Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-87 Awakening of Evil, Part 2

Season 2-87 – Awakening of Evil, Part 2

“The Spirit-Inheriting Card – Psycho Shocker Counterattacks!”
(受け継ぎし魂 サイコショッカー反撃!)
Aired Japan: December 18, 2001
Aired USA: September 27, 2003

ScreenShot: 87: Awakening of Evil (2) The duel between Joey and Odion continues. Odion has just played three Embodiment of Apophis Trap cards, which act as monsters. With only 1900 life points left, Joey must find a way to defeat the monsters, or he’s out of the finals. Yugi says that Joey’s life points are low. Marik may attack in his next turn, and Joey must be ready! Serenity asks the gang what Joey can do. Mai says that Joey must first protect his life points from the monsters. Odion exclaims that Joey’s chances of victory have vanished. Joey disagrees. He sets one card face down and changes Alligator Sword to defense mode. The card Joey set is Scapegoat. Joey tells himself that his Scapegoat will protect him from Marik’s attacks.

Odion begins his turn and then orders his three monsters to attack. Joey activates his Magic card, Scapegoat, to absorb the attacks of Odion’s monsters. Mai thinks Joey is smarter than she initally thought. Odion says, “Good move, but not good enough.” He discards one card from his hand and activates his Trap card, Magic Jammer. Mai states that Magic Jammer cancels out the effect of Joey’s Scapegoat. So, the three monsters Odion controls attacks Alligator Sword, Rocket Warrior and his life points. Joey now has 200 life points left. Odion reminds Joey that only one more attack and it’s all over! Yugi encourages Joey that he can do it. He promised to help him defeat Marik, and if he does, Marik is finished. Marik tells himself that he’s the real Marik and Joey is about to lose to his servant, Odion. Kaiba is frustrated that the duel is almost over. He wants to see Marik play his Egyptian God card!

Odion continues to taunt Joey, saying that he might as well stay down. Only one more attack and the few life points Joey has left will be gone. Tristan tells Joey not to give up. Serenity asks Tristan if Joey can still win the duel. He says yes, but Mai thinks the odds are completely against him. Odion tells Joey to just give up. Joey is about to make that move, but Mai stops him. She tells him that he didn’t get into the finals by just giving up. Joey thinks Mai may have a point. He remembers beating some pretty tough duelists out there. Mai adds in that if Joey gives up now, he’ll never become a champion and his sister will always remember how he just gave up. Serenity tells Joey that he can still win. She says that he inspires her everyday, and that he gave her strength to get through her operation. Joey promises that he won’t give up. He bets that Odion never had anyone that cared for him so much. Odion says that he did, but that was a time long ago. He remembers his story:

A baby was left in the middle of the desert. A woman, who lives underground, hears the sounds of the baby crying. She walks on over and picks up the baby, who is wrapped in a blanket. Wondering who would live a baby out in the cold, she brings the baby into her home.

Odion tells himself that the woman rescued her and brought him into her home. So he states that he knows what it’s like to be loved. He asks Joey if he’s going to stay down and give up, or act like a fool and continue the duel. Joey says that he can’t give up now. Not only would he be letting his friends down, but he would also be letting himself down. He’s been in tighter spots before and has always managed to pull through. Joey recalls his past duels with Espa Roba, Weevil and Mako. Joey has never let anyone get the best of him, so why should he start now? Joey explains to Odion that he plans on winning and making it to the top. Odion thinks Joey is foolish for making such a choice. He tells Joey to make his final move. Yami thinks it’s time to remind Joey what this duel really means. He takes over Yugi’s body and says, “Save the world.” Joey remembers that Marik’s plans are crushed if he loses.

Joey makes his move. He places two cards face down and summons Swordsman of Landstar in defense mode. Odion realizes that Joey’s determination is surprising. How can he be so confident with only 200 life points left? Marik asks Odion what he’s waiting for and to attack Joey right away. Odion begins his turn and orders his three serpents to attack Joey’s monster and his life points. Joey activates his Magic card, Foolish Burial. This allows him to send a card to Odion’s graveyard. Then Joey activates his second face down card, Graverobber. Now he plans on taking the card that he placed in Odion’s graveyard. The card was Jinzo, so Joey summons him onto the field. Odion is surprised that Joey summoned a powerful monster. Joey tells Odion that his serpents are also Trap cards, and they possess the weaknesses of Traps. Odion wonders what Joey means. Joey says that Jinzo can destroy all traps on the field. So, Jinzo’s special ability activates and all of Odion’s serpents are gone. The gang cheers for Joey.

