Show Duel School.
7 “Mr. Mystery” / Imperial Wrath of Treason – Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
“Hangyaku no Gekirin Dāku Riberion Ekushīzu Doragon” (反逆の逆鱗 ダーク・リベリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴン)
May 25, 2014 September 11, 2015  
While going out to fetch some ice cream with Ally, Zuzu overhears some LID students talk about how Silvio is planning to take revenge against Yuya. Wanting to pay Yuya back for saving her, Zuzu follows them to Silvio’s hideout. She challenges Silvio to a duel. Before the duel can begin, a mysterious masked man appears who takes Zuzu’s place in the duel. After the masked man sets five spell cards, Silvio summons out Mobius the Mega Monarch to destroy them. The masked man activates the cards from the graveyard and uses them as monsters on his field. After using one of them to defend himself, the masked man uses the remaining two to perform a Xyz Summon. He summons the Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and uses all its Overlay effects to destroy Mobius. The effects of his attack prove real even outside of an Action Duel. After the masked man presses Silvio about the Duel Academy, Silvio tries to activate a trap against him. Silvio is thwarted and lost the duel. As the man removes his mask that reveals a face that looks identical to Yuya, Zuzu’s bracelet mysteriously glows during which time the man disappears. As Yuya arrives on the scene after being informed by Ally, Zuzu wonders just who that duelist was.
8 “Bad Business” / You Show Duel School’s Crisis!! LDS Invasion
“Yūshō Juku no Kiki! ! Erudīesu Shūrai” (遊勝塾の危機!!LDS襲来)
June 1, 2014 September 18, 2015  
Declan’s mother and Leo Corporation’s president, Henrietta, arrives in Japan. Henrietta learns from Declan about how Yuya created Pendulum Summoning as well as how a Xyz wielder injured Silvio. Silvio believes the culprit to be Yuya. Henrietta and Silvio’s flunkies show up at You Show Duel School to accuse Yuya of being the culprit and names Zuzu as a witness. Although Zuzu herself is uncertain about who she saw, she decides to believe in Yuya. As a result, Henrietta challenges the You Show Duel School to a three-against-three match in which Yuya, Zuzu, and Sora face up against three of LID’s top students. Should You Show Duel School lose, LID will absorb it along with Pendulum Summoning. The students of You Show Duel School agree to the challenge. Yuya steps up first to face up against LID’s Xyz user named Dipper O’rion. Meanwhile, Declan sneaks into the You Show Duel School to spectate.
9 “Dueling with the Stars” / Judgment of the Stars! Xyz User “Hokuto Shijima”
“Hoshiboshi no Sabaki! Ekushīzu Tsukai “Shijima Hokuto”” (星々の裁き!エクシーズ使い「志島北斗」)
June 8, 2014 September 25, 2015  
As the match begins, Dipper immediately summons his Xyz monster, Constellar Pleiades, using its ability to remove Odd-Eyes from the field whenever Yuya summons it while also keeping him from obtaining any Action Cards. Yuya is pushed further into a corner when Dipper summons another Pleiades and upgrades his first one into Constellar Ptolemy M7. Yuya narrowly survives Dipper’s attack thanks to an Action Card. Yuya is determined to show duels are more than just fights. Yuya switches up his usual Pendulum Summon routine and brings out Stargazer Magician. Yuya uses its abilities to lead his team of monsters to victory. As Yuya celebrates, Zuzu starts to become more uncertain over whether or not Yuya is the duelist she encountered.
10 “You Show Em” / Knight of the Secret Stone! Fusion User “Masumi Kotsu”
“Hiseki no Kishi! Yūgō Tsukai “Kōtsu Masumi”” (秘石の騎士!融合使い「光津真澄」)
June 15, 2014 October 2, 2015  
Zuzu is still having doubts about Yuya’s identity. She steps up against LID’s Fusion specialist named Julia Krystal. Julia quickly summons her fusion monster known as Gem-Knight Topaz. Zuzu destroys it with her Melodious monsters. Julia performs a graveyard fusion to summon her ace monster, Gem-Knight Master Diamond. Julia uses Gem-Knight Topaz’s effect to deal extra damage to Zuzu. Zuzu attempts to grab an Action Card. Zuzu is led astray by a reflection and ends up losing the match. Not feeling interested in participating in the final match, Sora nominates Yuya’s friend, Gong, to go up against LID’s Synchro user named Kit Blade. As the match begins, Kit brings out two Synchro Monsters known as X-Saber Souza and XX-Saber Gottoms.
11 “”Going, Going, Going”” / At One With The Sword! Synchro User “Yaiba Todo”
“Shinken Ittai! Shinkuro Tsukai “Tōdō Yaiba”” (身剣一体!シンクロ使い「刀堂刃」)
June 22, 2014 October 9, 2015  
After taking a large amount of damage from Kit, Gong brings out his monster named Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei to destroy Gottoms. However, Kit brings out another Gottoms. Gong barely manages to survive Kit’s attack thanks to his monster’s ability. Kit uses his monster’s ability to get rid of the other cards in Gong’s hand. As Kit strengthens his forces and summons yet another Gottoms, Gong waits for the right moment to use his monster effects from the graveyard to force the duel into a tie. When Henrietta refuses to leave the duel as a tie, Declan steps up to challenge Yuya for the tiebreaker.
12 “Dīdīdī Ijigen no Ō” / DDD: King of the Different Dimension (DDD 異次元の王) June 29, 2014  
As the duel begins, Declan uses a risky series of spell cards that would deal great damage to himself on his next turn. Declan brings out the Fusion monster DDD Temujin the Blaze Overlord. Instead of being dealt damage by his card effects on his next turn, Declan uses a trap card to negate their effects. After he uses it, Declan brings out the Synchro monster DDD Alexander the Gale Overlord and Xyz monster DDD Caesar the Wave Overlord.
13 “Magical Sages Galilei & Kepler” /
“Madō Kenja Garirei & Kepurā” (魔導賢者ガリレイ、ケプラー)
July 6, 2014  
Yuya uses a Pendulum Summon to bring out Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and destroy all of Declan’s monsters. However, Yuya becomes shocked when Declan manages to perform his own Pendulum Summon, bringing out three DDD Hell Armageddon the Cruel End Overlord, and dealing a lot of damage to Yuya. Yuya attempts a counterattack, but he is thwarted by Hell Armageddon’s effect. When Declan’s turn arrives, his prototype Pendulum Monsters malfunction and disrupt the Pendulum Scale, limiting the monsters he can summon. Before Declan can take advantage of the situation, however, he suddenly receives some urgent news from one of LID’s staff and decides to forfeit the duel.
14 “Hotblooded!! Shuzo Theater” /
“Nekketsu!! ︎Shūzō Gekijō” (熱血!!修造劇場)
July 13, 2014  
Following his duel with Declan, Yuya is frustrated that Pendulum Summoning is no longer something only he can do. Meanwhile, Declan learns that one of LID’s teachers, Marco, was injured by an Xyz user, with the time of the incident proving Yuya’s innocence. Noticing Yuya letting his anger get the better of him, the You Show school’s principal and Zuzu’s father, Skip, challenges Yuya to a duel using his father’s favorite stage, Magical Broadway. As the duel begins, Yuya is reluctant to use Pendulum Summoning, leading to him getting bested by Skip’s Guts Master monsters. After telling Yuya about how Yusho dueled, Skip takes Yuya’s Pendulum Cards to perform his own Pendulum Summon, urging Yuya that if he cannot be the only one to use Pendulum Summoning, then he should aim to become the best Pendulum user instead. As Skip decides to end his turn and return Yuya’s cards, Yuya remembers his entertaining spirit and wins the duel with his trademark style.
15 “Aim For The Junior Youth Championship!!” /
“Mezase Junia Yūsu Senshuken!!” (目指せジュニアユース選手権!!)
July 20, 2014  
After a brief encounter with Silvio, who informs him of the other attack by an Xyz user, Yuya realizes that in order to become a pro duelist, he needs to increase his winning percentage in order to qualify for the Junior Youth Championship. However, Yuya struggles to find four other duelists willing to duel against him and refuses to ask Gong for help as he wants to become a pro with his own strength. The Sledgehammer’s former manager, Nico Smiley, offers to give Yuya automatic entry into the championship, but Yuya once again refuses, instead asking that he find four opponents to fairly fight against. Meanwhile, as Julia, Kit, and Dipper try to investigate what happened to Marco, Zuzu asks Sora to teach her Fusion Summoning so she can grow stronger against Julia. Just then, the mysterious Xyz user appears before them, but before either Sora or Julia can duel against him, Zuzu’s bracelet glows again and the duelist vanishes. As Yuya appeared Julia accused him for siding with the mysterious duelist, as Zuzu attempted to calm her Sora managed to fool her by telling where the mysterious duelist went. The episode ends, as another unknown figure appeared outside the LID building presumably beginning for an attack.
16 “Genius Master Chef “Michio Mokota”” /
“Tensai Ryōrijin “Mokota Michio”” (天才料理人”茂古田未知夫”)
July 27, 2014  
After having to skip breakfast due to his mother, Yoko, attempted to make a complicated recipe, Yuya meets up with his first opponent, Michio Mokota, while Sora begins his attempt to defeat six opponents in a row and earn a spot in the Junior Youth Championship. As Yuya’s duel begins, Yuya is put under pressure by both Michio’s Royal Cookmate monsters and his own hunger. Yuya attempts to Pendulum Summon his monsters, but Michio uses his Cookmates’ abilities to destroy them.
17 “An Exciting Performance!! A Fulfilling Meal!” /
“Gōkai Hirō!! Manpuku Zenseki!” (豪快披露!! 満腹全席!)
August 3, 2014  
As Michio continues to put pressure on Yuya with his Royal Cookmates, Yoko arrives to give Yuya a late breakfast, turning Michio’s recipe into a pancake sandwich. This gives him the energy to grab an Action Card in time to survive Michio’s attack. Yuya then brings out his entertainment dueling, using his Pendulum Monsters to perform a game of chance, which works in his favor and wins him the duel.
18 “The Two Shadows of Rebellion” /
“Hangyaku no Futatsu no Kage” (反逆の2つの影)
August 10, 2014  
While Declan is informed of a large amount of Fusion activity in the city, Zuzu, who is continuing her Fusion lessons from Sora, continues to think about the mysterious stranger, with her bracelet mysterious glowing again before Yuya arrives. Meanwhile, the stranger, who was waiting nearby, is suddenly transported to the middle of the city, where he encounters one of his acquaintances, Shay. The next day, Declan and Henrietta discover that Marco, along with another ace LID duelist, have been sealed inside some cards, believing it to be a different culprit from the one who attacked Silvio. Silvio’s father, who still believes Yuya to be the culprit, has some LID duelists chase after Yuya. However, they are confronted by Shay, who summons the Xyz Monster which traps the duelists inside cards, knocking Yuya out in the process. By the time Yuya wakes up, everyone is gone, leading him to assume it was just a dream, as he goes with Nico to face his next opponent.
19 “The Universe of Knowledge!! Eita Kyuando” /
“Chishiki no Uchū!! Kyūandō Eita” (知識の宇宙!! 九庵堂栄太)
August 17, 2014  
Yuya faces his next opponent, quiz expert Eita Kyuando, in a quiz-based Action Duel. Being bad at quizzes himself, Yuya struggles with the field’s Action Cards, which all require questions that need to be answered correctly in order to be used. As Eita keeps gaining life points and Yuya keeps losing them, things worsen when Eita activates an Action Card, bringing the quiz field to a new stage.
20 “A Difficult Problem!? Attack Duel Quiz!!” /
“Nanmon!? Atakku Dueru Kuizu!!” (難問!? アタックデュエルクイズ!!)
August 24, 2014  
The next stage turns out to be a quick-fire quiz cart ride, which leaves Eita with more life points and Yuya with less. However, Yuya remains optimistic, thanks to the interest shown by the crowd, and he brings out his Pendulum Monsters, though he is once again halted by Eita’s quiz effects. As Yuya is seemingly pushed into a corner, he manages to use a wrong answer to an Action Trap against Eita, dealing a large amount of damage, before using his Pendulum Monsters and traps to win the duel.
21 “Beyond the Pendulum” /
“Pendyuramu no Sono Saki ni” (ペンデュラムのその先に)
August 31, 2014  
s Declan continues to work on his own Pendulum Summoning in preparation for the tournament, Yuya tries to figure out how to bring Pendulum Summoning to its next evolution. Meanwhile, Julia approaches Zuzu and Sora about the masked duelist, having come across the incident where the LID students disappeared. Julia prepares to duel against Zuzu, but is suddenly confronted by Shay, who attempts to duel against her. However, the other masked duelist, Yuto, shows up and knocks out Shay, who believed Zuzu to be a girl named Ruri, before warning Zuzu not to use Fusion Summoning. Just as Yuya arrives with Kit and Dipper, Zuzu’s bracelet glows again and Yuto disappears once more. As the group disperses, Yuya comes across the Polymerization card that Zuzu dropped.
22 “The Fortunetelling Girl – Mieru Hōchun” /
“Uranai Shōjo Hochun Mieru” (占い少女 方中ミエル)
September 7, 2014  
Yuya hurriedly meets up with his third opponent, the fortune teller girl Mieru Hochun, who seems disappointed that he does not resemble her ideal ‘fated one’. Mieru gets an early lead on Yuya, who struggles against her flip-effect monsters and traps, and brings out the Ritual Monster, Tarotray the Sibylla. As Tarotray’s abilities prove effective against Yuya’s Pendulum Monsters, Mieru predicts a future that could very well claim Yuya’s life.
23 “Arcane Eyes” /
“Hijutsu no Manako” (秘術の眼)
September 14, 2014  
Gong starts training with Yaiba, while Sora manages to obtain his sixth victory and earn a spot in the Junior Youth Championship. Meanwhile, Mieru continues to put pressure on Yuya with both her fortune telling and her Flip Monsters, using an Action Card to place a lock on Yuya’s deck. Despite a chandelier suddenly collapsing, Yuya manages to overcome Mieru’s prediction and grab an Action Card to remove the lock. Drawing Zuzu’s Polymerization card, which he had accidentally put in his deck during the morning rush, Yuya manages to fuse Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Stargazer Magician to summon Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, using its power to defeat Mieru. Returning the Polymerization card to Zuzu, Yuya becomes determined to seek out more new ways of evolving Pendulum Summoning, though he is first met with dubious affection from Mieru.
24 “The Wings of Rebellion – Raid Raptors” /
“Hangyaku no Tsubasa – Reido Raputāzu” (反逆の翼 レイド・ラプターズ)
September 21, 2014  
Julia, shortly joined by Dipper and Kit, finds Shay and confronts him in a battle royale duel. Zuzu, who had spotted Julia on her way back from Yuya’s duel, attempts to follow her but is stopped in her path by Yuto. As Zuzu asks Yuto why he is so obsessed about protecting her, he explains that they are trying to rescue Ruri, revealed to be Shay’s little sister, who has been captured by an enemy that uses Fusion Summoning. Meanwhile, Dipper, Kit, and Julia bring out their strongest monsters to clear Shay’s field and hand and leave him open to attack. However, Shay manages to survive their attack and summons his Xyz monster, Raid Raptor – Rise Falcon, absorbing the power of everyone’s monsters and obliterating his opponents. As Yuto parts ways with Zuzu, Declan appears before Shay.
25 “Steadfast Resolve!! Noboru Gongenzaka” /
“Fudō no Kakugo!! Gongenzaka Noboru” (不動の覚悟!!権現坂昇)
September 28, 2014  
Shay reveals that his goal was to lure Declan out, in order to use him as a bargaining chip to rescue Ruri, who was allegedly captured by his father, Leo. Declan, who believes his father would not care about him in such an event, gives Shay a condition to fulfill before he can duel against him. The next day, Yuya prepares to face his fourth and final opponent, who turns out to be Gong, in an all-or-nothing duel for championship entry without any of his supporters. As Yuya struggles to go all out against his best friend, Gong uses what he learned from Kit to summon the Synchro monster, Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo.
26 “A New Boundary – Superheavy Koujin Susano-O” /
“Aratana Chihei Chō’omo Kōjin Susanō” (新たな地平超重荒神 スサノ―O)
October 5, 2014  
As Gong shows the power of his Susanowo, Yuya uses his Pendulum Summoning and Action Cards to protect himself from Gong’s attacks. Yuya then manages to draw a new monster, Performapal Trump Witch, using its ability to Fusion Summon Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Though Gong manages to defend against Yuya’s attack, Yuya uses an Action Card to draw a crucial card, allowing him to perform another Fusion Summon and evolve Rune-Eyes into Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and win the match, earning his place in the championship. Meanwhile, at the LID, Declan, who had arranged for Julia and the others to have their memories of Shay erased, thinks that Yuya might have the power to protect this world.
