Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-86 Awakening of Evil, Part 1

Season 2-86 – Awakening of Evil, Part 1

“Jonouchi vs. Trap Deck” (城之内vsトラップデッキ!)
Aired Japan: December 11, 2001
Aired USA: September 20, 2003

ScreenShot: 86: Awakening of Evil (1) Roland announces that the second duel of the Battle City finals is about to begin. Mokuba states that the selector will now choose the next two duelists. The balls inside the selector spin around and around. Then after a few moments, the selector chooses a ball. It happens to be ball #2 – Joey Wheeler! Joey is ready to kick some duelist butt. The selector then chooses Joey’s opponent. It happens to be Odion, although everyone still thinks he’s Marik. Yugi predicts Marik will use his Millennium Rod, so Joey has to be ready.

Everyone arrives at the dueling arena on top of the blimp. The arena elevates itself, and Roland tells both duelists to choose a side so that they can begin. Joey and Odion shuffle each other’s deck. Joey gives Odion a long stare while doing so. Yugi notices that Joey looks really confident. Tristan hopes Joey doesn’t lose it because when he does, he tends to blabber a lot. Mai agrees with Tristan. Joey must stay focused and stop shuffling Odion’s deck already! Serenity hopes Joey will be all right. Téa almost forgot that this is the first time she will see Joey duel. Téa assures her that Joey will be fine. Roland orders Joey to hurry up and stop shuffling. Both players take their respective decks and head to opposite sides of the arena.

Joey tells Odion that he will be all washed up in nine turns. Duke wonders where Joey came up with nine. Tristan says to not even ask. Serenity thinks it’s awesome how Joey has got this duel all calculated in his head. Mai tells her to just keep on believing everything he says. Suddenly, Odion pulls out the Millennium Rod and points it at Joey. Joey gets a bit creeped out by it. Yugi says that Marik can’t win on his own. Joey tells Odion to point that thing somewhere else. Odion calmly says, “Very well”, and he puts the Millennium Rod away. Joey is surprised that Odion listened to him. Yugi thinks Marik must have realized that Joey can’t be controlled.

The real Marik tells himself that Odion’s Millennium Rod is a mere duplicate of the real one. Holding the Millennium Rod behind his back, Marik says that no one will be able to figure out who he really is. While Marik hides in the shadows, Odion will be dueling for him. However, there’s one thing that still concerns Marik: Seto Kaiba. Kaiba also plays a role in this game, and in the ancient scripture, Kaiba is seen holding the Millennium Rod. So Marik will keep an eye on Kaiba too, and before the tournament is over, Obelisk the Tormentor will belong to him! Marik adds in that Kaiba could never unleash the full power of Obelisk the Tormentor. He’ll show Kaiba what true power is all about.

Mokuba tells Kaiba that Marik must have tons of rare cards, since he’s the leader of the Rare Hunters. Kaiba says that there’s only one card in Marik’s deck that he cares about, and that’s the Winged Dragon of Ra. Hopefully, Joey will last long enough so that Kaiba can see how it works. Marik tells Odion that he stands no chance against the Pharaoh if he cannot defeat Joey. Odion swears that he will defeat Joey. Both duelists activate their duel disks, and the duel begins.

Joey begins by drawing a card. Tristan and Mai cheer Joey on. Duke asks Yugi if he ever took back his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Yugi shakes his head no. Tristan says that Joey will be all right since he’s already gotten this far. Duke knows that, but Marik is an unpredictable duelist. Yugi says that Marik is one that is not to be trusted. Joey tells himself that this is the moment. He imagines himself defeating Marik and becoming famous. A grin appears on Joey’s face. Suddenly, a gust of wind appears, and Joey’s cards are blown right out of his hand. Everyone gasps, but Joey catches his cards right before they escape him. Serenity tells everyone that her brother needs support, and everyone sighs. Joey makes a mental note to keep a grip on his cards. What was Kaiba thinking holding a tournament up here?

Joey starts off by summoning Gearfried the Iron Knight in attack mode. He ends his turn and tells Odion to show what he’s got. Odion plays a field Magic card, Temple of the Kings. A huge temple rises behind Odion. Odion explains that within this temple lies the treasures of the kings of Egypt. Joey asks what the card does. Odion says that it limits the amount of Magic and Trap cards Joey can play in one turn. Then Odion places two cards face down and ends. He tells Joey to try and attack him if he dares. Joey has no idea what lies within the temple walls! Téa mentions that Marik hasn’t even summoned one monster. Tristan wants Joey to attack, but Duke says that Marik probably wants Joey to attack so that he can activate one of his face down cards. Yugi tells himself that Joey does need to watch out for Marik’s face down cards, but what worries him the most is Marik’s temple. Who knows what lies in there?

Joey says that he has to stay calm so that no one can see his true fear. Tristan asks Joey if he’s all right because he looks scared. Joey takes a look at his hand. He has nothing to worry about since his Giant Trunade card will blast that temple away. He has the entire duel all figured out. First, Joey will summon a few more monsters, but he won’t attack. Then Odion will probably place a few more cards face down. When the time is right, Joey will activate his Giant Trunade card, getting rid of all Marik’s cards. Finally, Joey will attack and destroy all of Marik’s life points. A smile forms on Joey’s face. He summons Tiny Guardian in attack mode. Then he ends his turn. Tristan mentions that Joey has to attack some time. Serenity thinks Joey has this all planned out.

