Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi – 闇遊戯Yu-Gi-Oh!

The young and steely-eyed Yami Yugi is an extraordinary and confident duelist who fights the ultimate battle at the Shadow Games. But who is Yami Yugi? The spirit confined within the Millennium Puzzle is the spirit of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh that locked away the Shadow Games millennia ago.

When the Millennium Puzzle activates, Yugi is filled with its magical energies and becomes Yami Yugi, his much more powerful alter ego. Not only is Yami Yugi a master dueler, but he is full of confidence and courage.

In fact, he’s literally the King of Game (Yugi=game) and anyone who challenges him must face the wrath of his many, monster-filled cards, strange games of chance and skill, or rolls of the dice!


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