27 “Opening!! The Maiami Championship” /
“Kaimaku!! Maiami Chanpionshippu” (開幕!!舞網チャンピオンシップ)
October 12, 2014  
On the day of the Paradise Championship, Yuya briefly reminisces about his father before Yoko encourages to join up with the others, including Gong who managed to qualify himself, becoming surprised to see Shay among the LID competitors. During the opening ceremony, Yuya is chosen to give the opening statement, which he uses to express his desire to become a pro duelist and make more people love duels. With their first opponents announced, Yuya is to face against Silvio, Yuzu against Julia, and Sora against Shay. In the Junior Championship, Frederick defeats his first opponent, while Ally is set to fight against a strange child seen accompanying Declan.
28 “Ayu’s Entertainment Aquarium” /
“Ayu no Entame Suizokukan” (アユのエンタメ水族館)
October 19, 2014  
Ally begins her duel against the LID’s Reira, gaining an early lead with her Aqua Actress monsters. However, Reira causes problems with his Persona Shutter spells. Just as Ally starts to make a comeback, Reira brings out his Fusion Monster, CCC Water Sword the Embodiment of Valiant Fused Arms, and defeats Ally. As Zuzu prepares for her duel against Julia, Sora feels a strange sensation when passing by Shay.
29 “Fusing Melodious Divas!” /
“Yūgōsuru Otohime!” (融合する音姫!)
October 26, 2014  
Putting aside the mystery as to why Julia considers Shay an ally, Zuzu begins her duel against Julia. After Julia summons her Gem-Knight Master Diamond, Zuzu shows the results of her training and Fusion summons Schuberta the Melodious Maestra, managing to defeat Julia’s monster and banish one of her Fusion spell cards from the game. However, Julia then brings out her true ace, Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond, to destroy Melodious Maestra and putting Yuzu on the defensive. Staking her duel on Julia’s pride as a Fusion user, Zuzu manages to survive Julia’s attack and Fusion summons Bloom Diva the Melodious Muse, managing to stop Julia from obtaining an Action Card that would let her stop the attack and winning the duel. Afterwards, Julia gives Zuzu one of her monsters, encouraging her to win the tournament.
30 “The Tested Resolution of Steadfast Heart” /
“Tamesareru Fudō no Kokoro” (試される不動の心)
November 2, 2014  
On the second day of the championship, Gong is set to face against Gen Ankokuji, a former student of his family’s dojo who often bullied Yuya. However, Gen has his lackeys lead Yuya into an ambush, hoping to weaken Gong’s steadfast spirit. Gong prepares to perform a Synchro Summon, but Gen manages to take control of his Tuner monster, further taunting him with the unknown circumstances Yuya is in. However, Zuzu manages to assure Gong that Yuya can handle himself, allowing him to place his faith in Yuya. Gen brings out his ace monster, Battleguard Mad Shaman, to take control of Gong’s monster, but Gong, supported by the safe arrival of Yuya, manages to bring out Susanowo and win the match.
31 “The Howling Whirlwind – Yōsen Lost Tornado!” /
“Unaru Senpū Yōsen Rosuto Torunēdo!” (唸る旋風 妖仙ロスト・トルネード!)
November 9, 2014  
Yuya duels against Silvio, who brings out a new Yousen deck to cause problems for Yuya. To Yuya’s surprise, Silvio brings out his own Pendulum monsters and Pendulum Summons Mayosenju Daibak, and uses its ability to return Yuya’s Pendulum Cards and Monsters to his deck. Despite being backed into a corner, Yuya remains excited and pushes onward.
32 “White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show” /
“Nessen! Entame Dueru Shō” (熱戦!エンタメデュエルショー)
November 16, 2014  
While searching for Action Cards, Yuya manages to use Silvio’s card effects against him, before managing to use an Action Card to escape his attack. As both duelist’s efforts hype up the crowd, Yuya brings out Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and wins the duel.
33 “Future Metropolis Heartland” /
“Mirai Toshi Hātorando” (未来都市ハートランド)
November 23, 2014  
Shay and Sora finally come face-to-face in battle after Yuya’s duel with Silvio. As Sora entertains the crowd with his cute monsters, Shay starts talking about the battlefield he faced with his friends – something that confused Sora. Sora Fusion Summons his ace monster, only to have it destroyed on Shay’s turn, by his Xyz monster.
34 “The Combining Demonic-Beast VS The Evolving Falcon” /
“Ketsugō Majū Bāsasu Shinka-suru Hayabusa” (結けつ合ごう魔ま獣じゅうVS進しん化かする隼はやぶさ)
November 30, 2014  
As the duel begins to heat up, Sora continues to grow more anxious and malicious. As the Fusion Duelist attempts to Fusion Summon multiple Fusion Monsters such as, Frightfur Leo, and Frightfur Sheep, Shay manages to successfully counteract the incoming attacks. Shay reveals his ability to Rank-Up his Raid Raptors – Rise Falcon to Raid Raptors – Blaze Falcon. As Sora becomes more malicious than before, the two Duelists’ past is revealed: Sora’s people attacked Heartland, Yuto, Shay, and Ruri’s home. Being pushed to the edge by Shay’s strategies, Sora Fusion Summons Frightfur Mad Chimera. However, Shay manages to Rank Up Raid Raptors – Blaze Falcon even further to Raid Raptors – Revolution Falcon, ending the duel with its destructive damage.
35 “The Academia and The Resistance” /
“Akademia to Rejisutansu” (アカデミアとレジスタンス)
December 14, 2014  
Sora is kept in LID’s recovery after his duel with Shay. Outside, Zuzu reveals everything she knows about Yuto, Shay and their objective to Yuya and Gong. Meanwhile, Yuto appears before Sora and interrogates him on Ruri’s whereabouts. Sora denies knowing anything but the probability of her being trapped in a card and demands to be taken to Shay. However, Yuto refuses and runs off when the guards in the hospital arrive – Sora running after him in tow. Sora suggests that Yuto could save Ruri by destroying all the Fusion duelists leading, the both of them to begin dueling. Yuya shows up during the duel after searching for Sora, and attempts to stop the duel, to no avail. Angered by Yuto’s motive, Yuya angrily decides to join the duel.
36 “The Resonating Dragons” /
“Kyōmei Suru Ryū” (共鳴する竜)
December 21, 2014  
Yuya joins the Battle Royale duel and summons Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, which causes both him and Yuto to feel a strange sensation when it resonates with his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. Sora, further angered that Yuto was going easy on him, reveals that he is from another world known as the Fusion Dimension, while Yuto and Shay are from the Xyz Dimension. Sora attempts to summon his next Fusion monster, but is suddenly dragged back to the Fusion Dimension by his Duel Disk. Putting a stop to their duel, Yuya questions Yuto, who explains his that homeworld, the Xyz Dimension, was attacked one day by the Fusion Dimension, who turned its citizens into cards. Yuto further reveals there is also a Synchro Dimension, while Yuya’s homeworld, Standard, is the one that connects them all. As Yuya vents that duels are supposed to be used for entertainment instead of war, a portal suddenly opens and a duelist appears, bearing the same face as Yuya and Yuto.
37 “The Destiny that Starts Moving” /
“Ugokidasu Unmei” (動き出す運命)
December 28, 2014  
The turbo duelist, Yugo, challenges Yuto to a duel, quickly bringing out his Speed Roid Synchro Monsters. Yugo soon brings out Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, prompting Yuto to bring out Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to fight against it. Both Yuto and Yugo then get possessed by a desire to destroy, but Yuya stops Yuto from carrying out his attack. He fails to convince Yugo, who raises his Clear Wing’s attack power and defeats Yuto. Having taken heavy damage from his duel, Yuto gives Yuya Dark Rebellion, before disappearing. Zuzu finds Yuya, but he had passed out after the duel, and Declan has Nakajima recover Yuto’s duel disk and deck. At Duel Academy, the Professor sends Yuri, another person who resembles Yuya, to capture Zuzu.
38 “The Four Dimensions” /
“Yotsu no Jigen” (4つの次元)
January 11, 2015  
With Yuya still unconscious following his encounter with Yuto and Yugo, Mieru comes around to try and help wake him up, but Zuzu and Yoko convince her to return to the championships. After Yuya wakes up, he and Zuzu learn Mieru was knocked out in a single turn, while Reira defeated Frederick using Synchro Summoning. Yuya then explains to Zuzu what happened between him, Yuto, and Yugo, while Zuzu tells him about Ruri, the girl who resembles her. Determined to find answers, Yuya and Zuzu hope to talk with Shay, but are unable to meet up with him. They instead watch Kit’s duel against Ryōzanpaku Duel School’s Isao Kachidoki, only to become shocked when Isao uses physical violence to win against Yaiba. With Isao confirmed as his next opponent, Yuya becomes determined to beat him in a duel that brings smiles.
39 “Awakening of the Imperial Wrath” /
“Gekirin no Kakusei” (逆鱗の覚醒)
January 18, 2015  
After Gong wins his second round match, Yuya steps up to face Isao, pitting his entertainment dueling against Isao’s more violent methods. As Yuya brings out Beast Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Isao recalls how his teacher Ryōzan instructed him to be serious about victory instead of having fun like Yuya. Isao then brings out his Fusion monster, Idaten, the Star of Supreme Victory, using violence to grab Action Cards to power up his monster, though Yuya manages to grab one himself to stay in the game. Cornered, Yuya sees a vision of Yuto merging together with him and summons Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to win the duel. When Yuya regains his senses, he is met with concerned glares from the audience and disdain from Isao.
40 “The Warrior of Academia” /
“Akademia no Senshi” (はアカデミアの戦士)
January 25, 2015  
Declan learns Dipper has been turned into a card by a girl resembling Zuzu. As Zuzu participates in her second round match against idol Mikiyo Naname, Declan confronts her doppelganger, a member of Duel Academy, and duels against her partner, Barrett. While Barrett deals a lot of damage to Declan with his Beastborg Panther Predator, Declan uses a Pendulum Summon to bring out his DDD monsters and win the duel. With Zuzu victorious in her duel, Declan confronts her dimensional counterpart, Selena.
41 “The Land of Ambition – Duel Academia” /
“Yabō no Ji – Dyueru Akademia” (野望の地ち デュエルアカデミア)
February 1, 2015  
Declan and Selena recall that they once met each other three years ago when Declan accidentally stumbled into Duel Academy. Declan came across Selena and helped her to escape from some of Leo’s guards, but they were soon caught by Leo, who took Selena away before explaining everything about the different dimensions to Declan before sending him back to Standard. As Declan tries to reason with Selena, who wants to prove her worth to Leo by defeating Xyz Duelists, Barrett activates a device on his Duel Disk, alerting Duel Academy to his position before teleporting back there, while Selena takes her leave. Back at Duel Academy, Leo sends Sora on a mission to capture Selena. The next day, Yuya and the other remaining duelists learn that the championship’s third round will be a Battle Royale across the entire city, in which duelists can obtain Pendulum Cards. This is revealed to be a plan by Declan to distract the Junior Youth duelists while the Youth class fight against any invaders.
42 “Battle Royale Begins” /
“Batoru Roiyaru Shidō” (バトルロイヤル始動)
February 8, 2015  
With the Battle Royale underway, Yuya comes up against a pair of duelists from Ryōzanpaku, Umesugi and Takeda, leaving him worried about losing control again. Meanwhile, Zuzu and Gong each end up facing against LID exchange students, Halil and Olga, which ends up becoming a Tag Duel when Zuzu inadvertently slips into Gong’s match. As Yuya struggles against Umesugi and Takeda’s rough play and Fusion monsters, he is suddenly aided by another duelist named Dennis MacField.
43 “The Marvelous Exchange Student “Dennis”” /
“Kareinaru Ryūgakusei “Denisu”” (華麗なる留学生 「デニス」)
February 15, 2015  
Dennis, a LID transfer student and Entertainment Duelist from America, joins Yuya as his tag partner, quickly bringing out his Xyz Monster, Entermage Trapeze Magician, to put a stop to Umesugi and Takeda’s effects. Meanwhile, Gong gets knocked out by Halil, but Zuzu manages to use her Pendulum Summon to bring out Bloom Diva and defeat both Halil and Olga. As Yuya nearly becomes swayed by the darkness again, Dennis calms him down, allowing him to summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, this time using it for the purpose of Entertainment Dueling, and with help from Dennis, defeats both Umesugi and Takeda.
44 “Sora Shiun’in, Storms Forth!!” /
“Shiun’in Sora, Shūrai!!” (紫雲院素良、襲来!!)
February 22, 2015  
Halil and Olga are confronted by Michio, who is being assisted by Teppei Tairyobata, who plans to take his Pendulum Cards once he tires himself out, while Yuzu comes across Dennis, who uses his Trapeze Magician’s effects to win the duel. Meanwhile, Yuya comes across Shay, but before they can answer each other’s questions, they come under attack by the Knights of Duel, who use the crossfire between themselves to damage them. Just then, Sora appears once again, having his Obelisk Force take care of the Knights while he confronts Shay for a rematch, while Selena appears before Zuzu and Dennis.
45 “Destruction and Creation” /
“Sōkoku to Sōjō” (相克と相生)
March 1, 2015  
Selena, believing Dennis to be a survivor of the Xyz Dimension, challenges him to a duel, while Sora and Shay begin their duel. Meanwhile, Yuya, shocked after seeing the Obelisk Force turn the Knights of Duel into cards, once again becomes possessed by Yuto’s dark side and challenges the Obelisk Force. After Selena beats Dennis, who didn’t want to use Xyz monsters and cause a misunderstanding, she and Zuzu are approached by Obelisk Force soldiers but are aided by the arrival of Declan’s team of Youth duelists. Meanwhile, Yuya brings out Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon against the Obelisk Force, just as Gong and Mieru come across him.
46 “The Rebellious Supreme King Black Dragon” /
“Hangyaku no Haō Kokuryū” (反逆の覇王黒龍)
March 8, 2015  
Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and overlays it with Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, using it to wipe out the Obelisk Force. Afterwards, Gong steps in to protect Yuya from a falling pillar, sending Mieru to get Michio and Teppei to hold him down and he starts to freak out. Using her fortune telling ability, Mieru deduces there are two souls residing in Yuya’s body, with a third dark presence growing alongside them. After coming to his senses and learning from the others what he did, Yuya suspects that Yuto has somehow become a part of him. Meanwhile, as Yugo shows up somewhere nearby, Zuzu speaks with Selena, questioning if she truly understands what Duel Academy is doing to the Xyz Dimension. Deciding that Selena should speak with Shay to get the full story, Zuzu swaps clothes with her so she can go find him, while Yuri appears before Dennis.
47 “Yuri of The Cold Smile” /
“Tsumetai Emi no Yūri” (冷たい笑みのユーリ)
March 15, 2015  
As Zuzu, disguised as Selena, is confronted by the Obelisk Force, they are dispersed by Yuri, who traps Halil and Olga into cards. Learning that he is the one who captured Ruri, as well as another girl named Rin, Zuzu confronts Yuri in a duel. Meanwhile, Yugo comes across the Obelisk Force overwhelming the Youth duelists and decides to fight against them, leading Declan to suspect that the Synchro Dimension isn’t their enemy like Shay stated. Just as Zuzu is pinned into a corner, Yuri is suddenly warped away by Zuzu’s bracelet when Yugo arrives on the scene, with both Zuzu and Yugo becoming warped away when Yuya comes looking for her. Meanwhile, Shay is defeated by Sora just as Selena arrives on the scene.
48 “The Wounded Falcon” /
“Teoi no Hayabusa” (手負いの隼)
March 22, 2015  
While Tatsuya faces against Reira in the Junior Class final, Selena, noticing Shay’s injuries, helps him escape from Sora with help from the ninja duelists Hikage and Tsukikage. As Hikage holds off Sora, Selena, Shay, and Tsukikage are confronted by more Obelisk Force soldiers. Michio and Teppei soon step in to join the latter duel, but they are both defeated and trapped in cards. As Hikage is dealt the same fate by Sora, Yuya barely manages to hold back the darkness within him and confronts Sora, while Silvio steps in on the other duel.
49 “Bring Smiles With Dueling” /
“Dyueru de Egao o” (デュエルで笑顔を)
March 29, 2015  
As Reira defeats Tatsuya to win the Junior class Championship, Gong, who mistakes Selena for Zuzu, joins the duel in order to give Shay some Pendulum Cards, allowing him to Xyz summon Raidraptor – Revolution Falcon and defeat the Obelisk Force. Meanwhile, Yuya duels against Sora in the hopes of bringing back his true smile, bringing out Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. Before he can attack, however, the Battle Royale reaches its time limit, putting an end to the duel. After Sora escapes and Selena’s identity is revealed, Declan appears on the scene, with Silvio explaining the Battle Royale was his way of recruiting duelists to be Lancers.
