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duel links temp titleKey features:

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Origin: Japan
  • Number of Players: 1
  • System Support: online and offline play

Manufacturer: Konami
Release Date: JA: April 2016
US: Jan 11, 2017
UK: Jan 11, 2017
Media: Android, iOS devices,  and PC
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes)

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced it will release key new Yu-Gi-Oh! titles across a number of formats in 2016, allowing an even wider audience to enjoy the series, which is already popular worldwide as a card game and range of console titles.

Tips, Tricks, How to Guides, Cheats, and Unlocks

How To Unlock Every Legendary Duelist

You begin with either Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba but from there duelists will have to complete tasks and grow in rank to unlock some of the strongest duelists in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

However, not every duelists in Duel Links can be unlocked simply by raising your Stage Rank. Certain duelists have special conditions that need to be met before they appear in the Duel World. And even then, you’ll have to complete that duelist’s special task list.

Here’s a list of all the duelists you can unlock in Duel Links and the conditions needed to do so. They are split into two groups, the first is by Stage Rank, which will unlock a duelist simply by reaching that level and the other is through special conditions.

Some of these special conditions are hard to track but if you are in the main menu and press the information icon (the icon that is shaped like a person) then you can see all of your play data since you began. Scroll down and you’ll see information like how many traps you’ve played or how many tribute summons you have performed.
Use this to track your progress with the duelists unlocked through special conditions.

NOTE: Pegasus is coming to Duel Links but it seems through a special event that has not gone live.


Joey Wheeler – Stage 3
Tea Gardner – Stage 5 (Stage 6 unlock missions)
Mai Valentine – Stage 10 (Stage 11 unlock missions)
Yami Yugi/Seto Kaiba – Stage 15 (Stage 16 unlock missions)
Rex Raptor – Stage 20 (Stage 21 unlock missions)


Bandit Keith – Duel Legendary Duelists 50 times
Weevil Underwood – Win duels against standard duelists 100 times
Mako Tsunami – Perform 150 Tributes  
Odion – Activate 300 traps
Ishizu – Summon light-attribute monsters 200 times

School Quizzes

One aspect of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links are the Duel School quizzes, which put duelists in scenarios to win in one turn to teach them how to use certain strategies.

However, you won’t unlock the Duel Links Duel School quizzes until you reach Stage 5 and that will only give you access to the level 1 quizzes. There are three levels of quizzes that will unlock at Stages 8 and 13, respectively, with varying difficulties


Quiz 1

Purpose: Summon a monster with high ATK.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Summon Axe Raider and attack directly.

Quiz 2

Purpose: Tribute summon a high level monster.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Tribute summon Judge Man and attack.

Quiz 3

Purpose: Tribute summon a high level monster using two monsters as tribute.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Tribute summon Gaia the Fierce Knight and attack.

Quiz 4

Purpose: Change battle position of your monster.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Flip summon Feral Imp and attack.

Quiz 5

Purpose: Select right targets to attack.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Attack Beautiful Headhuntress with Axe Raider, attack Hero of the East with Celtic Guardian and then attack directly with Roboyarou.

Quiz 6

Purpose: Use a Spell Card and defeat your opponent’s monster.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Normal Summon Baby Dragon, then use Block Attack to switch opponent’s Axe Raider to defense mode. Attack Axe Raider with Baby Dragon and then attack directly with Battle Warrior.

Quiz 7

Purpose: Use Spell Cards to enhance your monster’s attack.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Play Banner of Courage then attack Cyber Falcon with Trakodon.

Quiz 8

Purpose: Use a Trap Card to enhance a monster.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate Reinforcements and choose Silver Fang. Attack Snake Hair with Silver Fang.

Quiz 9

Purpose: Use Spell and Trap Cards to destroy high attacking monsters.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Summon Blackland Fire Dragon. Activate Order to Charge and tribute Mammoth Graveyard to destroy Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Attack directly with Blackland Fire Dragon.

Quiz 10

Purpose: Destroy your opponent’s Spell/Trap cards using your own.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate De-Spell to destroy opponent’s Dark Energy. Attack Ryu-Kishin with Lady of Faith.

Quiz 11

Purpose: Destroy your opponent’s Trap Card before attacking.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate Remove Trap to destroy opponent’s Mirror Wall. Attack Dark Magician with Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Quiz 12

Purpose: Activate a Monster Effect.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate Karate Man’s effect. Attack Faith Bird with Karate Man.

Quiz 13

Purpose: Activate a Flip Effect.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Normal Summon Claw Reacher then Flip Summon Hane-Hane. Target King of Yamimakai and attack directly with Claw Reacher and Hane-Hane.

Quiz 14

Purpose: Use a Field Spell Card.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate Mountain from your hand. Attack Bottom Dweller with Crawling Dragon and then attack directly with Baby Dragon.

Quiz 15

Purpose: Fusion Summon a monster.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Flip Summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field. Activate Polymerization from your hand and select Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon from your Extra Deck. Use all three Blue-Eyes from your field and hand to fusion summon in attack mode. Attack Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Quiz 16

Purpose: Ritual Summon a monster.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate Turtle Oath from your hand and select Crab Turtle from your hand. Use Rock Spirit and Enchanting Mermaid from your hand as tributes. Ritual Summon Crab Turtle in attack mode and attack Judge Man.


Quiz 1

Purpose: Check card attributes.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Summon Faith Bird in attack mode and attack M-Warrior #2 with Element Magician. Activate Element Magician’s effect to attack one more time, then attack directly with Element Magician and Faith Bird.

Quiz 2

Purpose: Inflict effect damage.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Activate Meteor Flare on your side of the field. Discard Raimei and Bowganian from your hand to activate. Play Final Flame and then normal summon Gravekeeper’s Curse in attack mode and activate its effect.

Quiz 3

Purpose: Reversal of attack and defense.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Tribute Killer Needle to summon Hercules Beetle. Activate Shield and Sword from your hand and attack Wolf Axwielder with Hercules Beetle.

Quiz 4

Purpose: Use Sealmaster Meisei.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Normal Summon Sealmaster Meisei in attack mode and then play Talisman of Trap Sealing from your hand. Attack Gravekeeper’s Vassal with Silver Fang and then attack directly with Sealmaster Meisei.

Quiz 5

Purpose: Fuse Thunder Dragon.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Use the effect of Thunder Dragon in your hand to discard it to bring two Thunder Dragon’s to your hand. Play Polymerization to fuse the two Thunder Dragon’s in your hand to Fusion Summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon in attack mode. Attack Flame Swordsman with Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.

The Ultimate Rising 1

Purpose: Use Summoner of Illusions’ effect.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Normal Summon Goblin Calligrapher in attack mode. Flip Summon Summoner of Illusions and tribute Goblin Calligrapher to activate its effect. Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon from your Extra Deck in attack mode and attack Horn Imp with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and then attack directly with Summoner of Illusions.

The Ultimate Rising 2

Purpose: Use Charmer monsters effects.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Set Wynn of the Wind Charmer in facedown defense position. Activate Book of Taiyou on the field to flip Wynn faceup and activate its effect. Take control of Harpie Lady Sisters and attack directly with Wynn and Harpie Lady Sisters.


Quiz 1

Purpose: Check card Types and use to your advantage.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Use Warrior’s Elimination to Destroy Swamp and Lava Battleguard. Summon The Hunter with 7 Weapons and choose Dragon for its effect. Attack Kuomori Dragon with The Hunter with 7 Weapons and destroy it. Attack directly with Alligator’s Sword.

Quiz 2

Purpose: Use Lord of D and Flute of Summoning Dragon to summon high level dragons.

Win Condition: Drop Opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Use The Flute of Summoning Dragon and special summon Serpent Night Dragon and Seiyaryu. Tribute summon Curse of Dragon by tributing Lord of D. Attack Thousand Dragon with Seiyaryu, attack Alligator’s Sword Dragon with Curse of Dragon and attack Flame Swordsman with Serpent Night Dragon.

Quiz 3

Purpose: Summon Nuvia the Wicked

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: Set Nuvia the Wicked in facedown defense position. Play Book of Taiyou to flip Nuvia the Wicked into faceup attack position. Attack Sonic Maid with Ancient Elf and then attack directly with Nuvia the Wicked.

Quiz 4

Purpose: Use Amazoness Village to your advantage.

Win Condition: Drop opponent’s lifepoints to zero in one turn.

Solution: (coming soon)

Get Gaia the Dragon Champion

One of the new cards that will be entering Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links soon is the powerful fusion card known as Gaia the Dragon Champion. This creature card is a seven star summon monster that has 2600 attack and 2100 defense, which makes him very hard to put down.

GaiatheDragonChampion-YGLD-EN-C-1EIt was announced via a message sent in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links that a plethora of cards will be added as rewards for those who level up their duelists. However, it’s important to note that Gaia the Dragon Champion will not be available until February 13 as that is when the update goes live.

In order to get Gaia the Dragon Champion, you will simply need to level up Yami Yugi,  to at least level 35 (every duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links has a hard cap at level 30 right now). Since every 5 levels you unlock a new card, one is going to have to do a bit of grinding if they want this powerful card in their deck.

You will need a Polymerization card in order to fuse both Gia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon. You can earn this card by ranking up Joey Wheeler to level 5. With some patience and a bit of grinding, you will unlock Gaia the Dragon Champion and take to the skies to slaughter your enemies.

