YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-13 The Aim is a Girl! A Danger of Prediction

Season 0 – 13 – The Aim is a Girl! A Danger of Prediction

“Target the Schoolgirls – The Fangs of Great Prophecies”
“Onna Seito o Nerau – Dai Yogen no Kiba” (女生徒を狙う 大予言の牙)
Aired JAPAN: June 27, 1998

The episode starts out with a troubled situation. A house has just caught on fire, and a man sits stares at it, saying, “It really came true. The prediction.”

At Domino High School, a girl announces that Kokurano is passing by. The students in the hall step to the side as a group of girls and Kokurano walks by. Jounouchi wonders what’s going on. Miho tells him that it’s the boy with supernatural powers. Yuugi, Jounouchi and Honda are surprised. Anzu explains that he can see the future at an accurate level. Miho says that the girls, when finished with lunch, go to him to discover their fortunes. Anzu says that he was right about a student’s home catching on fire recently. That’s how he became famous. However, Anzu doesn’t believe in that type of stuff. As Kokurano passes by, he has his eye set on Anzu.

ScreenShot: 13: The Aim is a Girl! A Danger of Prediction

Jounouchi wants his fortune to be told. Anzu pushes him away. So Jounouchi asks Yuugi to come along with him, but Yuugi also doesn’t want his fortune told. Honda thinks it’s all just a trick. He picks up Yuugi and begins to walk away, but Jounouchi stops him. Jounouchi thinks Honda also wants his fortune to be told, such as his compatibility with Miho! Honda ignores Jounouchi’s comment and drags Yuugi away. Anzu asks Miho if she’s going. Miho says she isn’t interested because she already knows her future: to marry a prince with a large sum of money.

Kokurano and the girls arrive in a classroom. Kokurano asks for his first customer. One girl asks how long her beauty will last. Kokurano closes his eyes and then quickly opens them. He tells her that her beauty will last until she dies. The girl is very pleased. Yuugi and his friends are also in the classroom, and Yuugi thinks he’s amazing. Jounouchi notices that all the students who want their fortune told are girls. It would look lame if he asked for his fortune to be told! So he tries to cover up. Jounouchi shouts out that Honda’s love for fortunes dragged him all the way to the classroom. Honda gets angry and shouts back at Jounouchi. One of the girls orders them to be quiet. According to her, Kokurano is focusing all of his energy on his nerves. The slightest bit of negative energy will disrupt him. Jounouchi apologizes and then asks for his fortune to be told. Kokurano tells him he’s not a fortune teller. Instead his superpowers allow him to see visions of the future.

Suddenly, Honda interrupts and begins to make angry comments at Kokurano. However, Kokurano steps in and tells Honda his future: he will marry the girl that he has his heart set on. Honda imagines his wedding with Miho, and a huge smile forms on his face. Jounouchi pushes Honda to the side and asks for his future to be told. Suddenly, the room begins to rattle as a small earthquake occurs. When the earthquake subsides, one of the girls asks Kokurano if he’s all right. Kokurano says yes. After all, he predicted there would be one. Kokurano takes out a note and hands it to Jounouchi. On it reads, “Today there will be an earthquake.” Everyone applauds for Kokurano. Even Jounouchi and Honda are beginning to think Kokurano’s powers are real.

Meanwhile, Anzu and Miho are eating lunch together. They notice Yuugi, Jounouchi and Honda have come back from their visit. Anzu asks how it went. She still thinks it’s all fake. However, Jounouchi tells her that Kokurano is the real thing. His future is that he will be a policeman at Los Angeles. Honda kneels down to Miho and asks her to create a happy family with him. Yuugi can’t believe Jounouchi and Honda really believe it all. He agrees with Anzu; they are all just tricks. Yuugi relates the whole thing with a game. Exposing the trick would be against the rules!