Season 2
No. Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English Airdate
50 “Lancers, The Chosen Warriors”
“Ransāzu Erabareta Senshi” (ランサーズ選ばれた戦士)
April 5, 2015  
Yuya, angered by hearing the Battle Royale was just a testing ground and fearing Zuzu has been caught just like the others, challenges Declan to a duel. As Declan brings out his DDD Monsters, Selena talks to Shay, who confirms that everything Zuzu had told her about Duel Academy’s attack on the Xyz Dimension is true. Yuya brings out Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, but Declan manages to withstand his attack, stating he must become stronger if he wants to save Zuzu.
51 “Raise the Banner of Revolution – Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon”
“Hanki o Agero, Oddo-Aizu Riberion Doragon” (反旗を揚げろ オッドアイズ・リベリオン・ドラゴン)
April 12, 2015  
Declan, who was aware that Zuzu had teleported away with Yugo, keeps quiet about it as he brings out his Pendulum Fusion Monster, DDD Kaiser Ragnarok. Yuya fights back with Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, but Declan responds with his own Pendulum Xyz Monster. Determined to win at all costs, Yuya brings out Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, but Declan uses his monster effects and traps to win the duel.
52 “The Legendary Grandmaster Revives!!”
“Yomigaeru Densetsu Sōchō!!” (蘇る伝説総長!!)
April 19, 2015  
Following the closing of the Battle Royale, Henrietta reveals to the audience the truth about what is happening. She announces the Lancers are heroes that will protect Maiami City and encourages others to join them. Later, after Yuya informs Skip and Yoko about what happened to Zuzu, Yoko notices Yuya’s wavering behavior. Yoko challenges Yuya to a duel, and she revealed she was once the leader of a woman’s dueling gang. When a rival gang took one of her friends hostage, it was Yusho who showed her the importance of fun dueling. Yoko hopes to teach this lesson to Yuya in her duel.
53 “”Smile World” – A Duel Filled With Smiles”
“Egao no Dyueru “Sumairu Wārudo”” (笑顔のデュエル 「スマイル・ワールド」)
April 26, 2015  
Following his mother’s advice, Yuya regains his entertainment spirit and wins against Yoko. She gives him the ‘Smile World’ spell card that bonds her and Yusho. The next day, Declan gathers together the Lancers, which now include Reira. Declan announces they will be going to recruit allies in the Synchro Dimension, where it is revealed Zuzu has been taken to. Given new trans-dimensional Duel Disks, the Lancers set off for the Synchro Dimension.
54 “The Synchro Dimension “City””
“Shinkuro Jigen “Shiti”” (シンクロ次元 「シティ」)
May 3, 2015  
Following their sudden teleportation, Zuzu and Yugo end up in the Synchro Dimension at Yugo’s hometown of City. Yugo tells Zuzu about how Yuri kidnapped Rin who is Zuzu’s Synchro Dimension counterpart. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon sent him to the Xyz Dimension, where he mistook Yuto for Rin’s kidnapper. Zuzu clears up the confusion who explains to Yugo about the various versions of herself and Yuya from different dimensions as well as Duel Academy’s ambitions. As the two are soon forced to escape from Security, Yugo explains how 99% of the population, known as Commons, live in slums under fear from the privileged 1%, known as the Tops, with Yugo hopes to one day go up against Jack Atlas, a duelist from Commons who rose to become a champion. Just then, an officer from Security known as a Duel Chaser forces Yugo into a Turbo Duel, a high speed duel taking place on their Duel Runners.
55 “Public Safety Coercion – The Duel Chasers”
“Chian no Kyōsei Dyueru Cheisāzu” (治安の強制 デュエルチェイサーズ)
May 10, 2015  
As the Turbo Duel begins, being reported on by news reporter Melissa Claire, the Duel Chaser brings out his Synchro Monster, Goyo Chaser, while Yugo responds with his Chambarider. The Duel Chaser soon brings out his ace monster, Goyo Predator, taking control of Yugo’s monster to deal him heavy damage, but Yugo uses his trap to bring out Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and win the duel, escaping Security’s grasp. Meanwhile, as Yuya, Selena, Silvio, and Reira arrive in City’s slums, they are confronted by Security, who believe Yuya and Selena to be Yugo and Zuzu, with Selena and Silvio stepping in to duel in an Action Duel against them.
56 “Security’s Perfect Encirclement!!”
“Sekyuriti Kanzen Hōimō!!” (セキュリティ完全包囲網!!)
May 17, 2015  
After Silvio is defeated in one turn, Yuya decides to use his entertainment dueling to fight against his opponent while protecting Reira. As Selena defeats her opponent, only to be surrounded by more Security, Yuya brings out his Pendulum Summoning to provide an opportunity for Selena to escape with Reira, but she refuses. Just then, they are rescued by a group of Turbo Duelists, led by Crow Hogan.
57 “The Black Whirlwind – Crow Hogan”
“Kuroi Senpū Kurou Hōgan” (黒い旋風 クロウ・ホーガン)
May 24, 2015  
Crow takes Yuya and the others to his home to let them lay low, informing them about how the Tops reign over the Commons. They soon learn that Zuzu and Yugo have been spotted nearby and decide to go in search for them. Meanwhile, Dennis, who arrived with Gong, decides to use entertainment to earn some money from the citizens and attract the attention of the media with a duel. Following the duel, Dennis and Gong are approached by a promoter named Gallager, who sees potential in their dueling ability.
58 “Invitation to the Dark Duel”
“Yami Dyueru e no Shōtai” (闇デュエルへの招待)
May 31, 2015  
Gallager brings Gong and Dennis to an underground Turbo Duel ring, where Shay is already participating in the search for strong duelists to join the Lancers. Meanwhile, as Yuya hears from Crow about how Tops and Security used Turbo Duel to subjugate the Commons who invented it, Serena and Silvio grow tired of waiting and decide to go off in search of information. Back at the underground duel ring, Shay, who needs one more consecutive win to enter the Friendship Cup where he could potentially fight against Jack Atlas, duels against Dennis in a Turbo Duel. As both duelists bring each other’s life points down to 100, Dennis’ Pendulum Summon attracts attention from Security.
59 “Underground Riding Duel!!”
“Chika Raidingu Dyueru!!” (地下ライディング・デュエル!!)
June 7, 2015  
Dennis brings out his Xyz Monster Performage Shadow Maker, which Shay takes control of it to evolve it to Raid Raptors Revolution Falcon, but Dennis manages to summon another Shadow Maker. Before the duel can conclude, however, Security shuts down power in the ring and arrest everyone, including Dennis, Shay, and Gong. Meanwhile, back at Crow’s hideout, Yuya and Crow get into a petty argument with each other over how best to make Reira smile and decide to settle it with a duel. Just as the duel gets started however, everyone is ambushed by Security and captured, with the exception of Reira, who is taken by Tsukikage.
60 “No Cards, No Pardon”
“Jigoku no Sata mo Kādo Shidai” (地獄の沙汰もカード次第)
June 14, 2015  
Yuya and the other captured duelists are taken to a detention facility, with Selena taken elsewhere while the others are put in a cell, where they reunited with Gong’s group. They soon learn about the harshness of prison life, in which inmates use cards as currency to get preferential treatment. The prison’s boss, Chojiro Tokumatsu, starts demanding the other’s cards, challenging Yuya to a duel when he objects. Chojiro brings out his Synchro Monster, Cardian Ameshikou, which deals damage to Yuya anytime he draws, while also activating a trap that blocks off his ability to Pendulum Summon.
61 “The Man who Threw Away Drawing”
“Dorō o Suteta Otoko” (ドローを捨てた男)
June 21, 2015  
As Yuya is pushed into a corner by Chojiro’s combo, Crow reveals that Chojiro was once a beloved duelist who taught people to enjoy dueling until he was humiliated by Tops’ duelists and got arrested for cheating. Determined to prove the fun of duelling, Yuya manages to create a combo of his own to protect himself from Ameshikou’s effects. Encouraged by Yuya, Chojiro reignites his entertainment spirit and fights in his old way, while Yuya responds by winning the duel with his Pendulum Summoning.
62 “Great Entertainment Duel Tournament!!”
“Dai Entamedyueru Taikai!!” (大エンタメデュエル大会!!)
June 28, 2015  
As Chojiro makes plans for the Great Entertainment Duel Tournament, Crow starts acting cold towards Yuya, who hears about Zuzu being targeted by Security. Meanwhile, Yugo decides to enter both himself and Zuzu into the Friendship Cup. Chojiro’s tournament kicks off with a three-way Action Duel between himself, Silvio, and Yuya, while Crow and his friends use the distraction to form their own escape plan. When Yuya struggles to get into the spirit of things, Gong cheers him up and gets him into the duel, which inevitably exposes Crow’s escape attempt. As an all-out prison break takes place, Yuya and the others escape with help from Chojiro’s lackeys.
63 “King of Captors – “Goyo King””
“Hokaku-sha no Ō Goyō Kingu” (捕獲者の王「ゴョ ウ・キング」)
July 5, 2015  
Yuya, Silvio and Chojiro arrive at the facility’s roof, where they are confronted by the Arrest Corps., who force them into a Battle Royale. As Security summons out their ace monster, Goyo King, Gong and Shay arrive on the scene to defeat them. Reuniting with Crow and the others, Yuya and the others fall into a trap laid out by chief of Security, Jean-Michel Roger. Before Jean can take custody of them however, powers from higher up request that they be taken to a trial, where Declan, along with Reira and Tsukikage, explains the situation to Jean and the judges. Asked to prove what they’re saying is the truth, Declan requests that everyone be entered into the Friendship Cup, which Yuya learns Zuzu will be participating in. Jean agrees on the condition that Yuya face off against Jack Atlas in an exhibition match.
64 “Duel King – “Jack Atlas””
“Dyueru Kingu “Jakku Atorasu”” (デュエルキング「ジャック·アトラス」)
July 12, 2015  
At the opening ceremony of the Friendship Cup, Zuzu, who had come to spectate with Yugo, is surprised to see Yuya participating. Yuya soon begins his Action Turbo Duel against Jack, who declares he will win in three turns. Jack brings out his first Synchro Monster, Red Wyvern, while Yuya brings out Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, with Jack managing to survive Yuya’s attack thanks to an Action Card. Jack then brings out his ace monster, Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend, using its power to defeat Yuya.
65 “The Shattered Entertainment”
“Uchikudakareta Entame” (打ち砕かれたエンタメ)
July 19, 2015  
Following Yuya’s defeat, Zuzu attempts to come to his aid but is stopped when she and Yugo are taken into custody by the council’s guards, who prevent Jean’s Security from capturing them. The next morning, Yuya awakens in a penthouse where all the participants are locked up, sensing from a reaction from his cards that Yugo and Zuzu are nearby. As Yuya laments how Jack looked down upon his dueltainment, he receives a card from one of the attendants, Sam, who believes Jack turned his back on the Commons after becoming the King and insulted him by likening him to the weak monster card. With the tournament underway, Gong is set to duel against Crow in the opening match.
66 “Opening Duel!! Crow vs Gongenzaka”
“Kaimakusen!! Kurou Bāsasu Gongenzaka” (開幕戦!!クロウVS権現坂)
July 26, 2015  
As the duel begins, Crow becomes worried when he spots the children he looks after being chased around the stadium, prompting him to try and end the duel as quickly as he can. Crow brings out his Assault Blackwing – Raikiri the Sudden Shower, but Gong withstands his attack using his Steadfast dueling and brings out Superheavy Maju Kyu-B. Spotting the kids in the crowd again, Crow regains his determination and summons his ace monster, Assault Blackwing – Kusanagi the Sheep Clouds, and wins the duel.
67 “The Light and Shadow of the City”
“Shiti no Hikari to Kage” (シティの光と影)
August 2, 2015  
As Yuya becomes concerned about what happens to Gong following his defeat, Chojiro tells him about a rumor that those who lose the Friendship Cup are sent to an underground facility to do forced labor cleaning up the garbage the Tops produce. Meanwhile, Reira, who is chosen to duel against Crow’s friend Shinji Weber, becomes afraid and runs off to Yuya. When Declan follows after him, Yuya questions him over why he keeps putting Reira in dangerous situations against his will. Declan claims that he coerced Reira into joining the Lancers as he is neccessary to fight against Duel Academy, but Yuya refuses to accept that. When asked directly about why he does not want to duel, Reira answers that he does not want to duel Shinji after he showed him kindness. Seeing this as a sign of Reira’s personal growth, Declan arranges for Tsukikage to duel in his place. As Reira returns to his side, Declan recalls how Henrietta found Reira in a war-torn country, stripped of his own sense of self as a defense mechanism.
68 “All-Out Rebellion – Bee Force”
“Bī Fōsu Issei Hōki” (B・F(ビー・フォース)一斉蜂起)
August 9, 2015  
Tsukikage and Shinji’s duel begins, with Tsukikage using Action Cards and his ninja monsters to deal a lot of damage while Shinji fights back with his Bee Force monsters. Meanwhile, Reira, who fears that Declan is favoring Tsukikage over him, worries about what would happen should Tsukikage win. As Tsukikage further strengthens his defense with ninja monsters, Shinji, who harbors strong hatred for Tops due to their subjugation of Commons, rallies the strength of his fellow Commons and brings out his ace monster, Bee Force – Big Ballista the Final Battle, to win the duel, which Declan reveals is part of his plan.
69 “The Sprinting Divas”
“Shissō-suru Dība” (疾走するディーバ)
August 16, 2015  
The next match pits Zuzu up against Chojiro, neither of whom Yuya wants to see sent to the underground facility. Chojiro quickly brings out his Cardian – Ameshikou, but Zuzu manages to fight back with her Action Cards. Wanting to give Yuya her support, Zuzu brings out her own entertainment dueling, reminding Yuya of all of those who support him. Chojiro then brings out Cardian – Gokou to negate Zuzu’s spells and effects, but Zuzu manages to bring out Bloom Diva and uses her own effects to win the duel.
70 “An Out-Of-Reach Shout”
“Todokanu Sakebi” (届かぬ叫び)
August 23, 2015  
The fourth and final match of the day pits Selena against City resident Tony, who she quickly wins against. As each of the duelists reflect on the day’s events, Declan is given an audience with Jack, who expresses an interest in seeing Reira duel. Jack further explains about his childhood, stating how his life in the slums changed after receiving a card that was discarded by the Tops, driving him to become stronger. Meanwhile, Duel Chaser 227, the guard Yugo previously defeated, receives a card from Jean to use in his duel against Yuya.
71 “The Sword of White Silver”
“Shirogane no Tsurugi” (白銀の剣)
August 30, 2015  
Before his duel with Duel Chaser 227, Yuya tries to tell the others what happens to the losers, only to find that no one in the audience cares. As Yuya summons his Odd-Eyes, Duel Chaser 227 summons the Fusion Monster he received from Jean, Goyou Emperor, to take control of Yuya’s monsters. However, Yuya brings out a new monster, Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon, to recover his monsters and win the duel, though soon comes to regret his victory.
72 “Slaying the Dragon!! Yugo vs Sawatari”
“Doragon Seibatsu!! Yūgo Bāsasu Sawatari” (ドラゴン征伐!! ユーゴvs沢渡)
September 6, 2015  
The next match pits Yugo against Silvio. As Yugo brings out Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Yuya senses a reaction from Odd-Eyes, soon finding himself mentally connected to Yugo. Silvio brings out the power of his monsters to push Yugo into a corner, but Yugo, strengthened by his unknown connection to Yuya, manages to win the duel.
73 “The Crawling Losers”
“Chi o Hau Haibokusha-tachi” (地を這う敗北者たち)
September 13, 2015  
Having lost his duel against Yugo, Silvio is taken to City’s underground garbage disposal facility, where Gallager appears to be running things. There, he explains to Gong and Chojiro how he supplied Jean with Sergey, a powerful duelist in the Friendship Cup who is said to have died once, further revealing that Jean is rumored to come from another dimension. After Tsukikage relays this to Declan, who deduces that Jean is from the Fusion Dimension, Reira apologizes for his selfish wishes, stating his determination to fight for Yuya. After Sergey lays waste to Damon in the seventh match, Tsukikage relays Reira’s words to Yuya, encouraging him to keep winning in order to face Jack once more. Yuya in turn has Tsukikage deliver a message to Zuzu, assuring her that he will win and bring everyone home safely.

