Ultimate Duelist Series

Ultimate Duelist Series Qualifier Locations UPDATED: 6/9/17

Are You The Ultimate Duelist?

It’s time to find out – the Ultimate Duelist Series will test your worth against all other contenders.  Earn Ultimate Duelist Series Points so you can take your place in the Ultimate Duelist Invitational, where only one Duelist will emerge as the Ultimate Duelist!

The location listings has just been updated and is available to view on the official UDS page:  http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/ultimateduelist/udsinvitational_OTSqualifiers.html

Be sure to check it out and see if you have the skills and the deck to become the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Ultimate Duelist!

What is the Ultimate Duelist Series?

The Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) is an exciting new addition to Konami’s Organized Play program. Not only does it add new tournament experiences to the variety already available, it will reward you for your participation in our other Organized Play programs. 

Duelists earn UDS Points by competing in UDS Qualifiers held at their local Official Tournament Stores (OTS) and at Public Event UDS Qualifiers held at YCS and WCQ tournaments. Duelists will also earn UDS Points at other Sanctioned Events such as Regionals, YCS, and OTS Championships.

UDS PrizesIn addition to UDS Points, UDS Qualifiers offer exclusive collectible prizing. Beginning with an Ultimate Duelist Series lanyard, Duelists can win collectible pins based on different achievements. The UDS Invitational prizing coordinates with the Qualifier prizing, offering a new series of lanyards and pins, in addition to other brand new prize items..

UDS Points are awarded based on participation and final standings in UDS Qualifiers and at most Tier 2 events, such as standard Regionals, Dragon Duels, and YCS. UDS Points are also awarded for judging at Tier 2 events, and UDS Qualifiers.

  • UDS Points remain valid for 2 years, in order to give Duelists a fair chance to attend the Invitational nearest to their area.
  • UDS Points are not transferrable from one Duelist to another.
  • UDS Points are linked to your COSSY ID number.

Go to a UDS Qualifier and earn points towards attending upcoming UDS Invitationals!


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