After school, Anzu invites Yuugi to go with her. Yuugi asks about her job, but Anzu says she’s off today. She invites him to go to a tea house with her on the way back. Yuugi happily agrees to walk with Anzu. However, before they can leave, Kokurano and his partners show up behind Anzu. Kokurano asks Anzu if she’s interested in knowing her future. She and Miho are the only female students who haven’t seen Kokurano yet. Kokurano isn’t too worried about Miho because she doesn’t take life seriously, but he wants Anzu to come with him. Anzu firmly states she doesn’t believe in such things. One of the girls can’t believe Anzu is questioning Kokurano’s power. Anzu states it’s her choice what to believe. Then she storms off. Yuugi is happy Anzu isn’t falling for the fortune telling stuff. Anzu grabs onto Yuugi’s shirt and drags him away.

Yuugi, Jounouchi and Honda walk out of the locker room. Jounouchi complains how he’s all stiff. Anzu and Miho meet up with them, and Anzu notices Jounouchi looks terrible. Jounouchi says girls only have to play tennis, while he has to do judo. Honda says Judo is the basis for being a man; it’s essential to become stronger. Suddenly, Jounouchi finds Kokurano in the hallway. He runs up to him and asks for his future. Kokurano has two visions. He tells Jounouchi to be wary of coming light. Then he points to Anzu and tells her that there is a man watching over her in places she does not know. Anzu questions that. Kokurano tells her to come to him if she wants to know the details, but Anzu doesn’t seem too interested. Jounouchi wants Kokurano to tell him more about his future. Suddenly, Miho walks up behind Kokurano and begins to pull on his robe. Kokurano desperately tries to get Miho off him, and Anzu just walks away. Kokurano tells himself that Anzu will definitely come to him soon.

During the Judo class, everyone is busy training their bodies and fighting with their partners. While doing exercises, Yuugi wonders if what Kokurano said about Anzu is true. Suddenly, Honda throws Jounouchi right on top of Yuugi. Honda thinks he’s invincible now. Jounouchi gets angry and prepares to be serious. Honda doesn’t think Jounouchi can beat him because his future is looking bright.

Anzu is at the park washing her face with water. She thinks about what Kokurano said to her earlier. Miho sneaks up on Anzu and covers her eyes with a blindfold. Anzu tries to push Miho away. Suddenly, she recalls the time where a mysterious person (it’s Yami Yuugi, but Anzu was blindfolded when it happened, so she doesn’t know) defeated Jirou back from Burger World. She wonders if this same mysterious person is the guy that is following her. A group of students runs up to Anzu and Miho. One of the girls tells them that a light from the ceiling fell. It almost hit Jounouchi. “Be wary of coming light.” Did Kokurano’s prediction about Jounouchi come true? Miho thinks it was just a coincidence. However, Anzu isn’t too sure now.

Inside the school, Yuugi asks why Anzu why she wants to visit Kokurano. He asks her if she knows of a person that could be following her. Anzu says no. But Jounouchi’s prediction did come true, and it might not be bad for her to see him once. So Yuugi and Anzu walk to Kokurano. Kokurano welcomes Anzu. After all, he knew she would show up after school. He even pulls out a piece of paper stating it. Anzu asks him to tell her more about her future. Kokurano asks for her hand. Anzu holds out her hand, and Kokurano begins to rub it. Yuugi cringes as Kokurano holds her hand. Kokurano states that the man who has been watching Anzu will soon reveal himself. 6:00pm at the science room: there Anzu will find that person.

Anzu begins to fall for the prediction and believes it. Yuugi can’t believe it! He pulls Anzu’s hands away from Kokurano’s and says he’s a fraud. Kokurano finds it interesting that Yuugi would say such a thing. Yuugi says that the predictions could have been faked. For example, Kokurano could have written on a piece of paper many times for when Anzu would show up. Kokurano admits that there are tricks like that, but he asks Yuugi about the other predictions. Yuugi doesn’t have an answer for that, but he knows Kokurano’s prediction about Anzu is a lie. Kokurano is enraged at Yuugi’s words. He tells Yuugi that a great misfortune will fall upon him soon.

Yuugi and Anzu walk away from Kokurano. Anzu tells Yuugi to cheer up. Yuugi asks her if she really is going to the science room. Anzu admits she is interested. She says goodbye to Yuugi and runs off. Yuugi sighs. He decides it’s not any of his business and starts walking in the opposite direction. Yuugi sees a book lying on the floor and picks it up. Knowing that it belongs to the library, Yuugi heads there.