Note: This episode is the 777th in Nihon Ad Systems’ Yu-Gi-Oh! anime franchise (not including Toei Animation’s 1998 adaptation).

74 “Mask of the Clown”
“Dōkeshi no Kamen” (道化師の仮面)
September 20, 2015  
The final match of the first round pits Shay against Dennis with Shay determined to learn of Dennis’ true intentions. Dennis summons out his Trapeze Magician and three Shadow Makers, while Shay brings out his Revolution Falcon. After Shay eventually manages to destroy Trapeze Magician, he exposes Dennis as a member of Duel Academy as he summons his Fusion monster, Ancient Gear Chaos Giant.
75 “Curse of the Resistors”
“Hangyakusha no Jubaku” (反逆者の呪縛)
September 27, 2015  
As Shay barely withstands Chaos Giant’s attacks, Dennis reveals how he helped Yuri capture Ruri. Angered by Dennis’ treachery, Shay summons Raid Raptors – Satellite Cannon Falcon, using its ability to weaken Chaos Giant before unleashing a powerful attack to defeat Dennis. As the Executive Council prevents Declan from leaving their sight, Yuya, coming to understand Yuto’s rage, takes on his feelings, resolving to put a stop to the interdimensional war.
76 “King’s Gambit”
“Kinguzu Gyanbitto” (キングズ・ギャンビット)
October 4, 2015  
Yuya, Jean, and the council all recount from their perspective the events that occurred following the Lancers’ arrival in City. Meanwhile, as Dennis evades capture, Jean activates his King’s Gambit, using microchips to take control of all the Security officers and hold the council captive, announcing his plans to make City his own personal kingdom. Elsewhere, Dennis is recovered by Sora, who sends him back home and takes over his mission, while Leo prepares to send Barrett to recover Zuzu and Selena. Unaware of any of this, Yuya and Zuzu prepare for the second round of the Friendship Cup, where Zuzu is set to face off against Sergey.
77 “The Beauty of Destruction”
“Hakai no Bigaku” (破壊の美学)
October 11, 2015  
Zuzu begins her match against Sergey, which takes place on the duel lanes of City due to the stadium being destroyed during Shay and Dennis’ match. As Sergey utilizes a strange masochist play style, Zuzu summons out her Bloom Prima, bringing Sergey’s life down to 200. However, just as Zuzu tries to tell the citizens about the interdimensional war, Sergey shows his true nature and Fusion summons Thorn Over Server – Van Darli Zuma, using its effects to defeat Zuzu, recklessly knocking her into a building.
78 “Storm of Revolution”
“Kakumei no Arashi” (革命の嵐)
October 18, 2015
79 “Enlightenment Paladin”
“Kakusei-suru Madō Kenshi” (覚醒する魔導剣士)
October 25, 2015
80 “Reunion that Exceeds Dimensions”
“Jigen o Koeta Saikai” (次元を越えた再会)
November 1, 2015
81 “Each of Their Battles”
“Sorezore no Tatakai” (それぞれの戦い)
November 8, 2015