Farming for Rare Cards

One of the keys to success in Duel Links is getting the rarest cards because, normally, they have the best effects or the strongest monsters to dominate PVP and defeat Legendary Duelists with ease. Tthe easiest way to do that (outside of paying real life money to purchase cards at the shop) is to farm rare cards from Legendary Duelists.

Farming for rare cards relies on getting the highest duel assessment possible to get from 6-9 gifts after every duel, raising your chances for rare cards.

So how do you get that high of a duel assessment? By using this farming deck that contains only one monster, Mythical Beast Cerberus.

  • Two Mythical Beast Cerberus (can work with just one) Obtained through Card Trader.
  • Two Riryoku (can work with just one) Obtained through Card Trader.
  • Sorcery Conduit or Draw Sense: Low Level character skill
  • All spells (especially Stop Defense)
  • Enchanted Javelin trap card (optional)

Again, to farm for rare cards in Duel Links you’ll need only one monster in your 20-card deck: Mythical Beast Cerberus.Mythical Beast Cerberus-BP03-EN-C-1E

If you have Cerberus as your only monster, how do you get it on the field before your lifepoints hit zero? You need to use a character’s skill to get Cerberus into your hand. The easiest way to do that is to raise Yami Yugi to level 20 and equip Sorcery Conduit. Sorcery Conduit lets you draw a random spellcaster monster from your deck after taking 1800 points of damage. With Cerberus as your only monster, it’s not random but a certainty that you’ll draw Cerberus on your next turn.

This is where Enchanted Javelin can help. If you don’t draw Cerberus in your opening hand but have an Enchanted Javelin, you can negate the gain the damage you are about to take from a direct attack and still activate Sorcery Conduit.

Now that you have Cerberus on the field, you can raise its attack power by 500 for every spell played by either duelist. The whole point of this deck is to summon Cerberus and use all spell cards to get its attack points to over 9999.

The key to getting Cerberus to that attack power is to play a few spell cards to make it stronger than anything your opponent can throw at you because the AI will just set their monsters in defense mode and stay in a holding pattern. This allows for you to stall and draw spell after spell card until you can push Cerberus’ attack power to that monstrous level.

Use spells like Blue Medicine, De-Spell and Stop Defense to run through your hand and to buff up Cerberus. Stop Defense is very crucial for when you are ready to make your final attack as the AI will more likely than not have their monsters in defense.

Riryoku is crucial, especially when you have a second Cerberus, by letting you boost your first Cerberus using the boosted attack of your second Cerberus to get the attack to over 100 thousand.

How to Get Union Attack

Almost all of these decks use the extraordinarily powerful Union Attack card, which adds up the attack of all face-up monsters on your side of the field and gives it to whichever monster you choose. This allows cards like Gravekeeper’s Vassal to unleash powerful 10,000+ damage strikes.

Unfortunately, acquiring Union Attack is not an easy feat. The card itself is a drop from a legendary duelist and only one that appears during specific timed events. The duelist that drops the card is Yugi Moto (not to be confused with Yami Yugi). It is a Super Rare card so the drop rate for it is fairly low and when paired with the multitude of other cards that Yugi Moto can drop, well, the likelihood of getting the card falls pretty low. There are some strong deck combos that will increase the change of it dropping by rewarding higher points, such as the Unhappy Girl deck. The event comes and goes at regular intervals and is normally active for only a week. During the event, Yugi Moto will appear around every 1-2 hours or so.


What you need to look out for is your opponent decking out before you can win, or you decking out and not being able to deal enough damage to take out your opponent in one strike (because once Cerberus attacks, all of the attack boost goes away).

Traps like Michizure can also hamper your strategy and get rid of Cerberus.

Is there a special Farm deck you use for Duel Links? Let us know..

The Destiny Board of Doom: Yami Bakura unlock

Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom event has come to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and like the Welcome to Toon World event, players can unlock special cards and a brand new character.

“The Destiny Board of Doom” is an event in the game. During the event, Yami Bakura appears at the gate and players are able to duel against him to unlock Yami Bakura and earn prizes. Collect the “Ten-Sided Dice” and use them to challenge him to earn points which gives exclusive cards, sleeves, mat and icon.

Event Period (GMT +00:00)   Mar 23 – Apr 3, 2017

Yami Bakura is the character featured in this new Duel Links event and players will have to duel and collect ten-sided dice to challenge him. The higher your Stage level, the more dice you can obtain. Note, you’ll need to be at least Stage level 4 to participate. Accumulate 200,000 points in your duels with Yami Bakura and you will unlock this new duelist.

Bakura will first appear in the Duel Gate at level 10 and every time you defeat him, his level will increase. The higher the level Bakura is when you duel him, the more points you get, whether you win or lose. So try and defeat Bakura at level 30 or higher to get the most out of your dice.

Required Ten-Sided Dice and acquired Points
Yami Bakura’s
Required Ten-Sided Dice (QTY) Acquired Points
10 5 DA x1
20 10 DA x3
30 20 DA x7
40 40 DA x18
50 0 DA x20

Note: DA = Duel Assessment

Yami Bakura Lvl 50

Yami Bakura lvl. 50 will spawn in Duel World like Yugi Muto did. You are not required to spend any “Ten-Sided Dice” to duel him. You can obtain special Reward(s) and a large amount of Event Points by defeating him. However, challenging Bakura in Duel World will also give duelists a chance to obtain special rewards and a large amount of event points when he is defeated.

There’s also plenty of other prizes to win like cards, sleeves and mats along with rare stones for trading so keep dueling even after you unlock Yami Bakura. You can even farm for his signature cards. Here are the cards you can win for defeating Bakura either in the Duel Gate or Duel World.cards you can win for defeating Bakura either in the Duel Gate or Duel World

credit: Konami

Destiny Board of Doom

During this event, Yami Bakura will always activate “Destiny Board of Doom”, which is an event exclusive skill that works differently than the skill that you can obtain when playing as Yami Bakura. In this event, it comes with some “special” rules:

  • Yami Bakura begins the duel with “Dark Necrofear” in the graveyard.
  • Yami Bakura always goes first.
  • Yami Bakura will automatically win the Duel at the end of the player’s 5th turn.
  • This skill is negated when “Dark Necrofear” is no longer in the graveyard.
  • The “Dark Necrofear” that is in the graveyard at the beginning of the duel cannot be special summoned from the graveyard, as it has not been special summoned properly prior to being sent to the graveyard.
Event point rewards

By earning certain amount of Points, you will receive Gold, jewels, Gems, Duel Orbs, Cards, and the special character, Yami Bakura! Here is a list of required points to unlock Yami Bakura and get cards.

Event exclusive rewards

This table does not show Jewels, Gems, Gold, and Duel Orb.

PointS Reward
100,000 Man-Eating Treasure Chest
200,000 Yami Bakura unlocked!
360,000 Event Card Sleeve
650,000 Headless Knight
1,100,000 Event Game Mat
2,000,000 Dark Spirit of the Silent
3,000,000  White Magical Hat
4,000,000 Event Icon
The amount of obtainable items in total
Gold 350,000
Gem 450
Jewel UR x4, SR x8, R x22
Drop cards

Here is a list of duel rewards cards only Yami Bakura drops.

Card [Rarity] Rating
Electric Lizard Electric Lizard [R]
Man-Eating Treasure Chest Man-Eating Treasure Chest [R]
The Earl of Demise The Earl of Demise [R]
Gernia Gernia [R]
Call of the Earthbound Call of the Earthbound [R]
White Magical Hat White Magical Hat [SR]
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams  [SR]
Dark Spirit of the SilentDark Spirit of the Silent [SR]
Puppet Master Puppet Master [SR]
Peeking Goblin Peeking Goblin [SR]

Some images by duellinks.gamea.co

Duelist Challenges

Duelist Challenges are (essentially) a variation on Duel Quizzes. These new quizzes will gift duelists with rewards like new monster cards and gems that you’ll need to open new packs.

Completion of each quiz will give one reward depending on the Challenge you complete. There are six Duelist Challenges in all, with the last Challenge rewarding duelists with the new fusion monster, Skull Knight.

Some quick notes on the Duelist Challenges in Duel Links . First, you can only receive a reward for completion once. Also, Duel Quizzes do not count towards the completion of Stage Missions.

Here are the rewards for completing each Duelist Challenge.


Challenge #1 – 30 Gems

Challenge #2 – Ancient Brain

Challenge #3 – 40 Gems

Challenge #4 – Tainted Wisdom

Challenge #5 – 50 Gems

Challenge #6 – Skull Knight

However, not all of the Duelist Challenges are available after downloading the latest Duel Links update. The first two will be available, with the second opening up after you complete the first.

The subsequent Duelist Challenges will become available each day this week. You may need to complete the preceding Duelist Challenges to unlock them, it’s not entirely clear at this point. We’ll be sure to update when the new Challenges appear.

Here’s the complete schedule of the Duelist Challenges.

Duelist Challenges 2017 SCHEDULE

Challenge #3 – May 10

Challenge #4 – May 11

Challenge #5 – May 12

Challenge #6 – May 13

Schedule and rewards for the five new 2018 Duelist Challenges:

Challenge 7 (Oct. 26) – 20 Gems

Challenge 8 (Oct. 26) – Legendary Sword

Challenge 9 (Oct. 27) – 30 Gems

Challenge 10 (Oct. 28) – Magic Planter

Challenge 11 (Oct. 29) – 50 Gems

So how do you complete each of the Challenges? Like the Duel Quizzes, you’ll need to defeat your opponent in one turn. Some of the Challenges are pretty straightforward but others are more tricky.

