Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-61 The Master of Magicians, Part 2

Season 2-61 – The Master of Magicians, Part 2

“Black Magic of the Soul” (魂のブラックマジック)
Aired Japan: June 26, 2001
Aired USA: Feb 8, 2003

ScreenShot: The Master of Magicians (2) Yugi wants Arkana to just set them both free and end the duel. One more direct attack from Dark Magician, and Arkana is going to the Shadow Realm. Arkana laughs and tells Yugi that he will give him a great duel and win because he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. It’s his show, so how can he lose? Yugi tells Arkana that he gave him that chance to back away, but now he has no choice but to win.

Téa and Grandpa are searching for Yugi in the Battle City streets. Grandpa thinks that Yugi fell through a trap door. Téa is only worried about where that trap door might have led him. They swear to check every inch of Battle City until they find him.

It’s Arkana’s turn. He knows that he has to protect his life points from another direct attack, so he summons Mystic Tomato in defense. Then he places one card face down and ends his turn. Yugi says that Mystic Tomato is a weak monster. By summoning another monster, he can easily destroy Mystic Tomato and then wipe out Arkana’s life points with Dark Magician. Arkana knows that Yugi wants to summon another monster, and he has a surprise ready for when he does. Yugi draws a card and then plays Beta the Magnet Warrior. He orders his monster to attack, so Arkana activates his Trap card, Dark Renewal. This card sacrifices a monster from both player’s field, and in exchange Arkana can revive one monster from the Graveyard. Mystic Tomato and Beta the Magnet Warrior are sacrificed, and Arkana brings back his Dark Magician. Now it’s Dark Magician vs. Dark Magician! It’s time to see which one is stronger. Arkana says that both monsters have identical strength, so attacking isn’t enough. Strategic thinking is required.

Yugi draws a card and then places two cards face down. Arkana mimics Yugi’s move by also playing two cards face down. Yugi then places one more card face down, and Arkana does the same. Finally, Yugi places his last card face down, and so does Arkana. They both have a Dark Magician on the field and four face down cards. Now it’s time to see who picked the best strategy. So, Arkana activates Mystic Guillotine. This card chains Yugi’s Dark Magician to the base of the guillotine. Arkana states that Yugi’s Dark Magician will soon be gone and his mind will be trapped in the Shadow Realm. Before the guillotine can strike Dark Magician, Yugi activates Magical Hats, hiding his monster in one of the hats. The guillotine ends up hitting an empty hat. With three hats left, Arkana now has to guess which hat Yugi’s Dark Magician is in. However, Arkana activates A Thousand Knives, allowing his Dark Magician to detect and destroy Yugi’s Dark Magician. Arkana’s plan fails once again, as Yugi plays Curse Breaker, which cancels and destroys all Magic cards. Yugi and Arkana order their monsters to attack. Both Dark Magicians are destroyed, and Yugi and Arkana use Monster Reborn to bring them back. Now they are back where they started.

Yugi wants Arkana to free them from the shackles and to just duel with honor. Arkana declines, saying that there wouldn’t be any fun that way. Then Yugi wants to know why Arkana led him down here and forced him into a duel in which the loser goes to the Shadow Realm. Arkana takes off his mask and reveals his face to Yugi. He tells a story about how he once was a great magician. He had money, fame and a fiancé. One day he was preparing for an act, but something went wrong. It destroyed his career and good looks. His entire body was wrapped in bandages. He was embarrassed to show himself in front of Catherine (his fiancé), so he drove her away. His life was over, until he met Marik. Marik told him that if he defeated Yugi, then he would be reunited with Catherine. Yugi states that Marik cares about nothing but himself and that Arkana is just being used. Arkana doesn’t mind. A light shines around a curtain with the shadow of a person behind it. Arkana thinks it’s Catherine, and once he defeats Yugi, he will be with her at last.

Yugi says Arkana is a fool to trust Marik. He should instead be putting his heart into his cards. Arkana says that they are just cards and nothing more, but Yugi states that he is wrong. Arkana mentions that his entire deck was built around destroying Yugi’s Dark Magician, and that’s exactly what he plans to do.