Season 3

Japan Date
The Ultimate Falcon VS The Black-Feathered Thunder
Kyūkyoku no Hayabusa Bāsasu Kurohane no Ikazuchi
The Bond Between Teacher and Disciple
Shitei no Kizuna
Dice Roll of Destiny
Unmei no Daisurōru
Crystal Wings
Suishō no Tsubasa
Unyielding Resolve
Hirumanu Ketsui
Memories of the Beast
Yajū no Kioku
The Thunder Strikes!
Raimei no Ichigeki!
Invasion! Obelisk Force
Kyōshū! Oberisuku Fōsu
The Beacon of Revolution
Kakumei no Noroshi
Converging Fates
Meguriau Unmei
A Tragic Reunion
Hiun no Saikai
The Destructive Duel Machine
Hametsu no Dyueru Mashin
The Right Arm that Carved Souls
Tamashii o Kizanda Migiude
The Duel You Believe In
Onore no Shinjiru Dyueru
Borrowed Words
Karimono no Kotoba
The Sublime Super Paladin
Kedakaki Chō Madō Kenshi
Towards the Lone Path
Hitotsu no Michi e
The Eternal Duel
Eien no Dyueru
Aired as an one-hour special along with episode 100.
The Metropolis of Despair – Heartland
Zetsubō no Miyako Hātorando
Galactic Eyes
Ginga no Manako
The Heartless Hunter
Hijō no Karyudo
The Radiant Cyber Angels
Hanabanashiki Kikai Tenshi
The HERO Bearing the Name of “D”
Dī no Na o Motsu Hīrō