Check out our step-by-step guide to completing each Duelist Challenge. We will update this when the other Challenges are unlocked.


Challenge #1

This one is rather simple, and focuses on summoning The Atmosphere to overcome Blue Eyes White Dragon. You start with three cards in your hand: The Atmosphere, Big Insect and the spell card, Multiplication of Ants.

Your opponent has 4000 lifepoints.

Step 1: Summon Big Insect (attack or defense mode, it doesn’t matter)

Step 2: Play Multiplication of Ants to tribute Big Insect and summon two insect tokens (battle position doesn’t matter).

Step 3: Special Summon The Atmosphere in attack mode by removing Big Insect from your graveyard and the two insect tokens on the field.

Step 4: Activate The Atmosphere’s effect to absorb Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Step 5: Attack directly and win.

Challenge #2

This Challenge can be a bit tricky because the two monsters in your hand have effects that revolve around equipping spell cards. If you choose the wrong one, you’ll fail.

In your hand you have Woodland Sprite, Vylon Charger and two Black Pendants. Your opponent has 2900 lifepoints.

Step 1: Summon Woodland Sprite in attack position.

Step 2: Equip both Black Pendants to Woodland Sprite.

Step 3: Use Woodland Sprite’s ability to send one Black Pendant to the graveyard to deal 500 points of effect damage. Black Pendant’s ability will activate once it’s sent to the graveyard inflicting another 500 points of damage.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3

Step 5: Attack directly with Woodland Sprite and win.

Challenge #3

The third Challenge revolves around Victory Viper XX03 and the use of its effects and spell card, Power Capsule. The opponent has 2000 life points and B.E.S. Big Core on the field. All you have in your hand is one Victory Viper and three Power Capsule.

Step 1: Summon Victory Viper XX03 in attack position.

Step 2: Play 1 Power Capsule to summon a token in attack position.

Step 3: Play another Power Capsule to summon another token in attack position.

Step 4: Play the third Power Capsule and increase your attack points of Victory Viper by 400 points.

Step 5: Attack Big Core with one of the tokens. Your token will be destroyed by Big Core will be destroyed by its own effect.

Step 6: Attack directly with Victory Viper and the other token and win.

Challenge #4
Challenge #5
Challenge #6

Reward: 20 Gems


  • Activate Blast with Chain and equip to Hieratic Dragon of Nuit.
  • Use Nuit’s effect to Special Summon Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord.
  • Activate Double Cyclone to destroy Blast with Chain and Mirror Wall.
  • Use Blast with Chain’s effect to destroy one of the Luster Dragons.
  • Activate Order to Charge to tribute Hieratic Seal and destroy the second Luster Dragon.
  • Attack directly with Nuit.

Reward: Legendary Sword


  • Normal Summon Aquaactress Guppy in attack mode.
  • Use Guppy’s ability to Special Summon Aquaactress Arowana in attack mode from your hand.
  • Activate Aquarium Set.
  • Activate Parallel Twister, sending Aquarium Set and Guppy to the graveyard. Using Aquarium Set’s ability, Special Summon Guppy from the graveyard in attack position.
  • Activate Arowana’s ability to bring Aquaactress Tetra to your hand.
  • Activate Guppy’s ability to Special Summon Tetra in attack mode.
  • Use Tetra’s ability to bring Aquarium Lighting to your hand from the deck.
  • Activate Aquarium Lighting.
  • Attack with Guppy, Arowana and Tetra.

Reward: 30 Gems


  • Use Fire King Island to destory Yubel in your hand and bring Fire King Avatar Yaksha to your hand from the deck. Special Summon Yubel – Terror Incarnate to the field in attack position. 
  • Normal Summon Fire King Avatar Yaksha to the field
  • Activate De-Spell and destroy Fire King Island to destroy your monsters
  • Activate Terror Incarnate, Yaksha and Fire King Barong’s effect (from your hand)
  • Special Summon Barong in attack position
  • Use Yaksha’s ability to destroy Wild Tornado
  • Special Summon Yubel – Ultimate Nightmare to the field from the deck in attack position
  • Use Wild Tornado’s effect to destroy Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 
  • Attack Elemental Hero Neos with Ultimate Nightmare
  • Attack directly with Barong

Reward: Magic Planter


  • Summon Magical Exemplar 
  • Set Silent Burning and then activate Storm to destroy it
  • Select a Drowning Mirror Force to destroy
  • Activate Yami
  • Summon The Tricky by discarding Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
  • Activate the effect of Silent Burning from the graveyard to add Silent Magician from your deck to your hand
  • Activate the effect of Magical Exemplar by removing four spell counters to summon Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress from your graveyard in attack position
  • Activate the effect of Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress to destroy the second Drowning Mirror Force 
  • Summon Silent Magician by tributing Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
  • Attack Silent Magician LV8 with Silent Magician
  • Activate the effect of Silent Magician to summon Silent Magician LV8 from your deck
  • Attack Silent Magician LV8 with Silent Magician LV8
  • Attack directly with Magical Exemplar and The Tricky

Reward: 50 Gems


  • Summon Mermail Abyssturge from your hand
  • Activate the effect of Mermail Abyssturge
  • Discard Mermail Abysshilde
  • Add Mermail Abyssgunde from your graveyard to your hand
  • Activate the effect of Mermail Abysshilde
  • Summon Mermail Abyssmegalo from your hand
  • Activate the effect of Mermail Abyssmegalo
  • Tribute Mermail Abyssturge
  • Summon Mermail Abyssbalaen by discarding the other 4 monsters in your hand
  • Select every card on your oppoent’s field to destroy
  • Activate the effect of Mermail Abyssgunde (chain to 10)
  • Summon Mermail Abyssleed from your graveyard
  • Change to battle phase
  • Attack directly (attack twice with Mermail Abyssmegalo)

Paradox Brothers

The Paradox Brothers event forces gamers to collect duel gate keys by defeating other players in the Duel World to challenge the brothers. There are rewards that give Gems, coins and new cards after collecting enough points.

Paradox Rewards
The rewards for defeating the Paradox Brothers Konami

After each duel with the Paradox Brothers, your Duel Assessment will determine how many points you receive and the more times you defeat them the higher and faster your points rise and accumulate. Note, you’ll need to be at least Stage level 4 to participate. Accumulate 180,000 points in your duels with the Paradox brothers and you will unlock this new duelist.

The Paradox Brothers will first appear in the Duel Gate at level 10 and every time you defeat them, their level will increase to 20, 30 and then 40. The higher the level the brothers are when you duel them, the more points you get, whether you win or lose.

The easiest and fastest way to unlock the brothers is to duel them at level 40, but it’s not that easy.


At level 20, the brothers start with Shadow Ghoul on the field and this particular deck has a lot of five-star and higher monsters. This would normally would be difficult to get the monsters needed on the field to summon but the Paradox Brothers use the spell card, Monster Gate to tribute a monster on their field and special summon a monster from the top card of their deck.

The Paradox Brothers are easy at this level but if you take them lightly, you will pay.

At level 30, the brothers begin with Labyrinth Tank on the field, a beastly 2400 attack monster. You’ll want to swarm the field with your own high-level monsters or use your traps and spell cards to get rid of the Tank. Once Labyrinth Tank is gone, the brothers are rather easy.

Once you get the Paradox Brothers at level 40, things get very interesting. Labyrinth Wall is already on the field. What makes the wall especially difficult is that it has 3000 defense, which makes it almost impossible to overcome. The Paradox Brothers use this wall to protect their lifepoints while they try and get the pieces of Gate Guardian ready.

They summon monsters that act as two tributes, like Wind Prodigy and Kaiser Seahorse, to get Suijin, Kaizejin and Sanga of the Thunder on the field. If you can burn through their lifepoints with spell and trap cards or use cards like Stop Defense to get Labyrinth Wall into attack position to destroy it with one of your own monsters.


The Paradox Brothers will also appear in Duel World once in awhile, and you can duel them for free. However, this new event gives players an option to duel them at a higher or lower level.

The Para Gate is a much harder difficulty, pitting you against the brothers at level 50, but gives a higher Duel Assessment score. Dox gate is the opposite. The caveat is that if you lose, you’ll be deducted 700 points, so you won’t automatically get a card if you lose.

Beware, at Level 50 the Paradox Brothers start with Gate Guardian on the field. This monster has 3750 attack points (even stronger than Blue Eyes White Dragon) and the duelists use cards like Fairy Meteor Crush to deal piercing damage.

How to increase your Duel Assessment

The score that pops up at the end of a match in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is called a duel assessment. A duel assessment score depends on several factors, and the more accomplishments that are achieved during a game, the greater the score. But how exactly can you increase your duel assessment in Duel Links?

Let’s go over what you need to know.

Increasing your duel assessment score can be done in many ways. First, you can play prismatic and/or glossy cards if you have any in your deck. Doing this will add to your duel score at the end. Playing Spell and Trap cards can also increase the score.

Duel Assessment screenshot
Achieving a Comeback Victory gets you a 2,500 point reward in the Duel Assessment Score

Other ways to increase your duel assessment score in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links include:

  • Special and Tribute Summons
  • Synchro, Xyz, Fusion, and Pendulum Summons
  • Destroying Monsters
  • Using Glossy and Prismatic cards
  • No Damage during a duel
You will also receive a good chunk of points based on the outcome. Victories will yield more than losses. However, you will also receive an even larger bonus by achieving a Comeback Victory — 2,500 point reward in the Duel Assessment Score instead of a 2,000 point reward for a traditional Duel Victory.