Kaiba thinks Joey got lucky. Now maybe Joey will survive along enough so that he can see Marik’s Egyptian God card. Joey begins his turn. He summons Battle Warrior in attack mode and then switches Swordsman of Landstar into attack mode. All three monsters strike Odion directly, bringing Odion’s life points down to 400. Joey says that Marik doesn’t look so tough now. Odion says that it doesn’t matter. He still has his Temple of the Kings card in play, and it possesses power so strong that it can’t be stopped. Joey isn’t worried about Odion’s card; it doesn’t scare him.

Odion makes his move. Marik uses his Millenium Rod to tell Odion that he’s allowed Joey to come too far. He tells Odion to destroy Joey now or suffer the consequences! Odion assures Marik that he’s figured out a way to render Joey’s monsters useless. Odion plays Swords of Revealing Light. Mai explains that those swords prevent Joey from attacking for three turns. Téa asks her if Joey can still win. Mai hopes so, but not attacking for three turns doesn’t help. Yugi says that Joey can still sacrifice his monsters for stronger ones. Also, although Jinzo can’t attack, it’s ability still remains in effect, so Marik still can’t use his Trap cards. Odion tells Joey to make his move.

Joey draws and then sacrifices Battle Warrior to summon The Legendary Fisherman. He remembers how much this card meant to Mako. Finally, Joey switches his three monsters into defense mode and ends. Odion begins his turn by drawing. He is shocked to see what he drew. Marik tells Odion that if he’s going to act like him, he must have that card in his deck. Odion tells Marik that he’s not meant to control the power of the card and to reconsider this. Marik wants Odion to play that card, for it’s the only way to win. Joey wants Odion to hurry up and make his move. So, Odion first places a card face down onto the field. Marik wants Odion to place that special card into the Temple of Kings. If Odion doesn’t, he’ll have to answer to Marik! Odion realizes that it’s his sworn duty to serve Marik.

ScreenShot: 87: Awakening of Evil (2)Téa has noticed that Marik has been acting really strange ever since he drew that card. Yugi agrees with Téa. Ever since Marik played Temple of the Kings, Yugi has had a bad feeling about the box at the top of the temple’s stairs. What could it be? For some reason it’s familiar to him. Joey states that Odion’s move is the longest in history. Odion replies that good moves take time. He continues his move by sealing a card in the ancient temple. Joey doesn’t seem to care, but Odion says that by sealing the card of the Gods, he has also sealed Joey’s fate! Yugi is surprised when Odion says “card of the Gods”. Odion ends his turn.

Joey begins by activating a Magic card, Monster Reborn. He uses it to summon back his Alligator Sword. Then Joey sacrifices Alligator Sword and Swordsman of Landstar to summon Insect Queen in defense mode. Joey realizes that all of his Battle City victories are paying off right now. He has successfully summoned all the monsters he gained from the Battle City duelists onto the field. Kaiba states that his tournament has improved Joey’s deck. Mai is impressed that Joey was able to summon all of the cards he won from the tournament all at once. Yugi agrees. Joey has come a long way.

Joey tells Odion that his Swords of Revealing Light disappear next turn. When they are gone, he is free to attack, and since Marik has nothing to protect him, he’s finished. Odion says that Joey is so naive. While he was busy summoning monsters on the field, Odion has been preparing for something powerful. Joey begins to sweat as Odion plays Cup of Sealed Soul. Then Odion activates his face down card, Seal of Serket. Odion explains that when these two cards are played with Temple of the Kings, they are able to awaken a great creature: Mystical Beast of Serket. A huge scorpion-like creature with sharp teeth emerges onto the field. Joey wonders what he’s going to do. Odion says that his creature is nothing compared to what lurks in the temple. Joey wants to know what monster Marik hid inside the temple. Odion says that his Egyptian God card, The Winged Dragon of Ra, lies within his temple. Joey thinks that with his powerful monster outside and his Egyptian God card inside, there’s no way he can win!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Rocket Warrior – 1500/1300
Scapegoat – Magic
Swordsman of Landstar – 500/1200
Foolish Burial – Magic
Graverobber – Trap
Battle Warrior – 700/1000
The Legendary Fisherman – 1850/1600
Monster Reborn – Magic
Insect Queen – 2200/2400

Temple of the Kings – Magic
Embodiment of Apophis x3 – Trap
Magic Jammer – Trap
Swords of Revealing Light – Magic
Cup of Sealed Soul – Magic
Seal of Serket – Magic
Mystical Beast of Serket – 2500/2000


Awakening of Evil, Part 2

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