YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-02 An Evil Game Player! The Dangerous Trap!

Season 0-02 – An Evil Game Player! The Dangerous Trap!

“The Devil Gamer – The Trap of Hell”
“Akuma Gēmā – Jigoku no Wana” (悪魔ゲーマー 地獄の罠)
Aired JAPAN: April 11, 1998

Yuugi and Grandpa are eating dinner together. Grandpa is shocked that Yuugi was able to complete the Millenium Puzzle, since no one has been able to solve it. Grandpa places his hand on Yuugi’s forehead. He asks if Yuugi feels smarter or stronger. Yuugi says no and asks why. Grandpa reads the carvings on the case. Whoever completes the puzzle will receive dark knowledge and power. Yuugi says his wish came true. He made a few friends! Grandpa doesn’t think friends has anything to do with the quote. He wonders what this “dark knowledge and power” is.

ScreenShot: 2: An Evil Game Player! The Dangerous Trap!

One of the guards from a local prison claims one of the inmates has escaped. He suspects its Jirou the Yellow Spider. We see Jirou beat up one of the police officers. The alarm suddenly sounds, and a bunch of police cards surround the prison. Officers head into the prison to find the prisoner who escaped. A suspicious looking police officer walks away from the scene. The officer gets into a police car and turns on the radio. A radio reporter announces that Tasaki Tetsu, also known as Tetsu the Hedgehog escaped. The officer says to next time call him “Master of Disguise, Tetsu-san.” This suspicious officer seems to be the bad guy everyone is looking for.

The next day, the school bell rings. School has just finished, and Jounouchi stretches his body. He asks Yuugi where they should go on the way home. Yuugi says they should go to the new Burger World that just opened. Apparently, thier burgers are extremely delicious! Honda claims stopping on the way home from school is against school rules. Miho wants to check Burger World out too, and this changes Honda’s mind. Anzu tells everyone to hold on. Yuugi asks if she wants to go too. Anzu begins to act weirdly, saying their food is terrible. She heard that a group of people became sick from the food on the Grand Opening day. Anzu then reminds everyone a villain broke out of prison the other day. Yuugi remembers about that, and the group discusses it. Anzu walks out of the classroom and walks away. When Anzu is away, Jounouchi says Anzu has been acting weird lately. Yuugi agrees, since it’s been awhile since they walked home together. Jounouchi wonders if Anzu is engaged in teen prostitution, and Honda says their school doesn’t have anyone like that. Yuugi’s face turns red. He says Anzu would never do something like that. Jounouchi jokes around with Yuugi, wondering if Yuugi is Anzu’s partner in this whole thing. Miho begins to wonder if Anzu is really into prostitution. She decides to follow Anzu from school.

It’s late at night, and Tetsu takes a bite from his sandwich. After dinner, he cracks open a safe from a bank, but only to find out the safe is empty. The scene then shifts to a TV news reporter, who reports that a burglar broke into a bank and stole thirty million yen. Tetsu is watching the news report from a restaurant. The reporter also states the villain broke into other banks. He thinks its the same person who escaped from prison the other day. Tetsu gets mad at the news report. He claims he didn’t steal a thing.

After school the next day, Jounouchi talks about a new game that he had a hard time beating. Miho wants to try out the new game, but Anzu reminds her they have other plans. Anzu tells the boys not to bother them. Then she and Miho take off. Jounouchi thinks Miho is also in this prostitution thing. Honda can’t believe Jounouchi would say something like that. He threatens to hurt Jounouchi if he didn’t take back his words. Yuugi also agrees that Jounouchi’s statement was pretty rude. Jounouchi thinks Yuugi and Honda are naive. He says Anzu brought in high-quality food for lunch today, so she must be getting the money from somewhere. Honda can’t believe what he’s hearing. He wonders if Miho is dating for money. Honda knows he can’t compare to older men with money, so he decides to follow Anzu and Miho to find the truth.

Tetsu takes a bite from his sandwich. He says he must succeed today. Late at night, he robs a museum of a Marie Antoinette necklace. The next day, Tetsu is in his car listening to the radio. The radio reporter announces that the necklace that was stolen was a fake. Thirty other jewels were stolen, and the authorities think Tasaki Tetsu is behind this. Tetsu is angry since he only stole one necklace. He throws the necklace out the window and drives off.