How To Get & Use Exodia

As it stands right now, parts of Exodia are not available through card packs or character unlocks. Instead, if you are going for an Exodia deck build, you’ll need to unlock Yugi Muto. 

The only to get Yugi Muto was through a previous event so if you don’t have him, there’s no way to get Exodia. We’re sure the event or an additional way to unlock Yugi Muto will be available in the future but for right now, we’re out of luck.

Yugi’s level 4 ability is called Grandpa’s Cards and that will put the five pieces of Exodia into your deck. One drawback to this is that your deck will grow by five cards so it will take a bit longer to get through your deck, even with a 20 card deck to start with. Some ways to help this is to use cards like Blue Eyed Summoner which will help you draw pieces of Exodia. There are several more options to pick from so the possibilities are endless when it comes to this

You will win any duel you are in if you hold all five pieces of Exodia in your hand. This means that you’ll want to focus on cards that will help you burn through your deck and find the pieces as quick as possible..

How To Unlock Bonz

Bonz, the Zombie duelist, can be unlocked through a special event running from Dec. 19 to Dec. 27. Duelists have to grind and earn points by facing off against NPCs, Legendary Duelists, the Vagabond and other players in PVP to fill up the Duel Meter.

There are two Duel Meters during the Bonz event; one is a daily meter that gives gems, rare stones and other goodies. The Cumulative Meter hides the best rewards and is where you can unlock Bonz.

To unlock Bonz in Duel Links, you’ll need to accumulate 1900 points in total. Defeating Standard Duelists earns 15 points, while a loss gives 10. Defeating the Vagabond, Legendary Duelists or winning in Ranked Duels nets 20 points while a loss earns 15.

You can earn the most points by facing Bonz himself. Defeat him and you’ll earn 50 points, while a loss will still earn you 30. Like many other roaming foes, Bonz will only appear in the Duel World after a certain number of matches so keep at it until he appears for a chance at the most points.

Dueling Bonz during this event is also a great chance to earn his exclusive cards. If you missed out on the Bonz Halloween event in Duel Links, you can earn his Pumpking the King of Ghosts and the Ghostrick cards, which are a ton of fun to play.

This time around, Bonz may drop even more Ghostrick cards, as well as some great Zombie cards. Take a look at the Level 40 drops for Bonz in Duel Links.


Pumpking of Ghosts (x3)
Castle of Dark Illusions (x3)
Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts (x3)
Crass Clown (x2)
Zombie Master (x1)
Wonder Balloons (x2)
Call of the Mummy (x1)
Mask of the Accursed (x1)
Nightmare’s Steelcage (x1)
Call of the Haunted (x2)
Tutan Mask (x1)

Bonz’s strategy is to raise the attack of his monsters using Castle of Dark Illusions. He’ll also look to lower the attack of your monsters with Pumprincess and Wonder Balloons. Castle of Dark Illusions can be tricky to get around with almost 2000 defense, but the strategy here is rather simple: get as many high-attack monsters as fast as possible on the field to overwhelm Bonz.

Bonz is relatively easy to unlock in Duel Links and really takes more time than skill. Continue to duel the NPCs and defeat Bonz whenever he shows up and you’ll unlock him in no time.

How To Unlock Arkana

The latest update to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links implements Battle City , where duelists play through important scenes from the Battle City arc in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime.

In the same fashion duelists unlocked Yugi Muto in Duelist Kingdom, Duel Links players will now be able to unlock Arkana and his spellcaster/Dark Magician support.


The Battle City event transports duelists to a game board where they move using dice rolls. Duelists win dice by defeating other standard and Legendary duelists, as well as the Vagabond. Players also receive dice by participating in PVP battles and completing certain tasks, like playing three PVP matches.

On the game board, duelists roll a three-sided dice by relinquishing seven dice that will only allow players to move one to three spaces. There are spots on the board that you can’t pass; you will stop there no matter what you roll. These spots are duels based on the anime.

There are also special spaces for story moments and for obtaining Support Items. Support Items are essentially dice where you can choose how many spaces you move, from one to three.

This update also introduces Millennium Coins, currency you can win by landing on the special coin space or by fulfilling certain requirements in a duel. These coins are used to play the Card Lottery where duelists earn gems, coins, keys and rare cards.


It’s rather easy to unlock Arkana in Duel Links. Duelists simply have to make their way through the first round of Battle City.

There are four zones with 15 spaces in each. Make your way through duels until you defeat the boss of each zone. To unlock Arkana, you’ll just have to make it through all of Round 1, which shouldn’t take a lot of time if you put in the effort to collect as many dice as possible.

Defeat Brainwashed Joey twice in the final zone to complete Round 1 and unlock Arkana.

How to Unlock Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson is  finally available to unlock thanks to a new event built around his ace card, Rainbow Dragon.

The Awaken Rainbow Dragon event starts March 28 and ends April 5, and lets players collect Duel Energy to unlock rewards including Jesse Anderson. If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to unlock Jesse in Duel Links, follow these steps.


To unlock Jesse Anderson, duelists will have to accumulate 200,000 Duel Energy points.

Increase the amount of points you earn simply by dueling, with victories yielding more points than loses. The easiest and quickest way  to raise your Duel Energy points is to farm “Superb Tea.”

Couple that with the Bonus Reward Campaign, which increases your Duel Assessment after each duel by 1000, and you’ll be rising the ranks of the event in no time. Zane Truesdale will also appear in Duel World after you hit 100,000 Duel Energy points. Duelists will be able to defeat him to obtain an increased amount of Duel Energy.

You can also duel to earn Crystal Fruits that can be used against Jesse Anderson in the Duel Gate. Dueling him in this way will give a multiplier to your scores, which can be used to unlock Jesse faster.


If you’re looking to farm Jesse Anderson in the Duel Gate for more copies of his Crystal Beast cards, duelists will be able to do so until the event is over in April.

EX Jewels can also be earned by completing specific event missions like defeating Jesse a certain number of times or as part of your Duel Rewards after duels. You can exchange EX Jewels for cards that were previously only obtainable from past Jesse Anderson and Zane Trusdale events. If you’re looking for more Crystal Beast and Cyber Dragon cards, you’ll want to pick up these EX Jewels.


Elegant Mai, the revamped Legendary Duelist, has returned to the popular mobile game with new drops that can help build better Amazoness decks.


From May 2-9, Elegant Mai will appear in Duel Links at Level 30 and 40 for duelists to battle and, hopefully, win some new cards. The biggest challenge will be to get the highest score after defeating Elegant Mai to farm her best cards.

There are a few decks that will work to farm Elegant Mai in Duel Links and we’ll go over a few of our favorites here. But first, let’s talk about the cards you can win.


Revamped Legendary Duelists bring new cards to Duel Links that can really change the game. With Elegant Mai, her various Amazoness cards will pair nicely with the ones that were released in the Valiant Souls box.

Here are all the drops from dueling Elegant Mai at Level 40:

Amazoness Princess (UR)
Swift Birdman Joe (SR)
Queen’s Pawn (SR)
Amazoness Archers (SR)
Spy-C-Spy (SR)
Amazoness Shamanism ( R )
Harpie Lady 2 ( R )
Harpie Lady 3 (R )
Amazoness Blowpiper (N)
Tactical Espionage Expert (N)

yugioh duel links elegant mai - card drops


Elegant Mai’s deck at Level 40 focuses on swarming the field with her Harpie monsters and destroying your back row using Harpie’s Hunting Ground. However, the big weakness of the deck (and the crux of most farming decks) is summoning a monster with defense high enough to thwart her attacks.

Mai uses two cards that can throw a wrench into your plans. Quill Pen of Gulldos will send one card on the field back to your hand after sending two Wind-Attribute monsters from the graveyard to the deck. Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi is a trap card that sends a card on the field to the bottom of the deck. Mai only has one of each, so if you can get around them you will be in the clear.

Dark Necrofear Wall

This deck revolves around filling your graveyard with Fiend-type monsters to special summon Dark Necrofear in defense mode until you can power-up Gravekeeper’s Vassal for the win. Cards like Kuriboh and Sphere Kuriboh are perfect for stalling and filling the graveyard, while using monsters that draw cards can be extremely helpful.

yugioh duel links elegant mai farm deck

Ideally, Labyrinth Builder is the ability of choice to get the Labyrinth Wall up on the field as fast as possible, but if you don’t have it, Yami Bakura’s Fiend Farewell works very well.

Ra the Unhappy Girl

This deck revolves around summoning the Unhappy Girl and preventing attacks from Mai’s monsters. Using Golden Ladybug and other cards that recover life points to power up the Winged Dragon of Ra and hit the finishing blow is the win condition for this deck.

If you need other farming deck ideas, the Duel Links subreddit is the perfect place to find some.


 Syrus Truesdale is now available to unlock in Konami’s popular mobile game along with new cards and skills.

Like past unlockable duelists in Duel Links Syrus requires a bunch of grinding to get, but the game does offer more incentives than normal in the form of a new skill that can only be unlocked the same way as Syrus.  Plus there’s cards to farm.


To unlock Syrus in Duel Links, duelists will need to fill up the Duel Meter. Like other events that revolve around the Duel Meter, the more duels you participate in the faster it fills up. Victories gain more points than losses and certain duels are worth more. Syrus is unlocked when you accumulate 4400 points.

The fastest way to get there is to duel in PVP, against the Vagabond and Legendary Duelists. Syrus himself will appear in Duel World after a few duels and defeating him will net a lot of points.