Yuugi arrives at the library and finds the proper shelf to store the book. Suddenly, the bookshelves all fall over towards Yuugi. This must be Yuugi’s great misfortune that Kokurano predicted! The Millenium Puzzle glows, and Yami Yuugi takes over. However, now Yuugi knows the truth: Kokurano has been making up and causing these predictions himself. Then that means Anzu is in danger!

At the science room, Anzu wonders who this person is. She wonders if it really is the mysterious person that saved her from the criminal. The doors suddenly fly open, and Kokurano steps into the room. Kokurano says his prediction has come true. Anzu states there’s no one here, and with that Kokurano grabs onto Anzu and presses a cloth against her mouth. Anzu suddenly feels weak and collapses in Kokurano’s arms. Kokurano is happy to finally have Anzu in his hands. As long as his predictions continue to come true, he will be eternally popular!

Suddenly, Yuugi appears at the door. It seems Kokurano’s prediction about him was wrong! Kokurano is shocked to see Yuugi still alive. Yuugi states that all of Kokurano’s predictions are fake. The fire and the light from the gym were all caused by Kokurano himself. Kokurano has no idea what Yuugi is talking about. Yuugi says it’s game time. With the words “game time” spoken, Anzu slowly opens her eyes. She sees the mysterious person from a distance, but then she falls into a deep sleep.

Kokurano thinks Yuugi has guts for challenging someone with super powers. Yuugi holds up a bottle of chloroform, something that will be used in the game. If Kokurano wins, Yuugi agrees to leave and not say anything. Kokurano agrees. He then asks how the game is played. Yuugi points to a clock, which states 6:05. Then, after each minute, the minute hand on the clock will cut a string. It’s unknown which string connects to which bottle of chloroform. Each player will take turns catching the cut-off bottle. However, if a player is too slow, the player will lose consciousness right away. Yuugi decides to go first.

Yuugi stands beneath one of the bottles. The minute hand cuts one of the strings and the bottle above Yuugi falls. Yuugi catches it with ease. Now it’s Kokurano’s turn. Kokurano begins to freak out because he has no idea which bottle will fall. He imagines one of the bottles hit the ground and bring him into an unconscious state. Still, Kokurano decides to play. The minute hand strikes another string, and a bottle falls. Kokurano runs towards it and catches it in time. Yuugi thinks Kokurano is pretty good. Now it’s his turn again. The minute hand cuts another string, and the bottle at the far end falls. Yuugi runs towards it, but Kokurano trips him. Yuugi tries to dive for it, but he knows he won’t be able to make it. So Yuugi uses the power of his Millenium Puzzle to stop the bottle from falling. Yuugi asks Kokurano if tripping people is his super power. Kokurano says he knows nothing about that.

Finally, Yuugi and Kokurano have come down to the last two bottles, which is the toughest of them all. If a player picks the wrong one, there’s no escape. However, it should be easy for someone like Kokurano with super powers! Kokurano grunts but finally chooses one. The clock cuts another string, and the bottle falls. It’s the bottle that Kokurano did not choose. Kokurano runs to save the bottle, but it’s too late for him. The bottle crashes on the ground and knocks Kokurano out. As Kokurano lies on the ground in an unconscious state, Yuugi notices Kokurano’s robe is filled with many different predictions on paper.

Yuugi carries Anzu away in his arms. Anzu slightly opens her eyes and realizes she was saved again. She notices the person who saved her has a bruise on his hand. Then Anzu falls asleep again.

The next day at school, everyone realizes that Kokurano was a fake. Jounouchi really believed all of it too. Anzu thinks it’s better if you don’t know your future. Miho says she already knows hers. Jounouchi notices Honda is the one who’s really depressed about the whole thing. Miho runs up to Honda and greets him. She tells him that he has to get his own future. Jounouchi wonders if Honda knows what future Miho is thinking of. Yuugi knows Anzu and Miho are right. Who knows what the future holds? Anzu sighs. In the end, she still didn’t get to see who saved her earlier. Miho calls out to Yuugi and Anzu to hurry up. Yuugi tells Anzu that they should go. As Yuugi runs off, Anzu notices the same bruise mark on his hand. Why does Yuugi have that?



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