Odion begins his turn by placing two more cards face down. Then he ends. Mai says that Marik will just wait for Joey to attack. Then, when Joey attacks, he will activate one of his Trap cards. It’s the oldest and wimpiest trick in the book! Joey’s turn starts once again. He summons Hayabusa Knight in attack mode. Now, with Gearfried, Tiny Guardian and Hayabusa Knight on the field, Joey has enough monsters to wipe out Marik’s life points. But first he must play Giant Trunade. So Joey plays his Giant Trunade card. Mai is excited because all of Marik’s cards will be blown off the field. Yugi thinks Joey will be the winner. The gust of wind from Giant Trunade approaches Marik’s cards. However, before the gust can hit the cards, the gust of wind disappears. Everyone is skeptical about why it didn’t work. Odion states that Joey’s Giant Trunade is no more, and his troubles have only just begun!

Joey doesn’t understand what happened. Odion explains that he activated a Trap card that destroyed Giant Trunade because he knew Joey would try something like that. However, that’s not all Odion’s Trap card does. Odion says that it will also destroy Joey’s monsters and take out some of his life points. So Odion reveals his Trap card, Judgment of Anubis. This card will destroy all of Joey’s monsters, and half of the monsters’ attack points come out of Joey’s life points. So Joey’s life points drop to 1900. Téa says that by thinking he had the duel won, Joey fell right into Marik’s trap. Yugi agrees, adding that Trap cards are the most trickiest and dangerous cards out there. Mai hopes Joey has learned his lesson. One more mistake like that could cost him the finals. Serenity asks the gang if they think Joey can win. Tristan says that he knows Joey will win. Yugi agrees, saying that Joey has been in more tough situations than this. Everyone cheers for Joey.

Odion asks Joey if he has realized that he cannot win. Joey smiles and says that he fell into the trap on purpose. He was just testing Marik to see if he was a good duelist, and it looks like Marik passed! Tristan says that Joey must be kidding. Serenity continues to cheer for Joey. Mokuba says that Marik isn’t buying Joey’s story, but Kaiba’s got to give Joey credit for not giving up. Kaiba says that he only gives Joey credit for being all talk.

Odion’s turn begins. He places two more cards face down and ends. Joey is getting tired with Odion’s moves. He tells Odion that the game is called Duel Monsters because you’re suppose to attack with monsters, not hide behind Trap cards. Odion tells Joey that if he can find the rule that forbids him from playing Trap cards, he’ll stop. Joey is getting mad by Odion’s attitude. He decides to teach Odion a lesson, so he summons Alligator Sword in attack mode. Joey tells himself that if he attacks, Marik is sure to activate one of his Trap cards. Odion taunts Joey into attacking. Joey wonders what he should do. Eventually, he decides to not attack and finish his move by placing a card face down. Yugi says that Joey made a smart move, but he will have to attack Marik eventually. Joey needs a strategy.

ScreenShot: 86: Awakening of Evil (1)Joey tells Odion to hurry up with his move, but Odion decides not to make a move at all. Joey can’t believe he’s skipping his turn! But two can play at that game, so Joey decides to pass also. Odion hopes he can draw a card worth using. He draws but decides to pass again. Mokuba mentions that if neither duelist makes a move, it will be a long and boring duel. Kaiba says there’s no need to worry. Knowing Joey’s amateur dueling style, Kaiba knows Joey will crack soon enough.

Joey gets really angry with Odion’s attitude. Mai tells Joey not to attack, but Joey ignores her. He summons Rocket Warrior in attack mode and orders it to attack Marik directly. Yugi exclaims that Joey is making a big mistake. Odion activates his Trap card, Eye of Wdjat. Now that Rocket Warrior has been affected by Eye of Wdjat, Odion can redirect its attack back at one of Joey’s monsters. He chooses Alligator Sword. Since both monsters have the same attack points, they will destroy each other. However, Joey has a face down card too! He activates his Trap card, Fairy Box, which hides Alligator Sword. Odion orders Rocket Warrior to strike one of the Fairy Box holes, but it misses. Alligator Sword is safe.

Joey states that he’s on to Marik’s strategy. He says that Marik doesn’t have a single monster card, just a deck filled with Trap cards. So once Joey can clear the field of Odion’s traps, he can take out his life points. Joey then calls Odion some names. Odion tells Joey that he can insult him all he wants, but the truth is that Joey has already fallen in another one of his traps. Joey wonders what Odion means. Odion explains that he possesses a Trap card that is both a trap and a monster. Joey doesn’t believe Odion, but Odion says that Joey is about to face a Trap-Monster. Yugi and Mai wonder if there is such a thing. Odion says that as soon as Joey attacked, he activated this special Trap-Monster card.

So Odion plays Embodiment of Apophis. It acts like a Trap but plays like a Monster. Yugi is worried about Odion’s card. If it’s powerful enough, it could destroy Joey. However, that’s not all, for Odion activates two more Apophis cards. They all have 1600 attack points. Joey wonders what he should do. Mokuba exclaims, “That’s insane!” Kaiba is impressed with Odion’s move. Yugi says that those monsters can wipe out Joey’s life points in one move. Odion tells Joey that it takes skill and power to win a duel. As soon as his monsters attack, Joey is finished!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Gearfried the Iron Knight – 1800/1600
Tiny Guardian – 1400/1800
Hayabusa Knight – 1000/700
Giant Trunade – Magic
Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Rocket Warrior – 1500/1300
Fairy Box – Trap

Temple of the Kings – Magic
Judgment of Anubis – Trap
Eye of Wdjat – Trap
Embodiment of Apophis x3 – Trap


Awakening of Evil, Part 1

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