Facing off against Syrus in Duel World also offers a chance to obtain some of his exclusive cards. If you’re looking to farm Syrus, a deck based around summoning the Winged Dragon of Ra is your best bet.

Duel Links Syrus Drop RewardsHere are the drop rewards for dueling Syrus in Duel Links.


With every new duelist in Duel Links, level-up rewards and special skills are added to the game. Syrus Truesdale brings a bevy of cards from the Vehicroid archetype and his skills reflect them and fusion summoning.

Syrus Truesdale

Here’s a list of the reward cards that can be obtained by leveling up Syrus.

Level 3 – Fusion Guard
Level 7 – Carrierroid
Level 10 – Rescueroid
Level 11 – Ambulanceroid
Level 14 – Ambulance Rescueroid
Level 16 – Supercharge
Level 18 – Stealthroid
Level 21 – Vehicroid Connection Zone
Level 23 – Submarineroid
Level 25 – Stealthroid
Level 33 – Vehicroid Connection Zone
Level 35 – Steamroid
Level 38 – Vehicroid Connection Zone
Level 40 – Drillroid
Level 45 – Truckroid

Syrus’ skills are optimized to get his Vehicroids in his hand to fusion summon them using Polymerization or Vehicroid Connection Zone. Some of the effects of the new skills haven’t been discovered yet but we’ll update as soon as we learn more.

Here’s a list of the skills Syrus can learn through level up and from the special event.

Check out My Ride! (Level 4)
Draw Sense: Earth (Level 13)
Check Out My Fusion! (Level 20)
Training Wheels (Duel Meter – 9200 points)

Have you unlocked Syrus in Duel Links yet?

5D’s Update:

How to Synchro Summon

The Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds series helped introduce fans to a new subset of cards, entitled Synchro Monsters. Synchro Monsters added more meaning to the Extra Deck, and a new way to bring out powerful cards out on to the field in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Synchro Monsters can be differentiated from other cards by their white frame. These cards are placed in the player’s Extra Deck and must first be Synchro Summoned from the Extra Deck before it can be Special Summoned from other locations.

But if you’re new to the game, or are returning from a long hiatus, you might not know how to actually use these cards.

Let’s help you out with  what you need to do in order to Synchro Summon in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Stardust Dragon

To Synchro Summon, you will need a few cards. First, you will need at least one Synchro Monster in your deck. These Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are white, which differ as compared to Effect (orange), Fusion (purple), and Ritual (blue) monsters). Synchro Monsters are placed in the Extra Deck.

Next, you will need to have at least two monsters on the field: a Tuner and a non-Tuner. A Tuner item is a Monster that has this listing in the card description. Tuners allow for a Synchro Summon to occur.

In order to summon a specific Synchro Monster, you will need to have face-up Monsters on the field that add up to the Level of that Synchro card. Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

To summon a Level 6 Synchro Monster, you could have a Level 2 Tuner and Level 4 Non-Tuner Monster, or a Level 3 Tuner and Level 3 Non-Tuner, etc.

Once the requirements have been met, the monsters used for the Synchro Summon go to the GY, and the actual Synchro Monster can jump on to the field. If you do not meet the level requirements, you will not be able to bring out that specific card.

When to Synchro Summon
Synchro Summoning can be done during the turn player’s Main Phase, but some exemptions apply to certain cards. There is no limit to the number of Synchro Summons you can perform in a turn.

Keep in mind that in some cases, certain Synchro Monsters can be summoned without a Tuner. This depends on the card description, so be sure to read those on each item before placing it in your deck.

How To Unlock ALL Characters

The latest Duel Links update brings new duelists, cards and synchro summoning to the popular mobile game, and makes Yusei Fudo available as a playable character, which opens up the 5D’s world and the potential to unlock even more duelists to play with. Although there are only five duelists available at the launch of 5D’s, three are relatively easy to snag. Crow Hogan and Luna may take a bit more time and strategy to unlock.

Here are the five new Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links characters and how to unlock them.

Yusei Fudo is the first duelist you unlock in 5D's


Yusei is the easiest to unlock and can be obtained after players reach Stage 10 in the Duel Monsters world. Most players will already be at this Stage, so a new mission will appear in the top-right corner.

To unlock Yusei Fudo (and the 5D’s world), players will need to do the following:

  • Summon 10 Wind Monsters


The Plant monster master, Akiza Izinski, brings her preferred type to Duel Links . Akiza is rather simple to obtain as players only need to reach a certain Stage in the 5D’s World to reveal her unlock requirements.

Akiza Izinski

Here’s how to unlock Akiza Izinski:

  • Reach Stage 6 in 5D’s World
  • Play as Yusei Fudo and win 1 Duel against Akiza at level 20 in Duel World
  • Summon Plant-type Monsters five times in total
  • Successfully perform 3 Synchro Summons



Like Akiza, Leo’s unlock missions will appear after players reach a certain Stage in the 5D’s World of Duel Links. Once that is reached, Leo’s unlock requirements will appear in the top left corner.

Here’s how to unlock Leo:

  • Reach Stage 11 in 5D’s World
  • Achieve 1 Quick Victory in a Duel against Leo at level 20 using Yusei Fudo
  • Use Equip Spell Cards 3 times in 5D’s World
  • Collect 5 Machine-type Cards


To unlock Crow Hogan and his Blackwing cards, players will need to defeat an NPC in the 5D’s World in a specific way.

Crow Hogan unlocked

The NPC you need to defeat is the Sector Security and he didn’t show up for us until Stage 3 so be sure to get it up there before trying.

Here’s how to unlock Crow Hogan in Duel Links:

  • Win Against Sector Security with at least a 5000 Duel Assessment
  • Play as Yusei Fudeo and win three Duels against Crow Hogan at level 30 in Duel World
  • Achieve three wins using only Winged Beast-type Monster Cards in 5D’s World
  • Inflict 30,000 or more points of effect damage in 5D’s World

The easiest way to do this is by using a hybrid Ra/Aromage deck where you can stall out your opponent with Jasmine while at the same time building up your lifepoints to take them down in one attack from Ra.


Play 100 duels with Leo.

More detail soon..

Officer Tetsu Trudge

Like past unlockable characters in Duel Links, Trudge is locked behind a cumulative score. Obtain Security Badges by dueling in PVP or PVE. Use them to duel Trudge in the Duel Gate to increase your score and obtain his exclusive cards.

Unlock Officer Tetsu Trudge

Use these steps to unlock Trudge as fast as possible.

  • Defeat Trudge at Level 10 in Duel World (this will unlock Trudge in the Duel Gate).
  • Defeat Trudge at Level 10, 20 and 30 to unlock him at Level 40, which gives the biggest bonus when the cumulative score is calculated.
  • Set the Duel Multiplier when dueling NPCs to three to receive three times the amount of Security Badges earned after a duel.
  • Set the Duel Multiplier when dueling Trudge at Level 40 to three (120 Security Badges).
  • Optional use of Crystal Boosters to increase your post-Duel score by 1000

Duel Links players will unlock Trudge once the cumulative score reaches 400,000. It may take a little while, but using the Duel Multiplier makes it a lot faster. Here are the most important milestones during the Trudge event:

  • 170000 points – Intercept
  • 400000 points – Officer Tetsu Trudge
  • 800000 points – Card Sleeves
  • 1200000 points – Jutte Fighter
  • 1900000 points – Mat
  • 2800000 points – Gate Blocker
  • 3700000 points – Goyo Chaser
  • 4100000 points – Icon

Have you unlocked Trudge in Duel Links yet?

How to Farm Every Character at Level 40

With the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s characters joining Duel Links , players will want to start farming for their most powerful cards. Afew deck strategies can be used to farm Duel Links characters at Level 40, but for the 5D’s duelists one type in particular is optimal: Amazoness Ra.

The most important strategy with this deck is to get Amazoness Queen on the field as soon as possible to prevent your other monsters from being destroyed. This allows you to have the three monsters on the field necessary to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Of course, adding Golden Ladybug helps bring your lifepoints up to monstrous levels and Amazoness Onslaught will help you remove monsters from the field. The win condition is to hit your opponent with one huge attack from Ra.

But there are other ways to farm the 5D’s characters in Duel Links. Here are a few other ways to beat each duelist:


As you may expect, Yusei’s deck is all about summoning as many Synchro Monsters as possible, as quickly as possible. It’s pretty straightforward and using the Amazoness deck is a straightforward way to defeat him. The only card that may cause problems is Scrap Iron Scarecrow. If you don’t get rid of it using Amazoness Sage or Storm, he may block Ra’s attack.


Akiza’s Level 40 deck is simple to farm, as she relies on summoning Black Rose Dragon to go over many of your cards. The Amazoness deck will control the field until you can summon Ra. You’ll need to keep an eye on your lifepoints and watch for signs that Akiza will use Black Rose Dragon’s ability to destroy every card on the field. But it’s rare that she does.


Crow’s Blackwing cards are some of the most powerful in Duel Links because of their ability to swarm the field. The the Amazoness control deck is perfect to farm Crow at Level 40..

Swarm your field with Amazoness cards, and keep his Blackwings out of the duel. The one card you should worry about is Icarus Attacks, which destroys two of your cards. So be sure to keep ways to bring Amazoness Queen back from the graveyard, or this strategy won’t work.


Leo’s Level 40 deck makes the wait to summon Ra a bit more challenging. His win conditions are usually summoning Power Tool Dragon and using his equip spell cards to boost its attack to crazy levels. Morphtronic Cord is a card you should watch out for. It destroys one spell or trap card on the field when the monster it’s equipped to changes to attack or defense mode. This tactic can destroy your Onslaught or other necessary cards.