Meanwhile, Téa and Grandpa begin searching the entire Battle City grounds, but they have no luck in finding him.

At Kaiba Corp., Kaiba sees that his tracking system still hasn’t picked up a signal from Yugi’s Duel Disk. He knows that Yugi’s Duel Disk won’t function properly unless another internal computer system is supporting it. So he has his crew run a check of all computer networks that are compatible with Kaiba Corp.’s dueling system. A bunch of them appear on the screen. Then Kaiba has his crew find the ones that refuse to identify themselves. They find the location of Yugi’s possible whereabouts, and Mokuba decides to head that way.

The duel between Yugi and Arkana continues. Arkana places one card face down, and then Yugi places two cards face down. It’s Arkana’s turn again, and he activates one of his face down cards. It’s a Magic card called Beckon to the Dark, and it sends a monster directly to the Graveyard. In this case, Yugi’s Dark Magician. Before Dark Magician is taken away, Yugi activates Mystical Rift Panel, a Magic card which cancels the effect of Arkana’s card. Arkana laughs, stating that his Magic card was a decoy just so that Yugi could use up his traps. Arkana activates his Trap card, Nightmare Chains. This trap binds Yugi’s Dark Magician with chains and puts it out of play, leaving Yugi open to a direct attack. So Arkana orders his Dark Magician to attack Yugi. Yugi suffers a lost of 2500 life points, bringing his score down to 1500. Plus, the Dark Energy Disk slowly approaches Yugi’s body. Arkana laughs, knowing that he will win. He tells Yugi to make is final move. Yugi draws a card. Yugi says that if he cannot free his Dark Magician, Arkana will win.

Téa and Grandpa are completely out of breath. They have searched every part of Battle City and still could not find Yugi. Suddenly, Téa sees Mokuba running towards them. They tell Mokuba about the situation. Mokuba tells them that he knows where Yugi is at and that he’s heading over there right now.

ScreenShot: The Master of Magicians (2)Yugi summons Big Shield Gardna in defense mode. He must protect his life points. Arkana mocks Yugi’s battle strategy. He says that hiding behind his monsters will not save him. Arkana draws and summons Doll of Demise in attack mode. Then Arkana plays a card that will lead to Yugi’s demise: Ectoplasmer. This card drains the energy of his monsters and fires them straight at Yugi. Yugi tells Arkana that his monsters then won’t be any use to him. Arkana replies that he won’t have any use for his monsters once he has destroyed Yugi. Arkana’s Dark Magician doesn’t like that.

So, Arkana uses Ectoplasmer to sacrifice his Doll of Demise. Half of the monster’s attack points gets deducted from Yugi’s life points. Yugi is now down to 700 points, and the Dark Energy Disk moves closer to Yugi. Arkana explains to Yugi that his monsters best respond to fear. The duelist is the master, and the monster is the servant. The servant must always listen to the master, and ordering them around is the best way to do that, even if it means destroying them. Yugi states that Arkana is a sick man, but Arkana doesn’t care. He is about to win! He uses Ectoplasmer to drain the energy of his Dark Magician and inflict 1250 points of damage to Yugi. With only 700 life points left, Yugi won’t be able to survive the attack.

Suddenly, Yugi’s Dark Magician begins to glow. It’s energy is also drained, and it blocks Arkana’s attack! Yugi explains that if there’s more than one of the same monster on the field, both monsters are affected in the same way. So Yugi’s Dark Magician was able to drain its own energy and stop the attack. Arkana is shocked that Yugi was able to block the attack. However, Yugi still needs to find a way to win, or he will be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Dark Magician – 2500/2100
Beta the Magnet Warrior – 1700/1600
Magical Hats – Magic
Curse Breaker (De-Spell) – Magic
Monster Reborn – Magic
Mystical Rift Panel – Magic
Big Shield Gardna – 100/2600

Mystic Tomato – 1400/1100
Dark Renewal – Trap
Mystic Guillotine – Magic
A Thousand Knives – Magic
Monster Reborn – Magic
Beckon to the Dark – Magic
Nightmare Chains – Trap
Doll of Demise – 1600/1700
Ectoplasmer – Magic


The Master of Magicians, Part 2

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