Duel Overload, with the Biggest Collection of Brand-new Link Monsters Ever, Available Now!!

Duel Overload, released yesterday, March 20th, is the biggest collection of new Link Monsters you’ve ever seen, with 30 new Links and a total of 56 new cards. Each set has 6 Duel Overload boosters with 5 Ultra Rare cards per pack, plus 1 of 6 special oversized collectible cards with a design style inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series!

With all that has been going on lately, were you able to get your Duel Overload boxes or do/will you have to wait for the COVID-19 lockdown to lift? let us know in the comments..

Duel Overload Collector's Set

Here is the official product info as released by Konami:

Get ready to overload the system with the Duel Overload Collector’s Set! It’s the biggest collection of new Link Monsters you’ve ever seen, with 30 new Links and a total of 56 new cards! Whether you’re looking for flexible Link Monsters that can fit different Decks, or specialized Link Monsters for specific strategies, Duel Overload’s got it. A new “Predaplant” Link Monster copies the effects of “Fusion” and “Polymerization” Spells straight from your Deck, a new Bujin assembles Xyz Summons to devastate your opponent’s backrow, and the Sky Strikers find a new Link-2 threat. Duel Overload even unleashes one of the most powerful monsters of all time, the Link Monster Crystron Halqifibrax! Link Summon it with a Tuner plus any other monster, and Halqifibrax hits the field to Special Summon a Level 3 or lower Tuner from your hand or Deck. Then, on your opponent’s turn you can banish Halqifibrax to Special Summon a Tuner Synchro from your Extra Deck!

Beyond the arsenal of Link Monsters you’ll find 26 more new cards, including new additions to the Malefic and Cubic strategies from the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions and Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time feature films. There are 44 reprints too, including top tournament cards like Cynet Mining, played in everything from Mathmechs and Marincess to @Ignisters and Salamangreats! With 43 more cards returning in this all-Ultra Rare release, Duel Overload is your chance to get caught up and get ahead of the pack.

Duel Overload released on March 20th with a MSRP of $29.99 per set.


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