The Amazoness deck usually works, but there are other ways to farm Leo. One example is a deck using the Paradox Brothers and the Guardian trio to stall out Leo until you have enough monsters to use Union Attack on Gravekeeper’s Vassal for the win.


Luna’s Level 40 deck is a tougher than it seems. While Ancient Fairy Dragon isn’t known for its attack power, Luna has a variety of spell cards to boost its power. The Level 4 monsters in her deck are also stronger than most of the other 5D’s duelists.

Kuribon is also a pain as it can’t be destroyed, so you’ll need to be sure to get it off the field before you attack with Ra. Ancient Forest can also be a problem, as it will destroy your attacking monsters, limiting your ability to tribute Ra.

Dark Side of Dimensions World: How To Unlock ALL Characters

Dark Side of Dimensions continues the story of the original Duel Monsters anime, but it’s set a few years after the end of the series. In Duel Links, players will be able to unlock this new world and its characters after completing certain tasks.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links to Get New World Based on Dark Side of Dimensions Movie

Here’s everything you need to know about Dark Side of Dimensions World in Duel Links and how to unlock all of the new characters.


To unlock the new world in Duel Links, players will need to participate in a special duel. You’ll use a special Yugi Muto deck as you take on Yami and his equally special deck.

Yami is at level 20, so he’s not that difficult, but Yugi’s deck consists of the Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician cards. If you’re familiar with them, this duel is a piece of cake.

Once you win the duel, you’ll open up the Dark Side of Dimensions world.


When you unlock Dark Side of Dimensions, there will be three characters you can obtain. There may be more, but for now this is what’s confirmed.

DSOD Seto Kaiba unlocked

DSOD Kaiba – Unlocked from start

Kaiba, from the latest movie, is the first character you unlock when you gain access to the Darkside of Dimensions world. He has a whole new set of level up rewards including new cards and abilities.

DSOD Mokuba – Reach Stage 6

Kaiba’s brother Mokuba gets another slot in the Duel Links roster, as his movie counterpart is unlocked when players reach Stage 6 in the DSOD world. Here are the other Stages and what you need to do to complete them.

  • Stage 1
    • Summon Blue Eyes White Dragon once in a Duel World (DSOD) Duel
    • Win five duels in Duel World (DSOD)
  • Stage 2
    • Inflict 22,000 or more points of battle damage in a Duel World (DSOD) Duel
    • Successfully perform two Tribute Summons in Duel World (DSOD)
    • Use Spell/Trap Cards five times in Duel World (DSOD)
  • Stage 3
    • Achieve three No Damage wins in Duel World (DSOD) Duels
    • Inflict 5,000 or more points of battle in one Duel World (DSOD) Duel
    • Destroy three monsters in one Duel World (DSOD) Duel
    • Win six Duel World (DSOD) Duels
  • Stage 4
    • Successfully perform three Tribute Summons in Duel World (DSOD)
    • Reduce your opponent’s Lifepoints to zero by inflicting battle damage with Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    • Win seven Duel World (DSOD) Duels
  • Stage 5
    • Win one Duel against Mokuba while playing as Seto Kaiba
    • Achieve three wins without using any Trap Cards in Duel World (DSOD) Duels
    • Successfully perform 18 Summons in Duel World (DSOD)
    • Inflict 30000 or more points of battle damage in a Duel World (DSOD) Duel

DSOD Mokuba Kiaba unlocked

Once you reach Stage 6, you’ll need to complete the following tasks to unlock Mokuba:

  • Achieve one No Damage win in Duels against Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD) using Seto Kaiba (DSOD)
  • Achieve two wins without using any Level 3 or lower Monster Cards using Seto Kaiba (DSOD)
  • Use Skills three times in a Duel World Duel

Scud – Banish your opponent’s cards 300 times

DSOD Scud Missions

Scud is a bully in the movie who didn’t have a lot of screentime. Nevertheless, he’s included in Duel Links, and his unlock is a bit more involved and may take some time for duelists to complete. However, there is an easier way to banish your opponent’s cards fast..

The key to doing this fast is by using the quickplay Spell card, Inferno Tempest. This card activates when you take 3,000 or more battle damage from one attack. This allows players to remove all monsters in each player’s deck and graveyard from play.

5 Characters To Farm Against & 5 To Skip

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links has tons of Legendary Duelists to farm against, but which should you sink gate keys into and which characters should you skip?

Players earn Gate Keys which allow them to duel against Legendary Duelists from the original series, GX, 5Ds and the movie Dark Side Of Dimensions. With such a massive choice of duelists to grind against, it is worthwhile to know which opponents are actually worth your time and which aren’t.

Here is a list here of the five best duelists to grind against to get the best cards and 5 which have drop pools so pathetic that you wouldn’t waste a single key on them.

Farm: Seto Kaiba (DM)

In control of the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the Duel Monsters variant of Seto Kaiba can be an intimidating opponent for newer players but he is also one of the best opponents to farm for a couple of great cards.

Seto Kaiba (DM)

The first of course is the aforementioned Blue-Eyes which is a staple of that archetype’s deck is generally a great card for beginners and is essential for those wanting to make a deck around it. More importantly, though might be getting Enemy Controller from Kaiba as it’s one of the most splash-able (can be put in a lot of decks) cards in the game and is always a useful quick-play spell.

Farm: Alexis Rhodes (GX)

Cyber Angels are a strong deck in Duel Links due to their consistency and powerful effects. In order to get the most of the deck, you’re going to want to grind against Obelisk Blue’s Alexis Rhodes.

Alexis Rhodes (GX)

Featuring the staple ritual spell cards of the deck and the powerful Cyber Angel Dakini, this is a character that can be skipped if you don’t care about Cyber Angels but if you want one of the better decks in the game, definitely check her out.

Farm: Yugi Muto (DM)

Not only did Yugi beat Atem in the final duel of the original series, but he also has a better card pool than his other self.

Yugi Muto (DM)

Ironically, a reason why Yugi is such a great duelist to grind against is because he has a card that makes grinding much easier; Union Attack. This is the key card in a popular farming deck which is needed for the deck to work. Not only that, but you have the Magnet Warriors which are a decent deck for lower-level play that can be buffed into top tier when getting the Electromagnet warriors from booster packs.

Farm: Dr. Crowler (GX)

Sometimes, you just want to summon a giant monster and mow through your competition with giant machines. If you want to do that on regular, you need to farm Dr. Crowler.

Dr. Crowler (GX)

With staples of the Ancient Gear deck like Ancient Gear Golem, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem and Ancient Gear Castle, you can make a pretty solid deck just out of drop cards from Crowler. While you’re going to need newer cards of the archetype to be top tier, this is definitely a good starting package.

Farm: Zane Truesdale (GX)

On the flip side, Syrus’ brother Zane has a few cards in his drop pool that are definitely worth your time.

Zane Truesdale (GX)

It doesn’t happen often, but there’s actually good cards from two archetypes that you can nab from Zane. On the Cyberdark side, we have Cyberdark Cannon and Cyberdark Edge which are solid cards in those decks and on the Cyber Dragon side, we got Cyber Dragon Zwei and Proto Cyber Dragon which are a couple of useful drops.

Avoid: Joey Wheeler (DM)

Kaiba will surely get a kick out of seeing Joey in the skip section, but it’s true: Joey’s card drops in Duel Links are quite sad.

Anyone who’s watched the anime will know that many of Joey’s strategies only work because of his ridiculous luck with draws, coin tosses and dice rolls. In the actual game, cards like Graceful/Skull Dice, and Time Wizard just aren’t worth the risk. Combine that with a lack of strong monsters or spells, and we have a duelist to skip.

Avoid: Weevil Underwood (DM)

What can even be said about Weevil Underwood’s drop cards? Great Moth? Giant Flea? LEGHUL?!

Weevil Underwood (DM)

Obviously, Weevil has without a doubt one of the worst card pools in the game with nothing of value in the entire lot. It shows that in a recent event, they paired Weevil with the much better Inzektor deck rather than these bum bugs.

Avoid: Rex Raptor (DM)

Much like his fellow low-level villain in crime, Rex Raptor’s drop cards are pretty awful. Although he isn’t quite as bad as Weevil, the monsters Rex drops are among the worst.

Rex Raptor (DM)

When the best monster in the drop list is Black Ptera, you know you’re in for a rough time. While there is some halfway decent spells/traps like Big Evolution Pill and Hunting Instinct, it’s not enough to make it worthwhile.

Avoid: Syrus Truesdale (GX)

Poor Syrus, always in the shadow of his older brother Zane both in the anime and Duel Links. While we’ll get into Zane a bit later, let’s deal with Syrus right now.

Syrus Truesdale (GX)

While there are tons of Roid cards that Syrus can drop, it doesn’t change the fact that the Roids just aren’t a good archetype. Thus it doesn’t matter what Roid cards in his drop pool, they’re all going to be worthless.

Avoid: Chazz Princeton (GX)

We’re sorry Mr. Princeton but we will not be Chazzing it up in Duel Links. Why is that? Well quite frankly, your card drop list is kind of thrash.

Chazz Princeton (GX)

Like Zane, Chazz’ drop pool has a combination of two archetypes: the Armed Dragon cards and the Ojamas. The problem here though is that while the Ojama cards can be fun to troll opponents with, you can get most of their cards from just leveling up Chazz himself. And for the Armed Dragons, well they’ve never really been relevant at all. So with all that, we gotta pass on Chazz.

