Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-50 The Mystery Duelist, Part 1

Season 2 – 50 – The Mystery Duelist, Part 1
(aka: Dueling Alone)

Challenge from the Past – The Terrifying Zera”
(過去からの挑戦 戦慄のゼラ)
Aired Japan: April 10, 2001
Aired USA: Nov 16, 2002

ScreenShot: Dueling Alone (aka: The Mystery Duelist), Part 1It’s a bright and sunny day in Domino City. Grandpa is outside sweeping up his shop when Téa stops on by to pick Yugi up for a soccer game. Yugi has just finished securing his Millenium Puzzle with a new chain, since there’s a lot of people who are after it. Yami agrees and states that they will need that puzzle more than ever because fate has something big in store for them. Yugi tells Yami that he will do everything he can to help him get his memories back. After the conversation, Yugi walks outside and meets up with Téa. Yugi tells Téa about his conversation with Yami, and then they both rush off for the game.

While walking towards the event, Téa asks Yugi who he thinks will win. Yugi doesn’t answer Téa’s question because he’s worried about the Yami’s future. Suddenly, Yugi passes by a mysterious fortune teller who offers to tell Yugi’s future. He only requires a personal item: the Millenium Puzzle. Yugi is interested in this but is hesitant of handing over the Millenium Puzzle to a stranger. However, because he really wants to know what is in store for Yami he hands over his puzzle to the fortune teller. The fortune teller snatches the puzzle and runs off with it. Knowing that he must get his puzzle back, Yugi angrily runs after the thief, while Téa tries to cut the thief off at the corner. Yugi spots several arrows pointing towards a direction and concludes that the thief is leading him somewhere.

Téa cannot find the fortune teller anywhere. She soon meets up with Bakura, who offers to help her find Yugi and the puzzle. Téa thanks Bakura for his help and runs off to find Joey and Tristan. However, Yami Bakura soon takes over and wants the puzzle for himself, so he uses his Millenium Ring to find the location of the puzzle. The ring leads Bakura to the alley where the fortune teller was at. Bakura walks down the alley and changes the direction of the arrows so that Téa and her friends cannot track Yugi down.

The last arrow leads Yugi to a deserted warehouse. Yugi walks inside and finds his Millenium Puzzle bolted to a wall. The thief greets Yugi and challenges Yugi to a duel. The winner gets to keep the Millenium Puzzle. Yugi does not want to duel because it’s already his puzzle, but the thief leaves him with no choice, so Yugi accepts. Because the Millenium Puzzle is not hanging around Yugi’s neck, it’s hard for Yugi and Yami to connect. Therefore, Yugi will have to duel alone without Yami’s help. Yugi is worried because he has never fought a duel without Yami’s help, but Yami tells Yugi to trust in himself and his deck. Yami senses a great evil in the thief, so he warns Yugi to be careful.

Both Yugi and the thief walk into the dueling arena. Both players receive 2000 life points, and the duel begins. Yugi draws a card, and then summons Celtic Guardian in attack mode. The thief summons a monster in defense mode and then ends his turn. Yugi’s turn comes once again, and he has Celtic Guardian attack the thief’s monster. The monster happens to be Cyber Jar and it destroys every monster on the field! Both players then draw 5 new cards. From those 5 cards, Yugi summons a monster in defense, and the thief summons Mechanical Chaser and Bugroth in attack mode. Yugi recognizes the thief’s monster as being machine-type monsters. The only person with machines is Bandit Keith. Yugi is right! The thief takes off his disguise and reveals himself as Bandit Keith. However, Bandit Keith explains that he isn’t really Bandit Keith. There’s an outsider that’s controlling him and using him as his slave. The outsider explains how Bandit Keith fought for his life when he was ejected from Duelist Kingdom. The outsider and his servants found him and decided to use him as a slave. Ultimately, that led him right to Yugi.