VRAINS  Episode Menu


No. Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original air date English air date
1 “My Name Is Playmaker” 
“Ore no Na wa Pureimēkā” (俺の名はPlaymaker) 
May 10, 2017 March 11, 2018
(sneak peek)
Den City is where the newest network technology known as LINK VRAINS was developed. It is a cyberspace managed by SOL Technologies. Yusaku Fujiki is a cool student with excellent observation abilities. In order to defeat a group that plans to ruin the LINK VRAINS, the Knights of Hanoi, he transforms into his avatar known as Playmaker and duels them. One day, Yusaku obtains information that both SOL Technologies and Knights of Hanoi are desperately searching for a mysterious life form known as Ignis. With the help of Shoichi Kusanagi, a hacker that shares Yusaku’s goals, Yusaku manages to capture Ignis and store it inside his duel disk to be used as leverage against the Knights of Hanoi. 
2 “Seize the Wind! Storm Access” 
“Kaze o Tsukame! Sutōmu Akusesu” (風を掴め!Storm Access) 
May 17, 2017 TBA
Yusaku manages to capture Ignis as he chases after the Knights of Hanoi. In order to defeat them, he logs into LINK VRAINS as Playmaker. He starts a duel and holds Ignis hostage, but Ignis predicts that Playmaker cannot win with his deck due to Knight of Hanoi’s Cracking Dragon. One of the Knights of Hanoi faces Playmaker in a “Speed Duel” for possession of Ignis. In a disadvantage due to the enemy’s Cracking Dragon, Playmaker obtains a new Link Monster, Decode Talker, by using his Skill Storm Access that is granted by Ignis. He uses it to win the duel. 
3 “First Contact” 
“Fāsuto Kontakuto” (ファースト・コンタクト) 
May 24, 2017 TBA
After his victory over the Knight of Hanoi, Playmaker becomes a hot topic among the city but also a target of both Hanoi and SOL Technologies. The head of security at SOL Technologies, Akira Zaizen, asks Emma Bessho to dig up information about Playmaker. He also reaches out to the top-ranked Charisma Duelist Go Onizuka to duel Playmaker and take Ignis from him, but Go refuses his request. Meanwhile, Yusaku and Kusanagi decide to name Ignis “Ai” and try to decipher its programs. While doing so, they learn about Revolver, who is the leader of Hanoi. 
4 “Charisma Duelist Go Onizuka” 
“Karisuma Dyuerisuto: Gō Onizuka” (カリスマデュエリスト Go鬼塚) 
May 31, 2017 TBA
Wanting to win back not only his popularity but also the smiles of the children at the orphanage where he grew up, Go decides to take up Akira’s offer of dueling Playmaker. In LINK VRAINS, Go disguises himself as a Knight of Hanoi to lure him out. When Yusaku logs in as Playmaker and takes the bait, he is trapped into a Speed Duel with Go. As part of his entertainment dueling style, Go purposely takes a large amount of damage. He Link Summons his ace monster, Gouki the Great Ogre, and prepares to finish Playmaker in one turn. 
5 “The Three Count Rings” 
“Meidō no Surī Kaunto” (鳴動のスリーカウント) 
June 7, 2017 TBA
Despite taking a large amount of damage and Kusanagi creating an escape route for Playmaker, he decides to continue the duel. After consecutive Link Summons, Playmaker brings out Decode Talker and has it face Go’s Great Ogre in a clash between aces until Go used up all of his monsters that caused him unable to activate Great Ogre’s effect. This allowed Playmaker to deliver the finishing blow. Although Playmaker wins the duel, Go is once again revered as a champion to the children of the orphanage. 
6 “Idol!! Blue Angel” 
“Aidoru!! Burū Enjeru” (アイドル!!ブルーエンジェル) 
June 14, 2017 TBA
Believing that SOL Technologies has leads to his lost memories and Kusanagi’s brother, Yusaku tries to approach Aoi Zaizen, who is Akira’s younger sister-in-law. Unbeknownst to him, the Zaizen siblings are distant from each other as Akira disapproves of Aoi engaging in Speed Duels. To prove herself to Akira, Aoi logs into LINK VRAINS as her avatar, the idol Charisma Duelist Blue Angel, and publicly challenges Playmaker. However, she is approached by Revolver’s right-hand man Spectre who gives her a card that will unlock her deepest desires. The next day, Ai tricks both Yusaku and Aoi into dueling each other after sensing the presence of Hanoi’s card in Aoi’s deck. 
7 “Hanoi’s Angel” 
“Hanoi no Tenshi” (ハノイの天使) 
June 21, 2017 TBA
The Speed Duel between Playmaker and Blue Angel begins. With her Trickstar deck, Blue Angel slowly whittles away Playmaker’s life points. When Blue Angel is forced to use the card that Spectre gave her, it causes her to go berserk. To prevent her from taking any more mental damage, Playmaker wins the duel with his newly acquired Link Monster, Encode Talker. 
8 “Controller of the Wind” 
“Kaze o Ayatsurishi Mono” (風を操りし者) 
July 5, 2017 TBA
As a result from using the Hanoi card, Aoi becomes infected by a virus and falls into a coma. According to Ai, the Knights of Hanoi should have a removal program that can save her. A fake Blue Angel appears in LINK VRAINS and challenges Playmaker. When Yusaku logs in and confronts her, he gets caught in a trap. After the fake Blue Angel reveals herself as Ghost Girl, Emma Bessho’s avatar, it is revealed that the trap was planned by Akira, who suspects Playmaker is the perpetrator behind Aoi’s incident. Revolver appears before them and demonstrates his power to control data storms. After telling Akira that Hanoi is responsible for Aoi’s coma, Revolver gives him an ultimatum. Akira can either retrieve Ignis from Playmaker but lose the chance to save Aoi, or let Playmaker duel him and get the removal program if he wins. Akira chooses the latter option and lets Playmaker go. 
9 “Enemy I was Seeking” 
“Oimotometekita Teki” (追い求めてきた敵) 
July 12, 2017 TBA
The Speed Duel between Playmaker and Revolver begins. Revolver summons Cracking Dragon on the first turn, but Playmaker beats it with Decode Talker. However, Revolver shows that he also has Playmaker’s Skill, Storm Access, and uses it to gain a new Link Monster: Topologic Bomber Dragon. With it, Revolver destroys Decode Talker and is on the verge of defeating Playmaker. 
10 “Impact! Cyberse Vanishes” 
“Shōgeki! Saibāsu Shōshitsu” (衝撃!サイバース消失) 
July 19, 2017 TBA
Playmaker manages to avoid defeat using his trap card. To overpower Revolver’s Topologic Bomber Dragon, Playmaker and Ai resort to using Storm Access from a bigger data storm. Before Playmaker can summon his new monster, Revolver activates a trap card that combines with his dragon’s effect to end the Speed Duel with a draw. Revolver pulls Playmaker into the center of the Data Storm, where they continue their fight in a Master Duel so they can use their skills to the fullest. However, Revolver corners Playmaker with the effect of his Field Spell, Fire Prison, that treats his Cyberse monsters as nonexistent. This causes Ai to disappear as well. 
11 “Roar of the Magazine Borreload” 
“Todoroku Dansō Varerurōdo” (轟く弾倉 ヴァレルロード) 
July 26, 2017 TBA
Revolver tells Playmaker that Ai is an A.I. program with free will that created Cyberse, and it is the Knights of Hanoi’s mission to destroy Ai and Cyberse. Revolver Link Summons his ace, Borreload Dragon, and deals heavy damage to Playmaker. Nonetheless, Playmaker believes his Cyberse monsters are still present, and he Link Summons the monster he obtained in the previous duel: Firewall Dragon. In doing so, Fire Prison is destroyed, and Ai returns to Playmaker. 
12 “Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall” 
“Teppeki no Shugoryū Faiawōru” (鉄壁の守護竜ファイアウォール) 
August 2, 2017 TBA
Despite Playmaker’s strategies to destroy Borreload Dragon, Revolver counters each of them. Just as the situation seems hopeless, Playmaker states his reasons for winning this duel and reveals his involvement in a certain incident 10 years ago that Revolver knows about. Playmaker manages to attack with his powered-up Firewall Dragon to defeat Revolver, and Ai takes this chance to eat a part of his data. Although Revolver escapes, he gives Playmaker the removal program as promised. Playmaker uses the removal program on Aoi, which allows her to log out and awaken from her coma. Later, Yusaku and Kusanagi learn that the data Ai had taken from Revolver contained the rest of his full body. 
13 “Battle Record” 
“Gekitō no Kiroku” (激闘の記録) 
August 9, 2017 TBA
Ghost Girl holds an interview with two reporters recalling Playmaker’s battles against the Knights of Hanoi. The reporters intend to release this information as news, but Yusaku deletes it before they could do so. 
14 “Ghost Girl’s Invitation” 
“Gōsuto Gāru no Sasoi” (ゴーストガールの誘い) 
August 16, 2017 TBA
Ghost Girl challenges Playmaker to a Speed Duel. If Ghost Girl wins, then she will get Ai. If Playmaker wins, then she will give him a backdoor program to SOL Technologies’ data bank to look for information about the incident ten years ago. With her Altergeist deck, Ghost Girl prepares to defeat Playmaker in one turn. 
15 “Altergeist that Hides in the Darkness” 
“Yami ni Shinobu Orutāgaisuto” (闇に忍ぶオルターガイスト) 
August 23, 2017 TBA
After stopping Ghost Girl’s one-turn-kill, Playmaker continues the back-and-forth duel. Although Ghost Girl tries to stop Playmaker from using his Storm Access skill, he still manages to do so. While in a data storm, Ghost Girl falls off her D-Board, but Playmaker saves her. He Link Summons his newly-obtained Excode Talker and defeats her with it. As promised, Ghost Girl gives the backdoor program to Playmaker. 
16 “Infiltrate SOL’s Cyber Fortress” 
“Sen’nyū Soru Den’nō Yōsai” (潜入SOL電脳要塞) 
August 30, 2017 TBA
Using the backdoor program, Playmaker hacks into SOL’s mother computer to get into the data bank. Although he avoids the computer’s security traps, he gets caught off-guard when a data storm emerges. SOL’s new security manager, Kitamura, becomes alerted of Playmaker’s presence and sends two of his Prototype A.I. duelists, A and B, to face him. Playmaker separates the two and engages Prototype A in a Speed Duel. With its Tentacluster deck, Prototype A discards every card in Playmaker’s hand on the first turn. When Prototype B catches up with the two and tries to take Playmaker’s duel disk, Blue Angel suddenly appears and stops it. All the while, Ghost Girl and Akira begin their infiltration into SOL’s data bank. 
17 “Flawless A.I. Duelist” 
“Kanzen Muketsu no Ēai Dyuerisuto” (完全無欠のAIデュエリスト) 
September 6, 2017 TBA
Blue Angel conducts a Speed Duel with Prototype B. Both continuously deal effect damage to each other, but Blue Angel ultimately wins. Meanwhile, Playmaker uses his discarded cards’ effects from the graveyard to mount a comeback. After using Storm Access, he Link Summons his new Link Monster, Vector Square Archfiend, and defeats Prototype A with it. When Playmaker reaches the data bank, Akira awaits him. 
18 “Wound Etched Into His Heart” 
“Mune ni Kizumareta Kizu” (胸に刻まれた傷) 
September 13, 2017 TBA
Already seeing the information relating to the incident from ten years ago, Akira tries to stop Playmaker from learning the truth through a Master Duel. 
19 “Incident Buried in Darkness” 
“Yami ni Hōmurareshi Jiken” (闇に葬られし事件) 
September 20, 2017 TBA
As the duel continues, Akira starts talking about the Lost Incident from ten years ago in which six children, including Playmaker, were kidnapped. Playmaker goes on to say how he was imprisoned, forced to duel in simulations every day, and punished for losing. In spite of the harsh conditions, there was a mysterious voice that helped him keep his will to live. It was not until six months later that he and the other prisoners were rescued. Despite going through therapy, Playmaker was still deeply scarred by the incident. He decided to exact revenge and find the truth behind it all. Playmaker reveals that the Lost Incident is also known as the Hanoi Project, which implies that the Knights of Hanoi were involved. Additionally, Akira states that the name of the mastermind behind the Hanoi Project is in SOL’s data bank. 
20 “Unyielding Justice” 
“Yuzurenai Seigi” (ゆずれない正義) 
September 27, 2017 TBA
Despite Akira’s pleas, Playmaker keeps on with his resolve to enact revenge on those responsible for the Hanoi Project with his own hands. The duel finally concludes with Playmaker’s win. Once returning with the data stolen from SOL, Yusaku analyzes it with Kusanagi’s help. They discover the name of the mastermind of Hanoi Project, Dr. Kiyoshi Kogami, who was a SOL researcher that officially died seven years ago. Little do they know that Kogami is still alive, and he is working with the Knights of Hanoi in the next stage of his plan to destroy LINK VRAINS for good. 
21 “Embers of a New Battle” 
“Aratana Tatakai no Hidane” (新たな闘いの火種) 
October 4, 2017 TBA
At Yusaku’s apartment, Ai tells Roboppi, Yusaku’s robot housekeeper, about the recent events. Meanwhile, Yusaku and Kusanagi conclude that their only lead to the truth behind the Lost Incident is Revolver. 
22 “Blackened Sun” 
“Shikkoku ni Somaru Nichirin” (漆黒に染まる日輪) 
October 11, 2017 TBA
Yusaku learns about “Another”, which refers to a person who would get forcefully logged into LINK VRAINS but be unable to log out. Reminiscent of what happened to Aoi, this would leave the victim’s real-world body in a comatose state. After looking up info on the victims with Kusanagi, Yusaku deduces that whoever is responsible is targeting Playmaker. Yusaku tries to approach the next likely victim, Makoto Kimishima, but he is too late. He sees Makoto in LINK VRAINS get infected with a virus and turned into Another by Dr. Genome, who is a member of the Knights of Hanoi. Go appears and confronts Genome, who proposes for Go to join Hanoi’s hunt for Playmaker and receive the virus removal program in return, but he refuses. After Genome leaves, Go takes Makoto to the hospital, where he talks about his past with Makoto and also meets Yusaku. Later, three Knights of Hanoi attack people in LINK VRAINS and turn them into Anothers. Just as Yusaku decides to log in to stop them, a fake Playmaker appears and defeats the knights. When Genome shows up, the fake is revealed to be Go, who challenges Genome to a Speed Duel. If Go wins, then Genome will give him the Another virus removal program. However, if Genome wins, then Go will reveal Playmaker’s true identity. 
23 “Genome’s Giant” 
“Genomu no Kyojin” (ゲノムの巨人) 
October 18, 2017 TBA
The Speed Duel between Go and Genome begins. After his loss to Playmaker, Go reveals his adaptation to fighting like a heel. Despite Go’s new style, Genome’s Helixx deck pushes him into a corner, which prompts Yusaku to step in. 
24 “Dark Mask’s Burden of Fate” 
“Dāku Masuku ga Seou Shukumei” (ダークマスクが背負う宿命) 
October 25, 2017 TBA
Yusaku logs in as Playmaker and taunts Go in an attempt to fire him up. This inspires Go to discard his heel persona and become a hero again. He Link Summons Gouki the Master Ogre, defeats Genome with it, and gets the virus removal program for Makoto. Afterwards, Playmaker and Go team up and defend LINK VRAINS from the Knights of Hanoi while trying to find out who made the Another virus. Later, a large-scale war erupts between the Knights of Hanoi and an army of A.I. duelists created by SOL’s Kitamura. Although it seems like the A.I. duelists were winning, two certain Knights of Hanoi wipe them all out. Meanwhile, Aoi is conflicted on whether she should join the fight against Hanoi or stay out of LINK VRAINS like Akira wants her to do. 
25 “Virus Deck Operation” 
“Wirusu Dekki Operēshon” (ウィルスデッキ・オペレーション) 
November 1, 2017 TBA
Knowing that Aoi is lost on what to do, Emma appears before her. She tells Aoi that she should stop being Blue Angel and do whatever makes her happy in a passive-aggressive manner. This infuriates Aoi to the point that she logs into LINK VRAINS and challenges whoever she comes across to a duel. She ends up facing Baira, a prominent Knight of Hanoi and the creator of the Another virus, in a Speed Duel. Blue Angel gains an early lead, but she soon gets pressured by Baira’s Virus deck. In the midst of all this, Yusaku notices a suspicious person while looking through video footage of Another victims. 
26 “Three Draws Leading to Hope” 
“Kibō o Michibiku Surī Dorō” (希望を導くスリー・ドロー) 
November 8, 2017 TBA
Yusaku looks up information on that suspicious person and learns that it is Dr. Kyoko Taki, Baira’s true identity. Meanwhile, Baira continues to put pressure on Blue Angel. Despite the odds, Blue Angel Link Summons Trickstar Bella Madonna, turns Baira’s virus effects against her, and wins the duel. Blue Angel’s strong belief in herself changes Baira’s heart into using the Another virus removal program on all the victims, thus curing them. In the real world, Yusaku and Kusanagi prepare to confront Baira as she logs out, but they soon learn that the Knights of Hanoi have already purged her. 
27 “Naoki Shima the Fighter” 
“Tatakau Otoko, Shima Naoki” (闘う男、島直樹闘う男、島直樹) 
November 15, 2017 TBA
Yusaku’s classmate, Naoki Shima, wants to join in the fight against the Knights of Hanoi, but he is too scared to actually do so. Mysteriously, Naoki receives the Cyberse Wizard card used by Playmaker. Along with it comes a message telling him to “be one with the Cyberse”, which he assumes is from Playmaker. Believing he was chosen by Playmaker, Naoki logs into LINK VRAINS for the first time and is astounded by the virtual reality experience. However, he quickly finds himself in a Master Duel against a Knight of Hanoi. Calling himself “Lonely Brave” (and later “Brave Max”), Naoki manages to win using Cyberse Wizard. The next day, Hanoi’s Faust kidnaps Naoki and uses him as bait to draw out Playmaker. 
28 “Final Commander of the Three Knights” 
“Sankishi, Saigo no Shō” (三騎士、最後の将三騎士、最後の将) 
November 22, 2017 TBA
Playmaker arrives to save Brave Max and accuses Faust as the one who stole Cyber Wizard’s card data to set up Brave Max to lure him out. However, Faust is oblivious to Playmaker’s accusation, and the two engage in a Speed Duel. Faust seals Playmaker’s means to Link Summon with his Motor Worm deck. However, Playmaker counters Faust’s combo and uses Storm Access to gain a new Link Monster, Powercode Talker. Before Playmaker lands the final blow, Faust tries to tell him the truth about Ai but fails to do so. In the real world, Yusaku finds and saves Naoki, but he could not find Faust. Yusaku wonders if Ai was the one who sent Cyberse Wizard’s data to Naoki. At Kyoko’s room, Revolver takes a hidden camera that recorded Yusaku, Ai, and Kusanagi in her room after Baira was defeated in LINK VRAINS and learns Yusaku is Playmaker. 
29 “Kusanagi Report” 
“Kusanagi Repōto” (クサナギレポートクサナギレポート) 
November 29, 2017 TBA
In case something terrible happens, Kusanagi writes a report detailing his and Yusaku’s fight against the Knights of Hanoi. Elsewhere, Revolver prepares the Tower of Hanoi. 
30 “Doorway to the Abyss” 
“Naraku e no Tobira” (奈落への扉奈落への扉) 
December 6, 2017 TBA
Peace has seemingly returned to LINK VRAINS, but Yusaku’s Link Sense makes him feel that something is wrong. He logs in to find the problem and runs into Ghost Girl. They enter LINK VRAINS’ sewer and eventually split up. While Playmaker gets chased by a giant cyber monster, Ghost Girl finds a huge core in the data reprocessing plant. Revolver appears and forces her into a Speed Duel. 
31 “The Final Trigger” 
“Shūmatsu no Torigā” (終末のトリガー) 
December 13, 2017 TBA
Revolver Link Summons Topologic Bomber Dragon on his first turn, but Ghost Girl stops its attack and rids the field of it. She prepares to finish the duel, but Revolver activates a trap to destroy all of her monsters. He activates Storm Access and gets a new Link Monster, Topologic Trisbaena, and uses it to defeat Ghost Girl. With the last of her strength, she gives important data to Playmaker. She gets turned into data and absorbed into the core, which turns into the Tower of Hanoi. Revolver tells Playmaker that he must defeat him if he wants to stop the tower. 
32 “Tower of Hanoi” 
“Hanoi no Tō” (ハノイの塔ハノイの塔) 
December 20, 2017 TBA
With the construction of the tower, the Knights of Hanoi have taken over LINK VRAINS. After analyzing the data left by Ghost Girl, Yusaku and Kusanagi learn that the Tower of Hanoi will be complete within six hours. Once there are six rings around the tower, it will erase all computer data, which will cause panic in the real world. In LINK VRAINS, knowing that SOL will punish him, Kitamura reaches out to Revolver and tries to team up with him. However, Revolver has Spectre defeat Kitamura in a duel and turn him into data for the tower. Seeing this, Yusaku, Go, and Aoi log in and meet each other. After Playmaker tells Go and Blue Angel about the situation, the trio splits up to find and beat Revolver. Blue Angel comes across Spectre and engages him in a Master Duel. 
33 “Angel With Blue Tears” 
“Aoi Namida no Tenshi” (青い涙の天使青い涙の天使) 
December 27, 2017 TBA
Blue Angel tries to beat Spectre with her deadly Trickstar combo, but he sees through her plan and counters it. As they duel, Spectre talks about how Blue Angel relates herself to a character from a book that is also called “Blue Angel”. Similar to Aoi in real life, the titular Blue Angel in the story is a lonely girl who gradually makes friends. Despite Spectre playing mind games and taking control of her Trickstar Holly Angel, Blue Angel thinks of a way to win this duel. 
34 “Sacred Tree” 
“Seinaru Tenju” (聖なる天樹聖なる天樹) 
January 10, 2018 TBA
After Spectre briefly describes how he was alone and lost in a canyon as a kid, Blue Angel aims not only to win but also to save his soul. Despite her best efforts, Spectre taunts Blue Angel in not being able to save him and defeats her. 
35 “The Other Lost Incident” 
“Mō Hitotsu no Rosuto Jiken” (もう一つのロスト事件もう一つのロスト事件) 
January 17, 2018 TBA
After Spectre leaves the unconscious Blue Angel, Akira logs in to save her. However, he gets trapped in a thorn cage by Dr. Kogami, who reveals that SOL Technologies tried to kill him with a computer virus. It was to not only cover up the Lost Incident but also to gain control of the Ignis that Kogami created. While Kogami’s body is in a comatose state, his son, Revolver, recreated his consciousness within LINK VRAINS. After telling Akira that the Ignis is a menace that must be erased, Kogami leaves him to watch Blue Angel be turned into data for the Tower of Hanoi. Elsewhere, Playmaker confronts Spectre in a Master Duel. Spectre reveals that he was one of the six kidnapped children from the Lost Incident. Unlike Playmaker, who was traumatized by the incident, Spectre enjoyed his time in captivity. Since he was a lonely orphan who never felt wanted, Spectre believed he was needed for the first time in his life through this incident. He would eventually meet Revolver and dedicate his life to him. 
36 “Worthless Justice” 
“Kudaranai Seigi” (くだらない正義くだらない正義) 
January 24, 2018 TBA
The duel between Playmaker and Spectre continues. Just as Playmaker manages to counter Spectre’s Sunavalon strategies, he shows him an image of Akira in the thorn cage. If Spectre takes any damage, the thorns will grow. If Akira touches the thorns, he will get infected with a computer virus. With Akira being held hostage, Playmaker is forced on the defensive. 
37 “My Mother Tree” 
“Waga Hahanaru Ju” (我が母なる樹我が母なる樹) 
January 31, 2018 TBA
Playmaker taunts Spectre and tricks him into attacking, which also allows Playmaker to destroy his ace monster. However, Spectre retaliates by summoning the stronger Sunavalon. With Akira still being held hostage, Playmaker is unable to attack. Kusanagi tries to log out Akira with his program, but it still paled in comparison to the virus. Not wanting his sister’s sacrifice to go in vain and becoming a burden, Akira sacrifices himself by letting the virus infect him but not before encouraging Playmaker to follow through his conviction. With Akira gone, Playmaker no longer hesitates and uses his Excode Talker to finish off Spectre. However, on his way to the other side, the bridge that the two were dueling on collapses. 
38 “Hanoi’s Recollection” 
“Hanoi no Tsuisō” (ハノイの追想) 
February 7, 2018 TBA
After Spectre’s defeat, Revolver recounts what had happened that begins with his attempt to destroy Ignis 5 years ago up to the current events. It is revealed that Revolver has found out Yusaku’s identity as Playmaker, but he is hiding this from his father for unknown reasons. 
39 “Bullet Buried in Darkness” 
“Yami ni Hōmuru Dangan” (闇に葬る弾丸) 
February 14, 2018 TBA
Playmaker gets saved from the bridge collapsing by a random data storm and continues his trek towards the Tower of Hanoi. There, he sees Go facing Revolver in a Master Duel. When Go tries to attack with four Gouki Link Monsters, Revolver counters by activating the Mirror Force trap card that he used against Ghost Girl to destroy all of them and leave Go’s field barren. 
40 “Thirst for Victory” 
“Shōri e no Katsubō” (勝利への渇望勝利への渇望) 
February 21, 2018 TBA
Despite all of his monsters that got destroyed by Mirror Force, Go is still determined to defeat Revolver. Go summons Gouki Jet Ogre to force Revolver’s monsters changes to Attack Position and revives his monsters to summon Gouki the Great Ogre that is able to reduce most of Revolver’s life points. However, Revolver summons his new dragon, Borrelsword Dragon. Using Metalrokket Dragon’s effect, Borrelsword is able to attack twice and destroys Go’s Gouki the Great Ogre. Go is defeated and entrusts the rest to Playmaker as he becomes Another. 
41 “Deceitful Truth” 
“Azamukareta Jijitsu” (欺かれた事実欺かれた事実) 
February 28, 2018 TBA
Playmaker and Revolver commence the Speed Duel around the Tower of Hanoi. During the duel, Revolver reveals that Ai has been lying to Playmaker all this time about being amnesiac as the data the Hanoi has recovered does not contains Ai’s memories like Ai has claimed. He also reveals that the Ignis Ais are modeled after the six children who were kidnapped. Ai is modeled after Playmaker. Ai tries to reason with Playmaker, but Playmaker does not care as he just wants to achieve his revenge. Despite having anticipated Revolver’s Mirror Force by placing his monsters in Defense Position, Revolver is able to force them back into Attack Position and uses Mirror Force to destroy them. 
42 “Stardust Road’s Guidance” 
“Sutādasuto Rōdo no Michibiki” (スターダストロードの導き) 
March 7, 2018 TBA
Playmaker is cornered by Revolver and barely survives his attack. To make it worse, the debris from the Tower of Hanoi also nearly hit him several times. Knowing he needs to use Storm Access to turn the tide, Playmaker attempts to enter the Data Storm, but it only injures him until Ai finally interferes to help by using himself to steer the board. Ai creates a barrier to protect Playmaker within the Data Storm. This allows Playmaker to use his Skill to gain a new monster, Transcode Talker, that is able to corner Revolver in turn. Revolver attempts to use his Skill as well and fails until Dr. Kogami sacrifices himself to create a path so that Revolver can use his Skill safely. Thus allows Revolver to summon Topologic Gamble Dragon. Realizing his father is dying, Revolver forces the duel to end in a draw, which blows himself and Playmaker away. 
43 “Birth of the Ignis” 
“Igunisu no Tanjō” (イグニスの誕生イグニスの誕生) 
March 14, 2018 TBA
The backlash from Revolver’s last attack forced Yusaku to log out. Having figured out Revolver’s identity, Yusaku and Kusanagi confronts Revolver’s real life, Ryoken Kogami, at his house. Ryoken reveals his father has passed away to save him. He explains that his father created the Ignis in an attempt to create humanity’s successor, which started the Lost Incident. The Ignis created the Cyberse World and Cyberse monsters. However, after many tests through virtual simulations, he deems the Ignis would eventually become humanity’s enemies and made it his goal to erase them. Finally recognizing Ryoken as the one who saved him when he was imprisoned, Yusaku tries to convince Ryoken to find another path. Ryoken insists on continuing the plan due to his distrust for Ai. Without any choice, Yusaku and Ryoken return to Link VRAINS, which begins their final duel. 
44 “Prisoner of Destiny” 
“Unmei no Shūjin” (運命の囚人運命の囚人) 
March 21, 2018 TBA
Revolver activates his Permanent Trap: Link Turret that places Rokket Counter in anticipation that Playmaker has found a way to counter his Mirror Force strategy. Playmaker summons Transcode Talker, Powercode Talker, and Excode Talker to defeat Revolver in one-turn-kill. Unfortunately, this backfires when Revolver activates Link Turret’s effect to summon Borreload Dragon and uses the combination of its effect together with Topologic Bomber Dragon and his other Rokket monsters to take control of Playmaker’s Transcode Talker and uses it to destroy Powercode Talker. 
45 “Duel in the Extreme Domain” 
“Kyokugen Ryōiki no Dyueru” (極限領域のデュエル極限領域のデュエル) 
March 28, 2018 TBA
Revolver continues to corner Playmaker by summoning Borreload Dragon and Borrelsword Dragon. He removes Mirror Force and reveals his new ace card, Topologic Gumblar Dragon, that he summoned in the second Extra Monster Zone by mutually linking the two Extra Monster Zones. Using its effect, Revolver intends to inflict 3000 damage to Playmaker as long as Playmaker has cards in his hand, but the latter barely survived using his Permanent Trap to halve the damage and prevents both of them from attacking until four turns have passed. Despite heavily injured with only 50 life points remaining, Ai’s encouragement reignites Playmaker’s spirit to continue and win the duel. 
46 “The Circuit That Draws the Future” 
“Mirai o Egakidasu Sākitto” (未来を描き出すサーキット) 
April 4, 2018 TBA
As the Tower of Hanoi is on the verge of completion, Playmaker and Ai counter Revolver’s near-perfect tactic by copying the effect of Mirror Force. Already anticipating this, Revolver used his Extra Linked Topologic Gumblar Dragon that stopped his dragons from being destroyed. Using various combinations of his Spell and Trap Cards, Playmaker brought out Transcode Talker and Powercode Talker back. Finally, using Encode Talker and Swap Cleric, Playmaker Link Summoned Firewall Dragon. With three of his monsters co-linked, Playmaker expanded the Extra Link. Playmaker drew his final card Zero Extra Link, which boosted the attack of Transcode Talker equal to the number of co-linked monsters times 800. Revolver attempted to stop Playmaker by preventing his co-linked monsters from attacking. However, Playmaker used his Link Monsters to summon Decode Talker, who was unaffected by Revolver’s Trap Card. Due to Zero Extra Link, the attack increase of Transcode Talker was passed onto Decode Talker. This allows Playmaker to finally defeat Revolver. With Revolver’s defeat, the Tower of Hanoi is destroyed and restores everyone who got absorbed into the tower. In real life, Ryoken leaves his house, but Yusaku is aware that he will eventually return to finish what he started as long as Ignis is still a danger to the world. As the Knights of Hanoi are no more, Yusaku frees Ai from his lock, and the two part ways. 