How to Unlock Blair Flannigan

You to need to be in the Duel World (GX) for this event since Blair is originally from the GX series. By winning or losing duels you’ll increase the new bar for this event known as the Love Meter.

Blair Flannigan

You’ll just want to win more often than you lose to help increase the bar at a faster rate. Once it’s filled, then you’ll be able to jump into Pair Duels. This is where you can finally unlock Blair Flannigan.

Gain event points through playing Pair Duels to get some new cards and then before you know it you’ll have enough to unlock Blair. The magic number for this event is 1,200,000 event points.

Fittingly, you also unlock the card Maiden in Love once you have obtained 1,200,000 points. Hit that milestone, then all you’ll need to do is win a level 20 Pair Duel and Blair will be unlocked as a playable duelist.

Here’s a quick summary of how to unlock Blair Flannigan in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links:

  1. Fill the Love Meter
    Just keep on winning duels to fill it up quickly
  2. Start doing Pair Duels
    Once the meter is full Pair Duels will become available
  3. Earn 1,200,000 event points
    Again, just keep on dueling until you get to this milestone. Then, once you get the card Maiden in Love that means it’s time to unlock Blair
  4. Win a level 20 Pair Duel
    Once you’re victorious, Blair Flannigan will be unlocked

That’s everything you need to know to get Blair Flannigan in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. You need to be quick about it though since this event ends on March 6.

Zexal World: How to Unlock New World & Every Character

Zexal World has arrived in Duel Links and brings with it the Xyz mechanic, new characters and much more.

A new box and structure deck have arrived in the in-game shop to help duelists with their Xyz-focused decks and at least three new characters are available to unlock to obtain cards, gems and much more.

We suggest trying out Xyz summoning in Duel Links especially if you’ve never experienced it in the physical trading card game. It’s easy and in Duel Links, you can read up on the mechanics and perform the tutorial.

Duelists can read the Duelist Column on Xyz summoning to obtain 50 gems, and if you perform 100 Xyz summons you’ll unlock a seventh Extra Deck slot.


Unlocking the new world in Duel Links is simple and the mobile game lets duelists know once they’ve entered the game.

Delists simply have to play two Level 4 monsters in the same duel. This is, of course, a common play for Zexal’s main protagonist Yuma when he Xyz Summons Utopia.

Complete this task and Zexal World will be open complete with new dialogue between Yuma and Astral.



Currently there are only three characters to unlock in Zexal World. While Yuma and Astral are unlocked automatically once you gain access to Zexal World, the other two will need duelists to complete certain tasks to raise their Stage Level.

Yuma and Astral – Unlock Zexal World

Bronk Stone – Reach Stage Level 6 and complete the following missions:

    • Win 1 duel against Bronk Stone while playing as Yuma and Astral
    • Summon Warrior-type Monsters five times in total
    • Perform 3 Xyz Summons

Tori Meadows – Reach Stage Level 10 and complete this mission

  • Defeat Tori Meadows in Duel World

To help duelists prepare for what the missions for each Stage Level are, we’ve compiled a list of each task below.

  • Stage 1
    • Win 6 Duel World Duels
    • Use Skills 3 times in Duel World Duels
  • Stage 2
    • Inflict 2600 or more points of battle damage in duels
    • Use spell/trap cards five times in duels
    • Perform 3 Xyz Summons in duels
  • Stage 3
    • Win 8 Duels
    • Inflict 5000 or more points of battle damage in one duel
    • Destroy 3 monsters in one duel
    • Achieve 3 No Damage wins in Duels
  • Stage 4
    • Win 8 Duels
    • Reduce your opponent’s LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with Utopia
    • Perform 5 Xyz Summons in duels
  • Stage 5
    • Win 1 Duel against Bronk Stone while playing as Yuma and Astral
    • Inflict 25000 or more points of battle damage in duels
    • Inflict 5000 or more points of effect damage in duels
    • Summon 20 monster in duel world
  • Stage 6
    • Win 9 duels
    • Win a duel world duels with a duel assessment of at least 4000
    • Achieve 2 No Damage wins in duel world
    • Use Rank 4 or higher Monster cards two times in one Duel World duel
  • Stage 7
    • Win 9 Duel World duels
    • Achieve 1 Comeback Victory in duels against Yuma and Astral
    • Achieve 2 wins without using any spell/trap cards in duel world
    • Win 3 duels within 5 turns in duel world
  • Stage 8
    • Win 5 Duels using Bronk Stone
    • Inflict 38000 or more points of battle damage in duels
    • Summon “Tin Archduke” two times while playing as Bronk Stone
    • Perform 4 special summons in one duel
  • Stage 9
    • Win 10 duels
    • Achieve 4 Comeback Victories
    • Achieve 1 win using only Machine-type monster cards using Bronk Stone
    • Summon Spellcaster-type monsters 4 times using Yuma and Astral

How to unlock Shark Kastle

How to unlock Shark Kastle

Shark Attack: Numbers Appear! event went live on January 5th 2021 that will give players a chance to unlock Reginald ‘Shark’ Kastle as part of a new event-exclusive reward. Players will have the opportunity to duel one of Yuma’s famed rivals, acquire the Number 47: Nightmare Shark Xyz card, and get the chance to use the Shark in Duel Links online play.

Players will need to complete four challenges to get through this event, and three to unlock Reginald ‘Shark’ Castle. First off, head to the ZEXAL world and watch the opening cutscene. Then, head to the Gate area and click on the bubble of Shark Kastle. Select it, and then duel and defeat the Lv. 10 version of Shark.

Once that is completed, you will have access to the Shark Attack: Numbers Appear! event. In this event, Duel Links users can rack up Number Reports by competing in online and offline duels. Number Report will be needed to battle Shark at the Gate. Dueling him at the Gate will yield reward cards and Points, which will be required to unlock Shark.

Numbers Reports can also be obtained by dueling Possessed Duelists at the Gate area. These special duelists will appear after the second challenge is completed.

There are three challenges that will need to be completed in order to unlock Shark, and those missions are as followed:

  • 1st Challenge – Defeat Lv. 20 Possessed Shark in the ZEXAL world (Can be found in the Gate area)
  • 2nd Challenge – Collect 150,000 Points in the Shark Attack: Numbers Appear! event and then defeat the Possessed Duelist (Can be found in the Gate area)
  • 3rd Challenge – Defeat Lv. 50 Raging Shark, who can be found outside Gate area

How to unlock Kite Tenjo

Kite Tenjo joins the Duel Links roster as a playable character, and the Number Hunter can now be acquired through a new event, entitled Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo!

The Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo! event that officially went live on January 25, Duel Links players will need to acquire Number Clues. These Clues not only allow players to progress throughout the event, but the items can also be used at the Gate to battle and farm Kite Tenjo. Number Clues can be obtained through completing PvP Ranked Duels, or from finishing offline battles in Duel World.

There are four challenges in this particular event. Players will need to complete the first three in order to unlock Kite Tenjo.

The requirements to unlock each challenge are as followed:

  • 1st Challenge – Obtain 60 Number Clues and defeat Lv. 10 Kite Tenjo (can be found in the Gate area)
  • 2nd Challenge – Obtain 120 Number Clues and complete first event
  • 3rd Challenge – Will become available on January 27 at 00:00
  • 4th Challenge – Will become available on January 29 at 00:00

And here’s what you have to do in order to complete each challenge:

  • 1st Challenge – Defeat first Possessed Duelist (can be found in Gate area)
  • 2nd Challenge – Defeat second Possessed Duelist (can be found in Gate area)
  • 3rd Challenge – Will become available on January 27 at 00:00
  • 4th Challenge – Will become available on January 29 at 00:00

How to XYZ Summon

XYZ monsters are summoned from the Extra Deck just like Fusions and Synchros, but they have their own unique summoning conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about how to XYZ Summon.

First, you’ll need to identify which cards are XYZ monsters. They have their very own unique black background that you won’t see on any other card. And instead of orange and yellow stars being at the top right of the card, XYZ monsters have black and yellow stars in the upper left.

This isn’t just an aesthetic difference, the number of stars on all other monster cards indicates their Level. On XYZ monsters, the number of stars indicates their Rank. This means they have no level and can’t be used for Synchro, Ritual, or XYZ summons without the help of card effects.

That also means cards that change levels or affect monsters of a certain level can’t target XYZ cards. It can be a lot to wrap your head around at the start, but the best way to get used to these new monsters is just by using them over and over again.

Fortunately, every XYZ monster tells you how it can be summoned right on the card. For example, Number 39: Utopia requires two level four monsters. But it doesn’t exactly tell you the whole story.

You need to have those monsters on your side of the field (Note: tokens can’t be used for XYZ summoning). Next, tap on your Extra Deck, choose Special Summon, and select the XYZ monster. Then, it’ll have you select the monsters you want to use for the XYZ summon. They will be placed under the special summoned monster as its materials.

The XYZ monster’s materials are usually sent to the graveyard as a cost of activating an effect. Also, the materials are technically not on the field while attached, so any effects that activate when leaving the field are not triggered when the material is detached from an XYZ monster.

An example of this is Sangan. The effect reads, “If this card is sent from the field to the GY: Add 1 monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck to your hand…” If Sangan (as a material) is detached from an XYZ monster and sent to the graveyard, then its effect won’t activate since it was technically not on the field before going to the GY.