The next day after school, Jounouchi offers to play basketball with Honda. Honda says he’s busy today, and him, Miho and Anzu walk off together. Yuugi wonders if Honda is also dating for money. Jounouchi thinks it’s possible. He could be seeing a rich, old lady. Yuugi wants Jounouchi to think more seriously. So, Yuugi and Jounouchi decide to follow Honda, Miho and Anzu to see what they are up to. While walking, Miho says her briefcase is getting heavy. Honda offers to carry it. Anzu then peeks behind her to see if anyone is following them. Miho asks if something is wrong, but Anzu says it’s nothing. Yuugi and Jounouchi have hid behind a toy machine. Yuugi can’t believe how close that was, and Jounouchi thinks Anzu can be pretty smart.

Honda, Miho and Anzu enter a building. Yuugi and Jounouchi turn a corner and can’t believe their eyes. They see the Burger World restaurant in front of them. Honda, Miho and Anzu come out in weird costumes to greet their guests. However, when they find out its Yuugi and Jounouchi, they get embarrassed and turn around. Anzu can’t believe they are here, especially Jounouchi, who has a big mouth. Jounouchi wants someone to speak up. Honda claims it’s a part time job. Jounouchi says part time jobs are against the school rules. Honda doesn’t want Jounouchi to speak of this. The manager comes out and tells his employees to lead Yuugi and Jounouchi to their seats.

At their seats, Yuugi thinks coming here embarrassed his friends. Anzu seems to be mad. Jounouchi thinks it’s their fault for keeping it a secret. Yuugi secretly thinks Anzu looks cute in her costume. Outside, a dark figure is running around, looking for a place to hide. He runs into Burger World. Then we see a police agent, who appears to be looking for Tetsu.

Anzu delivers two burgers and drinks to Yuugi and Jounouchi. She then takes out a ketchup bottle and pours a load of ketchup on the food. Yuugi and Jounouchi look disgusted at the food. Anzu decides to not keep her job a secret anymore. She tells her friends that she is saving up money for America. Her dream is to study dance at New York. She hopes Yuugi and Jounouchi doesn’t laugh about it. Jounouchi promises Anzu that he won’t blab about the situation. He still isn’t too happy about the burgers though. Anzu tells them to relax since the burgers are on her.

The police agent enters the Burger World restaurant. Jounouchi sees the agent talking to the manager and wonders what’s happening. The agent tells the manager, Honda, Miho and Anzu that Tetsu, the escaped villain might be in the restaurant. Yuugi and Jounouchi try to listen in as the agent says this area is the focal point for break-ins. The manager asks what the villain looks like, and the agent holds up a picture of him. They scan the restaurant for anyone that might look like him, but they don’t find anyone. The agent says he’s a master of disguise, so it could be anyone. Jounouchi thinks it would be best if they checked each customer, but the agent says the villain has a pistol on him. The manager asks if the villain has any other characteristics. The agent explains the villain had a struggle with a guard three years ago. The guard was able to hit him with a baton, so there might be a mark on the villain’s right calf.

They decide to use that to search for the villain. Anzu tips over a basket of toy cars. The cars scatter in all directions, and Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu searches under the tables to check each customer’s leg. Yuugi is amazed at how brave everyone is. Anzu notices a customer resting his feet on the table. She tells the customer not to put his feet on the table, and then she checks his leg for markings. She finds nothing there. The customer gets angry about the disturbance. The agent shows his badge to the customer. He then announces to everyone that an escaped villain could be luring the restaurant. The customers question the agent’s statement. One customer thinks the police are out of it, since there was another prisoner that escaped.

Honda asks the agent if there are any other characteristics about the villain. The agent says the villain has an allergic reaction to eating eggs. Anzu says the villain will be easy to spot then since all of their hamburger buns have eggs in them. Suddenly, one customer begins to feel funny. The agent walks over to him. The customer tries to escape, but the agent grabs him. The customer’s disguise falls off, and Tasaki Tetsu is revealed. The agent tells Tetsu he’s under arrest. Tetsu exclaims he needs an ambulance now since he’s weak against eggs. Anzu says it was a lie; their buns are made from wheat flour. Tetsu gets mad and tries to break free, but the agent ends up taking him down to the ground. The manager is accidentally pushed to the ground too. Tetsu sees a bruise on the manager’s leg. He wonders what’s going on since no guard hit him. Then Tetsu wonders if there’s another criminal in the restaurant besides him. He thinks it’s the manager, and he rips off part of his shirt. A huge tattoo of a spider appears on the manager’s back. It’s Jirou the Yellow Spider!

