Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels Information

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium DuelsKey features:

  • Includes 6,004 cards.
  • 20 characters from each series to Duel against.
  • A Multiplayer Mode that includes Tag Duels.
  • Compatibility with DLC from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus.

Developer(s):  Other Ocean Interactive
Publisher(s): Konami
Platform(s):  Xbox 360, PS3

Release date(s):
March 26, 2014 (XBL, NA)
April 23, 2014 (XBL, world-wide; PSN, EU and AU)
April 29, 2014 (PSN, NA)

Genre(s): Trading Card Game
Ratings: E 10+[1]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium DuelsYu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels marks the welcome return of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise to the video game platform, which spans television and the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME and acts as the perfect introductory point for newcomers to the series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels offers players a Virtual Dueling System: an advanced program wherein they battle against simulated Duelists from the animated TV show, characters from past, classic Yu-Gi-Oh! storylines, through to those from the current Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series. Players can also unlock avatars from the animated series and take them online to battle other players in versus matches.


The narrator of the game is a robot called IN4-M8 (a pun of Info-Mate). The game’s Normal Mode is divided into the four series. Within each four are 4 “towers”, and in each tower are five characters from each respective series. The first four characters you must defeat in a Single Duel while the last character you must defeat in a Match Duel. You must defeat each character in each tower in order to advance to the next series. After completing the ZEXAL series, an Expert Mode is unlocked, which works the same as Normal Mode, but each character uses a much more powerful Deck.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels

You obtain more cards to use as more characters are defeated. The first card obtained is a card the character uses in his/her Deck, while the rest are random. The number of cards unlocked depends on how you preformed in the Duel(s) .

Online play includes three modes:

  • Rank Match – Compete against Yu-Gi-Oh! fans of the same rank and ability
  • Quick Match – Jump right into the action and compete against any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.
  • Custom Match – Battle your friends and completely customize the rules of play.


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First of Many
Complete your first Duel.

To the Top!
Reach the top of the first Duel ladder.

Series Complete
Complete your first series.

Half Way There
Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! and GX series.

Series Finale
Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and ZEXAL series.

Number One
Complete Expert Mode.

Custom Victory
Win a Duel using a custom Deck Recipe.

Rank Up
Win 15 ranked Matches.

Another One?
Win a Duel and earn a second copy of a card.

Back at Ya
Use a signature creature against their owner.

World Duelist
Play 30 Multiplayer Duels.

One Better
Inflict at least 1,000,001 damage.

(Source: yugipedia.com)







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