Again, it’s a weird ruling since the materials are placed under the XYZ monster and it looks like it’s physically on the field of play. But, this is just another one of those things with XYZ monsters that you’ll have to get used to with repeated use.

How to XYZ Summon Summary

  1. Summon the necessary monsters to the fieldThe XYZ monster will let you know how many monster of a certain level it needs.
  2. Tap on the Extra DeckWhen you have the right monsters on the field there will be a glowing outline around the Extra Deck and you’ll be able to choose Special Summon when you tap on it.
  3. XYZ Summon – Once you select the XYZ monster, it’ll have you choose what monsters on the field you want to use as materials. Once you do that, then you’ll see the XYZ summon animation and the process will be complete.

If you do 100 summons, then you’ll get an additional Extra Deck slot!

How to unlock Antinomy in the Clear Mind event

Antinomy, an alter ego of Bruno and a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s character, whose goal in the anime was to protect Yusei and teach him the ways of Accel Synchro, can now be unlocked and used as a Legendary Duelist, thanks to the new Clear Mind: Antinomy the Mysterious Turbo Duelist event.

Antinomy in the Clear Mind event

You’ll need to collect Tools.
Tools, which are denoted with a wrench symbol, can be obtained by complete Ranked Duels and competing against CPU non-Legendary and Legendary Duelists in Duel World. Tools will be needed to duel Antinomy at the Duel World Gate and help with the progression of the event and meet requirements for challenges.

You will also need to acquire Points.
Points can be acquired through dueling Antinomy, whether in 5D’s Duel World as a roaming Legendary Duelist or at the Gate. Much like with Tools, Points will be needed to progress through the event. Additionally, players will receive certain rewards, including Gems and special cards, by hitting certain amounts of cumulative Points.

How to unlock Antinomy in the Clear Mind: Antinomy the Mysterious Turbo Duelist event
Screenshot from Gamepur

There are four challenges in the Clear Mind: Antinomy the Mysterious Turbo Duelist event. To complete each of the four challenges, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • 1st Challenge – Get 60 Tools
  • 2nd Challenge – Collect 300,000 Event Points
  • 3rd Challenge – Unlocked on March 1 at 00:00
  • 4th Challenge – Unlocked on March 3 at 00:00

And here are the challenges that are in this event:

  • 1st Challenge – Defeat Lv.10 Antinomy in 5D’s Duel World via Accel Synchro duel (can be found in the Gate area, denoted with an EVENT tag)
  • 2nd Challenge – Unlocked on February 27 at 00:00
  • 3rd Challenge – Unlocked on March 1 at 00:00
  • 4th Challenge – Unlocked on March 3 at 00:00

Note: To duel Antinomy as a roaming duelist, you’ll need to be in the 5D’s world. Remember that when completing the first challenge. Also, Duel Links players will need to complete the first three challenges to unlock Antinomy.

How to unlock Duke Devlin

unlock Duke Devlin

Players will need to get Dice, which can be obtained by completing offline and online duels. Dice will be needed in order to initially battle Duke Devlin, as well as battle Duke at the Gate.

There are six episodes in this event. Players will need to complete the first two in order to unlock Duke Devlin. Here is what needed to be done in order to participate in each episode:

  • 1st Episode – Obtain 60 Dice
  • 2nd Episode – Unlocked on March 29 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 3rd Episode – Unlocked on March 31 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 4th Episode – Unlocked on March 31 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 5th Episode – Unlocked on April 2 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 6th Episode – Unlocked on April 2 at 1:00 AM EST

unlock Duke Devlin

And here’s what you need to do in order to complete each episode:

  • 1st Episode – Defeat Lv. 10 Duke Devlin
  • 2nd Episode – Unlocked on March 29 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 3rd Episode – Unlocked on March 31 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 4th Episode – Unlocked on March 31 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 5th Episode – Unlocked on April 2 at 1:00 AM EST
  • 6th Episode – Unlocked on April 2 at 1:00 AM EST

To defeat Duke Devlin to complete the episodes, make sure to go the Gate Area. You don’t need to defeat him at the Gate, but he will be waiting in the area by it. Click on the Even icon with Duke’s face to defeat Devlin.

Also you will need to get Points in order to progress throughout the event. In order to get Points, you’ll need to defeat Devlin, either at the Gate or as a roaming duelist in DM Duel World.

This event is scheduled to end on April 6 at 12:59 AM EST.

How to unlock the ZEXAL-Zexal Weapon skill

Players now have an opportunity to unlock a new skill for ZEXAL’s main character, Yuma Tsukumo. The new skill, ZEXAL-Zexal Weapon, allows Yuma and Astral to morph into “ZEXAL” and add another layer to Yuma.

The Duelist Road: The Power of ZEXAL! event

As of now, this skill is an event-exclusive skill, and it can be obtained in the new Duelist Road: The Power of ZEXAL! event. In this event, players must collect Duel Fuel, denoted by a white ball, and take on ZEXAL legendary duelists at Duelist Road.

This is a single-player event, so there is no need to battle online in order to get the skill.

To go through Duelist Road, you’ll need to collect enough Duel Fuel in order to spin the Roulette. Seven pieces of Duel Fuel are needed for each spin. The objective for this event is simple: spin the roulette, defeat the AI duelists, and then get through the 30 squares in each area of Duelist Road. Once you hit the Goal portion of Duelist Road, you have completed the area.

Duelist Road - spin a Roulette using Duel Fuel

You will spin a Roulette using Duel Fuel, and it will decide your next opponent. The Roulette is separated into three different colors, each having its own rewards in progress.

  • Gray Zone: 4 Spaces of movement
  • Blue Zone: 6 Spaces of movement
  • Gold Zone: Doubles the Blue Zone reward as a bonus. Gold Zone increases every duel that it is not chosen.

A special Red Zone will appear featuring the Duelist in the Blue and Gold Zones on every third spin of the Roulette. Winning the duel on the Red Zone triples the space of movement from the Blue Zone reward.

Defeating the chosen opponent will increase your progress in completing an Area, with the result deciding the number of spaces you can move.

Players will need to complete the first four areas in Duelist Road in order to unlock the ZEXAL-Zexal Weapon skill. The fourth area will be unlocked at 1:00 AM EST on May 4, and you’ll only need to go through it once in order to obtain the skill.

The ZEXAL-Zexal Weapon skill

Here’s the description of the Yuma-exclusive skill:

This skill; activates at the beginning of your turn if your LP are at 2000 or below. Yuma and Astral will turn into ZEXAL. After transformation, add 1 “Number C39: Utopia Ray” to your Extra Deck. Each turn, you can look at the top card of your Deck before drawing a card. In additional, you can use each of the following effects once per turn:

  • Before conducting your normal draw, change the top card in your Deck to a “ZW” monster.
  • Can be used at the beginning of your Main Phase. Play one “ZW” monster from your hand.

Keep in mind that you must get through the fourth area in order to get this skill. Otherwise, you will need to wait for another opportunity after the event ends, in order to acquire the ZEXAL-Zexal Weapon skill.

This event will end on May 10th, 2021.

How to unlock Kite Tenjo in the Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo event – June 2021

Kite Tenjo in the Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo event (June 2021)

In January 2021, Konami officially added Kite Tenjo into Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links as a playable Legendary Duelist. Tenjo was available to be unlocked for a limited time and has been away for quite some time.

Tenjo is once again back in Duel Links, and duelists now have a second chance to unlock the “Number Hunter.” 

Duel Links players will need to acquire Number Clues. These Clues not only allow players to progress throughout the event but the items can also be used at the Gate to battle and farm Kite Tenjo. 60 Number Clues can be obtained per day by completing PvP Ranked Duels or finishing offline battles in Duel World.

There are four challenges in this particular event. Duel Links players will need to complete the first three to unlock Kite Tenjo. The requirements to unlock each challenge are as followed:

  • 1st Challenge – Obtain 60 Number Clues and defeat Lv. 10 Kite Tenjo (can be found in the Gate area)
  • 2nd Challenge – Obtain 120 Number Clues and complete first event
  • 3rd Challenge – Obtain 180 Number Clues and complete second event
  • 4th Challenge – Will become available on June 19 at 01:00 EST

This event will expire on June 22 at 00:59 EST.

Sevens World – Rush Duels

Konamis latest update for YuGiOh! Duel Links is introducing the Sevens world and Rush dueling, in an effort to create an allnew gaming experience for both new and existing players. Set in the world of Yuga Ohdos Goha city, the Sevens world brings the characters, locations, and cards of Rush duels to the game, introducing a whole new format.

the Sevens world brings the characters, locations, and cards of Rush duels to the game

Rush duels in Duel Links wont be the same as the card game or the anime theyll be faster, with small deck size and a life total of 6,000, and accessible to anyone from the start of the game. Combined with a new and improved player experience, Konami is hoping to draw more people into the world of Duel Links than ever before.

Duel Links RUSH DUEL Ruleset

  • Refill hand to five cards on each turn
  • If you have five cards, draw one more
  • No size limits for hands
  • Summon and Set unlimited monsters
  • New exclusive cards (including Legend Cards)

There’re some interesting specifics for players of RUSH DUEL in DUEL LINKS. For example, players start with 6,000 Life Points and between 30 and 40 cards in their decks. Controls will be familiar to existing players, as will the UI, however, the rules are simpler and there’s a new presentations that are still familiar.  It seems very welcoming to new players, with plenty of detail on what cards do what, and how you get stuck into the main adventure.

We’ll have more details on this game as they become available, stay tuned!

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