Jirou grabs the pistol from Tetsu’s belt, and then he grabs Anzu and points the pistol at her. He tells no one to move, or else Anzu is dead. Jirou says he changed his face with surgery, so that he could blend in with the town. He never expected to see Tetsu the Hedgehog here, even though he could see through Tetsu’s disguises. Jirou further explains he could tell which places Tetsu was going to rob. He admits to robbing the bank and stealing the jewels. Tetsu knows Jirou took advantage of his burger-eating habit.

Jirou orders everyone to get down. He has Anzu blindfolded and continues to point the gun at her. Then Jirou and Anzu head to a seat. Jirou wants someone to bring the stuff he demands. He sees Yuugi and tells him to do it. Everyone else must remain on the floor with their eyes closed, otherwise they get hit. He shoots the gun in the air to show an example. Jirou first tells Yuugi to bring him alcohol and tobacco. He says he first quit his habits of consuming alcohol, but now he feels totally free. Yuugi walks towards Jirou with a tray of alcohol and tobacco. Anzu, who is still blindfolded, wonders if it could be Yuugi. She tells Yuugi to stay away. Jirou gets mad at Anzu and hits her. Yuugi cries out to Anzu, and suddenly his Millenium Puzzle activates. Yami takes over Yuugi’s body. Yuugi says he brought exactly what Jirou asked for. Then Yuugi says it’s game time. Anzu notices Yuugi’s voice is different. It’s close, but Yuugi’s new voice has much more confidence.

Jirou is interested with Yuugi’s challenge. Yuugi says it’s not an ordinary game; it’s a Yami Game, a game where a person’s life is at stake. Jirou is interested and asks for the rules. Meanwhile, everyone else in the restaurant still has their heads down and their eyes closed. Jounouchi notices the extreme silence in the restaurant. He opens his eyes a bit to find out what’s going on. Yuugi explains the rules: a player can’t move their body at all except for one finger they choose. Jirou chooses his pointing finger, the finger used to pull the trigger of the gun. Yuugi chooses his thumb. Jirou begins pouring the alcohol in his glass, wondering what Yuugi can do with his thumb. Yuugi says as soon as the game starts, each player can do whatever they want with their chosen finger. Jirou can even pull the trigger and pull Yuugi! The game begins. Jirou is ready to pull the trigger, when Yuugi takes out a lighter. Jirou realizes his cigarette hasn’t been lit yet. He decides to let Yuugi light up his cigarette. Then he’ll pull the trigger and kill Yuugi!

Yuugi uses his thumb to light the cigarette. Then Yuugi drops it on Jirou’s hand. Jirou is still pouring alcohol in his glass. Yuugi says the alcohol contains ninety percent alcohol. Jirou realizes he can’t move! The alcohol overflows and pours down onto Jirou’s body. Jirou says if the lighter falls, the alcohol will be light, and then explode. Yuugi wants Jirou to fire his gun, but the recoil effect would cause Jirou to drop the lighter. Yuugi takes Anzu away from Jirou. Jirou decides to set the gun down and remove the lighter with his hand. Yuugi knew Jirou wouldn’t be able to follow the rules, and a symbol appears on Yuugi’s forehead. Yuugi says the Yami Game reveals the true nature of humans. For those who break the rules, it punishes them. Jirou loses his patience and aims the gun at Yuugi. However, the door of darkness opens, and Jirou begins seeing some nasty things consume him. Everyone sees Jirou cry out for help, even though they don’t see anything there.

Later in the day, Anzu tells Yuugi she quit working at Burger World. She says she wouldn’t be able to spend time with Yuugi if she kept working. Yuugi is pleased to hear that. Then Anzu wonders who’s voice that was. Who saved her back at the restaurant? Jounouchi calls out to Yuugi and Anzu. He points out a new beef-noodle restaurant that just opened. The doors to the restaurant open, and Miho and Honda appear in new costumes. Jounouchi can’t believe they’re still doing that. Miho claims she needs new clothes, and Honda says he wants to just be with Miho. Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu sigh.

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