The duel continues, and Bandit Keith summons Machine King in attack mode. Due to Machine King’s special ability of gaining 100 points for every machine that’s on the field, it’s total attack strength becomes 2500. Machine King attacks and destroys Yugi’s defense. Yugi then draws a card and plays another monster in defense. It’s Bandit Keith’s turn, and he summons Megasonic Eye in attack mode. Because the monster is a machine, Machine King gains another 100 points. Machine King destroys Yugi’s defense again. Yugi wonders how he is going to defeat Bandit Keith’s monsters without the help from Yami.

Meanwhile, Téa has made it to school and has told Joey and Tristan about the situation. Joey and Tristan both agree to help. Their coach, however, stops them because they agreed to help out with the soccer game. Tristan makes up a lie about how they have to help save Téa’s sick cat. The coach believes them and lets them go.

It’s Yugi’s turn now. He summons Curse of Dragon and Gaia the Fierce Knight. He then uses Polymerization to fuse the two monsters together to summon Gaia the Dragon Champion. With 2600 attack points, Yugi’s monster wipes out Machine Chaser. Bandit Keith’s Machine King loses 100 points and Bandit Keith himself loses 750 life points, bringing his score down to 1250. Bandit Keith’s turn starts, and he firstly switches his monsters into defense. Then he plays the magic card Machine Conversion Factory to raise all of his monsters by 300 points. With Machine King’s score now at 2800, it has enough points to take Yugi’s monster down. Machine King destroys Gaia the Dragon Champion, lowering Yugi’s life points to 1800.

ScreenShot: Dueling Alone (aka: The Mystery Duelist), Part 1Yugi draws Summoned Skull and gets an idea. First he plays a magic card known as Makiu the Magical Mist. This card rusts Bandit Keith’s machine monsters and lowers their attack points by 300. Then Yugi plays Summoned Skull, whose attack strength is raised to 3250 (probably by the effect of Makiu). Summoned Skull destroys Machine King, and Bandit Keith’s life points drop to 500. The outsider who is controlling Bandit Keith admits that Yugi duels well without Yami’s help. However, he has a few twists that may turn the duel into his favor.

Téa has led Joey and Tristan to the alley where Yugi’s puzzle was stolen. Joey notices an arrow and wonders if Yugi placed them there, but Téa says that Yugi wouldn’t have had the time. Tristan looks ahead and notices that the arrows are in different directions. Some point up, down, left and right, so now it will be even harder to find Yugi. Back at the duel, Bandit Keith plays Graceful Charity, allowing him to draw 3 new cards. Before Bandit Keith draws his cards, he pulls a card from his sleeve and secretly places it on top of his deck. Then he draws his cards. He plays Zera Ritual. Yugi tells Bandit Keith that he also needs the correct monster in his hand in order to use the ritual card. Bandit Keith holds up the monster, which surprises Yugi. The two remaining machine monsters are sacrificed, and Bandit Keith’s ultimate monster is played: Zera the Mant. With 2800 attack points, Zera attacks and destroys Summoned Skull.

Meanwhile, Bakura’s Millenium Ring has led him to the warehouse. Bakura senses evil from the Shadow Realm and says that stealing the puzzle will be more interesting than he thought. Téa, Joey and Tristan are trying to find Yugi, but they aren’t having much luck. The mysterious outsider thinks Yugi is done for and will fall to his monsters. Soon the Millenium Puzzle will be his.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Celtic Guardian – 1400/1200
Silver Fang
Giant Soldier of Stone
Curse of Dragon – 2000/1500
Gaia the Fierce Knight – 2300/2100
Polymerization – Magic
Gaia the Dragon Champion – 2600/2100
Makiu the Magical Mist – Magic (Lowers machine-type monsters by 300 points)
Summoned Skull – 2500/1200

Bandit Keith:
Cyber Jar – 900/900 (Destroys all monsters on the field. Draw 5 cards. Summon all Level 4 or lower monsters from your hand.)
Mechanical Chaser – 1850/800
Bugroth – 1500/1000
Machine King – 2200/2000 (Gains 100 atk points for every machine on the field)
Megasonic Eye – 1500/1800
Machine Conversion Factory – Magic (Adds 300 atk/def to all machine monsters.)
Graceful Charity – Magic (Draw 3 cards, discard 2)
Zera Ritual
Zera the Mant – 2800/2300


The Mystery Duelist, Part 1

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