YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-25 A New Battle! Attack of the Handsome Boy

Season 0-25 – A New Battle! Attack of the Handsome Boy

“A New Development – The Handsome Boy who Attacks”
“Aratanaru Tenkai Osou Bishōnen” (新たなる展開 襲う美少年)
Air date: September 26, 1998

Yugi and his friends meet Ryo Bakura, a gentle, handsome boy and a new student with an interest in role-playing games. Little do they know that he has an alter ego as well, one that seeks to take Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle for himself.

Yami Bakura also had a history of sending people’s souls to the Shadow Realm (those that Bakura played with), although people are unaware that it was Yami Bakura’s responsibility.

One day, Yugi and his friends visit Ryo Bakura’s house to ask Ryo to play a game of Monster World. Instead, they are welcomed by evil spirit inside Millennium Ring, who wants to play a shadow game to send Yugi and his friends to Shadow Realm, in order to obtain Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle.


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