Tech Savvy Yu-gi-oh! Fans Drive Demand for Yu-gi-oh! Inspired Computer Keyboards and Computer Accessories

Tech Savvy Yu-gi-oh! Fans Drive Demand for Yu-gi-oh! Inspired Computer Keyboards and Computer Accessories

Eminent Crafts Set to Deliver new Yu-Gi-Oh! Keycap Range

The Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise has been captivating fans for over 20 years with its epic battles and thrilling storylines. And now, thanks to a partnership between Konami Cross Media NY, Inc. (KCM) and Eminent Crafts, fans can bring their favorite characters to life on their computer keyboards with all new Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired Keycaps.

Following the overwhelming success of last November’s initial launch of Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired limited edition keyboards, which sold out in a mere 11 minutes, KCM’s Vice President of Licensing and Marketing, Jennifer Coleman, has announced the second phase of this exciting collaboration.

Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired  Keycap

“Yu-Gi-Oh! fans surprised us all with the strong response to HiGround’s keyboards,” Coleman says. “The first round of Yu-Gi-Oh! keyboards and computer accessories flew off the shelves, showing us the immense potential for licensing partnerships in this market and opening the door to more exciting opportunities for our fans.”

With this in mind, KCM has joined forces with Eminent Crafts to expand their range of Yu-Gi-Oh! tech products. Eminent Crafts is known for their artisan keycaps that add personality and style to computer keyboards. And with the rapidly growing demand for innovative products in the keyboard market, this partnership is sure to be a hit with Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiasts.

According to Gordon Pai, founder of Eminent Crafts, they are thrilled to be working with KCM to bring their beautifully designed three-dimensional Yu-Gi-Oh! keycaps to fans.

“Our goal is to create unique and innovative products that celebrate popular culture,” Pai explains. “And with the growing popularity of anime and video games, we saw the perfect opportunity to cater to fans with our 3D character keycaps.”

But that’s not all – Eminent Crafts will also be introducing Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired diorama lamps, handcrafted with intricate details that will transport fans right into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!. These lamps will be available for purchase in the United States, Canada, and Europe, giving fans worldwide the chance to bring a piece of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe into their homes.

Both KCM and Eminent Crafts are confident that this partnership will continue to delight and excite Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, offering them new and innovative ways to showcase their love for the franchise. Now is the perfect time for fans to gear up with these tech-savvy computer accessories.

So mark your calendars and get ready to upgrade your keyboard game with Eminent Crafts’ 3D resin and PVC keycaps and diorama lamps featuring your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. Stay tuned for more updates on the release date and availability of these limited edition products. Don’t miss out on the chance to show off your love for Yu-Gi-Oh! in style.


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