Season 2 (2018–Present)

No. Original air date English air date  
47 April 11, 2018 TBA  
Three months after the final battle against the Knights of Hanoi, Ai finally returns to Cyberse World. Ai finds it has already been destroyed. The other Ignis are gone. Ai finds Linkuriboh remains there. SOL Technology has completely rebooted LINK VRAINS into New LINK VRAINS. Despite having saved LINK VRAINS, SOL Technology put a bounty on Playmaker, as they believes he is still holding Ai. A higher-up of SOL Technology known as Queen forcibly orders Akira to work with a Bounty Hunter team that consists of GO Onizuka, his two partners, and a Bounty Hunter called Blood Shepherd to hunt down Playmaker to retrieve the Ignis. At a hospital, Jin is attacked by an unknown assailant, who stole his consciousness. Kusanagi asks for Yusaku’s help to chase the culprit. This leads Playmaker to return to LINK VRAINS. While chasing the assailant, Ai and Linkuriboh return to Playmaker’s duel disk and assist him in dueling the mysterious duelist, by giving him new cards.   
48 April 18, 2018 TBA  
Using his new Ritual Monster that he received from Ai, Playmaker countered the mysterious duelist’s attack and reveals his real avatar, Bohman. Bohman tries to stop Playmaker’s advances by only allowing Playmaker to attack with one monster through the effect of his monster. However, Playmaker uses Storm Access to gain a new monster, Shootingcode Talker, whose effect allows it to attack three times in a row. Playmaker defeats Bohman. Ai attempted to eat his data, but Bohman’s younger brother, Haru, has implanted an anti-Ignis program, which stops Ai from gaining Bohman’s data. As he is escaping with Bohman, Haru summons two duelists named Bit and Boot to delay Playmaker and retrieve Ai. Before the duel could commence between them, a duelist named Soulburner appears with the fire Ignis, Flame. Soulburner and Flame challenge Bit and Boot, while Playmaker continues his chase for Haru and Bohman.   
49 April 25, 2018 TBA  
Soulburner and Flame commence the duel against Bit and Boot who merged their avatars together. Using their D-Scale monsters’ effect combo together with Link Spell similar to Bohman’s, they are able to deal considerable damage to Soulburner. Soulburner counters by destroying their Link Spell, Judgement Arrow, with his ace monster, Salamangreater Heatlio’s effect. However, as Bit and Boot were two avatars merged into one, they are able to use the same Skill twice to return Judgment Arrow and locked Soulburner’s card effects. Cornered, Soulburner uses his Skill, Burning Draw, to draw Salamangreater Sanctuary. Soulburner uses it to perform Reincarnation Link Summon, which summons a new Heatlio using the first Heatlio. Soulburner uses its effect to defeat Bit and Boot. Meanwhile, despite Playmaker’s best effort, Haru and Bohman successfully escaped by entering the restricted area.   
50 May 2, 2018 TBA  
Haru and Bohman give Jin’s data to a mysterious figure who is also their leader. Bohman demands him to return his and Haru’s memories, but the man erased Bohman’s memories of the agreement. At school, Soulburner’s real life, Takeru Homura, and Flame, approaches Yusaku and Ai. Takeru reveals himself to be a victim of the Lost Incident and knew of Yusaku’s identity with Flame’s help. Flame reveals that after Ai was gone, he and the other Ignis were discussing whether to trust humans with their technologies so they can coexist or not. Before they can reach a conclusion, a new enemy who used the same Link Spell as the one who stole Jin’s consciousness appeared and destroyed the Cyberse World, which forced all the other Ignis to split up. As they are sharing a common enemy, Yusaku, Ai, and Kusanagi agree to work with Takeru and Flame. Under Akira’s instruction, Emma sends a tip off to Kusanagi on how to enter the restricted area of LINK VRAINS, where Bohman and Haru have disappeared to. Following the lead, Playmaker and Soulburner infiltrated the restricted area, but Go and his teammates appear and pursue them.   
51 May 9, 2018 TBA  
Go and his team pursue Playmaker and Soulburner, but both of them are able to evade Go’s teammates by taking advantage of the trap that Akira launched. Interested in dueling against Go, Soulburner offers to take on Go, while Playmaker and Ai go ahead of them. Flame is unable to predict Go’s strategy as he has changed his deck from Gouki to Dynawrestler deck. It is revealed that Go threw away his reputation as a Charisma Duelist and became a bounty hunter for SOL Technologies due to his frustration of being overshadowed by Playmaker, whose fame rose after defeating the Knights of Hanoi. Go determines to defeat Playmaker to regain his pride, fame, and be number one again. This disappoints Soulburner, who reveals that he admires the old Go that gave him courage to move on by defeating the people responsible for the Lost Incident. Determined to bring back the old Go, Soulburner begins his counterattack.   
52 May 16, 2018 TBA  
Soulburner recounts his past when he was rescued after the Lost Incident. He learned from his grandparents that his parents looked for him everyday, while he was missing, but an accident occurred that took their lives away. Soulburner performs Reincarnation Link Summon to summon another copy of Heatleo and uses its effect to defeat Go, but Go manages to use his monster’s effect to prevent Heatleo from attacking. Go counters using the combination of his monster and spell cards effects, but Soulburner manages to survive using his own Field Spell’s effect to increase his life points. Soulburner uses Burning Draw to draw a Ritual Spell card that allows him to Ritual Summon Salamangreat Emerald Eagle and defeats Go. Playmaker is close to reach the gate to where the enemies have disappeared to, but he is intercepted by Blood Sheperd.   
53 “Bounty Hunter Blood Shepherd” 
Baunti Hantā Buraddo Shepādo” (賞金稼ぎブラッドシェパード)
May 23, 2018 TBA
Playmaker is intercepted and forced to duel by Blood Shepherd on his way to the gate. As Playmaker brings out Shootingcode Talker to finish off his opponent quickly, Blood Shepherd baits him into a trap that seals away his Link monster. Blood Shepherd brings out his ace monster, Battledrone General, and he prepares for his offense against Playmaker.
54 “Terrifying Battledrone” 
Senritsu no Batoru Dorōn” (戦慄のバトルドローン)
May 30, 2018 TBA
Blood Shepherd begins his onslaught by using his Battledrone combo to deal damage to Playmaker while sealing away Storm Access. As Playmaker brings out his Ritual Monster, Cyberse Magician, Blood Shepherd counters it and pushes Playmaker into a corner. Refusing to give up as Ai proclaims his bond with Playmaker, Blood Shepherd has a flashback where it is revealed that an accident involving a driver less car derailed his entire life and created an everlasting hatred of AI in him. Playmaker uses Storm Access to obtain Clock Spartoi and fusion summons Cyberse Clock Dragon. Playmaker defeats Blood Shepherd.
55 “To the Unknown World” 
Michi-naru Sekai e” (未知なる世界へ)
June 6, 2018 TBA
Playmaker and Soulburner travel through the gate and enter an unknown world surrounded by powerful winds. Meanwhile, Ghost Gal and Blue Angel, who now uses a stealth avatar called Blue Girl, travel through the restricted area into the world of wind upon being instructed by Akira to find the remaining Ignis and discover their intentions. As the two search the world, they find the unconscious research team sent by SOL Technologies and use their emergency escape programs to help them log out. Playmaker and Soulburner manage to get past the winds and meet the wind Ignis, Windy, who distrusts humans and built a world of wind to regroup with the Ignis. Windy agrees to help on the condition of stopping Ghost Gal and Blue Girl. Unwilling to compromise with them, Blue Girl and Soulburner prepare to duel, while Playmaker goes after Bohman.
56 “Blue Girl’s First Battle!” 
Uijin! Burū Gāru” (初陣!ブルーガール)
June 13, 2018 TBA
Blue Gal and Soulburner commence their duel. Following her defeat by Specter, Blue Gal has upgraded her Trickstar deck and begins pressuring Soulburner with continuous effect damage. Blue Gal seals away Soulburner’s Burning Draw skill. Soulburner brings out Salamangreat Healeo and prepares to counterattack, while Blue Girl prevents Heatleo’s ability and drives Soulburner into a corner. Blue Gal uses her new skill, Trickstar Gig, to bring out the fusion monster Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar and prepares to finish Soulburner off, who counters by fusion summoning Salamangreat Violet Chimera to finish her off. As Blue Gal ponders the bond between Soulburner and Flame, she logs out. Flame provides Ghost Gal with an escape program and allows her to withdraw as well. Meanwhile, Playmaker reaches the edge of the wind world and prepares to face off against Bohman once again.
57 “Final Battle Above the Clouds” 
Unjō no Kessen” (雲上の決戦)
June 20, 2018 TBA
A mysterious figure gives Bohman new memories as he wakes up and declares he will defeat Playmaker. Playmaker confronts Haru and the new Bohman. Playmaker demands the return of Jin Kusanagi’s consciousness if he wins. Bohman replies something else is in store for Playmaker should he lose. The two commence a Master Duel with Bohman bringing out a new monster, Twin Hydradrive Knight, while Playmaker brings out Update Jammer and Linkuriboh to deal damage to Bohman. As Playmaker counters Bohman’s Property Spray, Bohman leads him into a trap with Hydradrive Cycle and pushes him into a corner. Bohman reveals his backstory of being a Lost Incident victim and claims he is the real Yusaku, while Playmaker is a clone. Bohman declares he will regain his body should he win.
58 “Soul of Replica” 
Repurika no Tamashī” (レプリカの魂)
July 4, 2018 TBA
As Ai ponders Bohman’s claim of being the real Yusaku, Playmaker continues the duel. Playmaker proclaims that the winner will decide who is in the right. Playmaker brings out Detonate Deleter to destroy Twin Hydradrive Knight and deals significant damage. Playmaker soon realizes that someone has implanted Bohman with false memories, where it is revealed in a flashback that a young Yusaku ran into a young Revolver, who contributed to his capture for the Hanoi Project. Bohman unexpectedly uses Storm Access in a Master Duel to bring out Trident Hydradrive Lord and pushes Playmaker into a corner. Playmaker soon brings out Cyberse Clock Dragon and uses its special ability to defeat Bohman. As Haru declares his brother will return, Playmaker regroups with Soulburner. Playmaker wonders who was controlling Bohman as he soon logs out.
59 “Hanoi Returns” 
Hanoi Saishidō” (ハノイ再始動)
July 11, 2018 TBA
Baira, the Deleted Virus creator and member of the Knights of Hanoi, is locked up in a high tech security prison under tight surveillance following the Tower of Hanoi. Meanwhile, Varis, Specter, Faust, and Dr. Genome reflect on the recent events following their defeat such as Cyberse World’s destruction, the emergence of Soulburner and Flame, the mystery duelist Bohman, and the new gate that emerged in LINK VRAINS. Varis remarks that the Ignis created the gate with the intention of regrouping with one another and to be wary of Playmaker’s recent mastery of Ritual and Fusion Summoning. Varis proposes to observe the Ignis and the new enemy for the time being. The Knights of Hanoi proceed to bail out Baira and proclaim their return. As Yusaku and Ai ponder the disappearance of Windy’s gate, they receive news from Kolter of Baira’s escape. Now facing a battle on three fronts: SOL Technologies, Knights of Hanoi, and Bohman, Yusaku notes that the new battle will be a tough one.
60 “Brave Max the Loser” 
Haiboku no Bureivu Makkusu” (敗北のブレイヴ・マックス)
July 18, 2018 TBA
Yusaku discusses with Kolter, Takeru, Ai, and Flame the aftermath of his recent duel regarding how Bohman had the same memories as him. Yusaku concludes that the unknown enemy knows all about his past. Meanwhile, Emma and Skye contemplate Playmaker’s identity and decide to go after his “best friend”, Shima, to find answers. Blue Angel lures Brave Max by deciding to hold an event, while Ghost Gal challenges him to a duel. The two girls realize he is a dummy and that it was all a waste of time. Kolter, Takeru, and Yusaku soon get news of a new gate in LINK VRAINS, which is in the top level. They decide to investigate and fall pray to a trap set by Blood Shepherd. Soulburner and Flame are captured as the former begins to recall memories of his past.
61 “Despair from Darkness” 
Yami yori Ideshi Zetsubō” (闇より出でし絶望)
July 25, 2018 TBA
Emma discusses with Aoi the appearance of a fake gate in LINK VRAINS designed to trap Playmaker and deduces that Blood Shepherd is behind it. As Playmaker is left to contend with bounty hunters Kenmochi and Yoroizaka, Blood Shepherd begins searching through Soulburner’s memories. Following his rescue from the Hanoi Project and learning that his parents died searching for him, Takeru becomes depressed and closed off over the years, while his grandfather encourages him to move forward and away from his past. Takeru soon encounters the fire Ignis Flame, who tells him about the Lost Incident and Playmaker, who is also a fellow victim that decided to face his destiny head on by defeating the Knights of Hanoi. Flame encourages Takeru to do the same. Meanwhile, Kiku is held hostage by a gang, which forces Takeru to duel the leader’s younger brother, Ryujiro Mizunuma. Ryujiro pushes Takeru into a corner by constantly resurrecting his monsters and brings out Despair from the Dark, which is a monster that represents all of Takeru’s trauma from the Lost Incident.
62 “The Ominous Ghost” 
Imawashiki Bōrei” (忌まわしき亡霊)
August 1, 2018 TBA
Refusing to abandon Soulburner, Playmaker fights off against Kenmochi and Yoroizaka. To lessen the threat, Ai forces Yoroizaka to log out by using the Data Storm, which allows Playmaker to fight and defeat Kenmochi first before Yoroizaka logs in again. Inside the gate, Soulburner wakes up and begins a duel against Blood Shepherd, where his AI explains every single effect of his cards. Soulburner seemingly manages to do well against Blood Shepherd until the bounty hunter reveals he has programmed his AI into lying about his card effects to trick Soulburner. Having scanned through Soulburner’s memories, Blood Shepherd takes advantage of Soulburner’s trauma by summoning Despair from the Dark and adds two more copies of it, which greatly scares Soulburner.
63 “Reincarnating Flame” 
Tensei-suru Honō” (転生する炎)
August 8, 2018 TBA
Blood Shepherd begins his onslaught using his three copies of Despair from the Dark, but Soulburner uses the effect of Salamangreat Parro to survive with 200 Life Points. Rather than succumbing to trauma, Soulburner uses Reincarnation Link Summon to bring out another Heatleo and combines it with Rising Fire to get rid of Despair from the Dark and reduce Blood Shepherd to 1200 Life Points. Soulburner and Flame reveal that they pretended to be in trouble and that the former overcame his trauma long ago, where the ending of the Soulburner versus Ryojiro duel is revealed. As Soulburner prepares to attack Blood Shepherd, the latter is about to activate his face down card. Emma helps Kolter save Soulburner with the rescue program, which ends the duel before it could conclude. As Playmaker defeats Yoroizaka and logs out with Soulburner, Blood Shepherd confronts Ghost Gal for interfering despite his warning.
64 “Turning Point” 
Tāning Pointo” (ターニング・ポイント)
August 15, 2018 TBA
Takeru and Yusaku are heading to Kolter place, but Naoki shows up and starts talking to Yusaku. Takeru goes to see Kolter himself, while Ai crashes into him with his drone and reveals this feature to Takeru and Flame. As Takeru expresses his fascination with the work Yusaku and Kolter have done together, Ai and Flame eagerly ask Kolter to tell them how they met. Kolter reveals how the trauma Jin suffered due to the Hanoi Project caused him to become a professional hacker to uncover the truth regarding the incident. Kolter confronts the Knights of Hanoi as Unnamed. Unnamed runs into Yusaku, who went by the name Unknown, who advised him not to put himself in danger. Nonetheless, Kolter continues confronting the Knights of Hanoi only to be saved by Yusaku, who showcases his dueling prowess by defeating one of the Knights of Hanoi. Kolter saves Yusaku and advises him to stop by Café Nom. After meeting in person and expressing his desire to save his brother and to help Yusaku with his hacking prowess, Yusaku agrees to work together and reveals his identity to him.
65 “Playmaker’s Breath” 
Pureimēkā no Ibuki” (Playmakerの息吹)
August 22, 2018 TBA
The flashback regarding Yusaku and Kolter’s backstory continues. Having heard rumors of a mysterious dungeon in LINK VRAINS that houses a Cyberse deck, Yusaku and Kolter decide to go after it. Inside the dungeon, they are forced to pass a duel quiz to obtain the deck, where they see a Knight of Hanoi lose helplessly to the guardian. Yusaku duels and successfully clears the challenge by utilizing all the cards available to him and through effect damage. All hope seems lost when no deck is found. However, Yusaku and Kolter search the real world. Yusaku reveals that the duel quiz is simply a map to the deck’s location in Den City. Both manage to find the deck. They proclaim that it is the strongest weapon against the Knights of Hanoi and a symbol of their bond. Ai, Flame, and Takeru are intrigued by the story, but they wonder how exactly Yusaku became Playmaker. The flashback ends with Yusaku confronting a Knight of Hanoi. Yusaku calls himself Playmaker, where he is the emissary of revenge against the Knights of Hanoi.
66 “Earth Ignis “Earth”” 
Chi no Igunisu – Āsu” (地のイグニス「アース」)
August 29, 2018 TBA
Ai browses through a LINK VRAINS message board about Playmaker and finds a hidden message from the EARTH Ignis requesting to meet Yusaku. Yusaku and Ai go into LINK VRAINS, where they meet the EARTH Ignis, Earth, who takes them to a separate world. Earth expresses his desire to duel Playmaker in order to discern humanity’s true intentions, where it is revealed in a flashback that the WATER Ignis, Aqua, told him that the Ignis will soon be divided in their stance on humanity and must one day decide whether to coexist or forever be at odds with humans. The duel begins with Playmaker discerning that Earth’s Lost Incident partner must be Specter due to the parallels between the two, while Earth remains adamant in rebuking humans for their role in Cyberse World’s destruction. Earth summons G Golem Crystal Heart, which is a card that represents his bond with Aqua.
67 “AI’s Longing” 
Ēai ni Yadoru Bojō” (AIに宿る慕情)
September 5, 2018 TBA
The duel between Earth and Playmaker continues. Earth uses G Golem Crystal Heart to revive and strengthen Invalid Dolmen, which deals significant damage to Playmaker. Playmaker brings out Cyberse Clock Dragon to counterattack, which manages to deal Earth damage. Earth continues his combo and destroys Clock Dragon. Ai remembers his interactions with Earth and Aqua and notes that Earth’s deck reflects his feelings for Aqua. Earth asks Playmaker why he is with Ai. Playmaker responds that both have mutual enemies to face and fight side by side out of their own free will. Playmaker indirectly acknowledges that he and Ai are partners. Playmaker makes his comeback by summoning Clock Lizard, Cyberse Clock Dragon using 4 monsters, and uses Clock Lizard’s effect to reduce all of Invalid Dolmen’s attack points to zero. Playmaker finally defeats Earth. Earth reveals he actually knows nothing about Bohman and leaves. As Ai is frustrated about getting nowhere from the duel with Earth, Playmaker ponders Earth’s words of Cyberse World falling apart. Playmaker feels something bad is going to happen soon.
68 “Secret Meeting” 
Mikkai” (密会)
September 12, 2018 TBA
Ai suddenly disappears from Yusaku’s duel disk and ends up in a place that looks like Cyberse World. Yusaku and Roboppy meet up with Kolter and Takeru to investigate and learn that Ai was lured to a website made from an Ignis algorithm. Yusaku decides to go to LINK VRAINS alone. He does not trust Windy since Bohman was found at the edge of the wind world, which also disappeared after Bohman lost. Ai finds Windy’s palace, where he encounters Windy as well as the Light Ignis known as Lightning. Windy and Lightning discuss how they want to rebuild Cyberse World and how both of them strongly distrust humans. Dr. Kogami created the Ignis so they could guide humans and lengthen their lives as humanity’s successors. However, Windy and Lightning want the Ignis to reign supreme and put humans under their control as their vessels. As Ai ponders Windy and Lighning’s words, Playmaker shows up. Ai decides to help Playmaker find a way for humans and Ignis to coexist. Since they heard their schemes, Windy and Lightning trap Playmaker and Ai. As Windy is about to reprogram Ai, Varis shows up. Varis proclaims he will destroy the Ignis.
69 “Mission That Must Be Accomplished” 
Hatasu-beki Shimei” (果たすべき使命)
September 19, 2018 TBA
In order to eliminate all the Ignis, Varis launches an attack against Windy and all the other Ignis. Playmaker tries to talk some sense into Varis, but to no avail. Varis begins his duel against Windy.
70 “Tuning Bullet” 
Chōritsu-suru Dangan” (調律する弾丸)
September 26, 2018 TBA
The duel between Varis and Windy continues. Varis emphasizes that the Ignis do not care about coexisting with humans and actually encourage hostility. Varis reveals that Windy caused a car accident, which his human partner was in. Windy admits that he did so because he believes he does not need a human partner and says humans are just expendable to him and Lightning. Varis turns the duel around by summoning Speedburst Dragon and uses it to deal Windy the damage he was just dealt and destroys Stormridership Rockbuster. To counterattack, Windy uses Storm Access in a Master Duel, which makes Playmaker and Ai realize that Windy is involved with Bohman and knows Jin’s whereabouts. Windy summons Stormridership Bahamut Bomber and drives Varis into a corner. Meanwhile, Specter escorts Soulburner and Flame to everyone, where the latter two free Playmaker and Ai. Varis defeats Windy by Synchro summoning Borreload Savage Dragon and proceeds to erase Windy, but he is stopped by Lightning. Deeming humanity dangerous for the Ignis’ existence, Lightning reveals that he is allied with Bohman and Haru, and Jin is his human partner.
71 “Declaration of War” 
Sensen Fukoku” (宣戦布告)
October 3, 2018 TBA
Lightning explains that the Ignis and their originators cannot help but affect each other, which will bring uncertainty. Lightning has Jin trapped within his own consciousness to place him under his complete control. Lightning further admits that he is the one who destroyed the Cyberse World in order to get rid of the Ignis who chose coexistence with humans, who are Flame and Aqua. Having determined humanity as enemies, Lightning declares war on humanity and the Ignis who chose coexistence. As Windy is heavily damaged by the virus, Lightning and his group retreats with Playmaker and Soulburner chasing after them. Varis leaks the location to SOL Technologies, where they send the bounty hunters to intercept the Ignis. To stop their pursuers, Lightning separates Playmaker and Soulburner. While Playmaker faces Bohman once more, Soulburner chases after Jin and Lightning. Bohman reveals that he is an AI created by Lightning to become the leader, who will unite the Ignis and take them to the next step of evolution.
72 “Clear Perfection” 
Kumorinaki Kyokuchi” (曇りなき極致)
October 10, 2018 TBA
Bohman, who has evolved even further, shows off his new Hydradrive tactics against Playmaker. Playmaker tries to predict Bohman’s actions, and also receives some advice about how to deal with Bohman from Ai. A fierce battle unfolds between the two as they try to outwit one another!
73 “Light Blade that Slices Despair” 
Zetsubō o Tatsu Kōjin” (絶望を絶つ光刃)
October 17, 2018 TBA
During his duel against Playmaker, Bohman activates Storm Access and obtains a new Hydradrive. Playmaker has taken heavy damage. Ai then tells Playmaker that he has prepared something in advance just in case. In order to turn things around, Playmaker bets everything on Ai’s “secret weapon” !
74 “Captured Ignis” 
Toraware no Igunisu” (囚われのイグニス)
October 24, 2018 TBA
Earth rescued Aqua, who was imprisoned by someone, and learned the truth about the Cyberse World’s destruction. However, the Gore, who was ordered to capture the Ignises, then appears and attacks the two of them. In order to protect Aqua, Earth begins a Duel against the Gore!
75 “The Demon Possessing His Heart” 
Kokoro ni Toritsuku Oni” (心に取と付く鬼)
October 31, 2018 TBA
As Playmaker observes Earth and The Gore’s Duel, he notices that there is something different about Gore. Gore goes all out and uses his powerful Dinowrestler monsters to overwhelm Earth. As the fierce battle between them rages on, Gore suddenly uses some unexpected tactics!
76 “Memories Brought Back” 
Yobi-okosareru Kioku” (呼び起される記憶)
November 7, 2018 TBA
Skye, who is starting to have doubts about SOL Technologies’ cruel methods, starts searching for Aqua. On the other hand, Blood Shepherd has found out where Aqua is. He goes after Aqua and attacks her, but Ghost Gal then appears before him and blocks his path.
77 “Siblings in Conflict” 
Aiirenai Keimai” (相容れない兄妹)
November 14, 2018 TBA
Ghost Gal stands in Blood Shepherd’s way, determined to protect Aqua. Enraged by Ghost Gal, Blood Shepherd starts a Duel against her. In this Duel, the loser will lose their account. On the other hand, Aqua reveals the truth about her partner to Blue Girl.
78 “Rebellious Bounty Hunter” 
Hankotsu no Bauntī Hantā” (反はん骨こつのバウンティハンター)
November 21, 2018 TBA
After learning about SOL Technologies’ shocking plan, Blood Shepherd decided to carry out his own search for the Ignises, independent from Akira. Noticing his superb hacking skills, Varis approaches him and suggests that they should team up to eliminate the Ignises, but…
79 “Speed of Light – Lightning” 
Kōsoku no Raitoningu” (光速のライトニング)
November 28, 2018 TBA
Wary about Varis and Blood Shepherd teaming up, Lightning decides to challenge Blood Shepherd to a Duel. Blood Shepherd uses some new Drone tactics to overwhelm Lightning!
80 “Bounty Hunter’s Duty” 
Bauntī Hantā no Tsutome” (賞金稼ぎの務め)
December 5, 2018 TBA
Blood Shepherd manages to deal with Lightning’s tactics and gain the upper hand in the Duel. However, Lightning then summons more monsters to attack Blood Shepherd’s Drones. At this point, no one can predict how the fierce battle between the two will go. Can Blood Shepherd really triumph against Lightning and stop him in his track?!
81 “Arrived at the Summit” 
Tadoritsuita Itadaki” (たどり着いた頂)
December 12, 2018 TBA
Playmaker and his allies are investigating what Lightning has been up to, and they manage to find some traces of Earth, who was captured by SOL Technologies. When they head to where Earth’s traces are, they find the Gore waiting for them! Burning with a twisted desire for victory, the Gore attacks Playmaker and Link Summons a shocking monster…
82 “What’s Beyond Instincts” 
Hon’nō no Saki ni Aru Mono” (本能の先にあるもの)
December 19, 2018 TBA
Playmaker has somehow survived the Gore’s brutal attack. He attempts to turn things around with his Skill, but the Gore then negates it with Anti-Skill. Playmaker is now totally driven into a corner. Is there any way he can get out of this one?!
83 “Irregular Meeting” 
Iregyurā Mītingu” (イレギュラー・ミーティング)
December 26, 2018 TBA
84 “A Turbulent Past”
Shizumaranai Kako” 静まらない過去
January 9, 2019 TBA


Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode Menu (S1)Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS logo Japanese

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens was first announced as a then-untitled new anime series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise on July 21, 2019.[1] The series will mark the second studio turnover in franchise history with Bridge taking over as head studio in animation production from Gallop, which oversaw every television series and films in the franchise beginning with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters in 2000. The series is being directed by Nobuhiro Kondo with screenplay by Toshimitsu Takeuchi and character designs by Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita.[4] It began airing in Japan on April 4, 2020 on TV Tokyo.[2] From episodes 1 onwards, the first opening theme is “Nanananananana” (ナナナナナナナ), performed by Yusuke Saeki (佐伯 ユウスケ), while the first ending theme is “Goha #7 Elementary School Song” (ゴーハ第7小学校校歌, Goha Dai 7 Shou Gakkou Kouku), performed by Yuga (CV: Hiiro Ishibashi), Luke (CV: Taku Yashiro), Gakuto (CV:Natsuki Hanae) ( 遊我 (CV:石橋陽彩)、ルーク (CV:八代拓)、ガクト (CV:花江夏樹) ).

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS EN logo

On April 28, 2020, it was announced that after episode 5, the remaining episodes would be delayed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Season 1

EPISODE Number Names Japanese air date English air date
Episode 1 Japanese いくぞ!ラッシュデュエル!
(Iku zo! Rasshu Dyueru!)
4 April 2020  
Let’s Do This! Rush Duel!  
Episode 2 Japanese 悪魔を飼う男
(Akuma o Kau Otoko)
11 April 2020  
The Man Who Possesses a Demon  
Episode 3 Japanese ロミンの秘密
(Romin no Himitsu)
18 April 2020  
Romin’s Secret  
Episode 4 Japanese さよなら、生徒会長!
(Sayonara, Seitokaichō!)
25 April 2020  
Goodbye, Student Council President!  
Episode 5 Japanese ルーク、男の闘い
(Rūku, Otoko no Tatakai)
2 May 2020  
Luke, Fight of a Man  
Episode 6 Japanese 御麺!ラーメンデュエル!
(Gomen! Rāmen Dyueru!)
13 June 2020  
Sorry for the Noodles! Ramen Duel!  
Episode 7 Japanese 転校生は小学生?
(Tenkōsei wa Shōgakusei?)
20 June 2020  
The Transfer Student is a Grade-Schooler?  
Episode 8 Japanese 世紀末とナポリタン
(Seikimatsu to Naporitan)
27 June 2020  
Post-Apocalypse and Neapolitan Spaghetti  
Episode 9 Japanese 素敵なジュラシック
(Suteki na Jurashikku)
4 July 2020  
Wonderful Jurassic  
Episode 10 Japanese 恐怖の怪談デュエル
(Kyōfu no Kaidan Dyueru)
8 August 2020  
A Horrifying Horror Duel  
Episode 11 Japanese ガマンが限界!
(Gaman ga Genkai!)
15 August 2020  
No More Holding Back!  
Episode 12 Japanese 禁じられたエース
(Kinjirareta Ēsu)
22 August 2020  
The Forbidden Ace  
Episode 13 Japanese もう一人の王
(Mō Hitori no Ō)
29 August 2020  
Another King  
Episode 14 Japanese ロミン'sキッチン
(Rominzu Kicchin)
5 September 2020  
Romin’s Kitchen  
Episode 15 Japanese 出船!ゴーハ水産小
(Shukkō! Gōha Suisanshō)
12 September 2020  
Setting Sail! Goha Fishing Elementary  
Episode 16 Japanese デュエルを洗う男
(Dyueru wo Arau Otoko)
19 September 2020  
The Man Who Washes Duels  
Episode 17 Japanese セツリの庭のネコ
(Setsuri no Niwa no Neko)
26 September 2020  
The Cat in the Garden of Providence  
Episode 18 Japanese ごめんねゲッタチャンス
(Gomen ne Getta Chansu)
3 October 2020  
Sorry, Gett-A Chance  
Episode 19 Japanese 玉座たるもの
(Gyokuza-taru Mono)
10 October 2020  
The One Who Is a Throne  
Episode 20 Japanese オトナはつらいよ
(Otona wa Tsurai yo)
17 October 2020  
Being an Adult is Tough  
Episode 21 Japanese 麺との遭遇
(Men to no Sōgū)
24 October 2020  
Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind  
Episode 22 Japanese 封じられた悪魔
(Fūjirareta Akuma)
31 October 2020  
The Sealed Devil  
Episode 23 Japanese セツリの先にあるもの
(Setsuri no Saki ni Aru Mono)
7 November 2020  
What Lies Beyond Providence  
Episode 24 Japanese 覚悟
14 November 2020  
Episode 25 Japanese 夢と勇気と友情
(Yume to Yūki to Yūjō)
21 November 2020  
Dreams, Courage, and Friendship  
Episode 26 Japanese マキシマムデュエル!
(Makishimamu Dyueru!)
28 November 2020  
Maximum Duel!  
Episode 27 Japanese ルーク部誕生!
(Rūku-bu Tanjō!)
5 December 2020  
The Luke Club Is Born!  
Episode 28 Japanese 合宿!お寿司デュエル
(Gasshuku! Osushi Dyueru)
12 December 2020  
Training Camp! Sushi Duel  
Episode 29 Japanese ギャリアン大地を掘る
(Gyarian Daichi wo Horu)
19 December 2020  
Galient Digging  
Episode 30 Japanese 闘いの虎吸
(Tatakai no Kokyū)
26 December 2020  
The Tiger Way of Battle  
Episode 31 Japanese 叛逆するは我にアリ
(Hangyaku-suru wa Ware ni Ari)
9 January 2021  
Rebelli-Ant is Mine  
Episode 32 Japanese 重騎愛づる姫君
(Jūki Mezuru Himegimi)
16 January 2021  
The Lady who Loved Heavy Cavalry  
Episode 33 Japanese ゴーハ第6小学校
(Gōha Dai Roku Shōgakkō)
23 January 2021  
Goha 6th Elementary School  
Episode 34 Japanese 指圧底国の逆襲
(Shiatsu Teikoku no Gyakushū)
30 January 2021  
The Subterranean Shiatsu Empire Strikes Back  
Episode 35 Japanese 響け! ゴーハニウム
(Hibike! Gōhaniumu)
6 February 2021  
Sound! Gohanium  
Episode 36 Japanese 開眼♡らんぜアイズ
(Kaigan♡Ranze Aizu)
13 February 2021  
Open♡ Ranze Eyes  
Episode 37 Japanese クルックルーク
20 February 2021  
Episode 38 Japanese マキシマムを掘り起こせ!
(Makishimamu o Horiokose!)
27 February 2021  
Maximum Unearthed!  
Episode 39 Japanese 取り戻せ!ムツバの誇り!
(Torimodose! Mutsuba no Hokori!)
6 March 2021  
Take Back the Mutsuba Name’s Pride!  
Episode 40 Japanese ギブ・ミー・ジャム♪
(Gibu Mī Jamu♪)
13 March 2021  
Give Me Jam♪  
Episode 41 Japanese 蒼月流ヤメルーラ
(Sōgetsu-Ryū Yamerūra)
20 March 2021  
Yameruleaving the Sogetsu Style Behind  
Episode 42 Japanese 宇宙作戦デュエル隊
(Uchū Sakusen Dyueru Tai)
4 April 2021  
Space Operations Duel Squadron  
Episode 43 Japanese 開幕!チームバトルロイヤル
(Kaimaku! Chīmu Batoru Roiyaru)
11 April 2021  
The Team Battle Royale Begins!  
Episode 44 Japanese 不協和音
18 April 2021  
Episode 45 Japanese 成金ハンター
(Narikin Hantā)
25 April 2021  
Upstart Hunter  
Episode 46 Japanese バック・トゥ・ザ・過去
(Bakku tu za Kako)
2 May 2021  
Back to the Past  
Episode 47 Japanese 逆襲のシャイン
(Gyakushū no Shain)
9 May 2021  
Shine’s Counterattack  
Episode 48 Japanese 奥義激突!
(Ōgi Gekitotsu!)
16 May 2021  
Clash of Secret Techniques!  
Episode 49 Japanese ロアロミン
23 May 2021  
Episode 50 Japanese ガクティング
30 May 2021  
Episode 51 Japanese ロードvsドーロ
(Rōdo vs Dōro)
6 June 2021  
Road vs Daor  
Episode 52 Japanese 最後のラッシュデュエル
(Saigo no Rasshu Dyueru)
13 June 2021  
The Last Rush Duel  

Season 2

Names Japanese air date English air date
Episode 53 Japanese いくぞ!ラッシュグリュリュ!
(Iku zo! Rasshu Guryuryu!)
20 June 2021  
Let’s Go! Rush Swirling!  
English Let’s Go! Rush Swirling!  
Episode 54 Japanese ライディング・ラッシュデュエル!
(Raidingu Rasshu Dyueru!)
27 June 2021  
Riding Rush Duel!  
English Riding Rush Duel!  
Episode 55 Japanese ユウジーンと海
(Yuujīn to Umi)
4 July 2021  
Yujin and the Sea  
English Yujin and the Sea  
Episode 56 Japanese かっとバシング!
11 July 2021  
English Kattobashing!  
Episode 57 Japanese 第四の刺客どすえ
(Daiyon no Shikaku dosu-e)
18 July 2021  
The Fourth Assailant Cometh  
English The Fourth Assailant Cometh  
Episode 58 Japanese 交差する運命
(Kōsasuru Unmei)
25 July 2021  
Intertwined Fates  
English Intertwined Fates  
Episode 59 Japanese 注文ぼたん
(Chūmon Botan)
1 August 2021  
Order Button  
English Order Button  
Episode 60 Japanese あたち・おぼえていますか
(Atachi Oboeteimasu ka)
8 August 2021  
Do You Remember Atachi?  
English Do You Remember Atachi?  
Episode 61 Japanese 実況!パワフルラッシュデュエル
(Jikkyō! Pawafuru Rasshu Dyueru)
15 August 2021  
Live! Powerful Rush Duel  
English Live! Powerful Rush Duel  
Episode 62 Japanese ザ☆ルークメン!ザ☆ルークメン!!
(Za☆Rūkumen! Za☆Rūkumen!!)
22 August 2021  
The☆Lukemen! The☆Lukemen!!  
English The☆Lukemen! The☆Lukemen!!  
Episode 63 Japanese 第6の男
(Dairoku no Otoko)
29 August 2021  
The Sixth Man  
English The Sixth Man  
Episode 64 Japanese 歯車の一族
(Haguruma no Ichizoku)
5 September 2021  
A Family of Gears  
English A Family of Gears  


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